29 Mar 2019

Rocket Probes – March 2019 Playlist

Mamuthones – A place in the World
(Bonkers new track from the post occult-disco-psych-noise band from Italy)

Gnoomes – The Sword in the Stone
(New stargaze sounds from your favourite Russian sonic explorers)

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Feel the Sun
(Second track to be revealed from new album Sacred Dreams – a nice n'hazy psych groove)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

DJINN – Le jardin de la morte
(Astral jazz from this new project put together by members of GOAT and HILLS)

USA/Mexico – Metamoros
(Proper filth)

Terravī – Sheep
(Nice mix of repetitive gothic-psych and eastern melodies)

Ossia – Devil Dance
(Sounds in places like GNOD's Infinity Machines...part of Bristol's Young Echo crew)

Laughing Eye – Laughing Eye
(Global psyched sounds from the Swedish Hills on Hoga Nord)
Laughing Eye

The Modern Institute - Destroy Logic
(Repetitive electronic industrial noise) 
The Modern Institute

Blo – Miss Sagit
(Forgot how great this track was before Flowers Must Die's Rickard righfuly reminded me)

Housewives – Sublimate pt.II
(Another great track from their very special new album)

Петля – Троглодит
(Great bit of psych punk by this Russian band called Petlya, discovered via Noel Gardners Quietus column)

Babau – Ila 'no Kuaili
(Fuzzed tribal drones)

Alameda 5 – Eurodrome
(More essential sounds from Instant classic)

Moon Relay – IMI
(Mamuthones meets VED at a warehouse party...go see this band live, they slay)
Moon Relay 

Terminal Cheesecake – V.D.K. Neck
(Love a fresh slice of Cheesecake)
Terminal Cheesecake

Not Waving/Jim O'Rourke – Side A/B
(Two of our favourite sonic sculptures together)
Not Waving/Jim O'Rourke

Ustad Saami – Twilight
(Pakistani Surti, accompanied by harmonium, tamboura and tabla ragas)
Ustad Saami 

Elephant House – Pony Ride
(Synth drones and grooves...another great live band if you get the chance to see them)
Elephant House

We Wild Blood – Dark Connections
(Repetitive noise...great new band on Hominid)
We Wild Blood

Various – Songs of the Lunar Eclipse
(Comp featuring tracks by Negra Branca and Paddy Shine)

Psychedelic Speed Freaks – Psychedelic Speed Freaks
(Motor Heads)
Psychedelic Speed Freaks

Metro Crowd – Planning
(Fuzzed post punk with touches of Can, ft. good Rocket friend Mai Mai Mai)
Metro Crowd

Mayhem – Deathcrush

NAR – Tyreen
(Rhythmic, fuzzed ambience taken from the excellent 'No Order in Destiny' comp on Kashual Plastik)

Bob Chance – Wild It's Broken
(Another Emotional Rescue banger)
Bob Chance

Black Bombaim – Zone Of Resident Bodies
(Great and immersive album from the mighty 'Bombain')
Black Bombaim

Butthole Surfers – Bong Song
("Make a mix?")
Butthole Surfers

The Hykers - Deiyo Deiyo
(Some killer fuzz was abuse on this)
The Hykers 

Lower Slaughter – Some Things Take Work
(Killer track)
Lower Slaughter

Wasted Cathedral – Mean Street Dub 
(Nice Sun Araw sounding groove on Cardinal Fuzz)
Wasted Cathedral

Phew – Antenna
(Propulsive rhythms, drum machines, whirring electronics and dreamlike vocals from Japan)

Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society – Mandatory Reality
(New album of jazz repetitions)
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society 

Budgie – Crash Course in Brain Surgery

Stereocilia – Verglas
(New track from the Bristol sonic sculpturer)

The Mothers of Invention - Oh No / Orange County Lumber Truck
(All about that last 3.5 minute groove!)
The Mothers of Invention

Sun Watchers – Illegal Moves
(Thanks to Adam Reid for telling us about this album of free-jazz, psychedelia, punk & noise rock)
Sun Watchers

Scott Walker / Sunn O))) – Soused
(Transcending everything, even to his last!)
Scott Walker / Sunn O)))

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Get into This includes Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation's 'Feel The Sun' in their Singles Club

They say:

Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation – Feel The Sun
A simply put together single that comprises driving bass offset by Josefin Ohrn’s whispered vocals. There’s not much more to it than that apart from a light sprinkling of guitars.

