28 Feb 2020

Rocket probes – February 2020 Playlist

Sex Swing – Valentines Day at the Gym
(First track of immersive, repetitive noise to be revealed from new Rocket signing's forthcoming album) 
Sex Swing

Dwellings x Locean – Which myth are you living?
(Great Tesla release from these GNOD folks)
Dwellings x Locean 

Rikki Illilonga and Musi-O-Tunya - Dark Sunrise
(Nice psyched out Zamrock jam)
Rikki Illilonga and Musi-O-Tunya

Mai Mai Mai – Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie feat. Maria Violenza
(Great cover of an absolute killer track by the mighty Mai Mai Mai)
Mai Mai Mai

Mortiferum – Disgorged from Psychotic Depths
(Sludgy death)

Blind Eye – Blind Eye
(Fuzz noise)
Blind Eye

Cos - Flamboya
(Soft Machine'esque weirdness from 70s Belgium...another killer Cherrystones recommendation)

nthng - Human
(Dark basement sounds)

Golden Cup  – Vagabond
(Repetitive/droning psych)
Golden Cup 

Luminous Bodies – I Wish I had a Window
(What does regret mean?)
Luminous Bodies 

Noiztatic - Whiplash
(When machines talk)

Spiral Galaxy – Eternal Spirit World Meditations
(Flute and sitar driven drones)
Spiral Galaxy  

Witchbones – Invocation Of The Horned God
(A way-to-short blackened tribal drone)

The Writhing Squares – A whole New Jupiter
(Nice recommendation from the Centrum guys, two piece space jazz)
The Writhing Squares

Ex Canix – Shamen
(Experimental psyched jams featuring Lars from Flowers Must Die)
Ex Canix

FAC – Primary
(Bit of a Vision Fortune / My Disco feel to this)

Deathprod – Occulting Disk
(Fuzzed soundscapes)

Chausse Trappe - Grand Gousier . Mars part I
(All caught in a drone)
Chausse Trappe

The Shadows of Knight – Darkside
(Classic slice of 60s psych pop)
The Shadows of Knight 

Tapan Meets Generation Taragalte – Atlas
(Marrakech meets Belgrade)
Tapan Meets Generation Taragalte

Titanic - One Night in Eagle Rock
(Gunshot rock)

Fleshrot – Demo 2020
(Texan Death)

Space Opera – Holy River
(Fuzzy West Coast grooves)
Space Opera

O Yuki Conjugate ‎– Undercurrents (In Dark Water)
(Tribal ambient grooves)
O Yuki Conjugate

Captain Beefheart - Doctor Dark
(Watched a Beefheart Documentary recently & on it the guitarist who played on this couldn't even remember what he did  it was so complicated...ha)
Captain Beefheart 

Bonniewell Music Machine - Love Me Again
(Reminded of this band recently again, perfect 60's Garage)
Bonniewell Music Machine

(Great Bristol band & love how this track cuts out, it messes with you head)

Electric Wizard - Chrono.naut
(Hawkwind Inspired Black Sabbath Vibes, an old favourite from back in the day)
Electric Wizard

Follow our 'updated monthly' Rocket Probes Spotify playlist for all your listening desires:


Sex Swing in The Quietus's Tracks of the Month

They say:

Sex Swing are back and more massive than ever. 'Valentine's Day At The Gym' is a monstrous, thrilling stampede of heavy-sax-psych-noise of the highest order.

See their full list of Tracks/Albums of the month here: The Quietus

Preorder Sex Swings forthcoming album Type II on ltd edition splatter vinyl here:  Bandcamp


Och announce Brighton and Bristol Shows

Och have announced two new shows at Brighton's Hope and Ruin for Acid Box and a Bristol show at the great Cube Cinema promoted by Echoic Memory.

Tickets can be bought from here: 

Hope and Ruin  Cube Cinema

The bands list of dates are:

18 June  / Manchester / Star and Garter / + Dead Sea Apes  Info

19 June  / London / Seabright Arms / + very special Rocket guests  Info
20 June / Brighton / The Hope and Ruin  Info
21 June / Bristol / Cube Cinema / + Massa Circles & Reidy/Scott Duo  Info

Their new album 'II' is released today on Fluro Yellow / Black splatter vinyl and available from all good record shops now. 

