30 Jun 2020

Rocket Probes – June 2020 Playlist

Autotelia – Floating Islands of the Gods
(Mighty second track to be revealed of kosmische machine wonderfulness)

Deafkids & Petbrick – Força Bruta
(An incredible collaboration of psych-noise by these two amazing band)

Anthroprophh – Too Old
(Great psyched chugging from Anthroprophh...our 200th release!)

Moon Yammy – Исчезаю (Gnoomes Remix)
(Stunning exploration in repetition by Gnoomes)

Fulu Miziki - Kinshasa's music warriors
(Love this!)
Fulu Miziki

GNOD x BNSU – Stubnitz
(Bring the noise)

Mummise Guns – Flattened Earth
(Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs)
Mummise Guns 

Johnny Clarke and Jah Shaka – Darren Price Revisits The Echo Chamber Dubplate
(We've got an echo chamber and we're gonna use it)
Johnny Clarke and Jah Shaka

Jon Hassell – Fearless
(New Jon Hassell!) 
Jon Hassell

Anguish – Anguish
(Psych-jazz-hip hop sounds)

Roberto Musci - Tower Of Silence
(World ambience)
Roberto Musci

Entombed - Left Hand Path
(Essential death)

Handle - What it does
(Imagine if Housewives and Crack Cloud got stuck in a lift together?)

James Holden, Marcus Hamblett and Mark Holub – BBC Sessions (Live at Maida Vale)
(ProgJazz soundscapes)
James Holden, Marcus Hamblett and Mark Holub

Fra Lippo Lippi - Lost
(Great repetitive post punk...thanks to Optimo)
Fra Lippo Lippi

Alrune Rod – Alrune Rod
(Nice Danish album from 69 – recommended by Centrum)
Alrune Rod

Mkwaju Ensemble - Ki-Motion
(This album is a bit special....another great Mkwaju immersion)
Mkwaju Ensemble

Andy Stott - Versi
(The sound of machines)
Andy Scott

Bob Goodsite - Faze 1 
(Wah rock from '72)
Bob Goodsite

Karl Denver – Zimba
(A Lay Llamas endorsed tune)
Karl Denver

Embryo - A place to go
(Can'esque grooves)

Nigel Rolfe - The Ostrich
(Repetitive folk ambience)
Nigel Rolfe

Bennie Maupin - Esenada
(Cosmic rhythms)
Bennie Maupin

Tara Clerkin Trio – Gold Bar
(Nicely stoned beats and pieces)
Tara Clerkin Trio

UKAEA – Where the tide broke
(The sound of organic machines coming alive then destroying each other...on the awesome Bunkland label)

Biglietto Per L'Inferno – Confessione
(Italian prog...great riff, bit of an early Maiden vibe too)
Biglietto Per L'Inferno

Skatt Bros – Walk The Night 
(Another Teeth of the Sea endorsed disco banger)
Skatt Bros

Mariah – Sokokara
(Krauty pop from 80s Japan...whole album is well worth checking out)

IDLES – Grounds
(Featuring the skronk of Sex Swing's Colin Webster)

Vanrock – Revelation Six
(Tribal acidy groove)

Phil Struck – Sommertage
(Strummed ambience)
Phil Struck

Dope - Feat Julian Cope tape / 12" Maxi Single
(A couple of releases for the 'heads' out there)
Feat Julian Cope
12" maxi Single

Listen to and follow our 'updated monthly Rocket Probes 'Spotify Playlist':


Deafkids and Petbrick reveal new collaboration LP 'DEAFBRICK'

We are extremely delighted to bring you DEAFBRICK, the multiplication sum of Säo Paulo’s sonic warriors Deafkids and London’s pulverising duo Petbrick.

Watch the video for debut single 'Força Bruta' exclusively via The Quietus here:

Watch Video and read interview

The DEAFBRICK LP is Ltd to 1000 copies in total – Rocket exclusively have 500 on Red/Black 'splatter' that can be preordered below – the album is also being released in the Americas on Red/Black 'half-and-half' vinyl by the great Neurot Recordings.

