22 May 2019

Teeth of the Sea Interview on Reprezent Radio

This week Teeth of the Sea's Sam Barton was Interviewed by Ailbhe Máiréad on Reprezent Radio about the bands up & coming Apollo Film score show at the Science Museum on June 21st.

More Info: Science Museum

Listen back via Soundcloud: Reprezent Radio


MOWNO review DJINN Album

MOWNO review DJINN Album:

Akin to a supergroup composed of Swedes Hills and Goat members, Djinn departs sensibly and deliberately from the psychedelic lands dear to them. Drawing inspiration from folklore and mythology (the djins are these famous supernatural and polymorphic creatures from the legends of the Middle East), this self-titled album is mostly experimenting with free jazz.

Unique title unveiled a few months ago, The Garden of the Dead yet carried us to musical landscapes shrouded in mysticism, immersing us in atmospheres that seemed guided by the spirit of Alice Coltrane. Rather bewitching so ... 

 The rest of the disc, discovered more recently, takes us to far darker places. Not sure that the first piece Jazz Financed rallies a wide audience. Like Algabbanem, this is the free jazz side, in its most dissonant expression, that Djinn will draw, recalling Albert Ayler or the last years of life of John Coltrane. And if the spirits seem to calm down briefly with the meditative interlude Fiskehamn Blues and the almost groovy sax of My Bankaccount, darkness and impros free (Rertrand Bussels) come to populate the end of this first album. 

There is no doubt that Djinn's music will shake Goat's psychedelic fans. A rough album, more obscure than clear, likely to interest fans of dissonant free jazz, but that will not revolutionize the genre.

See the review here: MOWNO


DJINN​ Play Le Guess Who? Festival 2019

DJINN​ Play Le Guess Who? Festival 2019:

We are delighted to share that Rocket band DJINN (Goat/Hills) will be joining Utrecht’s foremost avant-garde music festival Le Guess Who?​ and what promises to have some amazing performances by the likes of Rocket favourite Petbrick and more, with a full line up of stellar music.

Le Guess Who? 2019 will take place from November 7 to November 10 at various venues across Utrecht.

Reduced festival passes (€123) are available from now until May 2, after which they will increase to their final price (€148). Day tickets will be released at a later date.

For more information: Le Guess Who?


21 May 2019

Show Running Times for Raw Power 2019

Raw Power Festival is this weekend and Rocket's own GNOD are headlining on the Sunday. If you were there at our 20th Birthday celebration you know how GNOD can close a festival.

Weekend, day & evening tickets are all still available.

Also playing are Part Chimp, The Ex, JK Flesh, Big Brave, My Disco, Nani-Guru (Acid Mothers Temple) and a ton more.

Weekend Tickets: Baba Yaga  

Sunday Tickets: Baba Yaga


Soundblab review DJINN

DJINN are a collective of musicians drawn from the Hills/Goat staple. That would give you little indication for what’s in store on the self-titled album. The only common denominator would be the conjuring of supernatural forces, and an esoteric view of musical history. DJINN are essentially an experimental jazz outfit drawing upon African American jazz outliers such as Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders and Ornette Coleman for inspiration. In fact, listening to DJINN made me think of Alice and John Coltrane head to head in 1968.

DJINN present a case for free jazz as something an independent music fan, without a penchant for jazz, might in fact embrace. It really isn’t just free jazz. It’s also global music. It’s also post-classical. It’s also progressive folk. The music ranges from ambience, through bebop, transcendental music, and all-out untrammeled noise. It’s little wonder that the track ‘Rertland Bussels’ is an anagram of Bertland Russells. Russells was a British philosopher who espoused freedom of thought and unconventional ideas. So, this track, as with the other tracks, has the spirit of rebellion - sitars, strangely disembodied choirs, a steadying flute line, strings and a narrator (probably Russell). This track is less about atonality and more about unravelling disparate sounds. Unlike ‘Jazz Financed’ for instance. That piece starts with an echo of dissonance, and delivers on it, with a tempest of disagreeable noise. The mid-section is an unusual excursion that threatens to break into the sort of carnival atmosphere evident on Louis Armstrong’s Live in Chicago recording. It’s challenging stuff but I’ll go into bat for it because it breaks the mould in an interesting and listenable way.

Read the full review: Soundblab


20 May 2019

Cardiff Noise & Psych Fest Show Running Times

Here are the show running times for 'Cardiff Noise & Psych Fest' that Teeth of the Sea will be playing at this years event on 24/25 May.

They are joining a bill that contains Sly and the Family Drone, Stereocilia, Bruxa Maria, Ill, Obey Cobra etc

More info here: The Moon


Teeth of the Sea & Gum Takes Tooth play Deeper Cuts Festival Liverpool

Teeth of the Sea & Gum Takes Tooth play Deeper Cuts Festival Liverpool.

Deeper Cuts Festival will take place across three of the city's best music venues; Phase One, Kazimier Garden and Stockroom.

The one-day festival will launch on Saturday, July 13, with the aim of blending ‘ground-breaking European musicianship and thrilling Merseyside emerging talent’.

The lineup sees artists from around the world including the amazing Housewives, all take to stages througho
ut Liverpool's much-loved Seel Street from 3pm to 3am. 

Tickets: Deeper Cuts Festival