30 Nov 2010

Rocket Probes November 2010 Playlist

Annapurna Illusion - Life is an Illusion
(High Wolf climbs to a higher plane with this future Rocket release)

Notorious Hi-Fi Killers – You’re Going to be Free
(Taken from their recent tour split CD...over 10 mins of Spacemen 3, early Floyd and Elevators, all captured in the Hi-Fi Killers way, prob their best ever track...lovelly screen printed sleeve too, well worth tracking down)

Steamhammer – Speech
(Great ‘proto prog’ from this 70’s band, it is all here, strings, motorik, wah, wigouts and killer riffs)

Black Sheep – Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse
(Been on our playlist before....really, really great track!!!)

Emeralds – What Happened
(Very nice vinyl reissue of this great album)

Umberto – Prophecy of the Black Widow
(Like some imaginary soundtrack riddled with John Carpenter psych...on Not Not Fun)

Magic Lantern – Mosquito / Long Way Down
(Two great tracks taken from their split with Ben Nash)

Master Musicians of Bukkake – Elogia De La Sombra
(Acid folk-raga mantra & motorik worship)

The Heads - Sessions 2
(Long Gone - full version - CD promo only)

Oneida - Equinox / Last Hit
(One sided 12inch - like Terry Riley playing Neu!)

Brian Eno - Another Green World
(Electronic washing with Fripp action - gentle & lush)


29 Nov 2010

Oneida mix to celebrate up and coming Ocropolis jam at ATP

Oneida guitarist Shahin Motia (aka Showtime) has done a killer mix for The Quietus ahead of this weekend's 10 hour performance at ATP curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, here it here

(Nice rocket shirt bobby!!!)

More on the Ocropolis jam here

The O will be playing from 2pm to midnight on Saturday


Teeth Of The Sea Rockfeedback's 'Artist of the week'

Great little feature on Teeth that also includes a clip of their appearence at last years Concrete and Glass festival that was broadcast on Channel 4 earlier in the year.

See here


26 Nov 2010

Your Mercury – Drowned in Sound review

Did we think of a better name for hard, dynamic, nuanced instrumental music than ‘post rock’? I have a feeling we didn’t, did we? Oh well... Teeth of the Sea are a band from London who make music that would definitely have been called post rock in the past; whatever it is now, it's pretty awesome. It's probably not worth worry about such things when dealing with a band who clearly have a sense of fun: their live gigs are exuberant, OTT affairs, while the song titles on second album Your Mercury are very much in the flippant Mogwai tradition, with such choice monikers as ‘Hovis Coil’, ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.’ and the marvellously facetious ‘You’re Mercury’ cropping up.

Anyway, Your Mercury’s defining musical characteristic is the trumpet of Sam Barton. Far from breaking into free jazz squalling or anything abrasive like that, he mostly directs his efforts into shimmering, ordered bronze waves of ringing mariachi prettiness that lighten the record's thundercloud glower. At its most delicate, as on limpid album closer ‘Hovis Coil’, the brass conjures something of watery beauty, reminiscent of Godspeed at their least obtuse. For the most part, though, it serves to gild the gloom of a dark, dense record, a steamy, light-starved jungle of tangled electronics and feral distortion occasionally punctuated by startlingly lucid bottom end. On monstrous second track ‘The Ambassador’, the trumpet glows brilliant and hot, illuminating the song’s murk like streaks of tracer fire, zapping out over a swaggering, chthonic monstrosity of a bassline. As with much of TOTS's stuff, there’s both chaos and order here, the erratic, howling maelstrom of electrical feedback balanced against a bass that for all its gargantuan scale, feels charged with a raffish, knowing intelligence, bringing everything else to heel when it makes its intermittent appearances. Certainly as 'The Ambassador' subsides into the sleek expanse of toms and bleeps that transforms into the buzzing, malign electro of ‘Cemetry Magus’, it does occur that these chaps are exceptionally good musicians.

That same sense of bass-anchored clarity amidst screaming disorder recurs on lengthy centrepiece ‘You’re Mercury’: initially a tense clash between a floating, melodic trumpet and harsh, intrusive electronic pulse, it comes to a head after a few minutes, combusting into fiery feedback that's given a liquid dynamism by an astonishingly clear, collected bassline.

Because the songs blend so seamlessly and the constituent musical parts are quite similar, there is an unquestionable sense of homogeneity to the record. Typically, though, TOTS manage to pull something out of the bag to ever stop actual sameyness setting in, such as the galloping, glistening shower of Radiophonic Workshop-style synths that descend upon ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.’, or the startling vocal track ‘Red Soil’, based upon mountingly angry recitations of the phrase “I knew these people, these two people”. But in fact the bulk of Your Mercury probably should be viewed as one seamless unit, something huge but sleek, technological but organic, laced with murmurs of human voices, fleeting passages of birdsong and those celestial peals of trumpet, set against machine tones, both dissonant and driving. The last few tracks seem to exist outside this greater whole, but for the most part Teeth of the Sea’s second record defies any worries about genre categorisation, a hermetically sealed unit with such a strong sense of self that comparisons to other music seem perverse.