Presale will go live from 9am this Friday (3rd July) to take advantage of Bandcamp's last 'no fee' day:

Preorder LP

Presave Digital


DEAFBRICK first came to light by way of a collaboration at Roadburn Festival, which in itself was the result of the friendship between Deafkids and Petbrick’s Iggor Cavalera (also of Sepultura/Soulwax/Cavalera Conspiracy) who had met the band in Brazil.

The results run the gamut through a litany of uniformly invigorating audial landscape – this is an arena where Deafkids’ appetite for lysergic punk-damaged tumult and Petbrick’s ventures into dystopian synth-driven soundscapes can happily engage in gladiatorial contest.


29 Jun 2020

Crypt Guard reviews Kooba Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

After last year's stellar 'Kharrüb', Kooba Tercu returns with another batch of capricious sonic delinquents. Rambunctious in nature and with an affinity to alarm-like noise, gripping rhythmics and enticing layering, 'Proto Tekno' makes for a gripping listening session. Gnarly synthesizers and sawing basslines prance upon urban percussive vandalism on 'Cemento Mori' whereas 'Filter Feeder' feels like a representation of a 21st-century jam. The collective led by Johnny Tercu constructs experimental transmissions on a platter of African rhythms and humming electronics, sonically reflecting on the shortsighted laissez-faire attitude of homo sapiens. 'Proto Tekno' is the descent into a groove-driven cornucopia of feedback-drenched unctions with an oddly danceable afterglow. Released on May 22nd through Rocket Recordings.

Read the rest here: Crypt Guard


26 Jun 2020

Perteet Fracas reviews Sex Swing's Type II

They say:

Second number of acrobatics with the swing of pleasure to explode in large widths. Four years after a first album which had caused vigorous and brilliant sparks, the English sextet puts back the cover with Type II . Tim Cedar who wanted to focus on Part Chimp has given way to keyboards for Oliver Knowles and the lightning strikes down mercilessly. It even takes on a higher dimension. This is what we should call putting in a double bite or giving oneself the means of one's own vertigo.

The sound has increased (Martin Ruffin on recording and this devil of Wayne Adams on mixing). Proliferation of galvanizing and disturbing tones while taking care of the finishes, abrasive framework on which to ignite, densification of the subject, these six guys are reassembled, harden the tone, charge it with dark contours and want your little ass. Rhythmic hypnotic and obstinate, electronic which swarms, synths which squeak in concert with the baritone guitar of Jodie Cox and the baritone saxo also of Colin Webster in electron free and disruptive to push his playmates in their last entrenchments....

Read the rest here: Perteet Fracas


24 Jun 2020

Get into This say some words about Autotelia's latest single

They say:

Autotelia have announced a new single and video from their new album, Getintothis’ Andy Walker has the details.

Rocket Recordings’ Autotelia, the new project conceived by The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen, have revealed the second track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album I.

The track is called Floating Island Of The Gods and is supported by a video created by John O’Carroll.

‘Autotelia‘ – as originally coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – describes a process by which someone has a purpose in, rather than outside of themselves.

Such was the genesis of this new project – started purely as an exploratory audio voyage with no expectations, no boundaries and no context...

Read the rest here: GIT


GOAT 'Sunburst' Psych Vinyl version of World Music

We have a new vinyl version of GOAT's album 'World Music' available too preorder.

This latest version is pressed on 'Sunburst' Psych Vinyl and also comes in its classic diecut sleeve.

Preorder from: Bandcamp

New 'special edition' represses are in the planning phase for GOAT's other albums 'Commune' and 'Requiem', watch this space for more info.


22 Jun 2020

Kerrang! puts Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals in their 'THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2020 SO FAR' list

They say:

“Like hogs in a swamp, Geordie collective Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are wilfully difficult to get a handle on. Melding the fuzzed-up, stripped-back muscle of heavyweights like Black Sabbath and Motörhead to progressive sludginess, then pouring on a generous helping of the wryly abstract humour of IDLES, this third album is a strange, unruly offering."

