13 Oct 2021

NEOLYD reviews Smote's 'Drommon'

It reads:

For Smote from Newcastle, “Drommon” is the first release on Rocket Recordings. Here they extend their enigmatic and feverish journey into unfathomable depths, which began with their limited work "Bodkin". “Drommon” is surrounded by a psych and doom-laden atmosphere with a mid-eastern touch that you can get lost in if you submit to it - because that's the only way to rediscover yourself.

Summoned from the lightless corners of the subconscious, the four songs of this work wind their way out of a nebulous and dark rambling with a playing time of around 40 minutes in order to embark on a mystical journey. Ceremonial, repetitive and trance-inducing sounds of dreary origin, wrapped in a cloak of dim dignity; this is how Smote take up their office and deliver messages of exile, loneliness and enlightenment set to music. "Drommon" is the trip over the Styx, the oppressive séance in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and a brief look through the third eye.

See the review here:  NEOLYD


12 Oct 2021

Listen to massive new GNOD single 'Regimental' – taken from forthcoming album 'La Mort Du Sens'

GNOD have just revealed the video for 'Regimental' the second track to be taken from the forthcoming album 'La Mort Du Sans' which is released on 5 November.

You can watch the John O'Carroll made video, plus read an interview with the band exclusively via the great Cvlt Nation website:

Cvlt Nation

'La Mort Du Sens' is available to preorder now on LP and CD – all ltd LPs come with a diecut sleeve.

The Rocket vinyl version has sold out but here is a special numbered Dinked version that has a different diecut sleeve, Clear with Red/Blue splatter vinyl and poster featuring exclusive art by Helen McDonnell:

Dinked Edition

Also available to preorder via your fave record shops is a ltd Blue vinyl version.

If one overarching feeling has dominated the last two years on this orbiting rock, it’s uncertainty. A sense of an old order in ruins, and nothing lined up to replace it. With societal strife, psychic warfare and sheer boredom assaulting us from all fronts in this still-fresh decade, co-ordinates have been hard to place forging a path forward. Therefore, who better to turn to as a soundtrack for this tumultuous new era than GNOD - longtime chroniclers of discord.

Masters of an approach which manages to be both unmistakable and unpredictable. GNOD are now well established as prophets of the dispossessed. ‘La Mort Du Sens’ is no less than another relentlessly invigorating stop-off on their wild ride to who knows where.

GNOD are hitting the UK with these confirmed live dates:

Oct 29-31 / Salford / Fat Out Fest
Nov 11 / Preston / The Ferret
Nov 12 / London / Studio 9294
Nov 13 / Margate / Elsewhere
Nov 14 / Brighton / The Hope and Ruin
Nov 15 / Bristol / The Lanes
Nov 16 / Cardiff / The Moon
Nov 17 / Leicester / The Soundhouse
Nov 18 / Leeds / Mabgate Bleach
Nov 19 / Glasgow / Nice & Sleazy
Nov 20 / Newcastle / Brave Exhibitions Festival
April 29 (2022) / London / Desert Festival


Smote to support The Oh Sees

Smote have revealed another live show, this time supporting The Oh Sees (currently called Osees) 

Tickets can be bought from here: The Cluny

The bands November shows re:

Nov 9 / Newcastle / Boiler Shop (w/ The Oh Sees)
Nov 19-21 / Newcastle / Brave Exhibitions Festival
Nov 27 / Manchester / The Talleyrand

Preorder the delayed vinyl of the bands album Drommon from here: Bandcamp


11 Oct 2021

Terrascope reviews Nova Express's 'Twenty One' album

The say:

When Torbjörn Abelli of Sweden’s renowned Träd Gräs Och Stenar said of Nova Express’ One album on its release in 2001 that "This album will mature and be perfect 20 years from now" he was bang on the money. As long term forecasting goes this has to rank as the gold standard. A shame he never got to see it bear such fruit.  Forward twenty years later and the original double album has received a re-master, a re-sequence and has been trimmed down to a single disc. And it’s all thanks to Rocket Recordings and their frighteningly impressive and efficient Swedish underground network.

What is it with Rocket and Swedes? No, that’s not an on-trend recipe out of the Guardian Saturday food supplement, by the way.  I mean what is it that Chris Reeder and John O'Carroll have tapped into , a sort of sonic Scandi noir (except the vinyl is so rarely black these days) Twenty One continues a recent trend of breathing fresh life into what would otherwise have continued to be neglected gems - see Terrascope’s Urdog review from March 2021. If anything, this one is even more special. In fact it’s a truly remarkable reminder of the days when the ears were fresher and the mind still malleable and receptive. Verily, we have returned to the sunlit uplands of yesteryear.