Andrzej Lukowsk


24 Nov 2010

Teeth of the Sea launch party footage

Check out some mobile phone footage of the recent successful album launch party.

Johnny O’s light show can be seen in full effect especially on Hypnoticon where the use of live ‘reverse feedback’ looks fantastic.

Swear Blind the Alsations melting



More great reviews of Teeth of the Sea’s Your Mercury

Another 9/10 has been awarded to the album, this time in NME!!

Plus Mojo has given the album 4/5, as well as an interview with the band in the same issue

Also, even more great write ups online here
The Quietus
Digital Fix


22 Nov 2010

Teeth of the Sea's Your Mercury out today

Here are some recent reviews of the album:

Also this months issues of Stool Pigeon and Loud and Quiet have great reviews of the album, Loud and Quiet gave it a great 9/10

Plus Piccadilly records record of the week...see here

And don't forget the launch party tonight:

22 November
**Album Launch Party**
Teeth Of The Sea
High Wolf (featuring Gnod)
Maria and the Mirrors
The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, London N1
Doors 8pm

£4 tickets:



18 Nov 2010

The Heads Relaxing with... reissue review by Steve Chick for The Quietus

Read it here


A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. pops up on another Pitchfork mix

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M., a track from Teeth of the Sea's new album 'Your Mercury' keeps poping up on mixes across the internet, including another inclusion on a Pitchfork Altered Zones mix.

Have a listen here


14 Nov 2010

Rough Trade exclusive Teeth Of The Sea CD

Teeth Of The Sea have created an exclusive mix CD that is ONLY available when you buy a copy of their new album Your Mercury LP or CD from Rough Trade.

The CD entitled 'Tropic of Night Frost' (Launch041) takes the listener through a journey of sounds that influenced their amazing new album, if you are familiar with other Teeth Of The Sea mixes, like the ones they have done for the amazing '20 Jazz Funk Greats' website, you know what you will have instore!!

Teeth Of The Sea will be playing Rough Trade East this Thursday (18th November) where you can be the first to pick up the album, then they play another show on the day of release on 22nd November, and have a very rare show by the amazing High Wolf, who releases records on the amazing Not Not Fun label, High Wolfs backing band for the evening will feature members of the mighty Gnod...not to be missed!!! see here for more details.


10 Nov 2010

UNSILENT NIGHT – Rocket and Noisestar Xmas party

We have got together with the amazing Noisestar Records to do another xmas party:

Unsilent Night

Hey Colossus
Thought Forms
One Unique Signal
Sunday Mourning
Hills have Riffs

Teeth Of The Sea
The Quietus

The Victora
110 Grove Road. Mile End. London E3 5TH

18th December

5pm / 1am

£5 advance Buy here
£7 door

As with previous events we are doing a Ltd CD that will include exclusive tracks by al the bands playing, these CD’s will be given to the first 50 punters through the door...and I have heard some of the tracks supplied and it is gonna be an amazing compilation!!!


9 Nov 2010

Teeth of the Sea soundtrack short film

Teeth of the Sea’s music has soundtracked this short film called ‘Tserovon kaza Florinis' about a Greek village in danger of extinction, see the film here


Sonic Sanctuary show write up

Here is a nice write up of last weekends Sonic Sanctuary show where Mugstar, Teeth Of The Sea, Thought Forms and SJ Esau all did stunning sets, read about it here


5 Nov 2010

White Hills to play Roadburn Festival 2011

Press statement:
"Roadburn Festival is pleased to report that White Hills will return to Roadburn after their triumphant 2009 Roadburn appearance. White Hills are scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue.

Hailing from New York, White Hills are nothing if not the aural simulation of an LSD freak-out. A jammed up collision of fuzzed-out wah guitars, gonzoid bass riffs and weird electronic noises arranged in a stunning replication of the effects of Owsley's psychotropic gift to brains everywhere. Roadburn, please be aware that the brown acid isn't too good, we recommend taking White Hills instead."

3 Nov 2010

‘Was ist das?’ review of Your Mercury

A really nice review of Your Mercury, and nicely presented too

“...By track three you have already had Mike Oldfield, Whitehouse, Sunn O))), Sabbath, Can, Techno and Eno...”

