1 Mar 2019

Echoes and Dust interviews Mike Bourne from Teeth of the Sea

They say:

Teeth Of The Sea have just released their stunning new album Wraith and it is an expansive listen that builds on their past work but takes the band’s sound into exciting new places. We had a chat with Mike Bourne to hear all about Wraith and how the album came together as well as how the band’s sound has evolved. We also heard about the band’s live plans, festival memories, having their music played by the mighty Andrew Weatherall and playing live with the Boredoms.

(((o))): Your new album Wraith is out soon. How did the recording of the album go?

It was fun. Personally I love being in the studio; that’s where we really get to indulge every idea we can come up with, and it’s never too arduous making a Teeth Of The Sea record, we tend to work very quickly due to the fact that we can’t afford much time in the studio. Often what we’re trying to achieve is quite unorthodox so we’re very lucky to find people who are willing to take risks and work outside of their comfort zones, in this case Giles Barrett at Soup Studios and Erol Alkan at The Phantasy Sound.

(((o))): How did you come to work with Erol Allan and what did he bring to the tracks he produced? 

Well, Sam’s known Erol for years and he’s played some of our tracks out before so we just asked him. We’ve never worked with a producer before and we felt it would be interesting to explore some new working methods on this record. Erol instantly understood where we were hoping to achieve with ‘I’d Rather, Jack’, and introduced some really exciting ideas that sent the track off in a different direction. His studio is totally lush, filled with analogue gear – it was nothing but a pleasure to work with him...

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