14 Nov 2018

Viva Mag reviews Goatman album Rhythms

They say:

Rhythms: there is no more apt title for this afrobeat bomb with fusion flavors and gospel groove. The unknown origins of its author make this project even more intriguing. In fact, Goatman knows only his name, his country, Sweden and his membership in the Goat collective, which is also shrouded in mystery. This debut owes much to the great figures of Afro culture, from Fela Kuti to Sun Ra, thus contributing to the rebirth of the genre in the West. Jaam Ak Salam opens the dances in the true sense of the word with its festive and pressing rhythms. Oud's solo is a one-way trip to tribal and cosmic atmospheres. With Hum Bebass Nahinback to western music, rock '70s and guitar solos so dear to good old Hendrix. The electronic percussions of Limelight jar with the rest of the album, thus lowering the level of this publication. Carry the Load thinks to raise the bar again: his spiritual jazz, the choral voice of the Swedish Amanda Werne and the sax and flute solos make this magic track, almost possessed by the spirit of free jazz. The voice of the Senegalese artist Seydi Mandoza is the protagonist of Aduna , the penultimate track of the album, which becomes more electronic through the use of monophonic synths, then returning to the wind and the free and wild guitar. A base of drone music characterizes the last piece,Baaneexu , which with its melancholic atmosphere, is positioned in complete antithesis with the opening song. 

What the listener is assisting is a real journey that shows the different facets of African culture. A hymn to timeless love and peace. An anthem we damn need. 8/10

Read the full review here: Viva Mag


Cherrystones gives Shit & Shine some NTS love

As you probably know we are Rocket are avid listeners to NTS so it is always great when one of our fave DJs drops a Rocket tune.

This time, the legend that is Cherrystones plays the mighty Shit and Shine track Mingler off the new album Bad Vibes.

Dig in here: NTS


GNOD R&D reveal new vinyl release for Sound of Cobra records

GNOD R&D have just revealed a new release via The Quietus.

They say:

GNOD's Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam are back with a new release from their GNOD (R+D) offshoot. Following on from two previous cassette releases on Tesla Tapes over the last year, the Sounds of Cobra label will oversee the release of Vol 3 from the pair, from which you can stream a five-minute excerpt of one of the four tracks above.

The excerpt sees Shine and Haslam combine drones with loop-driven, industrial atmospherics. It builds gradually, layers of percussion gathering pace as a distant vocal enters the mix just past the three-minute mark.

GNOD (R+D) is described as "a platform to research, develop and expand on sound environments as well as collaborators for the future workings in their main band." Vol 3 sees them turn in four long-form pieces which the label describe as "21st century ritual music," and were recorded while on tour through Italy in November of last year.

Sounds of Cobra will release Vol 3 digitally and on vinyl on January 11.

Listen here: The Quietus


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Mutations Festival

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have been announced to play next years Mutations Festival in Brighton on 23 February with White Denim, Goat Girl and others...

Tickets and Info can be found here: Mutations Festival


Heavy Pop reviews GNOD's Chapel Perilous

It says:

After the comparatively straight-forward, purposely focused 2017 eruption of Just Say No The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, Gnod on Chapel Perilous addresses the question of where the supernatural might collide with the everyday - and where the boundaries of one's own intellectual and spiritual realities physical health.

"Whatever one's definition of reality, this psychological realm serves to prove it endlessly subjective and changeable. Robert Anton Wilson has declared the wash-paper to be "the cosmic trigger" - yet there may be some musical outfits in the here and now more worthy of carrying on its tradition than Gnod " not quite modest, while the never restraining band from Salford on their drunkzigsten studio album equal nails with heads and impressively goes into the full - but also more varied and less obvious acts than last.

The opening Donovan's Daughters overpowers as a herbaceous, monotonous-repeater post-punk jam with nasty noise tendencies, lots of factory reverb and the same sluggish bass slant that characterizes Primus, but most of all pushes Stoically into a plane that follows Swans Maybe they do not want to serve their prolonged break anymore. Gnod rub themselves in the Industrial hypnotizing-scratchy, dissonant and atonal, wandering in the atmospheric space of feedback, anthemic tunes intertwine in the tense intensity, and almost eat themselves in the pressure generated...

Read the rest here: Heavy Pop


13 Nov 2018

MIEN and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs make Rough Trades 'Albums of the Year' list

Always the first out of the blocks with their 'Albums of the Year' list is Rough Trade.

And we are chuffed to announce that we have two releases in this years rundown:


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

See the full list of 100 albums here: Rough Trade


GNOD R&D play Stubnitz in Hamburg

GNOD R&D are playing a special show at Stubnitz in Hamburg on 22nd November. 

The collective including Utku Tavil and Kazehito Seki have 3 day recording session planned, culminating with a special show.

Gonna be a bit special!

More info (if you can find it) here: Stubnitz