See the full list here: Kerrang!


19 Jun 2020

Listen to the TOBINGO playlist– curated by Och

Happy Midsommar!!

Our Swedish friends Och would of been hitting these shores next week for their first UK dates...we hope they will be back over here once venues are open. In the meantime the band have put together a little Spotify playlist together called TOBINGO – a selection of music for you to sit back and enjoy (or jump around the room too).

Listen here: Och playlist


18 Jun 2020

Against the Silence reviews Kooba Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

It seems easy (and usually is) to write something simple about something complicated, as if we are intrigued by the effort to tame the savagery that surrounds a work of art, such as an album. On the contrary, we just get stuck and I have the impression that the musicians, on the other hand, feel the same way when they want to shape what they have in their head. Is this because, after all, the main thing in music is its original enjoyment?

Coming to the third album of the Athenian KT, which is being released on the English Rocket Recordings, what makes sense at once is that we have an enjoyable album. This is because Proto Tekno is a layered and full of hearing. The noise and fuss that occupies the players' plays presses on clear melodic bases, which ensure a satisfying flow from beginning to end. Personally, if I were to choose one side, of the many that are masterfully integrated into the album, it would be the one that gave birth to its simplest compositions, such as the opening song. I think this side dominates in the end and this is what marks their significant progress as a band!

Read the res here: Against the Silence


Autotelia reveal second track from forthcoming debut album

"Parallels the blissful drift of Cluster’s ‘II’, the overheated ampstacks of prime Spacemen 3 or the becalmed modernism of Eno."

"Imagine if Seefeel came from 70s Berlin!"


Autotelia – the new project conceived by The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen have revealed the second track to be taken from their forthcoming  debut album called 'I', which is released on ltd edition LP on 24 July.

The track is called 'Floating Island Of The Gods' and you can watch the retina melting video created by Rocket's very own John O'Carroll exclusively now via Backseat Mafia:

Backseat Mafia

‘I’ by Autotelia is available to preorder on Black/White 'Electric Storm' vinyl that is ltd to 200 copies via the Rocket shop link below. There is also a 'Wired Green' vinyl version ltd to 400 copies that can be preordered from your local record shop:

Bandcamp  Digital

'Autotelia' - as originally coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - describes a process by which someone has a purpose in, rather than outside of themselves. Those who are autotelic depend less on external rewards for their satisfaction, being driven instead simply by purpose or curiosity.

Such was the genesis of this new project – started purely as an exploratory audial voyage with no expectations, no boundaries and no context. Autotelia’s sound - as chronicled on ‘I’, evolved purely of its own volition, as its makers were happy to allow their own chemistry and interplay to take its course. This zen-like simplicity of approach has been more than rewarded, as the impulses and intentions blossomed into meditative extrapolations both sonically rich and spiritually captivating (bewitching).


17 Jun 2020

Sofa-Sonic announced

As you all know Supersonic Festival was sadly cancelled this year, but Lisa and team are putting together a weekend of events you can immerse yourselves in from the comfort of your sofa – all happening on the same weekend...and some of Rocket's bands will be involved!

More information will appear soon Supersonic


Mike Bourne from Teeth of The Sea releases new solo track

He says:

"New track in a late 90s style plus an accompanying video made from filming the pattern on my living room rug."

Buy: Bandcamp


15 Jun 2020

Listen to Gnoomes remix for Moon Yammy

Stunning exploration in repetition by Gnoomes on this remix they have created for the Russian band 'Moon Yammy'.

Gnoomes latest album MU! is available from here: Bandcamp


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs album 'Viscerals' in Get Into This's 'Best albums of 2020 so far' list

They say:

The third album from Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs comes as no real surprise.

Distorted vocals, check. Black Sabbath style guitars, check. Songs about blood, check. Manic drumming, check.

