9 Aug 2022

Introducing the outernational sounds of 'Elsewhere VXIII' 2LP compilation

We are extremely thrilled to finally share with you this incredible compilation we have been putting together. 'Elsewhere VXIII' is the latest instalment of 'multi-label compilation albums expertly compiled by Brussels-based deep digger DJ soFa.

'Elsewhere VXIII' is available to preorder on ltd edition double LP. You can pick-up a yellow vinyl via the bandcamp link below, or a very special green vinyl edition via some very select indie stores. There is also a very ltd edition black vinyl version available via record stores.


Due to the wealth of eclectic riches contained within 'Elsewhere VXIII', it was impossible to pick just one track to give you a good taster of how great and unique this compilation is. So we approached Rocket friend and Collaborator Jamie Paton (Höga Nord, Emotional Especial, DFA etc) to select and create a 10-12min teaser mix, taken from the plethora of sounds that make-up the double album – and that is exactly what he has done.

Does this teaser mix fully encapsulate the true diversity held within all the grooves of the comp, no, probably not? Does it reveal a couple of the many, truly amazing moments from the album, it definitely does that!! This mix will give you a tiny little peek into the wonderful world of outernational rhythms, drones & folk tales that partly make-up the sonic world of 'Elsewhere VXIII' – the encapsulating new chapter of DJ soFa's highly regarded 'Elsewhere' series.

Watch this great album teaser visualised by Rocket's very our own pattern explorer John O'Carroll exclusively above.

From its genesis on the sun-drenched streets of Tirana, Albania to the wider sonic spheres inhabited by adventurous heads everywhere, Brussels-based deep digger soFa has assembled a fresh outing in his eclectic compilation series. Whilst the Elsewhere banner has previously focused on unorthodox spaces of the dancefloor via a series of different labels, including experimental imprints like Emotional Response, Music For Dreams and Kalahari Oyster Cult. The latest instalment is something else entirely. Elsewhere VXII is a beguiling collection of songs and soundscapes that form a bridge between the traditional and the otherworldly.

This gathering of outernational rhythms, drones and folk tales takes in a dizzying array of cultures and folkloric traditions, mapping out their common ground with style and finesse. Here we witness a Romanian Christian carol (from Colinde Netemperate) side by side with glacial abstraction from a Mexican artist based in Belgium (Vica Pachecho) The ritualistic mantras of Ladr’ache share headspace with the beatific acid folk of Odessey And Oracle. Meanwhile, ululatory drone-based rapture (courtesy of NÅR) marries with electronic reinterpretations of Greek rural serenades from Anna vs June.

Unified by deep roots and yet branching out fearlessly into the unknown, all these stylings and more cohere and coalesce into an intoxicating patchwork. Yet as much as it may be driven by a DJ’s internal logic, this is primarily a work of border-free serendipity. The same forces that introduced soFa to the violin of Aida Al Hani while walking in Tirana, forging the impetus for this collection, are those that sent both soFa and Rocket Recordings in the direction of NÅR for the album entirely independently of each other. Navigating currents and vibrations that unite the globe, Elsewhere VXIII is a psychic transmission from a singular place where the stars align.


01. Aida Al Hani – Kafeja Gati
02. Colinde Netemperate – Din patru cornuri de lume
03. Tempo Venus & Ox3 – Y
04. Pedro Castanheira & Caroline Oulman – A Saia Da Carolina
05. NÂR feat. June As – Baba Mimoun
06. Ugne&Maria – Apie Lubas (feat poetry by Birutė Kapustinskaitė)
07. ladr.ache – A Mi Fiasco (Live In Casteau)
08. Vica Pacheco – El Fuego
09. Odessey And Oracle – J’ai Vu Un Croco
10. PRAAH – André
11. Anna Vs June – Dahtila
12. Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters – Lolokele
13. Cyril Cyril – Mariid
14. Kӣr – Zimovka


Raw Power reveal stage times plus announce 2022 this will be the last ever Raw Power

Really sad to hear the news that this years Raw Power will be the last one.

Ever since the first one in Corsica Studios all those year's ago, Anthony and Adrian and all at Baba Yaga's Hut have always supported Rocket and our bands. We are so honoured to see this years final Raw Power is headlined by two Rocket bands as well, with GNOD and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs closing the main stages on Sat and Sun– plus also seeing one of Rockets newest signings, the incredible Alison Cotton on the bill.

