31 Mar 2013

Rocket Probes March Playlist

Negra Branca - Duro / Beira Beira
(Members of Gnod side project)

Dwellings - Don't Say Nothing
(Nice companion piece to the Dwellings and Druss LP...this tape on Gnod's Tesla imprint see's a couple of Gnod's creating some prety stunning 'head' techno)

Fat White Family - Cream of the Young
(Fuzz filled 'Lubricated Goat reincarnated' track by this great new South London band)
Fat White Family

Universe - Rock in the Sky
(Really great keyboard driven, 70's, US christian psych rock )

Black Tempest - Stick and Bells and Ancient Spells
(New kosmiche/new age soundscapes from the mighty Black Tempest)
Black Tempest

Bitchin' Bajas – Krausened 
(Up beat kraut grooves from this Cave offshoot)
Bitchin Bajas

Various Artists – Criminale Vol. 1/ Vol. 2
(Simply stunning fuzz filled compilations of extremely rare soundtrack music from 70's Italian Horror movies)

Raime – Quarter Turns over a Living Line
(A Mike Bourne recommendation...sound like what you would get if Earth went techno/industrial)

Barney Wilsen – Moshi Too
(Psych infused jazz, driven by afro rock influences from '69/'70...love a bit of fuzzed thumb piano)
Barney Wilsen

Can – Waiting for the Streetcar
(What are you waiting for?)

Mind Over Mirrors - The Voice Rolling
(Soundtracked Folk Electronica)
Mind Over Mirrors

Saåad - Orbs & Channels
(Epic Ambient Drone)


Shit & Shine - Demin Do's & Dont's

(Kraut Jazz)
Shit & Shine

The Undisputed Truth - UFO's
(Space Disco)
Undisputed Truth

Spacemen 3 - When Tomorrow Hits

(Fuzz, Fuzz, Fuzz)
Spacemen 3

Country Joe & the Fish - Section 43 (Live)

(1960's trippy instrumental)
Country Joe

Frank Zappa - King Kong (Live at the BBC)
(Amazing version of this classic Zappa)
Frank Zappa

27 Mar 2013

Goat to play Glastonbury

Yes that is right...straight after their 'nearly sold out' show at Camden's Electric Ballroom with Teeth of the Sea the band will be heading down to Glastonbury for what we understand is two sets. More details on these will emerge once confirmed.

Goat join quite a stellar line up that includes: Portishead, Rolling Stones, PIL, Chic, Public Enemy, The Horrors, The Congo's etc etc


Exclusive teaser video for forthcoming Heads DVD

THE HEADS DVD Teaser from Rocket Recordings on Vimeo.

It has become a thing of infamy, but the first clips of the Heads DVD boxset on Rocket has emerged.

The DVD will centre around a live performance at The Cube Cinema, Bristol in 2005. The show was split into 2 sets - a Rock Set and a Psyche Set.

The boxset will also compile never seen before footage from the bands 20+ year career. We have trawled through hours of live footage, interviews, studio jams, promo videos etc  and pulled all the best bits together. It will be the most complete retrospective of The Heads to have ever been put together.

There is also a plan to put the audio of both Cube sets as a CD within the box.

Release date is still sketchy, but we hope it will come out by the end of 2013.

See what the Quietus have to say about the teaser here: Heads teaser

Watch this space for more info.


26 Mar 2013

Raven sings the blues reviews the Anthroprophh LP

Blog 'Revens Sings the Blues' has written these words about the now sold out Anthroprophh LP:

"The Heads' Paul Allen breaks out solo to record an album of kraut-drenched psych excursions that will definitely appeal to fans of the Bristolian musician's day racket, but he adds a touch of subtlety beyond the fuzz soaked riffs as well. The self-titled affair, on the ever reliable Rocket Recordings, explodes into a fiery Ash-Ra Temble grooved / Acid Mother's Temple riffed opener but soon settles down into a more sedate and drone oriented brand of psychedelia that lets in acoustic elements and shuffling grooves owing more to Neu and Cluster than to their fiery followers. 

