5 May 2021

Fragmented Flaneur reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

It reads:

When I stumbled into what became known as the ‘psych scene’ around a decade ago, GNOD were already a thing… a collective that was revered by many who I talked and sought inspiration from in terms of taking that next turn down the rabbit hole. At the time my touchstone was the Liverpool Psych Fest, which was my annual introduction to new ideas and new bands. So it was in 2014 that GNOD played the Rocket Recordings stage on that unforgettable evening.

I used to love seeing the list of bands who were playing the festival and really getting into them as a way of deciding who I wanted to see (and yes it did involve the use of spreadsheets). I remember quite clearly listening to GNOD, and especially the ‘Chaudelande’ albums, ‘Ingnodwetrust’ and ‘Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II’ (White Hills were also on the bill, and Dave W played with GNOD that night); and being totally blown away by them.

This was the GNOD that I got into and the GNOD that lives with me to this day – although I have seen many great performances from them since (in various guises) most notably at the Rocket 20th Anniversary weekend – and this is the GNOD that I find here on this compilation of early tracks never previously released on vinyl… a couple only on MySpace! Indeed, it is interesting that I referred to the ‘visceral’ nature of GNOD’s performance back in 2014, because that’s exactly the word that came up for me when listening to this album. There is an underpinning sense of excitement borne from discovery here… you really get the sense of a group of individuals who are pushing the envelope… who are taking it just that little bit further… who are pushing themselves into something altogether more dimensional and spatial...

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The Psych Rock reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

It reads:

GNOD Easy To Build Hard To Destroy is a compilation of hard to find and unreleased materials that are heady droned out rock from the underground heavy weights GNOD. The music thrives in retention, drone, awesome tones and varied instrumentation. GNOD is eclectic and has continuously evolved making music that is always unique and extremely creative. This compilation is not just a piece of fanfare but presents great music that sound hi-fi and is every bit as great as their many albums and collaborations.

GNOD Easy To Build Hard To Destroy is a droning fuzz rock album that is experimental, stoney and relentlessly interesting. Their tones and approach to songwriting are as impressive as ever. It is amazing to think that this band has been making innovative music with such skill for such a long time.

GNOD is from Salford, UK and their first release was in 2007 and they have minted 49 releases including EPs, singles, collaborations and full-length albums. Every year this band graces the blogosphere’s best fo the year lists for psych, drone, stoner, and heavy psych. They are legendary as a live band and they play loud on the stages of the coolest music festivals in the UK and EU. This compilation has the raw energy and inspiration found on their albums and has a live room vibe on many songs giving the audience a taste of their prowess...

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4 May 2021

Zam Zam to release new AHRKH album

Our friends at Zam Zam Records are releasing the a new AHRKH album on ltd vinyl –  AHRKH is Alex Macarte from GNOD. 

You can preorder the album here:

Zam Zam


30 Apr 2021

Rocket Probes – April 2021 playlist

Sex Swing – Passover (IDLES Remix)
(Great to have this and many other rare Rocket remixes coming out on vinyl for the first time, on our Record Store Day exclusive 'Aphelion Vol.1/2' LPs)
Record Store Day

De Witte Kunst – Op Zee (KIKOK Remix)
(Gnoomes drummer takes it nice and slow on this remix)

Dwellings – Three new tracks
(Three new tracks from Chris GNOD)

Yann Gourdon – Yann Gourdon
(Hurdy gurdy drones)
Yann Gourdon

Flowers Must Die – Ejefjallajökull
(Great track from one of Sweden's finest)
Flowers Must Die

Spires That In The Sunset Rise – Psychic Oscillations
(Centrum recommended immersions)
Spires That In The Sunset Rise

Machinefabriek – SF AL JW
(Good track from an interesting album)

Lebenden Toten – Static
(Thanks Jimmy from TOTS for turning our brains on to this)
Lebenden Toten

Pharaoh Sanders – Let us go Into the House of the Lord
(Spiritual awakenings)
Pharaoh Sanders

Godspeed You Black Emperor – Fie at Static Valley
(Droning repetitions)
Godspeed You Black Emperor

Mamma Sani – Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984
(Lofi synth/drum machines grooves n'drones)
Mamma Sani

Steve Reich & Musicians – Drumming
(Lost in the rhythms)
Steve Reich

Adam Janota Bzowski – Saint Maud Soundtrack
(Bit of an Under the Skin vibe to this in places)
Adam Janota Bzowski

Cobra Family Picnic – Moody Mountain
(Psyched sounds)
Cobra Family Picnic

Gore Elohim – Ritual Abuse
(Hail Satan!)
Lord Goat

Visitors – Joyo can you hear me Part 1
(Kosmische italo disco)

Satan's Children – Wonderful Cycle Of Life That Never Fails
Satan's Children

Witch – Home Town
(That guitar!)

Golden Palominos – Victim
("The last thing I hear is...")
Golden Palominos

Nico – Janitor of lunacy

Urthona Power Trio Quartet – NO​-​FI ALIVE!
(Lo-fi abuse)
Urthona Power Trio Quartet

Beyaz Kelebekler – Esmerim
(Turkish wah sounds)
Beyaz Kelebekler

John Dwyer and Co. – The War Clock
(From the man who never sleeps)
John Dwyer and Co.