Listen to the album in full here: Bandcamp  Spotify


Freq reviews Och – II

They say:

When receiving this new album by enigmatic motorik outfit Och, I had hoped that the band had taken their name from the well-known Scottish linguistic trope. More specifically, I entertained vague hopes that they were perhaps (as I am) huge fans of the late Fulton MacKayi and, tuning in, had become so captivated by his expostulations of “Och, Fletcher” in much-beloved Seventies prison sit-com Porridge, that they had actually named their band after it.

Sadly, I was to be proved wrong: the name is actually a word from their native Swedish tongue, and translates as, well, “and”. Think the conjunction in the name of their esteemed countrymen, Träd Gräs Och Stenar.

That was, though, to prove the only disappointing thing about this release. Coming hot on the heels of a self-released EP in 2014 (!), this debut album for Rocket Recordings provides us with eight slabs of colossal instrumental. Available photos show the band with woolly hats pulled down over their faces – making them look strangely redolent of a row of mangelwurzels – but their playing itself is razor sharp.

Beginning with a train-based field recording, opener “Jag Är Här, Jag Är Här” soon assails us with a wall of feedback and an ominous, rumbling riff that might suggest we are sitting down to the credits of a new John Carpenter movie (if only). “Baum Baur” grooves wickedly, bringing to mind soundtrack classic “The Pink Room” by Angelo Badalamenti (I think it’s the echoey drum sound that does it), whilst “ÅKKSÅ” slaps on some kosmische warpaint, gives us a strong tab of acid and blows our minds in the Acklam Hall...

Read the res here: Freq


Jimmy From Teeth of the Sea Interviewed by A Model of Control

Jimmy From Teeth of the Sea Interviewed by Talk Show:

They say:

If you’ve been reading my work on /amodelofcontrol.com over the past decade or so, you will have seen me talk about Teeth of the Sea an awful lot. They’ve long been one of the most progressive bands in London, not to mention one of the best (and loudest!) live bands in the city too, and WRAITH last year seemed to take them to another level.

Their high-profile slot this weekend at the 10 Years of Chaos all-dayer in Tufnell Park should get them yet more attention, too, and I took the opportunity to speak via e-mail to Jimmy from the band to catch-up about WRAITH, their live shows, this weekend and more. Thanks as ever to the promo people who arranged this e-mail interview and provided the promo pics, and to Jimmy for taking the time to answer my questions.

A note about the interviews on amodelofcontrol.com. This is now a long-running, occasional series, occasional because of the fact that I only interview artists when I have something to ask, and when artists have something to say. I don’t use question templates, so each is unique, too. Finally, I only edit for grammar and adding in links, so what you’re reading is the response of the artist directly. It’s almost exactly a year since WRAITH was released. With a bit of distance from it now, how do you feel about it?

Jimmy/Teeth of the Sea: I’m really chuffed with it – we were in a bit of an impasse creatively prior to working on it, so it’s really been a big boost in confidence for us as a band. We really just decided to go all out with this one; no idea was off-limits and we wanted the whole thing to be as full-on and as fuck-you as we could. I think we basically achieved that, and it’s the purest reflection of our character as a band in all its weirdest manifestations yet. It might be my favourite we’ve done. Although that changes all the time, to be honest, it’s like choosing between your kids as the cliché states.......

Read the full interview: A Model of Control


Bonnacons of Doom self-release 'Compiled (2014-2017)'

Bonnacons of Doom have just digitally released a new album called 'Compiled (2014-2017)'

It is an album that collects five instrumental rarities – previously featured on different compilations. Some tracks are being made available digitally for the first time.

Buy it here: Bandcamp

The band said:

"All proceeds raised from the sale of this digital of this will go towards the recording of our forthcoming new album."

The tracklist reads:

1. Exteriority.
Originally released on the "Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia: PZYK Vol. 1 compilation", 2015.

2. Napoli.
Released as part of the compilation: "To Chechnya With Love: Vol 2", 2017.

3. Vidnyaapanam (Parts 1-4).
Appeared on a 12" compilation by Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, 2014.

4. Sgrios.
As featured on the "PZYK 4.1" 12" EP, 2017.

5. Bodhisattva Skanda.
Previously released on the compilation "MITRA Music For Nepal", 2015.


Och album 'II' released today

"Soundtracking a mysterious ceremony on a medieval planet." Shindig
"Take an existential trip through the dimensions." Fragmented Flaneur
“Sink into the band’s primal ooze.” Raven Sings The Blues
“This will always have a special place in my cosmic heart.” Cvlt Nation

Today sees the release of the album 'II' by our latest Swedish signing Och.

