29 Jun 2014

Rocket Probes June Playlist

Kikagaku Moyo – Mammatus Clouds
(Stunning piece of Japanese psych out on Cardinal Fuzz. Essential)
Kikagaku Moyo

Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Feed-Back
(Free Jazz, Can groves and some nice fuzz from Ennio Morricone's (sometimes) backing band. Essential reissue)
Gruppo Di Improv

Mike Weis – Don't Walk Just Run
(Foggy noise and distant beats...lovely stuff!!)
Mike Weis

Annette Peacock – I'm the One
(Experimental pop and soul immersed with outsider jazz and electronics from 1972)
Annette Peacock

Popol Vuh – Nosferatu 
(Haunting soundtrack)
Popol Vuh

The Feelies – Forces at Work / Crazy Rhythms
(First track is like a punkier Velvet Underground meets Talking Heads and Stereolab, second track is the same but backed up with a great Can/Stone Roses groove)
The Feelies

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons – Contact High 
(Great to have this mammoth slice of fuzz wah driven psych on vinyl finally. Well done Cardinal Fuzz for making it happen!!)

Aphex Twin – Caustic Window
(This long lost album finally see's the light of day)
Aphex Twin

39 Clocks – DOM
(Velvet Underground sounding punk from the late 70's)
39 Clocks

Tom Williams Lifetime - Right On
(Filthy fuzzed up monster) 
Tony Williams

Vee Dee –
(Misfits / Black Flag vibes)
Vee Dee

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players – Just Landed
(Wonderful sparse Dub)
Burnt Friedman

Amanaz - Africa
(History of the Man & many other Rocket fuzz laden favourites)

Soft Machine – Live In Paradiso 1969
(Fuzz keys, need we say anymore)
Soft Machine

Frank Zappa – King Kong
(Another version of one of our favourite Zappa tracks)


26 Jun 2014

Plastic Crimewave presents a Gorilla Sound Explosion

Just check out this line-up Plastic Crimewave has put together for a grand event in London in a couple of weeks!!

Also on the night there will be a 50+ page "graphic novel" drawn by Plastic Crimewave plus a ltd 2xLP featuring Cherrystones edgar broughton, nick garrie, mark fry, makoto of acid mothers, dark fog, energy gown, ono, plastic crimewave and many others!!!

Tickets can be bought from here: Gorilla Sound Explosion


Watch 'Crystallized comp' stars Blood Sport live in Session

One of our fave British groove n' noise bands Blood Sport who was included on our 10th Anniversary Compilation called Crystallized have recorded this great session in two parts. Part two features that said track 'Dry Water' from the comp.

Well worth a watch.


Rockerilla reviews Lay Llamas live at Dio Fest

Here is a 'google translation' of a great review of Lay Llamas recent performance at Dio Fest:

The purple flame kundalinica that winds sinuously between the stills of strings, cymbals, keyboards, synthesizers and vocals to an impressive first feature which Ostro, live burning of pulsations and new colors, adrenaline surge is not noticeable in the recordings worked in the studio, at least not in this - while dreaming - epidermal shape and direct, innervated by the frontal stage to the dynamics of their live performances, that 'fateful' molecular shock wave that shatters on the muscles and neurons of the onlookers thrown into the vortex center vibrational . Although subject to tight schedules of the contest headed by the three-day festival of DIO Fest!, 

The performance of the Lay Llamas has not struggled to gain altitude on the launch pad of the host club (space 211), attracting our attention for 40 minutes of exciting performance, framed as a pagan ceremonial offices tribal-psychedelic perfectly consistent indications topics on the agenda of the second day under the sign 60's 00's Psych Vs Occult. In other words, the young band led by Nicola Giunta and Gioele Valenti has centered coordinates and purpose of the event with nothing disperse, maximizing short period of time had bequeathed available in terms of a performance contagious and powerful, designed to be accomplished in a sequence philological of key moments. To open the dances is the mesmeric Overmind, introduced by a wavering plot of telepathic spiral joints and the phonetic records of interplanetary communication soon overwhelmed by the space-time raids Archaic Revival, a sort of proto-pawl cosmic or, if you prefer, locomotive psychic hounded by massive scans of bacteriology slap concentric and full of syncopation drumming set the metronome, perfect to be inoculated riff retractable abysmal electronic sci-fi delusions and singing by the lapels magic-sublimatory. 

What takes shape on the screen of the mind is a kaleidoscope of colors exploded, shock to subtle energies and frequencies onnipervasive intended to give rise to streams of consciousness coming to the transfer of the projection lysergic sound. Impression soon renewed by the harmonics of the magnetic hologram Desert Of Lost Souls, anatomies of spirits dancing on live rock canyon sidereal and ellipses of melodies-legendary comet, traveled by the vibrato of the strings and gravitational arrows keys mercurial. A mold geometries and funk aftertaste Mediterranean Something Wrong eurhythmies are the kinetics of ethno-section and pizzicato bass-drums rhythm of electrified ideal metric theorem ambrosial scents rising from the semantic clearances of Joel singing. 