It definitely gets you in the mood for the summer; the sun on your face and drinks in the park which is perfectly timed considering we’ve just had the spring equinox and you get that feeling that the summer and sunshine soon will be here again.

Read the full piece here: GIT


Gum Takes Tooth to play Magasin 4 in September

Gum Takes Tooth have just announced a special show at the amazing Magasin 4 on September 6th as part of the venues 25th Anniversary (and sadly closing) shows!!

Details are:

Magasin 4
September  6th

Info/Tickets: Magasin 4


Lung Magazine puts Rocket in their 'Fave labels' list on the site MIC

They say (loosely translated):

Dumbling every day in a multitude of sounds, we find the perseverance of some people and companies that "run" out of sizeable groups, to support creators whose vision is embraced, housed and spread. The seven-member core and part of the Lung magazine editorial team chose a dozen such independent record labels that play a key role in modern music. Of course, labels, which, at a time when the music industry in the world is far from prosperous, publish and defend sound works based on not just a single style line but an umbrella of distinctiveness in relation to the aesthetics and the general artistic level of of these matters:

Rocket Recordings ( England , from the 1998)
Without ever deductible through remarkable activity has "write" is already two decades, London Rocket delivers music out there with a minimum quality, high in any case. One could claim that in its releases the range of sounds spreads in different directions, with rock being usually a common place. And it is exciting to be able to maintain in its ranks artists and ensembles that do not simply "grasp" the spirit of their time, but they stand out as speakers of positions and views with a characteristic feature, completely unique in certain circumstances. Like Gnod, which depict every inconsciousness and inhumanity, both in the musical and the lyrical part, from the titles of their compositions and their discs primarily. It is also the Goat that engulfs the western (acid and not) psychedelia with African rhythms and oriental melodies, Housewives with the experimental effervescent to bloom, Teeth Of The Sea with a seductive mindset on how one makes Fresh electronic structure with natural instruments and jazz / rock props, and go listening ... Panagiotis Stathopoulos

See the full list here via: MIC


28 Mar 2019

Get into this say some words about Gnoomes new single Sword in the Stone and Liverpool show

They say:

Russian kosmische pop collective Gnoomes to release new album MU! plus UK tour calling Liverpool, Getintothis’ Peter Guy revels in their potent kraut techno.

Gnoomes, the Russian outfit who blend kraut techno and kosmische pop, are back with a new album and UK tour.

MU! is the third Gnoomes album for Rocket Recordings which sees the band expanded to a four-piece and return to the UK for a tour calling Jacaranda Records Phase One for Deep Cuts on Friday June 7.

Gnoomes will be supported by Liverpool progressive pop band RongoRongo who are also readying their new album.

The band unveiled lead single Sword In The Stone and will return to Liverpool following their Buyers Club Deep Cuts date in March 2018.

“I put all my energy and life force into this record,” says Sasha Piankov of Gnoomes.

“For me personally it’s a spiritual record. Although any sonic warbles of new age blandness couldn’t be further from the end results here. This is a cleansing record, no doubt, but one that washes over you with both brutal force and deft subtleness.”

See the piece here: GIT


Rimas Ebatidas interviews Paisiel's João Pais Filipe

It reads:

"You hear everything at the same time, but to me they are clearly distinct sections." This is how João Pais Filipe , an Oporto gem, a multi-faceted percussionist and craftsman, looks at what he does. And it is not easy to frame his expression, which fundamentally problematizes the role to which percussion is so often reduced in contemporary music. What Pais Filipe does is much more than a few beats, it is concrete music and it comes close to territories that have nothing in common with that which sounds beyond an aura, an idea, or a sonic plasticity.

