19 Oct 2021

New Underground Music reviews Nova Express's Twenty One

It reads (In Dutch):

The album begins with "Fredhäll", in which Nova Express is a wonderfully calm song with avant garde and light jazz influences, which has a catchy rhythm and is followed by "Wave To Each Other", a lovely piece of music with a medium tempo, a mysterious sounding danceable recurring rhythm and jazz influences.

Then follows "Trees Grass And Stonehenge", an excellent song with a moderate tempo, which has slight psychedelic and spatial influences, has a recurring rhythm and tempo changes and "Nova Express", a fantastic uptempo electronic track, which has a recurring rhythm. contains jazz and krautrock influences and swings like a train.

In "Buses" Nova Express presents me a beautiful quite calm song, which has light jazz influences and contains a catchy rhythm and in "Spektra" I get to hear a great mix of electronic music and free jazz in an average tempo, which is experimental influences and has a recurring rhythm.

"Twenty One" by Nova Express is a delightful record, in which the band combines avant garde, jazz, electronic music and infectious rhythms and I can highly recommend this disc, with the song "Nova Express" as the highlight, to every lover of one or more of these types of music. 4/5

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