26 Oct 2021

Sentire Ascoltare reviews Smote's Drommon

It reads:

For about a year in business through releases mostly self-produced and distributed digitally or in limited edition and hidden behind the pseudonym of Smote , the British multi-instrumentalist Daniel Foggin practices a personal form of instrumental, ritualistic and tribal rock drone. With this Drommon the musician reaches a wider audience supported by the Rocket Recordings brand , for the occasion by re-proposing the title track - until now available in a single version on cassette - divided into two very long and intense jams and which for this occasion are interspersed by Hauberk and Poleyn, two more concise ethno-acoustic digressions. Despite the larger scale of the publication, the sound of this mysterious musician demonstrates how on his part there is no willingness to compromise easily accessible. Its nature as a hallucinatory electric sabbath is only tempered by flashes of folk psychedelia, bucolic and at the same time disturbing. Highly hypnotic and to be taken with extreme caution.

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