'II' is ltd to 350 copies on Fluro Yellow / Black splatter vinyl and available from all good record shops now. We have sold out at source, so what is in the shops is all there is.

Listen to the album in full here: Bandcamp  Spotify

The eight exploratory journeys, that makes-up Och's album 'II' lets the listener plot out a psychic course that traverses the likes of the meditative trance-states of vintage Popol Vuh, the chemically-altered mania of Guru Guru. Synth-driven propulsion akin to French iconoclasts Heldon and Lard Free, and naturally the bucolic raptures of the band’s erstwhile national forebears such as Träd Gräs Och Stenar and Älgarnas Trädgård, not to mention more recent exponents of the same lineage such as Hills and Dungen. Yet the entire vision the band conveys on this delirious travelogue is both timeless and paradoxically fresh.

The band are heading out for some shows on these following dates:

18 June  / Manchester / Star and Garter / + Dead Sea Apes  Info
19 June  / London / Seabright Arms / + very special Rocket guests  Info

+ more shows to be announced very soon.


27 Feb 2020

Raven Sings the Blues reviews Och's album 'II'

They say:

Created out of the ashes of Rocket Recording faves Flowers Must Die, OCH picks up that band’s penchant for progressive grooves and repetition and pushes it further from the pop spectrum and closer to the heart of the cosmic cabal. Corralling rogue noise flares and all manner of psychic sonic creep, the band isn’t afraid to tumble headlong into the darkness. OCH embraces space rock as it was intended – a frictionless slide into the vacuum without a handle to pull yourself back in. There’s rhythm, of course, but it’s not a grounding force here, more like the constant pound of blood and bile threading through your system as you realize that there’s no returning from the vacuum once II is underway.

The band picks at a whole host of influences, from the motoik minded chaos of Guru Guru and the guitar melt of Richard Pinhas (oscillating between Heldon and Schizo). They pick through the bones of the Swedish psychedelic graveyards, using the blade of newcomers like Hills to dig back through Pärson Sound and Träd, Gräs Och Stenar bootleg brilliance. The record vibrates with a delirious energy, pulsing to infinity and slowly stripping away the layers of self as it throttles listeners into the dark recesses of quasar consciousness. The record is longform listening at its best – a corroded dystopia that loops over and over in waves, lapping at the listener with an incessant buzz and a deliriously delightful fry. Lock in and lookout.

Read the rest here: Raven Sings the Blues


Rocket Showcase announced for Supersonic 2020

We are incredibly flattered to have been asked by Supersonic to bring a bunch of Rocket bands to their ever great festival in Birmingham on 17-19 July.

Tickets go live tomorrow (Friday 28th) at 10am: Supersonic

Alongside Harga, Puce Mary, Rakta, Richard Dawson etc we are very happy to have these Rocket artists playing:

GNOD & João Pais Filipe presents "FACĄ DE FOGO”
Sex Swing
+ very special guest TBA 

All the names on the list so far are probably recognisable, though many of you won't recognise J. Zunz - this is the warped solo project by Lorena Quintanilla from Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, more info about this will appear soon.

Also excited to reveal that GNOD and João Pais Filipe present their collaboration called "FACĄ DE FOGO", about this project:

"After years of mutual respect and admiration, Gnod and João Pais Filipe, challenged by the portuguese label Lovers & Lollypops,  found themselves immersed on a collaboration in the beginning of 2019.

Imagined, assembled and recorded during a week at João Pais Filipe’s workshop in Campanhã, in the east side of Porto, Faca de Fogo emerged as one, combining the polyrhythms of the percussionist and gong maker with the mantras of the UK collective, paying attention to blind spots of their sound. Expect an album in summer 2020 released on the relentlessly on it Rocket Recordings."


26 Feb 2020

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs announce second SxSW show

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have just announced a second SxSW show at Third Man Records Party at Volcom Garden Stage.

The band full US list of shows now reads:

13 Mar / US / New York / St Vitus
15 Mar / US / LA / The Moroccan Lounge
18 Mar / US / Austin / SxSW Festival (BBC 6 Music / BPI showcase)
19 Mar / US / Austin / SxSW Festival (Third man Records Day Party)


25 Feb 2020

Flowers Must Die play Festival of the Midnight Sun

Flowers Must Die will play at Festival of the Midnight Sun Saturday the 29th of August, Linköping/Sweden.