The percussionist is not new at these stops but it was in 2018 that its emitters went into force on all the radars of the alternative and experimental circuit of Portugal and Europe - to the point of putting it on a collision course with Burnt Friedman , experimental and electronic music of the last 30 years. The meeting was held in Porto during the month of February, in what was a session of recordings between the two musicians, with the endorsement of the Germanic arriving in parcas, but felt words: "I have been preparing for 40 years for this. You've been there for 15 years. " In fact, there are things that can not be explained, but this can be heard very soon.

In his curriculum, João Pais Filipe has countless collaborations and projects in which he has been the centerpiece, since his most recent solo attempts, to collaborate with Valentina Magaletti in the CZN (name that fetches the metal alloy that the craftsman uses to make their gongs and cymbals : "copper-zinc-nickel"), the duo with the explosive saxophonist Julius Gabriel epitetada Paisiel , a contraction of both nicknames, to the black hole voodoo HHY & the Macumbas...

Read the rest here: Rimas Ebatidas

Buy Paisiel's album on ltd colour vinyl here: Bandcamp

(Photo by: Pedro Mkk)


Drew Millard designed tour posters for Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs for sale

Drew Millard has designed this amazing Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tour poster that the band are selling screenprints of on their merch table on their current tour.


27 Mar 2019

Nether say some words about Paisiel

They say:

Paisiel’s debut re-released by Rocket Recordings

Last year, Lovers & Lollypops released on cassette the eponymous debut by Paisiel (that edition has since sold out), the duo joining Portuguese percussionist, gong maker, and cymbalsmith João Pais Filipe and German composer and saxophonist Gabriel Julius. Now, Rocket Recordings is issuing a much deserved vinyl version of the «Paisiel», in which, according to its press release, the two musicians “move freely between the repetition of krautrock and techno, jazz, experimental music and other new musical categories,” creating “radio-graphic sounds that inhabits [sic] somewhere between the reception and the emission of a signal, like a cosmic telephone exchange.”

«Paisiel» was originally released on cassette by Lovers & Lollypops on February 10, 2018. The vinyl edition by Rocket Recordings was released last week on March 22 and can be ordered here.

On a recent piece about João Pais Flipe over at Portuguese website Rimas e Batidas, it was further revealed that the second Paisiel album is currently being worked on. Moreover, it was confirmed that the percussionist is currently working on an upcoming studio record with British experimentalists Gnod.

See the story here: Nether


26 Mar 2019

To celebrate the release of their forthcoming album MU!, Gnoomes are heading over to the UK for some shows. The full list of what they have coming up are:

18 May / RU / Perm / Zavod Shpagina
30 May / UK / London / Shacklewell Arms
31 May / UK / Manchester / The Peer Hat
01 Jun / UK / Newcastle / Cluny 2
03 Jun / UK / Norwich / Norwich Arts Centre (w/ Wooden Shjips)
05 Jun / UK / Southsea / The House of Rapture
07 Jun / UK / Liverpool / Phase One
08 Jun / UK / Bristol / Triptych Festival

The band have a few dates to fill, so if you want to book them, please email: gnooomes@gmail.com

Listen to Sword in the Stone, the first rack to be revealed from MU! here: Youtube

Preorder MU! on ltd edition swirl vinyl and CD here: Bandcamp


Wise Sound reviews Gum Takes Tooth live at Badaboum, Paris

They say:

I only know recently, a few weeks to tell the truth , and yet this duo from Bristol, composed of Jussi Brightmore with electro sounds and vocals, and Tom Fug on drums (acoustic and electronic pads) have been active since 2009, apparently there. It is to present us their 3rd album Arrow that they made the way so far, said album having returned to me the auditory canals, where my presence to know more.