It’s all there in what we have come to expect from a Pigs x 7 release. It doesn’t have quite the mayhem of the band’s first album, Feed The Rats, nor indeed the behemoth that was the 22 minute single track EP that became The Wizard and the Seven Swines.

We first encountered Pigs x 7 at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia in 2017 when they tore the roof off District with their seemingly chaotic, yet in the end, perfectly executed set. Since then we’ve followed their development from a mass of (glorious) noise to a much more polished being.

Whilst we loved the band’s 10 minute plus epic songs, it seems like a natural progression that Viscerals is a more traditional / safe series of 4ish minute numbers.

But that doesn’t make it any less appealing as a prospect. Nor any less worthy of your attention. There are very few bands living in the Pigs space, who embrace the heaviest bands of the seventies and drag them unceremoniously into this shitstorm of the world that is 2020...

Read the rest here: GIT


Sounds from the Dark Side reviews Sex Swing's TypeII

They say:

So you googled for some ”special” bedroom furniture and ended up here, huh. Well, you’re in luck because we were about to discuss something dirty anyway. So stick around. 

Sticky and Sex Swing’s cover art seem to go hand in hand. Their debut record cover art featured a gross looking yellow-pink blob with a razorblade (?) in it and got people guessing about its origins. On the cover Type II, their sophomore full album, things don’t get any less gory. Just have a good look at it and ask yourself if you would touch this blue-grey vomit. Of course SftDS asked around for opinions and there was this one dude on our Instagram who thought it was molten liquorice that was ready for consumption. Maybe he’s right, but thinking about eating something like this!? No, let’s not go there. There are some very disturbed people out there. Anyway, let’s talk shop.    

Sex Swing is what you call a supergroup. A supergroup from the British underground, that is. Jason Stoll (bass), Colin Webster (sax), Oliver Knowles (keys), Stu Bell (drums), Jodie Cox (guitar) and Dan Chandler (vocals) all are active members in other obscure outfits and in some cases also are involved in other interesting side activities. Stoll and Webster for example also manage their own labels whilst Cox plays with Seattle drone metal lords Earth every now and then. He even played on parts of Earth’s triumphant Primitive and Deadly in 2014...

Read the rest here: Sounds from the Dark Side


12 Jun 2020

Buzzy Band reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals

They say:

The Newcastle quintet Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs latest offering can be summarized in one word. Viscerals is exactly as the title suggests. Eight tracks of high-calibre metal leads that to the deepest caverns of hell. The band wears its influences in its sleeve, with plenty of comparisons to Black Sabbath and Motorhead along with the epic prog metal shades of King Crimson. Where other metal bands have a predilection towards darkness and the color black, Pigsx7 is soaked in blood red. Violence, rage and hatred all bubble up in its eight tracks. 

Adam Iam Sykes and Sam Grant’s guitars are drenched in filthy dissonance, Christopher Morley’s drums are seemingly attacked by maces and clubs while John-Michael Hedley’s bass is coated with a sludge of concrete and gasoline. Mat Batty wraps it up with vocals that are howled to full lung capacity, tinged with the reverb of a bloody torture chamber...

Rea the rest here: Buzzy Band


Clash put Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals in their 18 Slept-On Albums From 2020 list

They say:

Many people favour Classical as their background concentrating music for its soothing cadence and lyric-less freedom. But hear me out: for blocking out the rest of the world and getting on with your work, the psych-doom of Pigsx7's newest record is just as good.

Hammering guitars and percussion are all-consuming without being confrontational and lyrics are so muffled and obscure as to be non-distracting, but tune in for a sec and you'll realise: Viscerals is also a fucking brilliant record. (Jess Atkinson)

See their list here: Clash


11 Jun 2020

Rubbernecker by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in BBC6 Music 'Tracks of the Year' so far

Amazing to see Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs single Rubbernecker in BBC6 Music 'Tracks of the Year' so far.

