26 Oct 2021

God is in the TV review's Nova Express's Twenty One

It reads:

There is a lyric that starts: “It was 20 years ago today”. You probably know it. The song is probably in your head now. Sorry about that. I would like to re-write it, correctly, for you now. I thank you. Ah-hem. “It was 20 years ago today, Henrik Kihlberg taught the band to play. They’ve been going in and out of style, but they’re guaranteed to raise a smile. So may I introduce to you. The act you’ve known for all these years. The Nova Express.” Now, it might not have the same ring to it, but it is now factually correct. Twenty years ago, a Swedish post-prog band called Nova Express released an album. It was, and still is, glorious. It was their debut album and was called One. Sadly, it turned out to be their only album, to date. It disappeared into the annuls of cult, legend and all those other words that mean not a lot of people bought it, but the ones who did were in raptures once they did.

Now, twenty years later, it is being released by the good people at Rocket Recordings. On the surface not as lot has changed. There are no new songs, in fact there are less songs. ‘Nova 7’ and ‘Jens’ have been omitted. Their lack of involvement is disappointing, but it does sound like the remaining songs have been remastered, and re-sequenced, and sounds like something different to the original album. ‘Fredhäll’ now

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