1 Sept 2020

Post Trash reviews J. Zunz's Hibiscus

They say:

Minimal, but far from demure, Hibiscus is a marvel of creeping synths and echoes. J. Zunz – the solo project of Ensenada, Mexico’s Lorena Quintanilla – conjures speculative and hypnotic soundscapes on her sophomore LP, out via Rocket Recordings.

Hibiscus feels more cohesive than J. Zunz’s previous solo record, Silente. In her new work (now three years in the making), trance elements move together more organically; they well up from the same kind of soil. The album plays out beautifully as a whole, as each song feeds into the next, building a strange and disorienting ecosystem. Although a few tracks are separated from each other by abrupt silences, such ruptures occur often enough throughout the album that they too become thematic. No track stands out too much from the rest of the project; each track relies on the others for context.

The album’s single and opener, “Y,” introduces the hypnotic mood that pervades the rest of the album. Minimalist, looping parts are interrupted by static and noise toward the end of the track, like an overcast sky succumbing to rain...

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