Listen to a playlist of their fave tracks of the year here: BBC 6 Music


10 Jun 2020

Get into This say some words about Anthroprophh's Toilet Circuit EP

They say:

Anthroprophh are taking us on a trip around the Toilet Circuit for Rocket Recordings’ 200th release, Getintothis’ Matthew Eland reports.

Rocket Recordings are set to release a three-track, 7” EP by Bristol three-piece Anthroprophh.

The Toilet Circuit EP will be available on August 28, 2020.

It’s the group’s first release since their 2018 double-album, and it picks up right where Omegaville left off.

Too Old – the first taste of their new record – is an effects-heavy slice of maximalism that sees Hawkwind-style Krautrock square up to Mudhoney-esque punk riffs in the piss-soaked urinals of a condemned working men’s club…in space.

Once again, it’s Allen’s guitar playing that elevates the track to new levels of sonic iconoclastics.

Citing influences such as Michael Karoli, King Crimson‘s Robert Fripp, and Giles Buchan of Human Beast, and drenching it all in echo, reverb, and sounds for which pedals haven’t even been invented, Allen‘s six-string cacophonies continue to propel Anthroprophh into new dimensions.

It’s also Rocket Recordings’ 200th release.

Read the rest here: GIT


9 Jun 2020

Sex Swing's Type II reviewed in The Quietus's 'Columnfortably Numb' piece

JR Moores says:

Sex Swing have a dirty name. Their record sleeves, meanwhile, feature images of manky-looking blubbery things which are probably dead and no doubt give off a horrendous stench. It's all one big hoax, though, because their music is actually a soothing cross between the more uplifting end of Little Mix and the timeless yacht-rock anthems of Robbie Dupree.

Only joking. Who are we kidding? Sex Swing make the type of filthy fookin' racket that makes you want to take a wash afterwards. The water will dribble out of your mouldy showerhead, combining with the tears trickling from your bloodshot eyes, resulting in a veritable cocktail of shame. On album number two there's a palpable post punk vibe which brings to mind acts like Public Image Ltd, The Pop Group and The Birthday Party. Sex Swing's cacophony is often heavier and denser than that vintage bunch of scruffy experimentalists, mind. It's almost as if someone's rattled through the best chapters from Simon Reynolds' Rip It Up And Start Again, drank too much cider on a merry-go-round, gone to prison for pushing Lewis Capaldi down a steel stairwell, spent much of the incarceration listening to The Mirror by GNOD, had a breakdown, self-tattooed an upside-down crucifix on their bicep, emerged the other side with white hairs in their beard that now houses an extended family of lice, and decided to record an album documenting their mood. OUCH!

See the full piece here: The Quietus


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals in BBC's 20 essential albums from 2020 so far

They say:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – 'Viscerals'
Good luck finding a more timely, rude awakening than the one-two punch of ‘Viscerals’’ opening tracks, ‘Reducer’ and ‘Rubbernecker’. Both songs act as nitro-fuelled, relentless distillations of what exactly makes Pigs x 7 stand out in a crowd, firmly explaining why long-term admirers of the culturally-adored Newcastle band haven’t been telling porkies.

Matt Baty and co. continue to trade in the psych-fuelled juggernauts that first took aim on 2018’s ‘King of Cowards’, but ‘Viscerals’ is a more chiselled, short-back-and-sides beast. Well, to an extent: You could still run a mile or two in the time it takes the nine-minute monster ‘Halloween Bolson’ to dish out its final blast of brash guitars, but there’s a tautness and refined edge here that spells progression in capital letters.

