18 Mar 2019

Neolyd say some words about DJINN

They say:

It is seething again in Götheborg's magic kitchen. Last year, the goat man had already left the goat association for a short time to release his first solo album "Rhythms" . Now, fragments of the mystical bands Goat and Hills have teamed up to create another offshoot: Djinn . And, probably, everything here remains as mysterious and inscrutable as in the formations just mentioned.

The new collective fabricates experimental psych-jazz that feels well in the drawer of Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra. With the five-and-a-half minute excursion to the Garden of the Dead (including the original title "Le Jardin de la Morte"), the formation presents a first harbinger of this: a meditative trip, interspersed with noises, rattle and atmospheric gejazze. That sounds very promising and makes you want to the self-titled debut work, which appears on 17 May on the British label Rocket Recordings.

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