3 Aug 2020

Fragmented Flanuer reviews Autotelia

Although recorded before the Covid lockdown this release seems to have somehow caught the current zeitgeist just right, the album comprising a series of sonic journeys that happened in relative isolation from the artists’ involved own audial hinterland… an island of sound that sets it apart from what they have achieved in the past. Although those familiar with the work of the duo here would probably say that this was more part of an archipelago.

Autotelia is comprised of The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen, who decided to get together to see what sort of audio paths they could wander down. As Relleen suggests: “This project was started as an opportunity to play more freely, with less of the process, consideration and production we both associated with our main projects”.

With the idea of a sonic island in my head while listening to this album reminded me of when I spent some time on the isle of Iona off the West Coast of Mull, itself off the West Coast of Scotland. This small (less than 10km2) outcrop of land provided me with genuine sense of isolation as I walked along it deserted beaches and barren trails… the changeable weather meant that you were never far from a storm… 

Read the res here: Fragmented Flanuer


2 Aug 2020

The Psych Rock reviews Autotelia's LP

They say:

Autotelia I is blissful electronic music in the style of kosmische with futuristic tones and psychedelic style. The music is ever evolving and doesn’t fall into repetitive sequencing. The synth sounds are continuously modulating, oscillating for rippling visual effects. This is a stunning debut album from this London based duo.

Autotelia is not all ambient stardust but has tracks with a darker undertone and tensions that will blow your mind. This is for fans of Spacemen 3, Cluster, early Tangerine Dream, Culto Al Qondor, and Kosmische drone ambient music. 8/10

See the piece here: The Psyche Rock


Indie Rocks say some words about J.Zunz

They say:

Get to know the visual work with which J. Zunz invites you to reflect on the context of violence in society.

A little more than a month before the arrival of Hibiscus , this will be the second album by J. Zunz , after his previous record Silente . The project led by Lorena Quintanilla released in early June the first preview of what this production will be, which is called "Y" . However, recently the artist has shared the music video to open the panorama of this work.

The audiovisual piece was directed by Lorena in the company of John O 'Carrol who was also editor of the video. For his part, the recording manager was Alberto González . The content of this material is quite strong, we can see the also member of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete in a seat with her eyes downcast and changing positions.

Later we can observe her with her eyes covered singing and in another plane she is shown advancing kneeling on a dirt road. Reflection on the context of gender violence that is experienced in Mexican society comes to mind immediately when seeing these forceful images. The end is strong to see, but without a doubt all that aggressiveness invites to do introspective...

Red the rest here: Indie Rocks


New Music Social interviews Sasha from Gnoomes

They say:

Russia's finest export Gnoomes have been producing wonderful music on Rocket Recordings since 2015, and will hopefully be bringing us their fourth album in 2021. 

Given their musical diversity, which incorporates krautrock, shoegaze, electronica, indie rock and more, they seemed an ideal choice to approach to find out more about the artists that have influenced them to make the music that they do. I spoke with Sasha from the band, who spoke about growing up in the USSR, being blown away by the Aphex Twin and more...

How did you first get into music/what were your early influences?

All 4 of us started our music way as kids. Since childhood we realized that there is something behind this world which doesn’t need an explanation, yet it could be explored non-verbally. Obviously, in the post-soviet space there were not so many things going on. Luckily some of our parents owned a few cool LP’s, for example the early Beatles stuff. 'Obla-di-obla-da' was a huge dance hit in the USSR. We have a VHS footage where 1 year old Masha is dancing to this song. Pasha’s dad was more into the Russian rock (weird mixture of poetry and poor music arrangements). Pasha recalls the moment when his dad was smoking a cig in their wooden house in the village and crying over the Scorpions ballad. All of it had a great impact on our minds for sure....

