23 Apr 2019

Music & Riots review Teeth of the Sea - WRAITH

Music & Riots review Teeth of the Sea - WRAITH

They say:

London-based post-everything-and-whatever trio Teeth of the Sea are back with their fifth album Wraith. Exploring the dichotomy of their very own experimental and cinematic weirdness, Wraith is the trio’s most ambitious and irreverent effort. Built over this haunted and eerie Morricone meets Survive’s Stranger Things work, Wraith grows on you easily, becoming some sort of hypnotic and out-of-order trip into their drifting crescendo intensity.

There are obvious roots on experimentalism, both electronic and psychedelic, but there are also branches which extend into uncharted territories, both emergent and urgent. This new effort sees the band strip things back substantially, because there’s the same range of sounds and experimentalism; however on this occasion the atmosphere they create is even bleaker, where euphoria and surrealism bring along a new set of dynamics into their vivid and fearless sound.

Recorded in London at Soup Studios with Giles Barrett, Phantasy Sound with Erol Alkan and their own The Facility, Wraith is the kind of blowout you expect from the trio’s artistic approach, the perfect sound representation of Teeth of the Sea’s unique irreverence and distinctive creativity.

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Introducing Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes EP

We are delighted to reveal the first track off a new remix EP 'Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes' a release that will coincide bringing the mighty Rocket to the Russian where both bands will be performing on the same bill at this years ‘Gnoomes Fest’ in Perm, Russia on 18th May.

The first Gum Takes Tooth reveal is the heavy Techno remix by Gnoomes's drummer electronic project 'KIKOK', check it out here:

You can listen/stream/buy Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes here: GTTvsGnoomes / Bandcamp


The Press Release:

In January London’s Gum Takes Tooth released their critically acclaimed album ‘Arrow’. This latest release further established the duo as masters of their drum-triggered manipulated
electronic sound. A unique sound that merges both speaker ripping psych-rock pyrotechnics and synapse-shredding acid house into a unclassifiable fury that many cannot rival.

Three of the key ‘synapse-shredding’ Gum Takes Tooth tracks from ‘Arrow ‘were handed over to their Rocket comrades Gnoomes to remix. Gnoomes are a Russian outfit who themselves blend a potent mix of psychedelic stargaze, kraut techno and kosmiche pop – so a perfect choice of sound manipulators to conjure up their own Gum Takes Tooth interpretations.

The resulting three reworked versions of tracks; ‘Borrowed Lies’, ‘Fights Physiology’ and ‘The Arrow’, take the originals into different electronic sonic arcs, that blend the kinetic
anthems of Gum Takes Tooth into more kosmiche-techno territory. From the more aggressive techno of ‘KIKOK’ (Gnoomes’s drummer), to the warm trans Europe express migration by ‘Warwara’ (Gnoomes guitarist) and the hypnotic acid house transcendence by Sasha Piankov (Gnoomes singer, bassist and synth player). All three remixes are from a band that don’t limit themselves in the extension of their musical palettes resulting in something very unique and immersive.


Gnoomes have also recently announced a brand new album titled ‘MU!’ their third for Rocket Recordings and it is released on all formats on 31 May with a UK tour booked around the time of it’s release.

Buy: Bandcamp / Stream: Gnoomes


Gum Takes Tooth are also taking their incredible live set onto European stages over the summer. ‘Arrow’ is out now on all formats.

Buy: Bandcamp / Stream: GumTakesTooth


22 Apr 2019

The Skinny reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in Edinburgh

They say:

Looming out of the darkness, Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs storm Edinburgh with a short but fiery set that showcases why they’re one of the most exciting heavy acts that Britain has produced in recent years.

Lit for most of the set in an orange glow reminiscent of a steel forge, their bass-heavy grind is truly something to hear, evoking a battleship fusillade as it rumbles and rolls, while gigantic guitars stab like shards of icebergs plunging into the sea. 

At times, the sheer volume of instrumentation threatens to overwhelm vocalist Matt Baty, but like forward-looking peers Deafheaven there are also touches of shoegaze that suggest perhaps Pigs x7 are rather more avid and diverse musos than perhaps their black clad demeanour hints at.