The grand finale is left to trace the symbol of the circle Lay Llamas, whose title, We Are You, par rise as code propitiatory mantra, which knowingly miraculous formula repeated in the course of work, magnified by the pyramids zenith electric guitars, shamanic drums and bursts of laser-cluster intermittently for the last tantra hypnotic around the fire for a solstice party (remember that we are to 21 June) at the height of his career alchemy, as epiphanies of astral conjunctions and stellar vocals that vibrate with the voices of 'soul. A thrilling concert.

You can read the review properly in Italian here: Rockerilla

Photo by William Cloakture


25 Jun 2014

Lay Llamas to play Milhões de Festa festival

Excited to announce that Lay Llamas will be joining Teeth of the Sea at the Milhões de Festa festival, in Barcelos (Portugal) next 26 july. 

The band played a stunning set at Eindhoven Psych Lab recently so this is another chance to see this great band in action.

More information here: Milhões de Festa festival

Photo by Willliam Cloakture


24 Jun 2014

More bands added to the 'Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia'

As you know, Rocket Recordings is having a big part in this years Liverpool Psych Fest, introducing:



But the people behind the festival have just announced new bands to the bill including Bristols amazing Spectres!!

They join other great acts like Thought Forms, Holy Wave, In Zaire, Theo Verney, Lucid Dream, Satellti, Al Lover, Andrew Weatherall, Black Bombain, One Unique Signal and old Rocket band White Hills.

Tickets can be bought from Liverpool Psych Fest


22 Jun 2014

Anthroprophh and Gnod live at Eindhoven Psych Lab

Here is footage of Anthroprophhs mind bending set at this years Eindhoven Psych Lab. We were totally floored by their set and honestly think it was the best we have ever seen them, maybe even surpassing some of the best Heads shows, Sacrilege we know but no joke, Anthroprophh are on fire at the moment.

New album out later in the year.

Also we have most of Gnod's incredible set that saw them dust off the instruments and doing a classic Gnod set that included a monster version of Rocket fave 'TONY'S!!

Gnod also have a new album out of Rocket later this year


Goat East Coast tour – reviews and photo's

Goat have just finished another successful tour of the East Coast of America and Canada.

Here are a selection of reviews and photos of their jaunt:

New York Times

Brooklyn Vegan

Rolling Stone

Chart Attack

The Music Mag

Ship in the words

Nashville Scene

Fuse TV

No Country for New Nashville

The Bowery Presents

Photo is by the great P-Squared Photography


Gnod and Anthroprophh live in Rotterdam

Here's some footage of Gnod's and Anthroprophh's recent show in Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 08-06-2014. 

Both bands have new albums out on Rocket later this year.


18 Jun 2014

Lay Llamas play DIO festival in Italy

Lay Llamas follow their successful appearance at Eindhoven Psych Lab with a performance at DIO festival in Torino in Italy on 21st June (this Saturday).

Full details about the festival can be found here: DIO Fest


Sleeping Shaman review Eindhoven Psych Lab

Nice words written about the Rocket bands that played the Counterblast Experiment Stage at this years Eindhoven Psych Lab:

"...Lay Llamas don’t seem to suffer from that issue in the smaller hall. Their exotic sound has no problem at all convincing everyone of their awesomeness. The maracas, combined with their funky and groovy sound are a crowd pleaser. On the stage the band is energetic and so is their music. Laying down the riffs, they don’t languish, but press onwards. The band sounds like a windy coastal town on the other side of the Mediterranean, where cultures meet and mix sounds. Always on the move, continuously fresh. An elevation half way…"

Read the whole of this review here: Sleeping Shaman


16 Jun 2014

Teeth of the Sea visit CERN and the Large Hadron Collider

Following A Field In England, Doomsday, 2001 and Flash Gordon, Teeth of the Sea were commissioned to make a show for the Cineglobe film festival which would be performed to the scientific community at CERN. The band performed a live soundtrack to the movie version of George Orwell's ‘1984' at the legendary CERN in Geneva (Switzerland) one of the most famous scientific centres in the world, birth place of the internet and home to the Large Hadron Collider.

The band in collaboration with director and visual artist Benjamin Barfoot, attempted to take the intensity, austerity and atmospheric landscapes of Nineteen Eighty-Four to transcend the text’s cultural ubiquity and render it freshly potent. Yet this is no aesthetic Newspeak, rather a portrait of a dehumanising world surrounding us that continues to prove the universal power of Orwell’s message.

Reaper director Benjamin Barfoot has made this fabulous short film about the band’s experience at CERN which is also accompanied by the music from the show.