This is gonna now be an even bigger weekend!!

Hope you will all join us?







2 Aug 2022

Petbrick announce new album – watch with acid-fried new video exclusively via Cvlt Nation

Petbrick – the duo of Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy/Soulwax) return with their second gargantuan album. 

'Liminal' is released on Rocket (and Neurot in America) on 23 September and features an amazing team of collaborators, from  Neurosis’ Steve Von Till and Converge’s Jacob Bannon to  Paula Rebbeledo from Rakta and New York doom rappers Lord Goat and Truck Jewelz.

Watch the acid-fried video made by Tom Brewins and Wayne Adams for 'Primer' exclusively via Cvlt Nation – the first track to be revealed from 'Liminal':

Cvlt Nation 


'Liminal' is available on ltd edition 'splatter vinyl' via the link below or via your local record shop:


American fans can pick the album up on a different coloured 'swirl vinyl' via the great Neurot Recordings.


In a world hurtling towards new frontiers of horror on a daily basis, there’s precious little time for pause. For the self-respecting artist, the only reasonable solution is psychic warfare. Moreover, the only way to wage this is without compromise, with the least possible respect for thresholds or co-ordinates of any kind. Such is the terrain of Petbrick on the titanic and transformative Liminal.

Here on their second album the duo of Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy/Soulwax) lays waste to all or any constrictions in its path, dispensing an assault of vibrant catharsis that is as rich in atmospheric dread as sulphuric intent. Blending a vast sonic landscape with a relentless compunction to break the pain barrier, Liminal is a dizzying exercise in overdrive which can take in industrial abrasions, pulverising rhythmic drive, acid-damaged freakery, cinematic tension and balladic gravitas in disarmingly coherent fashion.

Existing in a resolutely post-genre realm, Petbrick are a band quite comfortable both performing at the rave hoedown of Bangfest and amidst the riff-overload of Desertfest. This was reflected in the initial stages of this album’s gestation, with the duo finding themselves split between creating feral bursts of aggression and moments of psychedelic ambience. The balance between the yin and yang of their approach subsequently led to both the album’s diversity and its title.

The methodology that led to the cathartic brew of Liminal also arrived via new approaches to their meld of raw percussive aggression and equally caustic sonic textures. As Wayne puts it “I have a iconic drummer with a very unique sound to work with. How can we maybe use a D-Beat to create a brutal gabber track? How we can use his fills as breakcore eski drums -as in ‘Pigeon Kick’? And then something like ‘Ayan’ came around from me distorting the hell out of a samba tom beat to create a almost melodic line”

Other heads and personalities also came on board to add richness and intrigue to the onslaught - “I believe we got an amazing team of collaborators - from old school friends like Neurosis’ Steve Von Till and Converge’s Jacob Bannon to new school artists like Paula Rebbeledo from Rakta and New York doom rappers Lord Goat and Truck Jewelz” notes Iggor. Indeed, the last-named’s bar-spitting fury hits just as viciously as Bannon’s paint-stripping vitriol. Meanwhile, Von Till’s closing denouement ‘Reckoning’ conversely gains more power from its understatement - as Wayne adds “the clarity and minimal nature of that song in the context of this album makes it super intense, and somehow reveals how heavy a track like this can actually be”

This is an album birthed in difficult times and expressly engaged with raging against the dying of the light. As Iggor puts it “Liminal is an insane mirror of what being isolated feels like - madness through noise experimentations” An alchemical vision fit to both elevate the spirit and destroy everything in its path, ‘Liminal’ is the sound of Petbrick blasting their way through the boundaries of a fresh hell.

See Petbrick on a massive three band tour in November with Converge and Full of Hell:

Nov 06 / UK / London / Electric Brixton
Nov 07 / FR / Paris / La Cigale
Nov 08 / BE / Ghent / Vooruit
Nov 09 / NL / Nijmegen / Doornroosje
Nov 10 / DE / Berlin / Columbia Theater
Nov 11 / DE / Leipzig / Felsenkeller
Nov 12 / LU / Esch-sur-Alzette / Kulturfabrik
Nov 13 / DE / Köln / Essigfabrik


31 Jul 2022

Rocket Probes – July 2022 playlist

BB84 – Ardnacrusha

(New collab featuring Paddy from GNOD)