The scenography is quite minimalist with an acoustic drum equipped with one or two trigger pads on my right, and a big big control panel consisting of Behringer controllers (4 BCR I feel) commanding a setup Ableton Live on computer undoubtedly and an effects rack, to my left so. No more geek break.

The duo starts with a quiet, rocking mouthing, Cold Chrome Hearts gently lifts us from the ground to take us into their world made of electronic hacks, sometimes caressing, sometimes rough, where the rhythm often tribal has a clear predominance.

We also discover this ethereal voice, tampered with, a little glitchy, which at my first listening made me think of that of PVT. I find a strong parentage between these two groups, for the voice, but also the taste of sound exploration, electroacoustics...

Read the rest here: Wise Sound


Gnoomes announce new album MU!

We are happy to announce that your fave Russian band Gnoomes have announced a new LP called MU! – released on 31 May. 

Listen to first track to be revealed from the album, the skewed pop of 'Sword in the Stone' above:

MU! is being released on LP/CD/DL. The LP comes in three ltd edition colours – 'Pink/Blue Swirl' from Bandcamp, and Red or Black versions from your local record shop.  

Pre-order here: Bandcamp

Pre-save:  Streaming sites


Press release:

Gnoomes, the Russian outfit who blend a potent mix of psychedelic stargaze, kraut techno and kosmiche pop return with a brand new album, MU! their third for Rocket Recordings.

Since the release of their last album Tschak! the three piece has turned into a quartet with synth player Masha Piankova joining the band. And it was the success of their tours in the UK and Europe that subconsciously created a template and tone for where the band would go next with this new album; to capture that surging drive and throbbing assault of their pulverising live shows. “We decided to make this record more live and less electronic,” Sasha, singer and guitarist from Gnoomes said. “We were thinking about how to make it sound more dynamic.” Masha’s introduction was a key one, with her replacing Sasha on synth bass whilst he moved over to second guitar to add a fuller and more impactful sonic crunch.

MU! has been part recorded in the same old soviet radio station where the band recorded Tschak! part in a professional studio and then part at home. This was to ensure the best capture of Gnoomes live assault. The results brim with a magnitude and sense of coherence that belies some of the environment it was created in. Fuzz-driven guitars shift in engulfing waves, resembling shoegaze giants at their most ferocious, whilst elsewhere layered vocals stack on top of one another, weaving between pristine melody and augmented discordance. Whilst the glacial electronics and coldwave tendencies that soaked much of their previous album may be more absent here, this record pulses with an electronic tinge that bubbles more subtly under the surface of immersive guitars.

The title Mu! has Japanese origins and comes from Zen Buddhism – something Sasha began to practise during past trying times - meaning both “no” and “nothingness” and the understanding that the acceptance of this concept can lead to enlightenment. “For me personally it’s a spiritual record,” he says. Although any sonic warbles of new age blandness couldn’t be further from the end results here. This is a cleansing record, no doubt, but one that washes over you with both brutal force and deft subtleness.

With the completion of this album, it also wraps up a trio of records all connected via punctuation – Ngan! Tschak! Mu! - but with one each distinct in its own tone and sense of evolution. From Bowie to the Cure to Moderat, musical history is peppered with great musical trilogies and now Gnoomes’ Exclamation Mark Trilogy can be added to that.


The band are taking MU! on the road

18 May / RU / Perm / Zavod Shpagina
30 May / UK / London / Shacklewell Arms
31 May / UK / Manchester / The Peer Hat
01 Jun / UK / Newcastle / Cluny 2
03 Jun / UK / Norwich / Norwich Arts Centre (w/ Wooden Shjips)
05 Jun / UK / Southsea / The House of Rapture
07 Jun / UK / Liverpool / Phase One
08 Jun / UK / Bristol / Triptych Festival

The band have a few dates to fill, so if you want to book them, please email: gnooomes@gmail.com


25 Mar 2019

Get In Her Ears say some words about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation new single 'Feel The Sun'

They say:

A swirling haze of sultry vocals and fuzzy guitars and synth textures; London-based psych outfit Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation have shared their latest single ‘Feel The Sun’. The track is taken from their upcoming album Sacred Dreams, which is set to be released in April via Rocket Recordings.