The record is dark and often tipped on a nervous knife edge of rhythmic tension which Allen uses to stack the album with complex layers of emotion not always straining through your average psych offering. Adding to the fray are contributions from noise collective Big Naturals, who fill out sections with their chaotic touch of drumming and electronics, enhancing Allen's vision even further. The record builds to a powerful climax on the 16+ minute centerpiece "Entropy," which tips the album further down the abyss of epicness and makes as powerful a statement as anything that Allen has set forth with The Heads. Well worth checking into this one. "

See the review in full here: Raven Sings the blues


Louder than War review of Goat's 'Run to your mama remix' 12"s

GOAT - Run To Your Mama (Redg Weeks Remix) from Makinov on Vimeo.

As everyone knows, we are releasing 2 x Ltd 12"s of remixes of Goat's track Run to your mama on Record Store Day.

The amazing Louder than War site have written a nice little review about them:

"Enigmatic Swedish band Goat release two 12 inch singles of remixes for Record Store day. Brett Savage has a listen for Louder Than War.

2012 was in many ways the year of the Goat. Not a great deal is known about this enigmatic Swedish collective, other than the fact they hail from a little town called Korpilombolo which has a population of little over 500 people, and they appear to be some reclusive voodoo sect. However, ‘World Music’ topped many an end of year poll, weaving its spell with a rather oddball take on voodoo and more importantly, a totally infectious, danceable groove. Given that the ever reliable Rocket Recordings had, completely out of nowhere, a genuine phenomenon on their hands; it was obvious there was a need to feed the Goat fan base’s growing addiction. As a limited edition for Piccadilly Record’s Album of the Year edition of ‘World Music’, Rocket Recordings assembled a veritable who’s who of contemporary psych rock’s elite to remix one of the standout tracks from the album. To serve the greater public, the Rocket boys are making this collection available over a series of 2 x12”’s for Record Store Day 2013.

West Country shoegazers Thought Forms open up the proceedings with a rather tribal take on Run to Your Mama, replete with warbles and echo, which gets the things off the ground nicely. High Wolf (who released the ace Annapurna Illusion on Rocket Recordings) creates a loopy hypnotic swirl and cosmic wash with his visionary take, whilst Invada man Redg Weeks adds post-punk/kraut clang to his. Tom Furse of The Horror’s rousing ‘extrapolation mix’ is precisely that, venturing off on a whole together rockier, Ziggy Stardust course than the original, with (presumably) leather pants, face paint and platform shoes included..."

Read the rest of the review here: Louder than War


Shit and Shine's Tuesday Jazz Chat 13

Unlucky for some....but not for you!!!


24 Mar 2013

Teeth of the Sea and Wire playing Drill

Here is some great footage of Teeth of the Sea and Wire playing the track Drill at Cafe Oto last night.

Also below is also some footage of two new Teeth of the Sea tracks 'Black Strategy' and 'Reaper'. Both these tracks will be appearing on their forthcoming album 'Master'.


22 Mar 2013

Teeth of the Sea give their praise to Wire

The Quietus asked some of their favourite artists Why they love Wire and a couple of members of Teeth of the Sea who are collaborating with Wire tomorrow responded:

Mat Colegate, Teeth Of The Sea
I've always thought of Wire as a warped British psychedelic band, embodying a similar mixture of Lewis Carroll surrealism (shone through a JG Ballard prism) and primo art school thuggery as bands like John's Children or early Soft Machine. Most of all though, they're Wire, a meeting place for willful obfuscation and chiming white-light clarity. Fucking great Pop, in other words. Wire are a bit more on the ball melody wise than Teeth Of The Sea are, it has to be said. But, yeah, they definitely take their conceptual side pretty seriously, which is something we all really admire. They have a similar approach to ideas as we do, maybe? That it doesn't matter if you're the best player in the world, or the greatest song writer. You can think your way successfully through musical situations if you use the right blend of literal and lateral thinking. If you look back at their work you can see how important humour is as well. Although maybe it's closer to the 'Umour' of the surrealists? I don't know, because I don't know what 'Umour' means. It's like Harmolodics or something. Baffling and brilliant. Very appropriate.