Info/Tickets here: Festival of the Midnight Sun

A two days festival is a homage an original one-off festival that took place outside Linköping exactly 50 years ago.

In 1970 some people got inspired and wanted to create a Woodstock around a Motor Racing circuit in Mantorp. International artists where booked and due to play but with around 3000 people in the audience of a festival where they needed and expected 60.000 many cancelled late and the festival was called "the biggest fiasco in Swedens pop history".

Then last year it was decided to take up the festival, focusing on local and Swedish artists.

This the second (or third year if you count the first one) and have announced a rare Flowers Must Die show along with other Swedish artists that includes FMD related Katla, the legendary Baby Grandmother and Made In Sweden who actually played the festival originally back in 1970.


Bonnacons of Doom to play ArcTangent Festival

Bonnacons of Doom are joining Teeth of the Sea and Petbrick at this years ArcTangent Festival on 20-23 August.

Info/Tickets here: ArcTangent 

Bonnacons of Dooms list of shows, now reads:

19/03 - Liverpool, Kazimier Stockroom
03/04 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
04/04 - Preston, The Ferret
29/04 - Paris, Espace B
30/04 - Lille, la Malterie
01/05 - Ghent, Café Charlatan
02/05 - Nijmegen, Sonic Whip Festival
03/05 - Margate, Elsewhere
16/05 - Liverpool - Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia
20-23/07 - Somerset ArcTangent Festival


24 Feb 2020

See Nicola from Lay Llamas photocopy art

Nicola from Lay Llamas has compiled his amazing photocopy art into a flikr page for all to see!

Nicola has had several exhibitions showing his work in his native Italy and he has told us he is open to work with bands/artists out there looking for album sleeve art? So if you like what you see, get in touch...

See his work here: Nicola Giunta


20 Feb 2020

Clash, Under the Raadr and Bloop review Gnoomes live at MENT Festival

They say:

The same can be said of Gnoomes’ passionate performance. Mastering multilayered electro, they create a powerful mix of psychedelic distortion, techno, and alt-pop. Fuzz-driven guitars shift in engulfing ripples, vigorously weaving between sharp melodies and augmented deformities, dragging you into a incoherent instrumental storm.
Read more

Under the Radar:
Hindered momentarily by sound issues, Perm based psychedelic alchemists Gnoomes weaves a rich tapestry of sound to nestle in during their show in Klub Gromka. The repetition acts as an aural sedative that somehow manages to just prevent a drop from consciousness. A perfectly rendered swirl of shoegaze, kosmische rock and coldwave electronics they made a transcendental noise.
Read more

From Perm, Russia Gnoomes make psychedelic music in its purest form weaving a rich tapestry of hypnotic sound. Initial sound issues were quickly overcome during their set in Klub Gromka, as they created an aural vortex to swallow the crowd. It was a perfectly rendered swirl of kosmische rock, coldwave and shoegaze using noise as a mind-altering narcotic.
Read more


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and The Heads to play Fuzz Club Fest

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and The Heads have been confirmed to play this years Fuzz Club Fest in Eindhoven on 28/29 August...they follow in the footsteps of other Rocket bands Teeth of The Sea, GNOD and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation who played the previous last two years.

Early bird tickets can be bought from here: Fuzz Club Fest

And see what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus


18 Feb 2020

OCH + Special Guests to Play London June 19th

Och – the latest Rocket signing from Sweden have announced their Second UK show.

This legendary event is being held at the Sebright Arms London on Friday 19 June and they will be supported by a
very special guest still to be announced, but it will definitely be a great heady show so come along!!!

Tickets here: See Tickets / More info here: Facebook

Och's debut album is released in all good shops on ltd edition fluro yellow vinyl on 28 February


Bonnacons of Doom Spring Tour Dates:

Bonnacons of Doom are pleased to announce new UK & EU tour dates! 

The band are looking forward to playing their first gigs in Preston, Paris & Margate and returning to Lille & Ghent. 

They are chuffed to also be sharing a bill once again with their buddies The Cosmic Dead and opening for Old Time Relijun. 

That Sonic Whip line-up looks amazing too.