Širom – The Liquified Throne of Simplicity / A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse / I Can Be a Clay Snapper
(Incredible immersions – thanks to The Quietus for the introduction)

Cheri Knight – American Rituals
(Great album of voice repetitions)
Cheri Knight

Naujawanan Baidar – Khedmat Be Khalq
(New sounds from Mirror man)
Naujawanan Baidar

Tzompantli – Tlazcaltiliztli
(Cheers to GOAT for bringing this monster album to our attention)

Angelo & Eighteen – Flight 2
(Been reminded of this classic killer groove a lot this month)
Angelo & Eighteen

Credo – Radio Hito
(Has a Josefin Ohrn vibe to the loop in this track – taken from another great soFa 'Elsewhere' comp)

Manuel Göttsching – Deep Distance
(Repetitions from '76)
Manuel Göttsching

Colin Newman – A-Z
(Amazing 1980 album by Wire Man)
Colin Newman

Antti Tolvi – Feedback Gong
(Gong drone)
Antti Tolvi

Life – Life
(The guys from GÅS hooked us up with this Swedish album from 1971)

Minimal Compact – Statik Dancin' (Feat Mad Professor)
(Dubbed out post punk)
Minimal Compact 

Klein – Lifetime
(Quite unique and exploratory sounds)

Matumbi – Rock
(Soundtracking the hot days)

Matmos – The West
(Re-listening to this old fave from '98)

Kill Your Boyfriend – The King
(Industrial psych n'roll)
Kill Your Boyfriend

Duet Emmo – Or So It Seems
(Electronic pop repetitions from '83)
Duet Emmo

Illés – Bűbájosok
(Killer Hungarian fuzz groove from '69 courtesy of Justin Barwick from Psych Lovers forum)

Noda & Wolfers – Tascam Space Season
(Cheers to Mike Bourne for bringing the ice creams with these spaced out digital-dub sounds)
Noda & Wolfers

F.J. McMahon – Spirit of the Golden Juice
(Folk grooves – cheers to Centrum for the nod)
F.J. McMahon

Sensational – Loaded with Power
(Experimental rhymes)

Young Flowers – 25 Øre
(Wah driven 'boogie')
Young Flowers

Popol Vuh – Vuh
(Transportive sounds)
Popol Vuh

Firehose – Ragin’ Full On
(Not had this on in a long while)

Kalacakra – Crawling To Lhasa
(Top draw, tripped out German rock from '72)

King Tubby – Cherry's Dub
(Cheers to Pete Kember for playing us this)
King Tubby

Absolute – Endless
(Wonky rave repetitions from '96 – courtesy of Gnoomes)

Rattle – Signal
(Percussive expanses)

Pit er Pat – High Time
(Bit of a blast from the noughties past this one)
Pit er Pat

Happy Mondays – Tart Tart
(RIP Paul)
Happy Mondays 

Listen to/follow our updated monthly 'Rocket Probes' spotify playlist:


29 Jul 2022

Moundabout's 'Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones' is released today

"Enjoy Moundabout’s strange argot, let it wash over you like the tide." Album of the Week
The Quietus

"A deep sense of devotional wonder."
Electronic Sound

"A musical contemplation of the megalithic."

"Such a deep and satisfying experience."
Fragmented Flaneur

"A lesson in neolithic ritual and otherworldly transcendence."
Louder Than War

Moundabout– the new project from Paddy Shine of Gnod and Phil Masterson of Los Langeros/Damp Howl/Bisect have released their debut Rocket album 'Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones' today!

Once again, trying not to sound like a stuck record, we are sad to announce that the LPs have been delayed due to the ongoing chaos in vinyl manufacturing. We have been promised they will be shipped to us on 18 August and we will ship them out to customers and shops as soon as they land. Your ongoing patience for all these delays we are suffering is greatly appreciated – we can assure you, it is annoying us as much as it is you!

If you still want a copy of the ltd LP, then you can preorder from Bandcamp here, or from your local record shop:


See Moundabout live as part of a GNOD family special at this years 'Le Guess Who Festival' in Utrecht on November 10-13:

Le Guess Who


28 Jul 2022

Echoes and Dust interviews The Utopia Strong

It reads:

The Utopia Strong have just released their new album International Treasure and it is a brilliant blend of their many influences that result in an awe inspiring collection of songs that are in turns psychedelic, euphoric and of a darker nature too. Gavin Brown caught up with Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi to hear all about International Treasure and its creation as well as discussing their excitement for playing live live and treasured memories of Glastonbury.      