I think Change Becomes Us is brilliant. I've listened to it three times today already. 'Adore Your Island' is like the perfect song or something, isn't it? Like The Who if they'd been bought up by Wilhelm Reich. I love the weird polish the album has, and the vocal effects. To be honest, I think pretty much every other guitar band in the country should have a listen and a good hard look at themselves, irrespective of their fucking age.

It's difficult to say how the rehearsal for Saturday went as I was busy psychically high-fiving the fourteen year old me. It was great. We plugged in and we did it. Fast, noisy and ferocious. And fun, don't forget fun. The cherry on the cake was being told that the extremely nice sports car outside the studio belonged to Marti Pellow of Wet Wet Wet (to be honest the 'X1 WET' reg plate should have given it away) which led on to a long involved conversation about the existence or otherwise of Pellow's fabled 'Heroin Moose'. There was a moment when we were playing though, when Colin and Graham both looked up at each other and cracked out in smiles and that's what will stay with me, I'd imagine. Can't wait to play 'Drill' on Saturday! Prepare for thunder...

Sam Barton, Teeth Of The Sea
I love Wire for their creative fearlessness - one can never make a sound too weird, too nasty or, conversely, too pretty. A delight in exploring sound for its own sake and a recognition that texture and timbre are as important in musical composition as melody/harmony/rhythm. An understanding that the idea of 'song' can go beyond first person confessional/forced metaphor/protest or any other tropes that usually signify the literary within the 'rock canon'. A willingness to credit their audience with sufficient intelligence to follow them on whatever twists and turns they choose to take them on. An almost infuriating ability to do all this and still turn out pop music so damn infectious that most 'mainstream' acts would kill to be able to write it.

I actually got into them via Lush's cover of  'Outdoor Miner', which was the B-side of the 'For Love' single (1992 I think). About two months later I found the 7" of the Wire original (on white vinyl) on a school trip to Stratford Upon Avon. The B-side was 'Practice Makes Perfect' which was like nothing I'd ever heard at that point. Just the space, texture of those tracks and weird opaque nature of the lyrics. The simmering whole-tone menace of 'Practice Makes Perfect', the outrageous tunefulness of 'Outdoor Miner', the way these things sat together within the same band. Weirdly I actually ended up years later giving that record away to John (ex ToTS member) once I had all the tunes on CD as I occasionally go through these drunken 'potlatch' moments of giving favourite discs to friends.   I think Wire represent a lot of the ideals I strive for in making music. The fact that they're always working, even if it's not on the conventional band treadmill of records, tours etc, for example they'll do sound installations, collaborations with visual artists and deconstructions of their own work. They also blur the notions of high and low art which is a philosophy that ToTS have always pitched our tent around . For example I've always had this ideal in music of the 'bohemian football hooligan anthem', it's something Jimmy and I have discussed at length over the years. Basically the most perfect examples of the form are 'Needle In The Camel's Eye' by Eno and 'I Am The Fly' by Wire. That's not meant to sound flippant - if you can write an insane polyrhythmic song that lyrically makes Metamorphosis look a bit on the safe side and still make it a Saturday night air-puncher then you've truly achieved greatness. The pop thing is really important, it's not ivory tower experimentalism, it's to be put out into the world.

The rehearsal for Saturday was amazing. Any experience that begins with Colin Newman making you a cup of tea is going to be amazing, right? We geeked out over the effects pedals for a bit, then got down to putting together a colossal slab of noise. I was obviously a bit nervous about how it would go down but they seemed to really like what we did.