If you can imagine organic, psychedelic riffing on a basic theme of Moondog’s ‘Bird’s Lament’ then you are already some way towards appreciating Twenty One. It seems a strange thing to admit, coming from a rudimentary guitarist very much attached to his strings, but there is a refreshing lack of reliance on guitars throughout. It serves to free the sound and allows for greater exploration on the part of the listener and, one might daresay, the musicians. Lars Ydgren’s clarinet may be an unlikely lead instrument in the rock canon but, together with his sax and flute and with, Henrik Khilberg’s keys, can lay claim to being the defining sound of Nova Express. Acker Bilk it ain’t. The clarinet provides a warmth and mellowness that lends the album this a laid back and almost pastoral feel...

Read the rest here: Terrascope


Weirdo Shrine reviews Smote's Drommon

They say:

Take a look at the carvings on the totem that eyes you in the face on the new Smote album Drommon. What is a drommon you say? Well, can’t you see it when it hits you in the face like a smote?! Now take a look at this totem overhere and realize that this is a drommon; it is a piece of ritualistic, savage, unrestrained art, and Smote have just created a perfect soundtrack for it.

The album consists of four pieces: the lengthy droners Drommon parts 1 and 2, and two shorter songs Hauberk and Poleyn squeezed in the middle. It is probably best to just take your daily dose of Drommon as a whole though, because it works best as a forty minute meditative mindfulness journey.

All along the trip the mind wanders through distant lands, sweaty jungle swamps, and dark rituals around blazing camp fires, but never through Newcastle or Northern England. And yet that’s where these master cinematic repetitioners stem from. It is a testament to their ever expanding imagination that their take on instrumental music offers such wild and exotic images nevertheless. Makes you in part want to be witness to a live ritual, and in another part to stay far away from it to keep on visualizing these sounds in your own mind. Like reading a good book and being harrowed by the idea of distortion in the movie version.

So onwards reader, don’t let my mental images taint yours while listening to Smote’s excellent instrumental mind movie. Go forth and create one of your own.

See the review here: Weirdo Shrine


7 Oct 2021

Rocket bands on tour in November and December

November and December are busy times for several of our Rocket bands, GNOD, J. ZUNZ, PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS, SEX SWING, TEETH OF THE SEA, THE UTOPIA STRONG are all heading out on tour, dates are below.

But as well as those tours we have GOAT, PETBRICK and SMOTE also playing one-off dates:

Oct 29-31 / Salford / Fat Out Fest
Nov 11 / Preston / The Ferret
Nov 12 / London / Studio 9294
Nov 13 / Margate / Elsewhere
Nov 14 / Brighton / The Hope and Ruin
Nov 15 / Bristol / The Lanes
Nov 16 / Cardiff / The Moon
Nov 17 / Leicester / The Soundhouse
Nov 18 / Leeds / Mabgate Bleach
Nov 19 / Glasgow / Nice & Sleazy
Nov 20 / Newcastle / Brave Exhibitions Festival
April 29 (2022) / London / Desert Festival

J. Zunz
Nov 24 / UK / Bristol / Rough Trade
Nov 25 / UK / London / Werkhaus
Nov 26 / UK / Birkenhead / Future Yard
Nov 27 / UK / Manchester / The Peer Hat
Nov 28 / UK / Newcastle / The Cluny
Nov 29 / UK / Todmorden / The Golden Lion
Nov 30 / BE / Antwerp / Het Bos
Dec 01 / DE / Bremen / MS Loretta
Dec 02 / DK / Copenaghen / Råhuset
Dec 03 / DK / Odense / Pataget
Dec 05 / DE / Dresden / Club Debil at Alte Feuerwache
Dec 08 / CZ / Prague / Underdogs
Dec 09 / HU / Budapest    Aurora
Dec 10 / AT / Graz / Cafe' Wolf
Dec 11 / SLO / Ljubljana / Gromka
Dec 12 / IT / Padova / Nadir
Dec 13 / IT / Roma / Fanfulla
Dec 14 / IT / Bologna / Venue TBA
Dec 16 / IT / Busto Arsizio / Circolo Gagarin
Dec 17 / IT / Torino / Living Room
Dec 18 / FR / Lyon / Le Sonic
Dec 19 / DE / Mannheim / Der Mannheim Kult 