Benjamin Barfoot


12 Jun 2014

Eindhoven Psych Lab – Rockets' 'The Counterblast Experiment’ Photo's

Vice’s Noisey and EPL’s Facebook post up some great images of Eindhoven Psych Lab – Rockets' 'The Counterblast Experiment’  

'Last weekend was the first edition of Eindhoven Psych Lab, a festival full of psychedelic underground lovers of which parked their spaceship at the Effenaar. The small hall was called Observatory for the occasion. The British label Rocket Recordings had the reins, and with acts like Gnod, Anthroprophh and Lay Llamas here could not help but groove in space’ (Translated)

Read and view the photos: noisey

Featured photo: William van der Voort (Cloakture)

Also view photos via Eindhoven Psych Lab Facebook page here


Goat US tour starts

Goat’s East Coast US tour has started, as a reminder these are the dates:

Thu Jun 12
Detroit MI
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Fri Jun 13
Chicago IL
Thalia Hall

Sun Jun 15 
Manchester TN
Bonnaroo Music Festival

Tue Jun 17
Philadelphia PA
Union Transfer

Wed Jun 18
New York NY
Webster Hall

Fri Jun 20
Toronto ON

The band have an exclusive tour t-shirt available only at these dates!

If you are lucky and going to one of these shows, please share any photo's or videos you take and we will put them up on our site etc.

Enjoy the shows!


9 Jun 2014

Eindhoven Psych Lab – Rockets' 'The Counterblast Experiment'

Thanks to all involved at the Eindhoven Psych Lab festival for amazing time and special thanks to the bands and staff on Rockets' 'The Counterblast Experiment’ stage, we had a blast.

We’ve added a few clips of GNOD & Anthroprophh grabbed off youtube, but as usual it really doesn’t do them justice.


Extremely ltd edition screen print poster for GOAT's show in Detroit

Here is the design for a ltd edition poster for Goat's show in Detroit. on the 12th of June

The poster is designed by Weird Beard 72 and comes in 4 colours on French Speckletone white paper but is ltd to only 100 copies.

WB72 Big Cartel site can be found here: WB72

You can also follow him on Twitter (@weirdbeard_72) or on Facebook.


4 Jun 2014

Rocket Showcase in Brussels on June 7th

After what will be an amazing day at Eindhoven Psych Lab. Gnod, Teeth of the Sea, Anthroprophh and Lay Llamas are playing a label showcase at Magasin 4 in Brussels.

The full night reads as this:


Teeth of The Sea
Lay Llamas

Magasin 4 

Saturday 7 June 
10 Euro's

Go to magasin4.be for tickets and more info


Chrome interviewed by Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin

Leading up to Chrome playing a rare show in London later this month, Chrome's main talisman the legend that is Helios Creed has been interviewed by our very own Jimmy Martin from Teeth of the Sea for The Quietus:

A Scrap Metal Colossus: Helios Creed Of Chrome Interviewed 

Spawned unto the world in 1976 like a mutant beast from an unearthly morass of twisted steel on a splatter movie, San Franciscans freaks Chrome have loomed large ever since as a triumph for murky noise alchemy – borne of technology gone wrong, and thriving in a blizzard of information overload. Forced to lurk in the shadows of relative obscurity for the vast majority of the last four decades, the fevered brainchild of twin ne'er-do-wells Helios Creed and Damon Edge, in the band's most celebrated incarnation, created post-apocalyptic junkyard chic still unmatched for outtasight dementia and Stoogian/Stygian bliss well into the twenty-first century. Somehow a band beyond both punk and psychedelia, their twisted racket came closest to the sound of Martians attempting to reinterpret earthling rock music with a load of old washing machine parts, home-made effects pedals and a copy of the Fill Your Head With Rock compilation on scratched vinyl, played backwards.

These enlightened dirtbags possessed a genuine capacity to bewilder unlike any others. Gritty, crotch-level rock abandon, yet allied to a bracing vortex of aural anarchy that seemingly rendered street noise, cultural detritus and TV scree unto DMT-addled plateaux unknown, frequently all within the same couple of minutes. Accidentally analogous to the irreverent yet synapse-shattering literary dimensions of the likes of Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut in Marshall-stack and four-track form, the classics of Chrome were as much about the silver of Iggy Pop's Raw Power-era strides as they were the hue of a 1930s Flash Gordon spacecraft…

Read the rest of the interview here: The Quietus


3 Jun 2014

The Quietus and The New Noise reviews Lay Llamas debut album 'Ostro'

Two reviews of Lay Llamas debut album Ostro:

The Quietus

The New Noise

The band will be playing at Eindhoven Psych Lab on Friday and a special Rocket Showcase at Magasin 4 in Brussels with Gnod, Teeth of the Sea and Anthroprophh on Saturday.

See you there!


2 Jun 2014

Teeth of the Sea to play Milhões de Festa in Portugal

Teeth of the Sea are joining the amazing Fumaca Preta plus bands like Melt Yourself Down and Cult of Dom Keller at Milhões de Festa in Portugal on 24-27 July.

Find out more about the festival here: Milhões de Festa

See what the Quietus say about it here: The Quietus


Teeth of the Sea to play two sets at this years Latitude Festival

Excited to announce that as well as the UK debut of their THE LAST MAN performance at this years Latitude festival – Teeth of the Sea will also be playing their normal set of deranged psych noise on the Friday!

So, Goat and now Teeth of the Sea play the Friday of Latitude…gonna be a bit special!!!

More ufo here: Latitude