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31 Jul 2020

Rocket Probes – July 2020 playlist

J. Zunz – Y / Four Women and Darkness
(Incredible second single of haunting repetitious electronic sounds by J. Zunz)
J. Zunz 

Petbrick – I Remixes
(The beast that is 'I" gets remixed by a hots of great artists)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Hell's Teetth (J. Zunz rework)
(Banging remix from Lorena of the mighty Pigs track...let's rock!)
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Och – Live at Riksgränsen 2015
(Can't wait to see this band live)

Duma – Duma
(More unequalled sounds from the great Nyege Nyege)

Midnite Snake - He Ain't My Brother, He's Heavy
(Forgot all about this serious fuzz wah abuse on this until Cherrystones dropped it in a show recently...needs a first time on vinyl reissue)
Midnite Snake

Basement 5 - Paranoia Claustrophobia Dub
(Dubbed out postpunk...and Ian Green recommendation)
Basement 5 

Asimov – Flowers
(If Hawkwind came from Sweden)
Asimov And The Hidden Circus

OZO - Hydra
(Great stomp on this)

Kawabata, Pinhas, Mujica, Pereira, Higashi – Alturas
(All star jam)

Jonas Munk – Cascade
(Kosmiche soundscape)
Jonas Munk

Kim Sun - The Man Who Must Leave
(Classic killer fuzz from 1969 South Korea)
Kim Sun

Shezmu – A Travers Les Lambeaux
(Doomed death from Canada)

Tom Tom Club - L' Elephant
(Still sounds so fresh)
Tom Tom Club

Tornado Wallace – Midnight Mania
(Spaced machines on Optimo....nice Gnoomes recommendation)
Tornado Wallace

Robert Leiner – dromomania
(Krautified techdisco sounds from Sweden)
Robert Leiner

Embryo – Flute And Saz
(Track title says it all, though it missed out the wah)

Laika - If You Miss (Laika Virgin Mix)
(Fuzzed rhythms form the mighty Laika)

Lord High Fixers - Save My Soul
(The mighty Lord His Fixers covering the Wimple Winch Freakbeat classic!)
Lord High Fixers

Muslimgauze – Jazirat-Ul-Arab
(More infectious tribal soundcapes from the mighty Muslimgauze)

Country Joe and the Fish - Porpoise Mouth
(Fuzzed pop)
Country Joe and the Fish

Crazy Doberman – Illusory Expansion
(Freaked jazz immersions)
Crazy Doberman

Pan Ron – Don't Speak
(Cambodian psych-pop nugget)
Pan Ron 

Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart -- 2amoutu I7tirakan
(Neu psych)
Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart 

Julian's Treatment - Phantom City
(Great tribal drums on this sci-fi infused psych folk track from '71)
Julian's Treatment

Listen to our updated monthly 'Rocket Probes' Spotify playlist:


30 Jul 2020

Heaviest of Art interviews Adam from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs about their sleeve for Viscerals

They say:

Psychedelic Death on a Silver Platter : 
A Conversation with Adam Ian Sykes of PIGSx7
The guitarist elaborates on the pairing of colossal sonics and enthralling visuals. 

Still from 'Rubbernecker' video by Rafael Bonilla Jr.
Earlier this year, UK unit PIGSx7 (Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs) had a well-rounded release cycle planned for the arrival of their latest composition Viscerals, which arrived on April 3rd via Rocket Recordings. An extensive North American tour, including an appearance at SXSW, reviews, music videos; everything was set to best support their 8-track maelstrom of psychedelic doom. As you'd come to expect, the COVID pandemic came and took those plans with it. 

Despite the shift in schedule, PIGSx7 remain steadfast in their support of Viscerals as the months continue to pass for it serves as their strongest effort to date. The multiple elements of doom, sludge, and punk present within the record come complemented by the vintage horror of Max Löffler, who's work has represented the likes of ELDER. TURNSTILE, and PHISH among many others. Together, the two have crafted a stimulating audiovisual experience that ranks high among 2020's psychedelic arena. 