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 
Oct 23 / Stowmarket / John Peel Centre
Nov 12 / Norwich / The Waterfront
Nov 13 / Swansea / Sin City
Nov 17 / Belfast  / The Empire Music Hall
Nov 18 / Limerick / Dolans
Nov 19 / Cork / Kino
Nov 20 / Dublin / Whelan's
Nov 23 / Manchester  / Albert Hall
Nov 24 / Bristol / Motion
Nov 25 / Birmingham / The Mill
Nov 27 / Brighton / Concorde 2 – SOLD OUT
Nov 29 / Southampton / Engine Rooms
Nov 30 / London  / Electric Ballroom – SOLD OUT
Dec 1 / London / Electric Ballroom
Dec 2 / Leeds  / Stylus
Dec 8 / Nottingham  / Rock City
Dec 9 / Edinburgh / Summerhall
Dec 10 / Glasgow  / St Luke's
Dec 11 / Aberdeen / The Lemon Tree
Dec 17 / Newcastle Upon-Tyne / The Cluny – SOLD OUT
Dec 18 / Newcastle Upon-Tyne / The Cluny – SOLD OUT
Dec 19 / Newcastle Upon-Tyne / The Cluny

Sex Swing 
Dec 01 / Leicester / The Soundhouse
Dec 02 / Manchester / Yes
Dec 03 / Bristol / Crofters Rights
Dec 04 / Cardiff / Clwb Ifor Bach (w/ Part Chimp)
Dec 5 / London / Moth Club

Teeth Of The Sea
Nov 13 / Manchester / The Carlton Club 
Nov 14 / York / The Crescent
Nov 15 / Barrow In Furness / Barrow Underground Music Society
Nov 16 / Newcastle / The Cluny 
Nov 17 / Glasgow / Broadcast 
Nov 18 / Bristol / Strange Brew 
Nov 19 / Cambridge / Mash 
Nov 20 / London / Lexington (MATINEE AND EVENING SHOW) 
Nov 25 / DE  / Copenhagen / Lopen (w/ Hey Colossus)
Nov 26 / NO  / Oslo / Bla (w/ Hey Colossus)
Nov 27 / DE  / Aalborg / 1000FRYD (w/ Hey Colossus)

The Utopia Strong 
Nov 13 / Manchester / The Carlton Club 
Nov 14 / York / The Crescent
Nov 15 / Barrow In Furness / Barrow Underground Music Society
Nov 16 / Newcastle / The Cluny 
Nov 17 / Glasgow / Broadcast 
Nov 18 / Bristol / Strange Brew 
Nov 19 / Cambridge Mash 
Nov 20 / London / Lexington (MATINEE AND EVENING SHOW)


Oct 23 / SE / Malmo / Plan B

Nov 19-21 / Newcastle / Brave Exhibitions Festival
Dec 15 / London / Electrowerkz

Nov 19-21 / Newcastle / Brave Exhibitions Festival
Nov 27 / Manchester / The Talleyrand


6 Oct 2021

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs announce further support acts on up-and-coming tour

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have announced further support acts for their
 up-and-coming 'Viscerals' tour!'

Tickets available from here: Tickets


Petbrick announce London show

After a massive performance at this years Raw Power, Petbrick have announced a London show at Electrowerkz on 15 December with Kulk in support.

Tickets: Dice

And buy Petbrick's face melting debut album here: Bandcamp


5 Oct 2021

Kuro announce London show with Sons of Viljems

Kuro have announced a rare London show on 20 January at Camden Assembly (Former Barfly), playing with Italian/London band Sons of Viljems.

Events page



The Sleeping Shamen review's GOAT's Headsoup

They say:

Somehow it feels like a different world back in 2012 when Goat’s debut World Music was released in all its syncretic technicolour glory. Tapping into some of the hokey semi-ironic occultism that seems to surface with each wave of retro-revivalism, they threw in a slightly provocative blend of exoticism, drawing on influences from other musical cultures. Whether they were prepared for this to also be a relatively big commercial success is something we’re unlikely to find out from the purposefully mysterious group, who maintain anonymity in an effort to preserve the mythos.

Regardless of intent it wasn’t long before Goat were extremely high profile for what may have started as the side project of obscure Swedish psych-rock musicians. And with that has come some uneasy criticisms of what may be seen as cultural appropriation in their work. The band seem largely to have ridden this out however, and while I would like to hear more from them about their influences so that those with curious ears might dig deeper into the West African traditions, Ethio-jazz and afrobeat they tap into, I broadly feel that their intention is no more than making a good noise that pleases them...

Read the rest of the review here: The Sleeping Shamen


4 Oct 2021

Sleeping Shamen review's Smote's Drommon LP

They say:

Coming to us on Rocket Recordings with a certain amount of mystery, this is a re-release of the original Parts 1 and 2 of Drommon, bookending two newer and shorter pieces of similarly murky and crepuscular droning psych. Driven by an insatiable need to know, and empowered by the endless memory-palace of the internet, I had a rummage about for a meaning in the song titles, and while it appears the two central tracks are items of medieval armour, the eponymous bookstops are not quite a kind of medieval ship. Make of that what you will, all is equally valued, and significance/insignificance is probably not a useful category.

