15 Jun 2021

Backseat Mafia gives Land Trance's First Séance 9/10 review

They say:

INITIALLY released last year through Forest Sword’s Dense Truth label and imminently to be released on the mercurial Rocket Recordings, First Séance is the debut album from Land Trance: a collaborative project borne from the dual, equally ingenious musical gifts of Andrew P.M. Hunt and Benjamin D. Duvall.

Although it is their debut album, the duo’s paths have long been intertwined. The two have long shared rehearsal spaces and band mates – whilst Duvall was delving into percussive ensemble composition as the founder of the acclaimed Ex-Easter Island Head, Hunt was exploring the possibilities of songwriting, synthesis and texture as Dialect and leader of art rock band Outfit.

The album combines electro-acoustic and studio as post-production, utilising zither, drum machine, music box, dictaphone, synthesiser, melodica and more. This vast artistic curiosity is satisfied through metamorphosing, hypnagogic soundscapes; inducing soporific states that never once deviate from their profoundly hypnotic stream. The singular allure of the album lies in the single, unwavering emotion focused through Land Trance’s captivating sonic collage; unlike other artists, whose efforts at doing so prove blander than a bowl of Shreddies, they imbue the record with a soul-stirring, distinctive melancholy. The well of this unquenchable melancholic elixir in fact remains constantly full, even after umpteen listens. This could be because of the duo’s ability to – through each track, in a different but similarly ingenious fashion – splice this emotion into many guises; using myriad instrumentation in myriad ways...

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10 Jun 2021

Teeth of the Sea & The Utopia Strong joint UK November Tour

We are throughly delighted to share with you that Teeth of the Sea & The Utopia Strong will be heading out for a joint UK tour.


November 2021:

Sat 13th - The Carlton Club, Manchester

Sun 14th - The Crescent, York

Mon 15th - Barrow Underground Music Society, Barrow In Furness

Tue 16th - The Cluny, Newcastle

Wed 17th - Stereo, Glasgow

Thur 18th - Strange Brew, Bristol

Fri 19th - Mash, Cambridge

Sat 20th - Lexington, London

These shows are definitely not to be missed!!

Tickets: tbc


Keep an eye out for both The Utopia Strong debut & Teeth of Sea's Wraith vinyl re-issue's later in the year



4 Jun 2021

Julie's Haircut to play Off Tune Festival

Info about the festival can be found here: Off Tune

Tickets: Dice FM


Listen to exclusive Gnoomes mix for Frame

Gnoomes posted this:

"Check out a special mix we made for frame., a community of artists, deejays and creative people based in Florence, Italy!"

Listen here: Soundcloud


Trebuchet reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

Fan’s of band-on-endless-hiatus GOAT needing a world-psyche fix need look no further than DJINN. Whatever magical goose Rocket Recordings has tucked away just seems to produce golden egg after golden egg and along with Berlin’s Glitterbeat show us that there is a rich well of stunning music if you’re willing to dig away from the main road. Nestled between Jazz, 70s fusion, and a healthy dose of exotica DJINN hint at the smoky escapisms of philosophy, sex, and drugs. Taking the cyclical bass magic of GOAT (and the whole name-in-CAPs thing) they’ve let the drummer loose, rounded it out with stoned percussion and some Interzone based wind/brass instrumentation. It works. Lost in Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch (1991) all the tracks have a separate scenic quality and rather than adhering to a singular sound the album grooves from one distinct setting to the next. Despite these pronounced shifts there are subtle consistencies in the mix that bring all the arrangements together in a complimentary way.  While not as primal soul shaking as GOAT this record stands up and Transmission is well worth lighting up and inhaling.

Read the review here:  Trebuchet


31 May 2021

Rocket Probes – May 2021 playlist

The Holy Family – St Anthony's Fire

(Second single to be revealed from their debut album electronic fuzz-fueled kosmische folk...with accompanying video by John O'Carroll)
The Holy Family

Various – Zonned Records Vol.1
(Gnoomes's Zonned Records debut release – a great comp featuring J. Zunz, Midas Rex, Varvara, Kikok, Sasha Piankov, Of Mist, Landing etc etc)
Zonned Records

Smote + Forest Mourning – S/T
(Collab of drones)
Smote + Forest Mourning

Græns – Björkarnas Sus
(Kaleidoscopic jazz sounds from Sweden)

Heimat – Ita
(Noise-pop repetitions)

Yoko Ono – Woman Power
(Do you know that one day you lost your way, man?)
Yoko Ono

Acid Twilight – Acid Twilight
(Argentinian devotional psychedelia on Not Not Fun)
Acid Twilight 

Mustard – Good Time Coming
(Another Cherrystones recommended glam banger)

Tara Clerkin Trio – Retro Cranial Kit
(The great Tara Clerkin Trio album remixed)
Tara Clerkin Trio

Skeleton – Skeleton
(Texan Thrash...courtesy of Head Drop's Kev Wells)

Action 13 – More bread (to the people)
(Nigerian psych groove from '73)
Action 13

Domovoyd – Oh Sensibility
(Hazed-out doom) 

Francis Beby – Psychedelic Sanza (1982-1984)
(Eclectic collection of Beby grooves)
Francis Beby 

Seefeel – Rupt and Flex (1994 - 96)
(Lots of great stuff to immerse into)

Seefeel – Plainsong (Sind Bubble Embossed Dub)
(All the recent reissues made us dig this classic 12" back out...one of the all time faves!)