Early songs like GNT and Shockmaster are packed with riffs that scrape the roof of the room, channelling early Mastodon with their dextrous instrumentals. Drummer Christopher Morley pinwheels his way through Sweet Relief as Baty howls at the ceiling, while on Gloamer, a standout from 2018’s King of Cowards, the whole band marauds ferociously as rumbling bass and shards of feedback give way to an enormous acidic riff...

Read the rest here: The Skinny

Photo live at Preston Guild Hall, 13 Apr by Danny Sargent


Line of the Best Fit reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's 'Sacred Dreams'

They say:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation’s Sacred Dreams is a thoroughly modern take on psychedelia

In many ways, Sacred Dreams, the latest offering from Swedish psychedelic outfit Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, feels like a trilogy of EPs - even though it isn’t…

Following a three year absence, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have taken steps in multiple bold new directions with their third full-length album Sacred Dreams. Since moving from Stockholm to London, bandleader Josefin Öhrn and her writing partner Fredrik have assembled a brand new cast of collaborators, including Maki (Go Team), Patrick C Smith (Eskimo Chain), Matt Loft (Lola Colt) and Ben Ellis. This new lineup has helped Öhrn create the band’s sleekest and most accessible release so far. The twelve tracks that make up Sacred Dreams could divide almost perfectly into three distinct smaller projects that provide us with an immaculately produced and thoroughly modern take on various forms of psychedelia.

While electronics have always played a part in Öhrn + The Liberation’s music, for the first four tracks of their new LP they take centre stage, shifting the band away from their more guitar orientated earlier material. Propelled by an overdriven bassline, Krautrock-infused opening track and lead single "Feel The Sun" is an impressive and intense start to the record that sets a driving pace the band maintain across the next several songs like the cold arpeggiator based "Desire" and the '80s synth-pop influenced "I Can Feel It" - a cut that demonstrates what could be Öhrn’s catchiest and most pop-oriented songwriting to date...

Read the rest here: LotBF


Get into This reveals details of Gnoomes show

They say:

Russian spacerockers Gnoomes play Liverpool on Friday June 7, Getintothis’ Yuri Gagarin on the blockbuster confirmed billing.

Gnoomes‘ return trip to Liverpool on Friday June 7 has been bolstered by a stellar supporting bill.

The Russian band, signed to Rocket Recordings, will release their much anticipated third album MU! on May 31 before playing at Jacaranda Records Phase One in Liverpool.

The band unveiled lead single Sword In The Stone (listen below) and will return to Liverpool following their Buyers Club Deep Cuts date in March 2018.

Three suitably refined bands will provide strong support on the night in the shape of Charity Shop Pop, Samurai Kip and the already announced RongoRongo..

Read more here: GIT


Lay Llamas announce shows

Great news that Lay Llamas are going back on the road.
After a successful first show on Saturday, the band are hitting these stages soon:

18 May / Padova (Italy), Nadir (event and details TBA very soon)

31 May / Milano (Italy), ZUMA Fest - Zumafest

10 August / Geel (Belgium), Yellowstock Festival - Yellowstock

+ more gigs are still TBA

If you would like to put them on, get in touch via their Facebook page: FB


21 Apr 2019

Neolyd reviews Centrum

They say:

The truth is out there. True happiness comes from within. These are exactly the thoughts that Centrum wants to stimulate: "The listener should be given the opportunity to relax and be taken on a journey." In order to dispel all misunderstandings, the band delivers the audio guide for their music in the album title. Accordingly, "För Meditation" also consists of four long, schwurbeligen concentration exercises that are diametrically opposed to the hectic pulsating everyday life.

As if to say goodbye, before the first piece starts we get another selection of stressors delivered free to the door: street noise, car noise, driving people away. "Vid Floden" then settles slowly like a soothing balm on the scenario, swells barely noticeable. The Swedes are drifting in a river of drone, psychedelia and matra-like vocals and, despite their distinct oriental orientation, are always one-footed in the legacy of bands like Velvet Underground or Popol Vuh. It takes five minutes for "För Meditation" to unfold completely. Then, however, any civilizational disturbance is banished from consciousness.

See the piece here: Neolyd