19/03 - Liverpool, Kazimier Stockroom
03/04 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
04/04 - Preston, The Ferret
29/04 - Paris, Espace B
30/04 - Lille, la malterie
01/05 - Ghent, Café Charlatan
02/05 - Nijmegen, Sonic Whip Festival
03/05 - Margate, Elsewhere
16/05 - Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia

For more info: Bonnacons 


Teeth of the Sea Play Mark Lanegan Festival in Brussels

Teeth of the Sea have been invited by Mark Lanegan to play his weekend of special shows at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels in May. 

The band alongside a killer line-up including Alain Johannes, Not Waving, Abul Mogard, Joe Cardamone and Regis will be joining The Mark Lanegan band to play through his 'Bubblegum album thoughout Sunday 10th May! 

For more info: Mark Lanegan 


14 Feb 2020

Rocket sleeves feature in Graphic Waves design book

This lovely presented Japanese book called Graphic Waves features design work from many of the worlds record sleeve designers and it includes some sleeve designs by Rocket's very own Chris Reeder and John O'Carroll.

They say:

Graphic Waves
With the development of online musical services and platforms, the world of music graphics has evolved in a variety of ways, while physical releases such as records and cassettes have been restored. This publication explores the works of designers and independent labels active at the forefront with visuals and interviews, focusing on multi disciplinary practices over musician, designer and producer.

Designers and Labels (with link):

Will Work For Good, Collin Fletcher, John Wiese, Nathaniel Young, Farbod Kokabi, Chris Reeder, John O'Carroll, Ryuto Miyake, Eric Timothy Carlson, FISK, Bráulio Amado, Robert Beatty, Bobby Houlihan, Com Truise, Latency, ruttens-wille, Music From Memory, Jjfunhouse, Entr'acte, Public Possesion, David Rudnick, GUCCIMAZE, Shunsuke Sugiyama, Business Casual, Neoncity Records

See more here: Graphic Waves


Rocket Party at The White Hotel in Manchester

Exciting news, The White Hotel in Manchester have invited the Rocket crew to come up to their venue to co-host a party with them...so of course we said yes!!!

This is what they say:

The rocket and its crew soared like a prayer sent heavenward, landing perfectly, as it blasted through the roof of a hidden hotel.   

The White Hotel Presents: 
Rocket Recordings
A late night showcase.

Sex Swing
Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi (DJ)

+ more to be announced.

Friday 5th June


Info/tickets here: FaceBook   Resident Advisor   See Tickets


13 Feb 2020

New Rocket signing Sex Swing reveal massive 'aptly timed' track from forthcoming album

We are thrilled to announce that Rocket will be releasing the second album by six-piece band Sex Swing - the album is called 'Type II' and will be released on 15 May.

Hear first track to be revealed from the album, the very timely titled 'Valentines Day At The Gym' above.

'Type II' can be preordered on CD and LP on Ltd 'Blue/Grey Splatter' via the link below. Or you can buy a special on 'Cream/Grey Swirl' and 'Frosted Clear' LPs from your local record shops:

Preorder Ltd LP/CD

Presave ‘Type II’ on Spotify now and get ‘Valentine’s Day At The Gym’ added to your Spotify user library automatically, plus the full album will be added to your Spotify user library on 15th May:

Presave Digital album


Since their foundation in 2014, this malevolent rogues gallery of luminaries of the UK underground have consistently proven to be capable of projecting vibrations that transcend and usurp any idea of the sum of their component parts. Between them the individual band members have clocked up notable experience sparking tinnitus appearing in bands such as Mugstar, Bonnacons Of Doom, Earth, Dethscalator, Dead Neanderthals and now even Idles.

But ‘Type II’ is more than the mere machinations of a 'supergroup' rock band - it’s a howl of malfunction rendered terrifyingly visceral. It’s the lightning flash and unearthly roar of the primeval battle between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla that provokes awe and disquiet in the realm of fantasy, It’s the haunted clangour of the faulty air conditioning unit that lurks in the anonymous office building yet lends it eerie ambience. It’s man vs machine where discord becomes harmony, and it’s a fearsomely invigorating spectacle to behold. 

