15 Jan 2019

Bonnacons of Doom play Kozfest

Bonnacons of Doom are playing this years Kozfest in North Devon

Info/tickets here: Kozfest


Poster for Gum Takes Tooth show at new Sheffield space 'HATCH'

Info/Tickets here: Hatch


Bad Luck interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

They say:

To put my cards on the table, when I first saw the name Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs I was truly horrified. I’ve never felt comfortable with the animal, following a horrendous incident as an infant in which I was trampled half to death after climbing into a pig pen. The pigs in question were a feature on a nearby neighbour’s farm, which I drunkenly discovered after toddling away from my parent’s homestead. Thinking the animals to be a fun and friendly group, I scaled the side of the pen and went in for a hug. The hogs, taking this as a sign of aggression, immediately fomented themselves into a furious frenzy, quickly overpowering and knocking me down into the mud. Being such a formative age, the memory exists as more of a blurry vignette than a distinctive scene. I remember the squealing snouts as I writhed in the hideous quagmire of swill. I remember blood, panic, terror. I was lucky to escape with my life. Interestingly, my companion Deirdre attributes my love of pork products to this encounter, seeing the appetite as a subconscious form of revenge. 

Thusly, upon discovering Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs on the Rocket roster, my initial reaction was one of shock and revulsion. My mind quickly flashed back to that one Monmouthshire morning and the terrible thundering of trotters. Taking it upon myself to conquer this initial prejudice though, I gave the album a spin. King of Cowards, as it turned out, was one of the absolute best records I had heard in years...

Read the full interview here: Bad Luck


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs double headliner with Part Chimp in Sheffield ***SOLD OUT***

Another up-and-coming Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs show sells out!

This time their double header with Part Chimp on 3rd Feb in Sheffield.

More info here: Circle Sounds


14 Jan 2019

Rockambula puts Lay Llamas and Mamuthones in their Top 50 Italian albums of the year

Nice to see the two albums we released by Italian bands getting recognition on their home turf:

11.  The Lay Llamas - Thuban 
[15.06.18 | Rocket Recordings | psych, ethno, noise]

31.  Mamuthones -Fear On The Corner 
[23.02.18 | Rocket Recordings | psych, funk, post punk]

See the full list here: Rockambula


12 Jan 2019

Blank Slate reviews Teeth of the Sea's 'WRAITH'

They say:

Teeth of the Sea | Wraith
A new Teeth of the Sea album is a tantalising prospect under normal circumstances. This time around they’re pushing their creativity and refusing to be stuck in any pigeonholes with new album ‘Wraith’. Wraith is the follow up to 2015’s Highly Deadly Black Tarantula album, which in itself is a high benchmark, I was curious to find out if they could match that masterpiece or if they’d branch out on a tangent.

Wraith finds Teeth of the Sea exploring brass instrumentation, as briefly flirted with on their previous recordings. This time as a core part of the sound and the compositions are quite remarkable. The muted trumpet on lead track Hiraeth sounds both sleazy and gorgeous, reminiscent of early Tom Waits records. As a result, they manage to sound like a filthy 65daysofstatic. The brass accompanies and often leads the songs, it’s brilliantly done.

Visitor is a densely layered song, building over 8 minutes and sounds reminiscent of their previous record. Track 8 the delightfully titled; ‘Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World’ has this lovely John Carpenter-esque keyboard motif which loops soothingly to a climax and is for me an album highlight. Gladiators Ready, which brings the album to a close is an unexpected oddball Josh Wink party piece. Just when you’re expecting a quiet winddown to the record they hit you with a sucker punch!

Nine songs in 47 minutes. It’s an album of restless talent and creativity. It expands their sound and complements their back catalogue. A delightful album with electronic and industrial aspects it conjures visions of a colossal soundscape, feeling like a soundtrack to an imaginary dystopian movie. Wraith proves a great step forward for the talented trio. It may prove a step too far for some fans of their earlier work, but that’s their loss...

Read the full review here: Blank Slate


Poster for Gum Takes Tooth show in Manchester

Info and tickets here: The Beauty Witch