They seemed to have summed it up rather well, read the full review here


1 Nov 2010

Julian Cope reviews Your Mercury

Taken from this months address drudion, which you can read in full here

Finally, congratulations must go out to London’s Teeth of the Sea for the release of their superb and extravagantly cosmic album YOUR MERCURY. Released on Bristol’s Rocket Records (www.rocketrecordings.com), this vast ten-track work transcends all of its disparate influences – Krautrock, Kosmische music, Spaghetti Western soundtracks, pompous Euro prog – serving us up a grand hybrid of such sparkling and shimmering brand newness that listeners’ minds inevitably sag under the emotional deluge. Epiphany after epiphany, brothers’n’sisters, that’s the shameless method this band deploys in order to enslave our minds. I know I’ve said it before, but Teeth of the Sea operate entirely within their own mythological mind map, existing within their own specific & singular Weltanshauung. And it’s a world-view that actually leaves you drained & exhausted by the psychic bruising yet still NEEDING more by disc’s end. Better still, these hardworking gennelmen just keep them releases a-coming! And so, to Teeth of the Sea, I (re-)raise my cup and declare: Brah-fucking-Vo!
Julian Cope


James Turrell exhibition

Recently went to the James Turrell exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Kings Cross in Londonand can highly recommended it.

There are only really three 'light' pieces to see and one of them, 'Bindu Shards', you have to make a reservation to see which is totally booked up...however the ‘room of colour’ called Dhatu is totally mesmerizing and a must see. At first it looks like a light box embeded in the wall at the top of some steps, then you reralise it is actually a room. The way changing coloured ‘light’ in the room can change your perception and make you see colours and shapes that aren’t really there is really totally fascinating.

Find out more here


Teeth Of The Sea album launch party at the Lexington, DJ set at Mucky Pup and instore at Rough Trade East

To celebrate the launch Teeth Of The Sea’s new album the band will be playing two very special shows and doing another DJ set at the Mucky Pup to celebrate the new album:

18 November
**Rough Trade East Instore**
Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1
Band on stage at 7pm

20 November
**Album Launch DJ set**
Mucky Pup, 39 Queens Head Streeet, London N1
8pm – late

22 November
**Album Launch Party**
Teeth Of The Sea
High Wolf (featuring Gnod)
Maria and the Mirrors
The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, London N1
Doors 8pm

Here is the bands press release about the up and coming shows...

Teeth Of The Sea, North London’s premier leviathans of psychedelic abandon and transdimensional noiserock supremacy, are set to release their second album, the thrilling and otherworldly ‘Your Mercury’, on Monday November 22nd. To celebrate, they’ve got a series of dates with destiny lined up, at which they’ll be frying synapses on a mighty third-eye-cleansing frenzy fit to transform the chilly metropolis.

The first of this trinity of terror is an instore show at ROUGH TRADE EAST near Brick Lane, on Thursday November 18th, at which Teeth will grind at 7PM. This will actually be the first opportunity to lay hands on a copy of ‘Your Mercury’, which will be in the shakin’ racks early for the occasion.

On Saturday November 20th, the TOTS shocktroops will be returning to DJ at one of their favourite haunts, the Olde Peculiar at THE MUCKY PUP in Islington, where they’ll be spinning the usual delightfully deranged meld of aural treats on the decks. Said DJ deliverance will doubtless include everything from Robyn to Repulsion, from Harry Thumann to Hasil Adkins, and from Cerrone to Cheap Trick. Drinks will flow and blood will spill, and if the boys want to argue about Miles Davis, you better let ‘em.

Perhaps most enticingly of all, however, on the fateful night of November 22nd itself, as ‘Your Mercury’ is properly unleashed on the unsuspecting ears of the world at large, Teeth Of The Sea are hosting the devil’s own launch party at THE LEXINGTON on Pentonville Road. A stellar cast of characters has been hand-picked for the occasion.

Over from Paris especially for the occasion, we have a very rare London show from the amazing, Amazonian HIGH WOLF, whose pyramidal meditations on the Not Not Fun label have blown us away of late, dwelling in an intoxicating, mystical forest of rhythmic, exotic drone somewhere to the east of Pocahaunted and the west of Sun Araw. As if that wasn’t enough, the lupine one will be joined onstage by members of Teeth Of The Sea’s favourite UK band, the Salford psych-savants GNOD. This is set to be an intimidating trip who knows where.

Kicking off the proceedings in style, we’re delighted to have on board London’s own MARIA AND THE MIRRORS. a fearsome and fresh trio who deal in mind-melting psychic invocation and ritualistic abandon. Their percussive, demonic mantras create a mighty and malevolent reverie that evokes Gang Gang Dance, Bow Wow Wow, and the ayahuasca scenes from 'Altered States' in equal measure.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we have delirious, flashback-inducing lights courtesy of the celebrated magus of illusion JOHNNY O and selections from not only our fave spinner of discs, HEIDI HEELZ (Glamracket/Dice Club) but earthly representatives of our favourite website THE QUIETUS.

Tickets for this aural and visual sensory overload are available in advance for a mere four pounds sterling from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/97467 This will be both a gloriously messy evening, and a ceremonial rite to remember. Miss it at yer peril.

Teeth Of The Sea are also playing some other up and coming shows:

Bristol Louisiana with MUGSTAR and THOUGHT FORMS.

Oxford Jericho Tavern with WIRE
(Audioscope Show for Shelter)