18 Mar 2019

Fragmented Flaneur reviews Centrum album 'För Meditation'

They say:

We are all on a journey. Aren’t we?

Sometimes life seems to make sense, but perhaps more often we feel as if there is no continuity to our lives. As the world around us seems more fragmented we try to construct paths and ways to make sense of things. Our existence can become an Instagram feed of images with voids in between where the famous metaphysical question, of whether a tree makes a sound when it falls alone, is very pertinent.

In other words if we don’t post something on social media, did it happen? Hell, not only do I write about music, I even post pictures of the records I play, and I’m really happy that Rocket Recordings provided me with a copy of this album in advance of its release to do just that).

This is the point that one of the members of the band (Centrum are made up of members of Hills and Weary Nous amongst others) made to me while talking about this album.

‘För Meditation’ is a perfect opportunity for what it sets out to be: ‘for meditation’. An opportunity for the listener to disconnect from the laptop, Facebook, the constant influx of white noise for 40 minutes and just relax. And maybe catch a glimpse of some previously unnoticed quality of one’s mind...

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