The band have seen a dramatic rise to prominence since the release of their debut EP Diamond Waves in 2014, which led to a nomination for a Swedish Grammy for “best newcomer”. Since then, Josefin and writing partner Fredrik have relocated from Stockholm to London and have created a new Liberation around them.

The new band consists of; Maki (Go Team), Patrick C Smith (Eskimo Chain), Matt Loft (Lola Colt) and Ben Ellis, who’s worked with both Iggy Pop and Swervedriver. They recorded the new album Sacred Dreams at Press Play studios run by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab, who also produced and programmed his non synced drum machines for the record.

With talented individuals surrounding them, Josefin and Fredrik are on track to release another altruistic record. Listen to ‘Feel The Sun’ below and follow Josefin Öhrn + the Liberation on Facebook for more updates...

Read the rest here: Get In Her Ears


Teeth of the Sea offshoot Hirvikolari release Live at Cafe Oto cassette

They say:

Hirvikolari is a collaborative improvisational project featuring Chlöe Herington (Välve, Knifeworld, Chrome Hoof), Mike Bourne (Teeth Of The Sea, MƐTƏL) and Samuel Barton (Teeth Of The Sea). Utilising modular synthesizer, brass, reeds and FX and a fragmentary musical approach, they draw on influences such as John Zorn, Jacky Chaleur, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jon Hassell and Oren Ambarchi to make music that is sinuous and unsettling yet somehow drawn to its own epiphanies.

Hirvikolari’s first release Kalsarikänni was recorded live at Cafe Oto in July 2018 and is available now on cassette and DL from Jamboreeno records: Bandcamp 


Listen to Hardway Bros remix of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Rushing Through my Mind

Hardway Bros have just revealed a remix of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's track 'Rushing Through my Mind' – the original track was taken from the bands 2nd album 'MIRAGE'.

And now Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's forthcoming album 'Sacred Dreams' is up for presale: Bandcamp


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs announce more shows for 2019


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have announced a series of new shows to add to their forthcoming sold-out Spring tour.

The full list of shows now reads:

27 / UK / Leeds / Brudenell *SOLD OUT*
28 / UK / Bristol / The Exchange *SOLD OUT*
29 / UK / Birmingham / Hare & Hounds *SOLD OUT*
30 / UK / Cardiff / Clwb Ifor Bach *SOLD OUT*
31 / UK / Liverpool / 6 Music Festival

03 / UK / Manchester / Rebellion
04 / UK / London / Scala *SOLD OUT*
05 / UK / Brighton / The Haunt* SOLD OUT*
06 / UK / Bedford / Esquires *SOLD OUT*
08 / UK / Norwich / Waterfront *SOLD OUT*
09 / UK / Cambridge/ Portland Arms *SOLD OUT*
10 / UK / Oxford / The Bullingdon Arms 
11 / UK / Nottingham / Rock City *SOLD OUT*
12 / UK / Leicester / The Cookie *SOLD OUT*
13 / UK / Preston / Guild Hall
14 / UK / Chester / The Live Rooms
16 / UK / Glasgow / King Tut's *SOLD OUT*
17 / UK / Edinburgh / Mash House *SOLD OUT*
19 / UK / Gateshead / Sage

02 / NL / Amsterdam / Cinetol
03 / NL / Burgerweeshuis / Deventer
04 / NL / Sonic Whip Festival / Doornroosie / Nijmegen
10 / UK / Brighton / The Great Escape Festival
11 / UK / Gold Sounds Festival / Brudenell Social Club / Leeds