We talk to PIGSx& guitarist Adam Ian Sykes about the band's visual approach to Viscerals months after many have basked in the heaviness:

‘Viscerals’ is months out and audiences worldwide have been able to engage with the material in their own respective manner. In doing your own personal insight, where do you see the record now compared to when you were putting it together? ...

Read the rest of this great article here: Heaviest of Art

Image above is the early sketch sleeve artist Max Löffler did for Viscerals


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs announce Hell's Teeth single – listen to J. Zunz 'remix' bside

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have announced the release of raucous new single 'Hell’s Teeth’ tomorrow (31st July).

The track is one of the many highlights of the latest album 'Viscerals'. With its headbanging, foot stomping, driving, low-slung guitar rhythm, booming drums and ‘Let’s Rock!’ moniker, the single is an ode to metal bands through the ages.

And that is not all – the bside features an exclusive rework of "Hell's Teeth' by fellow Rocket artist J.Zunz. 

J. Zunz is the solo project from Lorena Quintanilla – one half of Mexican duo ‘Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’ and is releasing her latest album 'Hibiscus' via Rocket on 21st August 2020.

Listen to J.Zunz's rework of 'Hell's Teeth exclusively here via Overblown


This is what Lorena says about the remix:

"I love all the ‘Viscerals’ album but I especially like this song. I like the vocals and that short trippy instrumental part in the middle. So when I started working on the remix I knew that I would focus on those elements. I basically did an extended version of that short instrumental moment and deconstructed the vocals with effects, reverse and pitch shifters. Because of the lockdown, most of my equipment is not with me so I had to work with limited tools. The vocals are powerful and up front so somehow I was having in mind 'Time Is Money (Bastard)' by Swans." 

The single is released tomorrow via all streaming platforms.

You can also buy it and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs album 'Viscerals' and J. Zunz's 'Hibiscus' from here: Rocket Bandcamp


28 Jul 2020

Petbrick announces mighty remix album

Petbrick have announced a mighty remix album of tracks taken from last years debut LP 'I'.

This list of artists involved are impressive and very diverse – and so are the results! The list of names reads: Nihiloxica, Fango, Psywarfare, Antoni Maiovvi, Naresh Ran, Shit and Shine, Stazma the Jungle Christ, Johnny Broke and Mudo.

You can listen to the incredible Fango remix via 'Torture The Artist's Soundcloud page: 

Torture the Artist

The remix album is available to buy on an extremely ltd edition of 50 cassettes in a holographic sleeve from here:


And is available on all streaming platforms from Friday (31 July)


27 Jul 2020

Il Cibicida reviews Autotelia

They say:

Autotelia is a brand new project of one of the main animators of the neo-psychedelic scene of the last ten years, that is Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation, above all) and Tom Relleen, also The Oscillation and half of the duo Tomaga with Valentina Magaletti. The project takes its name from "autotelia", a term coined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (born in 1934) in the context of the so-called "flow theory": in short, those who are autotelic have in themselves the ultimate or contingent purpose of their being and become. 

Far from the pretense of knowing and knowing everything, here - it must be said - we refer in this case to what is meant to be the search for "happiness", understood as the search for one's own identity in a process that you want to be free from any form of conditioning external. Castellanos himself, moreover, justifies the founding act of a new musical project precisely with the desire to feel free also from his own past and current experiences in the field of music, to devote himself to this new project in an evasive way.

I  is therefore an expression of a centrifugal force which, with a meditative and almost confessional approach, reaches deep space. The recordings have been held over the past two years, but a large part of the work is the result of improvised sessions, there are no particular cerebral processes and all of us listeners welcome him with open arms, as he deserves...

Read the rest here: Il Cibicida


26 Jul 2020

Watch Julie's Haircut lockdown live show in full

Watch Julie's Haircut's lockdown gig in Bologna on 5 July in full  – part of the Viralissima season