15 Jun 2020

Sounds from the Dark Side reviews Sex Swing's TypeII

They say:

So you googled for some ”special” bedroom furniture and ended up here, huh. Well, you’re in luck because we were about to discuss something dirty anyway. So stick around. 

Sticky and Sex Swing’s cover art seem to go hand in hand. Their debut record cover art featured a gross looking yellow-pink blob with a razorblade (?) in it and got people guessing about its origins. On the cover Type II, their sophomore full album, things don’t get any less gory. Just have a good look at it and ask yourself if you would touch this blue-grey vomit. Of course SftDS asked around for opinions and there was this one dude on our Instagram who thought it was molten liquorice that was ready for consumption. Maybe he’s right, but thinking about eating something like this!? No, let’s not go there. There are some very disturbed people out there. Anyway, let’s talk shop.    

Sex Swing is what you call a supergroup. A supergroup from the British underground, that is. Jason Stoll (bass), Colin Webster (sax), Oliver Knowles (keys), Stu Bell (drums), Jodie Cox (guitar) and Dan Chandler (vocals) all are active members in other obscure outfits and in some cases also are involved in other interesting side activities. Stoll and Webster for example also manage their own labels whilst Cox plays with Seattle drone metal lords Earth every now and then. He even played on parts of Earth’s triumphant Primitive and Deadly in 2014...

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