31 Jul 2009

Rocket goes Electro!!

Only joking!!!

However Scottish electro band 'Fangs' have decided to sport one of our t-shirts in their new video:

23 Jul 2009

Oneida / Teeth of the Sea UK tour

The first posters have been received in mission control for three of the dates on the forthcoming Oneida / Teeth of the Sea UK tour......... not the most creative I would say!!!!!

Teeth of the Sea get (alternative) Mercury Music Prize nomination

The ever reliable quietus.com have decided to do their own 'alternative' Mercury Music awards, in response to the poor albums that have been chosen and they have shortlisted Teeth of the Sea's debut album 'Orphaned by the Ocean' amongst their nominees

22 Jul 2009

Collisions CD winner announced

Thanks to all the people who entered into this competition.
It was great to read what people chose....

Unfortunately though, there can only be one winner....and the reason this person won, was that not only did he choose our favourite track Hairy Chapter, he also mentioned our second favourite track which is Long Gone......

So, congratulations Dave C......send us your postal address to rocketrecordings@yahoo.co.uk and we will put the CD in the post...


13 Jul 2009

Launch034: Ltd edition Big Muff II shirts available now

These limited edition (to 50) Big Muff II Rocket shirts are available to buy from us now.

They come in two colours; Light blue and Grey, in sizes, medium and large.

As the shirts are limited, there are only a handful in each size, so be quick if there is a certain size you want.

The cost of the shirts are £12, please can you send payment to the following Paypal account: creeder@columns.co.uk

Postage, and packaging (plus Paypal charge) for 1 shirt is:
UK – £4
Europe – £6
Rest of world – £8

If buying more than one, please add £1.50 per shirt

***Please make sure you state your postal address and confirm shirt size and colour in the paypal message box***

If you would rather pay by a different way, please drop us an e-mail at rocketrecordings@yahoo.co.uk


4 Jul 2009

The Quietus' Reductive & Subjective Albums Of The (Half) Year: 2009

The months slide away like greased ferrets down a drainpipe. It's halfway through '09 already and here are The Quietus' favourite albums so far.

The Editors John Doran and Luke Turner with some help from trusty young News Scribe Ben Hewitt have chosen to include Rocket Favourites 'Teeth of the Sea'


"These seven instrumentals contain a fascinating array of sounds: aching trumpet, ominously incessant bass, benevolent guitar, fumbling drums, forlorn monk moans, half-heard kids voices that smack of both innocence and some kind of odd evil. These are sounds that reflect the sad sads and the blue blues, that have a talent for biting a small chunk out of your heart, that make a mockery of the human condition; that dig deep, that delve under our skin like the bogeyman of youth biding phantom time beneath the bed. They are sounds that transport our memories back to the Miles Davis of Sketches of Spain and Jack Johnson; back to Meddle-era Pink Floyd, back to the hypnotic wonder of Talk Talk's Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden…" Austin Collings

2 Jul 2009

ON THE DECKS #5 TRAD GRAS och STENAR: Hemlosa Katter

Hemlosa Katter (Homeless Cats)
2009 Gåshud / Subliminal Sounds Records

Upon picking up this fine disc of spaced out jams I asked a friend who is into this band if he had bought it yet. His reply went something like this…” No, buying that CD is like hooking-up with your high school love when you are 65…I would rather have the memory”. I feel sorry for his lack of willingness to explore, because this disc proves it does not matter how old you are…if you had it then there is a good chance you will still have it later on in life!

For those of you who do not know of TRAD GRAS och STENAR (Tress Grass and Stone) here is a very brief background of the band. They are from Sweden and started playing together some 40 years ago. They rose out of the ashes of the now legendary bands Parson Sound and International Harvester. Their roots come out of the minimalist music scene of the late 60’s and fortunately for us they have not stopped since.

Hemlosa Katter is a masterpiece of contemporatry spaced out trance rock jams. Over the disc’s 11 tracks the listener is taken on a ride through the outter regions of the collective mind of theses musicians. One hears the ease of playing that comes with having made music together for so many years. They are not four separate musicians playing with each other, they are a unit creating a sound that is one.

The album kicks off with the track Punkrockarn (Punrocker)…an amazing track that floats on a cloud. Delayed guitars, ethereal vocals, fumbling drums, and heady bass give the feel of being on a morphine drip…flying away with angels. After this track the albums falls into what this band does best…jam! The series of trance rock tracks that insues are pure space rock bliss. Highlights include the masterful echo guitar track Nar Drommen Var Som Vackrast (The Most Beautiful Moment Of A Dream) which sounds like some lost outtake from Manuel Gottsching’s Inventions For Electric Guitar, the ethereal Ensamhetens Tornen (Thorns Of Solitude), and the completely damaged and fried space jams of Hemlosa Katter, Folkets Lok I Obeveklig Rorelse (The Railway Engine of the People in Irresistible Motion), and Sommardisco (Summer Disco).

In my mind, age is of no consequence when it comes to making beautiful heart felt music. If the music comes from that special place within the musician(s), the music created transcends age. TRAD GRAS och STENAR’s Hemlosa Katter is proof to that!

More information and sounds can be found here:

Dave W (White Hills)