E&D: Your new album International Treasure is out now. You must be glad that it’s out so people can really listen and absorb it?        

Kavus: We finished the album last October. We finished the recording of it probably late summer, or autumn last year, but we finished mixing it in October, so we’ve been sitting on the album for ages. Normally you’d have like three months but because of the vinyl and everything we’ve been delayed but we’re really, really excited. From our perspective, it is the best thing we’ve done. As far as I’m concerned, in the twenty or thirty years of making records, I think it’s the one I feel most satisfied with. It was worth getting to my age and making this many albums to get this one done.

Steve: It’s quite frustrating, and I’m sure a lot of artists at the moment are quite frustrated. One of the things that I’ve learned about it, it’s exciting to, even though you do it for yourself, it’s exciting when other people then get the chance to listen to it, because then it might be confirmed that that you were right and that it was okay as an album. To have to wait six or seven months is purgatory. We  knew that there was a vinyl problem in the pipeline, so we’ve actually had the CDs for about two months, just sitting looking at them going, oh, when can we finally give these to people! It’s been quite a funny time and I’m sure it’s the same for all other artists. 

Read the rest here: E&D


27 Jul 2022

Petbrick announce European tour with Converge and Full of Hell

Extremely thrilled to announce that Petbrick are heading out on a European tour in November with the mighty Converge and Full of Hell!

Nov 06 / UK / London / Electric Brixton
Nov 07 / FR / Paris / La Cigale
Nov 08 / BE / Ghent / Vooruit
Nov 09 / NL / Nijmegen / Doornroosje
Nov 10 / DE / Berlin / Columbia Theater
Nov 11 / DE / Leipzig / Felsenkeller
Nov 12 / LU / Esch-sur-Alzette / Kulturfabrik
Nov 13 / DE / Köln / Essigfabrik

Tickets go on sale on Friday July 29th at 11am CET, 10am UK time.


26 Jul 2022

Watch Sonic State video interview with The Utopia Strong


Sonic State popped along to The Utopia Strong's recent Brighton show at The Green Store Door and discussed the bands gear with them – watch above.

Buy the bands latest album 'International Treasure' here: Bandcamp


18 Jul 2022

Listen to J. Zunz live at Supersonic on BBC 6 Music's Freak Zone

Listen to J. Zunz perform the track 'America Is A Continent '
 live at Supersonic Festival on BBC 6 Music's Freak Zone show.

Listen here: Freak Zone

Photo by Sam Frank Wood


12 Jul 2022

GOAT announce special World Music '10th Anniversary' remastered vinyl

When the mysterious masked collective calling themselves Goat first emerged in 2012, armed with an incendiary debut album ‘World Music’ and a backstory for the ages – there was, and there still isn’t, anyone else on earth quite like them.

Now, exactly a decade later, Rocket Recordings and the band have decided to dust-off the original recordings of ‘World Music’ and pass them over to the capable hands of the team at the legendary Abbey Road Studios to remaster the tracks and make them shine like they have never before. 

The results are better than we could have hoped. New details within the tracks have been revealed and - most importantly - the fuzz is even more explosive than before. You hear every crackle of electricity as it flows through the pedals.

‘World Music’s famous die-cut sleeve has been updated too, the colours of the eye-popping pattern have been reversed from the original, making this package even more desirable – plus there are two different sleeves to choose from.

Not only that, the album comes with an exclusive fold out poster.


Preorder the album in their two different ltd edition sleeves each with their own splatter vinyl colour via the Bandcamp:

Preorder Ltd Edition LP

You can also preorder ltd edition Pink vinyl (in Blue sleeve) and Blue vinyl (in Yellow sleeve) from your local record shop. Though like all GOAT releases we do not expect them to hang around for long. 


See GOAT perform one of their legendary high octane shows here:

August 19 / Gothenburg / Nefertiti
August 25 / London / All Points East Festival
August 26 / Helsinki / Helsinki Festival
November 8 / Hamburg / Knust
November 9 / Cologne / Kulturkirche
November 10 / Liége / Reflektor
November 11 / Kortrijk / Sonic City Festival
November 12 / Utrecht / Le Guess Who Festival
November 14 / Berlin / Festsaal Kreuzber