Work Money Death – The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises
(Pharaoh worship)
Work Money Death

Kvartetten Som Sprängde – Gånglåt Från Valhallavägen
(Swedish psych from '73)
Kvartetten Som Sprängde

Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo'Ya
(Afro disco banger)
Pasteur Lappe

Rudimentary Peni – Great War
(New Peni)
Rudimentary Peni

Tuluum Shimmering – Waterfall Arcing in the Still of Night
(Another great immersive mantra...worth explore all
Tuluum Shimmering

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Gnoomes launch new label 'Zonned'

This is what the band say about it:

We’re really excited to announce that we’re launching a music label «Zonned». The idea of the label appeared during the first wave of the pandemic when we realised how it is actually easy to loose the ground. Thoughts were spinning in my head: what could possibly become an oasis of calm and peace at these tumultuous times? When clubs are shutting down, when you’re not able go touring anymore and visit your pals, is there still music going on? I believe it was still playing but its frequencies were not easily got caught.

The answer came to my mind when I was listening to something at the 5% volume. What if not ambient could bring you from the flight - fight state to a zone of comfort and warmth!

In the last few years we’ve heard so much cool stuff from our friends all over the globe. Sometimes they lack of understanding what they’re supposed to do with this? Sometimes they don’t quite find a belief in themselves. And we thought: Oh, my God! This is so beautiful, what if nobody will hear it ever?

We decided that it’s not fair in a way. It’s become our driving force alongside with the desire of creating healing content for people.

For me a label is not only a signature music style, but it’s always an aesthetic and design. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vitalic Ten who’s in charge of visual content at Zonned. I’m really proud that he’s in our team.

We’re gonna release a digital comp soon with the artists all over the world! Watch this space! Please sign to our social media, etc!”.


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Rocket bands announced to play next years Desert Fest in London

GNOD, Petbrick and Bonnacons of Doom are joining Hey Colossus, Part Chimp, Shuck, Slift and many, many others at next years Desert Fest in london.

Info here: Desert Fest 


27 Apr 2021

The Obelisk gives Master Sleeps by Hills some praise

It says:

Much like the elusive Theory of Everything in physics, with Hills‘ universal psychedelic premise is underlined by almost unaccountable gravity. Released in 2011 through Intergalactic Tactics and Transubstans Records following a 2009 self-titled debut, Master Sleeps basks these 10 years later in its breadth of influence and establishes its aesthetic on a per-track basis, presenting two vinyl sides of resonant, spaced-out intergalactic fare with an awakened nature that’s nothing if not contradictory to the title. It’s a record about which much was said at the time by the in-the-know-telligencia, and that’s cool, because it’s cool, and, hey man, cool, but any and all past hype aside — it’s amazing how the years turn these things into wisps of recollection; the fervent talking-up of records fading to echoes even as attention spans are criticized for their shortness; hypocrites to a hyperlink, everyone — it’s a cool record and to deny it is to deny oneself the pleasure of a 35-minute, mostly instrumental outward journey of jams and in-on-it-early-next-gen heavy psych. Suffice it to say, if this shit was due in June instead of a decade gone, you’d still see as much desperate preening of feathers in order to curry its vaunted favor. And fair enough.

I have the CD, which was the Transubstans version, that I apparently picked up later in 2011, but I’ll be damned if Master Sleeps doesn’t hold up. It was ahead of the game on vinyl structuring, presaging the larger-platter-as-format-of-record (pun absolutely intended) explosion by a year or two, and each of its two sides brought three tracks in a nearly even break of structure to what seems to be utterly fluid throughout the listening experience, opener “Rise Again” and closer “Death Shall Come” creating a loop from one to the other that feels all the more geared to encourage multiple listens in a kind of sonic reincarnation. Accordingly, the more you hear Master Sleeps, the more you hear in it. First? Swirl. “Rise Again” fuzzes and unfolds a careening spaciousness that calls out early space rock and psych drift with shoegaze vocals buried in the mix à la The Heads where you wonder if anything’s really being said or you’re just imagining it and does it really matter anyway. I don’t know...

Read the rest here The Obelisk


Gnoomes announce Russian dates

Gnoomes have announced a tour of the homeland...

The bands three albums Mu!, Tschak! and Ngan! are all avaialable to buy from here: Bandcamp


26 Apr 2021

Read Impatto Sonoro introduction to the world of GOAT

It reads:

The Goat is a Swedish group, who debuted in 2012 with the album " World Music ", reached number 8 in the charts of their country. Their second album, " Commune ", hit the Billboard 200 and placed number 47 in the UK. To date they have produced 3 studio albums, 2 live and several singles and EPs, all available on your trusted streaming platform.

Without disregarding the (essential) 60s-70s, with references to King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Talking Heads among others, they nevertheless offer an extremely modern and ancient musical discourse. Theirs is precisely World Music in a broad sense which, starting from hard rock and progressive rock, draws from the East, Scandinavia, Africa, Latin America. Tribal, hypnotic and pulled rhythms. Distorted guitars, keyboards that play like a church (any one), instruments of various origins that suddenly appear in the sound fabric. Once, perhaps even today, it was called psychedelic music. But it would be an understatement...

Read the rest here: Impatto Sonoro


Julie's Haircut announce first show in New York (sort of)

Julie's Haircut have been announced as being a 'Showcase Artist 2021' by Mondo NY

The band say this about it:

"So we will be playing New York City for the first time. And yet we won’t. Just streaming. But it’ll be cool: we’ll probably premiere some new music, so save the date."

Info about the event can be found here: MONDO