Read the article in full here: The Quietus


Teeth Of The Sea's present's their "Be Quiet Or Be Killed" playlist

Ahead of their performance at DRILL:LONDON this weekend (including a collaboration with Wire on Saturday night), Teeth Of The Sea have put together a post punk and beyond playlist for the Quietus to get you in the mood:

"The well-worn cliché of punk rock as a cleansing fire that destroyed all before it, for all its truth, has long also long been a retrogressive plague in its own right in musical terms, leading to just as much self-indulgent complacency as Emerson, Lake And Palmer ever contributed to recorded sound, not to mention the entire careers of timewasters like Tony Parsons. These dozen gems represent an attempt to plot a course of timeless post-punk iconoclasm that steers clear of the well-worn paths and the received wisdoms that have been perpetuated. These, still startling in 2013, are the eternal flies in the ointment..."

See the rest of this piece and full list of great tunes they have chosen here: The Quietus


21 Mar 2013

Gnod Dropout with White Hills II - Reissue (Pink Versions)

Rocket Recordings are pleased to announce the re-issue of the now highly sought after double LP ‘Gnod Dropout with White Hills’. 

This reissue comes packaged in different artwork from the original release plus on a limited pink dayglo colour vinyl. 

It is also re-released on CD which features an extra unreleased track.

The album will be released worldwide from the 29th of April. 

The Rocket Bandcamp shop will have a few up on pre-order here

19 Mar 2013

Goat's US tour poster is revealed

If you live in America, you will start to see these amazing tour posters for the up-and-coming Goat tour in your local local record shop.

The artwork is taken from the recently reported tour tshirt that was illustrated by the wonderful Luke Insect.


Gum takes Tooth to support Gnod in London

One of our favourite London bands Gum Takes Tooth have been announced as the support for Gnod at their Show at the Victoria in Dalston on April 11.

More info on this show can be found here: Bad Vibrations

And stay tuned to Mission Control for some exciting news about Gum takes Tooth that we hope to announce in later in the year.


Shit and Shine at SXSW 2013

Here is some footage of Shit and Shine's performance at SXSW last Saturday.

Looking forward to the next Tuesday Jazz Chat


Holy Wave to support Goat on US tour

As you may or may not already be aware of Goat's US tour support is the band Holy Wave.

You can hear the bands latest album here via their band camp: Holy Wave

The full US tour dates are:

April 23  Music Hall of Williamsburg / Brooklyn NY * **SOLD OUT***
April 24  Johnny Brenda’s / Philadelphia PA
April 25  Black Cat Backstage / Washington DC
April 26  The Southgate House Revival/ Newport KY
April 28  Austin Psych Fest / Austin TX
April 29  Dan’s Silverleaf / Denton TX
May 01  Old Rock House/ St. Louis MO
May 02  Empty Bottle / Chicago IL
May 03  The High Watt / Nashville TN
May 04  Shaky Knees Festival / Atlanta GA


Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne remixes Ivory Seas

Mike Bourne from Teeth of the Sea has done a haunting remix of the track Mothers Tongue by the band Ivory Seas.

You can listen to and download the remix here:


18 Mar 2013

Goat US tour t-shirt designed by Luke Insect

We are really proud to reveal this amazing t-shirt artwork for Goat's up and coming US tour.

The artwork was created by one of our favourite illustrators, the extremely talented Luke Insect. You can see more of his amazing work here: Luke Insect

The t-shirt designs are going to be in produced in several different colours on various coloured shirts.

We will post photo's once the shirts have been printed.


15 Mar 2013

Rocket Bandcamp

We'd like to remind people who aren't aware that the Rocket has finally launched our very own Bandcamp shop: rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com

The music that is up on the shop represents the stock we currently have available as either physical or digital items and some albums will never be repressed once they have sold out. 

The shop also has some exclusives and we've been lucky to grab some of bonus extras & rare coloured vinyls before they went out to shops.

Goat - World Music (Orange / Red / Green / Yellow / Clear - vinyl LPs)

We have a variety of coloured vinyl copies of the Goat album, but we cant guarantee which are which colours as they are all mixed up and skrinkwrapped, so you can take a chance and you might get lucky.

