29 Mar 2019

Rocket Probes – March 2019 Playlist

Mamuthones – A place in the World
(Bonkers new track from the post occult-disco-psych-noise band from Italy)

Gnoomes – The Sword in the Stone
(New stargaze sounds from your favourite Russian sonic explorers)

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Feel the Sun
(Second track to be revealed from new album Sacred Dreams – a nice n'hazy psych groove)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

DJINN – Le jardin de la morte
(Astral jazz from this new project put together by members of GOAT and HILLS)

USA/Mexico – Metamoros
(Proper filth)

Terravī – Sheep
(Nice mix of repetitive gothic-psych and eastern melodies)

Ossia – Devil Dance
(Sounds in places like GNOD's Infinity Machines...part of Bristol's Young Echo crew)

Laughing Eye – Laughing Eye
(Global psyched sounds from the Swedish Hills on Hoga Nord)
Laughing Eye

The Modern Institute - Destroy Logic
(Repetitive electronic industrial noise) 
The Modern Institute

Blo – Miss Sagit
(Forgot how great this track was before Flowers Must Die's Rickard righfuly reminded me)

Housewives – Sublimate pt.II
(Another great track from their very special new album)

Петля – Троглодит
(Great bit of psych punk by this Russian band called Petlya, discovered via Noel Gardners Quietus column)

Babau – Ila 'no Kuaili
(Fuzzed tribal drones)

Alameda 5 – Eurodrome
(More essential sounds from Instant classic)

Moon Relay – IMI
(Mamuthones meets VED at a warehouse party...go see this band live, they slay)
Moon Relay 

Terminal Cheesecake – V.D.K. Neck
(Love a fresh slice of Cheesecake)
Terminal Cheesecake

Not Waving/Jim O'Rourke – Side A/B
(Two of our favourite sonic sculptures together)
Not Waving/Jim O'Rourke

Ustad Saami – Twilight
(Pakistani Surti, accompanied by harmonium, tamboura and tabla ragas)
Ustad Saami 

Elephant House – Pony Ride
(Synth drones and grooves...another great live band if you get the chance to see them)
Elephant House

We Wild Blood – Dark Connections
(Repetitive noise...great new band on Hominid)
We Wild Blood

Various – Songs of the Lunar Eclipse
(Comp featuring tracks by Negra Branca and Paddy Shine)

Psychedelic Speed Freaks – Psychedelic Speed Freaks
(Motor Heads)
Psychedelic Speed Freaks

Metro Crowd – Planning
(Fuzzed post punk with touches of Can, ft. good Rocket friend Mai Mai Mai)
Metro Crowd

Mayhem – Deathcrush

NAR – Tyreen
(Rhythmic, fuzzed ambience taken from the excellent 'No Order in Destiny' comp on Kashual Plastik)

Bob Chance – Wild It's Broken
(Another Emotional Rescue banger)
Bob Chance

Black Bombaim – Zone Of Resident Bodies
(Great and immersive album from the mighty 'Bombain')
Black Bombaim

Butthole Surfers – Bong Song
("Make a mix?")
Butthole Surfers

The Hykers - Deiyo Deiyo
(Some killer fuzz was abuse on this)
The Hykers 

Lower Slaughter – Some Things Take Work
(Killer track)
Lower Slaughter

Wasted Cathedral – Mean Street Dub 
(Nice Sun Araw sounding groove on Cardinal Fuzz)
Wasted Cathedral

Phew – Antenna
(Propulsive rhythms, drum machines, whirring electronics and dreamlike vocals from Japan)

Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society – Mandatory Reality
(New album of jazz repetitions)
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society 

Budgie – Crash Course in Brain Surgery

Stereocilia – Verglas
(New track from the Bristol sonic sculpturer)

The Mothers of Invention - Oh No / Orange County Lumber Truck
(All about that last 3.5 minute groove!)
The Mothers of Invention

Sun Watchers – Illegal Moves
(Thanks to Adam Reid for telling us about this album of free-jazz, psychedelia, punk & noise rock)
Sun Watchers

Scott Walker / Sunn O))) – Soused
(Transcending everything, even to his last!)
Scott Walker / Sunn O)))

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