21 / UK / Supersonic Festival / Birmingham

15 / UK / ArcTanGent Festiva / Compton Martin
16 / UK / Green Man Festival / Glanusk Park
17 / UK / Cheese & Grain / Frome
31 / UK / The Craufurd Arms / Milton Keynes

01 / UK / End of the Road Festival / Wiltshire

17 / UK / Newhampton Arts Centre / Wolverhampton
18 / UK / John Peel Centre for Creative Arts / Stowmarket
31 / UK / The Brickyard / Carlisle

01 / UK / The Parish / Huddersfield
02 / UK / The Lantern / Halifax
14 / UK / Sub89 / Reading
15 / UK / Moles Club / Bath

30 / UK / St James / Guernsey

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs albums King of Cowards and Feed the Rats are available on ltd edition colour vinyl and CD from here: Bandcamp


Fragmented Flaneur reviews Paisiel's S/T album

They say:

Wen I was reimagining my website and thinking how I could refresh things, this album by Paisiel was pretty much the sort of thing I had in mind. The fact that it is being released by one of my favourite labels, Rocket Recordings, is perhaps a coincidence… or maybe just an indication of the way musical development is going… or maybe its not so much about the music itself but the terminology we place around it. In the final analysis a label is in the eye of the beholder, and so what one person might think is ‘psych’ may we be a complete anathema to another.

This is one of the reasons why I have decided to move my writing from my ‘Psych Insight Music’ blog to this more genre-neutral one, because I really don’t want labels to limit what I write about… or what others expect me to write about. I am, therefore, no longer listening to this album by Portuguese duo João Pais Filipe and Julius Gabriel wondering whether I can locate it in a particular musical place, rather be more free about what I am hearing and what it says to me.

Originally a cassette release on the ever-interesting Lovers and Lollypops label, this is a brilliantly eclectic album which takes in many musical styles and mixes them in a way that is both thrilling and suspenseful. You are never really sure which way the music is going to go…

Read the rest here: Fragmented Flaneur 


22 Mar 2019

Vote for Rocket in the Italian Vinyl Sleeve Design Awards:

We are delighted to share that Rocket's very own Johnny O has been nominated for the Italian Vinyl Sleeve Design Awards with his Mamuthones 'Fear On the Corner' artwork.

It is a public vote so if your interested and like the sleeve then vote for your top 3 here:  

Best Art Vinyl

!!!Voting closes on 31 March 2019!!!


Plus you can still buy the vinyl: Mamuthones 


Raven Sings The Blues reviews Paisiel album

They say:

Released in short supply as a cassette on Portuguese label Lovers & Lollypops last year, Rocket Recordings is giving new life to the eponymous album by Paisiel, the duo of João Pais Filipe and Julius Gabriel. The album’s three tracks are dark sojourns through psychedelic jazz – wrestling with rhythms and running sax down the skin with the menace of a freshly sharpened knife. The pair coax one another constantly throughout the LP, challenging the other to make a step too far, to pierce the psychedelic barrier and scar the psyche beyond repair. On opener “Satellite” the drums pound in the brain with an anxious insistence – skittering in an endless tumult before the foreboding gnash of gongs makes it clear that something transcendental and otherworldly is afoot.

The space rock shivers continue to torment the onset of “Limousine in the Desert,” bandying echo and dust about in a sandstorm of sound that’s only hushed by a return to the polyrhythmic clatter of drums and the lonesome moan of the sax once again. Moans turn to squeals, squeals to squals as the band pounds out ritualistic furor that catches in the throat. The album is drenched in panic sweat, feeling every bit the soundtrack to imminent danger from all directions – the sky, the earth, the mind. There’s a feeling of ayahuasca and adrenaline in the veins and a teeth-clenched sudden realization that maybe there’s no danger at all. By that time the band rolls into the shortest and surest track in their album’s cycle. The panic calms, the dust clears and the earth crystalizes beneath the feet once again. They let the listener go with a grey trickle of rain that nourishes and numbs the psychic wounds inflicted over the past thirty minutes, but the scars remain.