Lower Slaughter – Some things take work
(Reconnecting with this great album)
Lower Slaughter

The Byrds – C.T.A.102
(Signals tell us...)
The Byrds

Fire! – Defeat
(More greatness from Fire!)

Alice Coltrane – Eternity
(Harmonic convergence)
Alice Coltrane

The Jimmy Cake – Tough Love
(Cheers to Spud Murphy for turning us on to this great album of dark ambience)
The Jimmy Cake

Gary, Indiana – Alien 3
(Playing Raw Power in August...should be good!)
Gary, Indiana

Dr. John – Black Widow Spider
(Hits the groove)
Dr. John 

Robedoor – Entity undertow
(Sludged sounds)

Trees Speak – Posthuman
(Probably our fave album they have released so far)
Trees Speak

Various – Doing It In Lagos
(A couple of bangers on this comp of early 80s Nigerian disco on Soundway)
Doing It In Lagos

Mandingo – Black Rite
(Classic banger of fuzzed funk to welcome in some sun)

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27 May 2021

The Sleeping Shaman reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

It reads:

The prolific monarchs of drone sit atop their throne. Nothing if not prolific (they’ve twenty substantial releases on Bandcamp) this addition to Gnod’s menagerie of psychedelic-space-drone-jazz-rock birthlings is surely welcome to old hands and neophytes alike. Rightly billed as ‘the sound of an uncompromising devotion to rapture through noise and repetition’ this collection of the rare, the odd and the unreleased is a worthy addition to Gnod’s impressive discography.

Occasionally, as I’m sure you good people already know, compilations of this type comprise pieces that are unknown, unreleased and unloved for a reason – they should’ve been consigned to the floor of the tape room shortly after birth such is their unloveableness. The chimeric albums that they comprise are disjointed, inconsistent and unsatisfying to all but the fanatical hysteric. What makes Easy To Build… all the more impressive is that, not only is the filling good but the pie is a tasty congruent, one whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We ease in with the raga infused, percussion driven Elka, a simmering piece of tinkling space drone that takes the listener on a journey through the hypnopompic state experienced as one wakes gently from a beautiful dream. With glockenspiel accompaniment...

Read the rest here:  The Sleeping Shaman


J. Zunz announce European tour

We are extremely happy to announce that J. Zunz will be heading over to Europe to finally play some shows:

24 / UK / Bristol / Rough Trade
25 / UK / London / Werkhaus
26 / UK / Birkenhead / Future Yard
27 / UK / Manchester / The Peer Hat
28 / UK / Newcastle / The Cluny
29 / UK / Todmorden / The Golden Lion
30 / BE / Antwerp / Het Bos

1 / DE / Bremen / MS Loretta
2 / DK / Copenaghen / Råhuset
3 / DK / Odense / Pataget
5 / DE / Dresden / Club Debil at Alte Feuerwache
8 / CZ / Prague / Underdogs
9 / HU / Budapest Aurora
10 / AT / Graz / Cafe' Wolf
11 / SLO / Ljubljana / Gromka
12 / IT / Padova / Nadir
13 / IT / Roma / Fanfulla
14 / IT / Bologna / Venue TBA
16 / IT / Busto Arsizio / Circolo Gagarin
17 / IT / Torino / Living Room
18 / FR / Lyon / Le Sonic
19 / DE / Mannheim / Der Mannheim Kult

Her latest album Hibiscus, can be bought on vinyl here: J. Zunz


26 May 2021

Les Oreilles Curieuses reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

In the spring of 2019, we got to know Djinn's cosmic and trippy jazz with a first record. The group from Gothenburg has succeeded in establishing their completely hallucinogenic universe which will also be heard with their second album called Transmission.

Here come new compositions where Djinn will therefore combine spiritual jazz, world music and kosmische musik to make an impressive and oh so hypnotic mixture. Transmission opens with a "Sun Ooze" brilliantly synthesizing hypnotic and haunting atmospheres where the quartet favors saxophones and frenzied percussions just like "Creator of Creation" much more energetic. There is no doubt that this musical trip will be completely memorable.

We will just as well dream with the celestial “Nights With Kurupi” as we will have our feet stamped with the frantic looks on “Jaguar” and the experimental “Urm The Mad” in psych-folk-jazz colors. Djinn will move away from the groove to draw much more mystical atmospheres with also the last psychedelic moments that are "Love Divine" and "Orpheus" showing that the Swedish cosmic jazz collective has been able to awaken its spiritual instinct on this relentless second disc. 

Les Oreilles Curieuses