Smote sets the scene with some field-recording type birdsong and drone, several minutes pass in this pleasant glade. We’re not permitted to rest here indefinitely however, with a percussion building force that almost becomes an air of menace. Rich, jangling layers build on the rhythmic core of this percussion and bass. Repetition offers a steady onward drift and unfolding, the prospect of a sudden break into coruscating riffing in the vein of defunct Boston pummelers 5ive CRP remains a tease, as Smote delivers head-down psych conjuring, where the spiral turns ever inward, even as the noise reaches outward...

Read the rest here:  Sleeping Shamen


Shit and Shine announce London show

Shit and Shine have announced a new show at Cafe Oto on 23 February.

Tickets can be bought from here: Dice


1 Oct 2021

Rocket acts on 'Wrongpop/Running Punks for Single Homeless Project' charity album released today

As it is bandcamp Friday, dip into your pockets and pick-up this digital charity album  'Wrongpop/Running Punks for Single Homeless Project' that features lot's of incredible bands including Rocket acts: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Kooba Tercu,Julie's Haircut, and  Gum Takes Tooth featuring Wayne Adams.

Buy the album here: Bandcamp


Smote's 'Drommon' is released today

"A mountainous storm of guitar like a deluge from the heavens."
Radar Sings the Blues

"A mystically-aligned voyage into abandon and epiphany." Psychedelic Baby Mag

"Wow this album is quite a trip…" Fragmented Flaneur

"A deliriously absorbing psych odyssey with an immense totemic potency."
Backseat Mafia

"Vigorous, mesmeric and trancelike, it pummels remorselessly." Terrascope 


Newcastle band Smote's album 'Drommon' is released today!!

Though frustratingly due to the vinyl manufacturing chaos we find ourselves in at the moment, the ltd edition LP has been delayed and won't be in the shops now until late October early November. 

You can still preorder a copy from your local record shop or via Bandcamp here:


The band have announced the first live dates, starting at the incredible Brave Exhibitions Festival in Newcastle:

Nov 19-21 / Newcastle / Brave Exhibitions Festival
Nov 27 / Manchester / The Talleyrand


Summoned from the murkier reaches of the subconscious and summoning a powerful aura of twilight communion, Smote’s ‘Drommon’ is here to intimidate and enchant. The first Rocket release for this enigmatic Newcastle-based entity is no less than a mystically-aligned voyage into abandon and epiphany.

Replete with doom-laden atmospherics and crepuscular intensity, this is an intimidating denouement to return to time and again. Join the ritual, and submit to ‘Drommon’.


Today is October's Bandcamp Friday!

Bandcamp have decided to run their Bandcamp (no fee) Fridays again, from August until December.So as previously, it is a great time to buy some ltd Rocket albums and shirts.

No new releases this month but we do have:

GOAT – Goatman Tshirt
Back by popular demand we have made some more of these classic shirts in women's and men's sizes.

We still have a handful of these presales and recent reissue available:

Nova Express – Nova Express LP

Smote - Drommon LP
Green/black splatter

Teeth of the Sea – WRAITH (Repress) LP
Moss Green and Black

The Utopia Strong – The Utopia Strong (Repress) LP
Radiant Yellow and Black vinyl

Plus we have raided the archives and found some ltd amount of copies of these gems:

The Holy Family – The Holy Family 2LP (+CDs)
Frosted Clear 

GNOD - Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy 2LP
Pink/Black Splatter

GNOD - Chapel Perilous LP
Colour unknown

GNOD - Just Say No LP
Red Vinyl

Hills - Frid LP
Fire Orange Splatter with Poster

Hills - Alive at Roadburn 2LP
Cream & Yellow vinyl

Shit & Shine - Malibu Liquor Store LP
Red/Blue Swirl

Pharaoh Overlord - 6 LP
Blue/Black Splatters

Autotelia - I LP
Black & White

Kooba Tercu - Proto Tekno LP
White/Blue Galaxy Swirl

Goat - Double Date 10"

Goatman – Rhythms LP

Gnoomes - MU LP
Pink/Blue Swirl

Housewives - FF061116 LP

Lay Llamas - Thuban LP
Orange/Black Swirl

Hey Colossus - Radio Static High LP
Red Vinyl

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Horse Dance LP
(Unknown Colours)

+ there are loads of other great albums, shirts and posters to pick up from the Rocket or individual bands Bandcamp stores:

Rocket Bandcamp