See the full piece here: RSTB


Paisiel album released today

We are thrilled to announce the ltd vinyl release by the enigmatic duo Paisiel is released today. 

The band features the exceptional talents of Portuguese drummer/percussionist and sonic sculptor João Pais Filipe and the German saxophonist Julius Gabriel.

“A rhythmic plane between Africa, techno, krautrock, and minimalism.”
“Paisiel push the boundaries of sound in all the right ways.”
“A quasi-tribal trance through the language of jazz.”
“A driving force that unites past, present and future.”
"There’s a feeling of ayahuasca and adrenaline in the veins."
“Redefining what psych is, Rocket have yet another great example with Paisiel"

Buy the ltd edition LP from your local record shop or direct from us here: Bandcamp


The S/T three track album was originally released in 2018 as a ltd edition cassette on the great Portuguese label Lovers & Lollypops. And now Rocket Recordings are extremely proud to be releasing this unique recording on a ltd edition colour vinyl and across all digital channels.

In 2018 João Pais Filipe has also found the time to release a stunning and highly acclaimed solo album and a very exciting collaboration with fellow drummer/percussionist, and also very talented Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga/Vanishing Twin/UUUU) called CZN. And a few weeks ago João will be locking himself into the studio with GNOD to record some material together, the fruits of that will be revealed in the near future!

Paisiel are playing a Porto album launch tonight at CCOP, with support from OTRTORTO. And there are plans to bring their sonic explorations to the UK later in the year.

Info/tickets here: Lovers and Lollipops


21 Mar 2019

JamBase recommends Gum Takes Tooth's 'Arrow'

They say:

One more pick before our sugar rush wears off and our dentist gets wind of what we’ve been up to. We’ll finish appropriately with Gum Takes Tooth, a London duo whose new release, Arrow is a symphony of styles, sounds and moods. It’s introspective, it’s in-your-face, it’s in between. There are moments of sheer bliss and others of short-blast cacophony. It’s all engaging and worth listening to in full. It transforms and morphs from track to track and probably the less prepared you are the better, but there’s a good chance you’ll find something in there that really clicks for you on one end of the spectrum or the other. Enjoy, but don’t forget to brush your teeth!

See the full piece here: JamBase


Members from GNOD, KURO and HUM contribute tracks to new compilation

Sofia Records have just released a tape compilation called 'Songs of the Lunar Eclipse' that features new music by GNOD's Negra Branca and Paddy Shine, Kuro's Agathe Max, and ZOHASTRE which is two members of HUM...plus lots of other great artists contribute.

Buy and listen here: Sofia Records


Backseat Mafia reviews Paisiel's album

They say:

Paisiel is the enigmatic name given to this very special project that features the exceptional talents of Portuguese drummer/percussionist and sonic sculptor João Pais Filipe and the German saxophonist Julius Gabriel. This week they release a self-titled three track instrumental offering on Rocket Recordings that is certain to tingle the senses.

Based on an individual exploration of the sound and on the expressive possibilities of their instruments, the duo’s music seeks to join and systematize their influences, albeit without any obvious correspondences or affinities – resulting in textures and abstract melodies propelled by a mechanical and existential percussion that morphs into a kinetic trance.

Heterodox and digressive musicians, they move freely between the repetition of krautrock and techno, jazz, experimental music and other new musical categories, João Pais Filipe and Julius Gabriel create radio-graphic sounds that inhabits somewhere between the reception and the emission of a signal, like a cosmic telephone exchange...

Read the rest here: Backseat Mafia


20 Mar 2019

First look at Centrum 'För Meditation' Red Vinyl

First look at Centrum 'För Meditation' Red Vinyl.

"I didn’t not want it to stop… I never want it to stop." 
Read this great review Fragmneted Faneur

Pre-order your copy here: Bandcamp