See the full list here: BBC


The Progressive Aspect reviews Kooba Tercu

They say:

Kooba Tercu’s latest album, Proto Tekno, barely needs a review. You either like cacophonous chaos like this, or you don’t. But if you do, then you’ll love Proto Tekno. It’s like a militant march of zombified Zeuhl Zoophytes callously cracking open a Can of caustic Krautrock jam, joyfully spilling it onto a canvas of noise rock. You could make comparisons to labelmates Teeth of the Sea and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, but the squall of Kooba Tercu remains fiercely unique. I’ll admit that I’d never heard of the band before this album came up for review, and I was sold on the cover art alone. Ok, you should never judge a book by its cover, but in this case the cover art for Proto Tekno perfectly projects the music within – a writhing, riotous, razing that’s simultaneously and paradoxically bright and beautiful. It’s an incredibly evocative cover, and the music follows suit.

Although an outfit living in a number of different countries, Kooba Tercu feels like its Greek origins pervade the music more than any other. When one thinks of Greece, it’s hard not to think of its rich history, famous ruins and archaeological sites. Ruins often conjure imagery of neglect, but in context with Greece, they take on grandeur instead. Something ruinous can be radiant, rather than repugnant. Kooba Tercu’s music has an aura of a world in ruin, but it’s a strangely delightful dystopia...

Read the rest here: The Progressive Aspect


Metal Inside(r) interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

They say:

Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs’ Johnny – “It’s bloody rough, but we will get through it!”

Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine is Metal Insider’s new column during this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked artists five questions on what’s been keeping them busy ranging from their favorite movies, food they’ve been eating, music they’ve been listening to and more. We caught up with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs bassist John-Michael “Johnny” Hedley as he’s been spending this time following a quarantine list of things to do while living in quarantine. 

What have you been doing to pass time during Quarantine?
Me and my lovely partner Emma started off the lockdown with a list of things to do, which included the likes of “Make up a Dance Routine,” “Finish Jigsaw Puzzle,” “Chop up Onions and peppers for the freezer,” “Watch Wife Swap USA,” “Try to avoid a news overload” and “Eat as many chicken flavored crisps as possible”…. “Cows”(?) etc… Alongside working through this really important list, I’ve also been playing a lot of PS4 – GTA 5, FIFA 20 and Uncharted 4 mainly, plus I’ve been teaming up online with Adam (Pigsx7 Guitar) and loads of other friends to play a lot of Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite. If anyone wants to join us for some online shoot-ups, drop us a line! Also, if you want to play Swine FC on Fifa Ultimate Team, give me a shout! I’ve been focussing a lot of attention on building a team of Newcastle legends…

Read the rest here: Metal Inside(r)


5 Jun 2020

New Sam barton solo tracks

Sam barton from Teeth of The Sea has been spending his lockdown time wisely and has created some more great solo tracks...tuck in here:

Sam Barton


Raw Power Festival announced 2021 date

Raw Power Festival returns in 2021 with a new August date where you will be treated to lethal doses of Teeth of the Sea and Petbrick...

More info here: Raw Power Festival


Celebrating Bandcamp 'No-Rev-Share Day' for June

As you know Bandcamp have decided to waive their fee for one day again today – here are a few things we wanted to mention that may tickle your fancy.

You can buy all from here: 

Music   Merch

Anthroprophh – Toilet Circuit 7" EP
Our 200th release, only 200 copies available for preorder.

GNOD – Trepanation T-Shirt
This will only be available today only.
What is ordered is what will be made, that is it!

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  – All digital albums
All digital back catalogue is ‘Pay What you want’ (for a week) on bandcamp and all money will be donated to Campaign Zero who are fighting to end Police Brutality in the US.

Autotelia – I LP
Ltd edition 'Electric Storm' vinyl preorder.

Sex Swing – Type II LP
Ltd edition version on Beige/Grey Swirl vinyl and heavy board, high gloss sleeve.

Kooba Tercu – 'Proto Teckno' LP
Ltd edition version on Frosted White vinyl.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  – Viscerals
Ltd Blood & Guts edition.

GNOD 'Just Say No...' shirt
Due to very popular demand we have made some more of these classic GNOD shirts – though the first time we have done a striking black and white version.

GOAT – 'Goatman' shirt
The classic GOAT shirt is back on black and grey.
These always sell out quickly!