Be crushed under the might of Sex Swing's live show at these following dates, which includes a double header with Pharaoh Overlord in London, plus a very special Rocket show with GNOD, Steve Davis/Kavus Torabi + more TBA at The White Hotel in Manchester, more info on this to follow soon:

22 / BE / Kortrijk / The Pits 
23 / NL - Amsterdam / Occii 
24 / BE / Antwerp - Het Bos
26 / Fr / Paris - Les Instants Chavirès
27 / FR / Strasbourg / Venue Tbc 
28 / NL - Den Hague / Paard 
29 / BE / Bruxelles / Magasin4
30 / UK / London - Corsica Studios (w/ Pharaoh Overlord)

04 / UK / Brighton / The Hope & Ruin
05 / UK / Manchester - White Hotel (Rocket Recordings Showcase)
06 / UK / Newcastle - The Cluny 


Chaos Theory interviews Teeth of The Sea

Ahead of their forthcoming 10th anniversary all-dayer, London promoters  Chaos Theory asked headliners Teeth of the Sea some questions:

Teeth Of The Sea: Three musicians from London, all covering a lot of insanely good instruments. Listening through their discography you’ll find darkwave and synths merging with siren-like melodies, colourful psychedelia playfully circling around Latino riffs. Behind this avant-garde infusion lie Sam Barton (trumpet, bass guitar), Mike Bourne (programming, electronics, percussion) and Jimmy Martin (guitar, synths and tapes).

Mixing multiple genres may not be something new – after all, one of Chaos Theory’s aims is to promote musicians who push the traditional boundaries of musical styles and expectations. Yet Teeth of the Sea have managed to orchestrate this into their unique signature style which promises an otherworldly experience, personal to them. 

While less gritty than Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (2015), their most recent album Wraith (2019) is a sublime fusion of futuristic alternative music and a classic sultriness: a femme fatale for your ears. In fact, this entire album is a visionary aural cinematic journey. There are echoes of the dystopian Blade Runner: futuristic curiosities mixed with moments of brooding trumpet, which clash head on with rocky guitars and ambient electro synths of sci-fi and 80’s movies. Wraith is an ever-changing voyage which takes you out of your body and into as many adventures as you can devise...

Read the rest here: Chaos Theory


New DJINN tape to be released on Zeon Light

Swedish label Zeon Light are releasing a tape of new music by DJINN, the collaboration between GOAT and Hills members. 

We have no details on when it is released, but we advise you to keep an eye on their socials, I am sure these will fly out:

Bandcamp    Facebook   Instagram


The Utopia Strong self release uber ltd LP

They say:

The Utopia Strong – Alphabet of the Magi

Limited to 250 hand numbered copies. Each sleeve has been hand printed by the band from a lino cut made by Kavus Torabi. Features a hand stamped Utopia Strong logo in red archival ink. Because of the nature of the printing, numbering and labelling process, each copy is completely unique.

The tracks The Deathless Queen and Lake Delirium were recorded direct to stereo as a single performance at The High Castle, June 2019.

The Alphabet of The Magi is the first in a series of limited edition albums of recondite recordings by The Utopia Strong.

Buy here: The Utopia Strong


12 Feb 2020

Teeth Of The Sea play Sonic Whip Festival

Teeth Of The Sea join fellow Rocketeers Bonnacons Of Doom at this years Sonic Whip Festival in The Netherlands on 1/2 May

Info/Tickets here: Sonic Whip 


Julie's Haircut's sleeve artist Annegret Soltau has London Exhibition

Adorning the sleeve of Julie's Haircut's latest album is the amazing artwork by artist Annegret Soltau.

Lot's of people thought the sleeve art was contemporary, but in-fact Annegret created it in 1975 – she was and still is an artist way ahead of her time.

So we are then very excited to find out that Annegret has a solo exhibition at London's Richard Saltoun gallery from 21 February to 2 April – so a chance to see some of her stunning and very personal work. There is a Private View on 20 February  that is (as far as we know) open to all. So come along;

More info about the exhibition here: Richard Saltoun 

More info about Annegret here: Annegret Soltau


Press release:


Since the beginning of her career in the 1970s, Annegret SOLTAU has championed an experimental approach to art, challenging the conventional notions of representation through performance, photography and collage. While the focus of Soltau’s work never ventures far from the female body and its bodily processes, often incorporating images of herself, at the heart of her practice is an inexhaustible search for identity and meaning.

The exhibition at Richard Saltoun will be Soltau’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, restaging works from her early years in post-war Darmstadt in Germany.  Presenting works that examine themes of personal loss, identity, and transformation, the exhibition will include large-scale photo etchings, thread installations and archival works from the late 1970s and 80s. 


11 Feb 2020

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs sellout

Dates on Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs up-and-coming tour are selling out as expected - Newcastle, Bristol, Nottingham and Brighton are all gone...the others not too far behind!

Buy tix and shirts and LPs and CDs here: Pigsx7