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  – King of Cowards LP & T-Shirt 
Ltd red vinyl  – the last of the seven sins ltd vinyl series.
Last few shirts left.

Plus we have many other ltd LPs, CDs, shirts and posters all looking for good homes!!

Thanks for your support
Chris/Johnny + the extended Rocket family



4 Jun 2020

Rocket reveals it's 200th release – a ltd edition 7" EP by Anthroprophh

In 1998 Rocket Recordings launched with a debut split 7” between Bristol bands The Heads and Lillydamwhite. So it is fitting that the labels 200th release is a 7” EP by the band Anthroprophh – the Bristol three piece that features Paul Allen from The Heads and Gareth Turner the former bass player from Lillydamwhite.

Watch video for the track 'Too Old' – the first track to be revealed from the 'Toilet Circuit EP', exclusively via The Quietus here:

The Quietus

We have 200 copies of 'Toilet Circuit EP' available to preorder from the Rocket shop link below from 9am this Friday (5th June) – to coincide with Bandcamps 'No Fee' day. All copies are on pink vinyl and contain two inserts:

Rocket Bandcamp

‘Toilet Circuit EP’ is the bands first release since their mammoth double album Omegaville which was released to high acclaim in 2018. The three tracks that make up this EP follow on perfectly from the dense and psychedelic sounds of Omegaville – a feverish tirade of maximalism. Anthroprophh manage to find equal space for everything-on-11 riffage of The Stooges, krautrock repetitions, Butthole Surfers-esque bedlam, and surreal British humour.

Like previous Anthroprophh releases it is Allen’s guitar playing itself, that transcends the band to ‘higher’ limits. Globally renowned amongst freaks and connoisseurs alike from his untouchable contributions to The Heads. Taking Hendrix and Asheton-esque shapes and warping them beyond recognition into new paradigms, he also cites guitarists like Michael Karoli, early-‘70s Robert Fripp, Giles Buchan of Human Beast, Fred Frith and Geinrich of Guru Guru as influences, yet this ear-splitting treble-heavy scree and these heavenly FX-driven cacophonies could be the work of no-one else but this particular six-string iconoclast, who drives his trademark sound beyond anything he’s previously attempted in any incarnation.


3 Jun 2020

GNOD & BNSU collaboration released on Tesla Tapes this Friday

Paddy from Gnod/Tesla Tapes says:

Tesla Tapes will be releasing a collab album of Gnod & BNSU this Friday as part of the bandcamp fee waiver day. For this release and anything purchased from TT on Friday 50% of earnings will go towards helping asylum seekers in Direct Provision in Eire.

There will be 50 cassettes available and pay what you want on the digi version from here:

Tesla tapes


Metal Pulp and Paper interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

They say:

Being In A Band During The COVID-19 Pandemic 

Catching Up With UK's 'Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs'

Metal Pulp And Paper: Hello Matt. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it. So, how have you been holding up during this global pandemic and lockdown?
Matt Baty: OK really. Remaining grateful for the fortunate position I’m in. I’m fairly comfortable, but occasionally my brain goes like a magic 8 ball with my emotions. I think a lot of people are feeling that way.  

MPAP: 2020, the year when almost every concert or music festival has been postponed or canceled until 2021. And 2020 was supposed to be the year of some big reunions. Everyone was excited to see the Rage Against The Machine and the My Chemical Romance tours. So, let’s back up and go over the first five months of 2020, the beginning of a new decade. There was the possibility of World War III happening. There were deadly bushfires in Australia. Then we had the acquittals in the Trump impeachment trials. Prince Harry and Meghan decided to step away from the royal family, and NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, along with seven others, unfortunately, died in a helicopter crash in California. The deadly worldwide COVID-19 virus. And then, get this, we even had the Pentagon officially releasing UFO videos. So, what did you have planned for the year before all this madness began? Before all the toilet paper hoarding? ...

Read the full piece here: Metal Pulp and Paper