Keep your eye out on the Rocket blog & our bandcamp shop for up & coming limited edition posters, tapes and other goodies.


Please note: if you require insured / recorded delivery please email the shop in advance.

Gnod start their European tour with a London show

That is right, Gnod return to London on April 11th for a Brad Vibrations promoted show at the Victoria in Dalston.

The band have said this about the show:

"For this show we will be bringing our own soundsystem to play through which we will be taking on tour with us. No amps, just a rig with our own desk & soundman. It will be something pretty new and special and the first time we will have done this with the full soundsystem. "

So what you saw at the Anthroprophh launch parties was just a dry run with the half the gear, this will be the real thing!!!

More details about the show can be found here: Bad Vibrations

And tickets for what will be no doubt a sold out show can be bought from here: wegottickets


13 Mar 2013

Anthroprophh to play Bristol's ArcTanGent Festival

Anthroprophh has been invited to play ArcTanGent's Bristol based festival.

25 bands will be among the 80 bands performing on 4 stages at the first ever ArcTanGent. 

Joining headliners Fuck Buttons and 65daysofstatic are Thought Forms, Zun Zun Egui, The Pirate Ship Quintet, The Naturals, Deej Dariwhal, Oliver Wilde, Giant Swan, Anta, Joe Garcia, St Pierre Snake Invasion, Scarlet Racal & the TrainWreck, AnthroprophhSpectres, Hysterical Injury, Damien Schneider, RiceBeats, SJ Esau, VOSTOK, TOM BEEF (± THE MOTHER BEEF), The Dagger Brothers, Oxygen Thief, POHL, Falling Stacks, Fairhorns and Flights

Check out the rest of the line up arctangent

Tickets are available: here


11 Mar 2013

Goat's New York show is sold out

We have just heard from Goat's booking agent that their New York show at Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn has sold.

There are still tickets available for their other shows, so we recommend you getting tickets soon before they sell out too.

The full dates are:

April 23  Music Hall of Williamsburg / Brooklyn NY * **SOLD OUT***
April 24  Johnny Brenda’s / Philadelphia PA
April 25  Black Cat Backstage / Washington DC
April 26  The Southgate House Revival/ Newport KY
April 28  Austin Psych Fest / Austin TX
April 29  Dan’s Silverleaf / Denton TX
May 01  Old Rock House/ St. Louis MO
May 02  Empty Bottle / Chicago IL
May 03  The High Watt / Nashville TN
May 04  Shaky Knees Festival / Atlanta GA


Teeth of the Sea unveil the title of their forthcoming album

Teeth of the Sea have released this tantalising teaser to announce the title of their next album via The Quietus website today.

Their third album called 'MASTER' will be launched late summer and from the snippets Mission Control have heard and from the material the band have been playing live recently, it show's once again that Teeth if the Sea are a band who wont sit still and are constantly pushing to explore new sonic territories. So we expect another unexpected ride!

See what The Quietus say about this teaser here: MASTER 


9 Mar 2013

'Nothing is...' happening on March 15th

It is that time again when 'Nothing is...' returns to the Alibi in Dalston.

Rocket's Rik Motor joins regulars Cage & Aviary, Cherrystones and Little Dirty for a night of musical nonsense.

As always the night begins at 9pm and finishes at 3am and best of all it is free to get in.

To avoid the inevitable queue to get in and more importantly to hear the more 'experimental' sets of rare delights we would recommend getting down early!!

You can show your appreciation or send insults to us here: Nothing is...

BUT, if you are not at 'Nothing is...' on Friday, then you should be at the amazing show at the Corsica, where Thought Forms and Vision Fortune are supporting the mighty Oneida! 

Though if you are clever you can do both, and come to 'Nothing is...' after this great show!!


8 Mar 2013

Teeth of the Sea to collaborate with Wire

Just announced on The Quietus website:

The Quietus is bringing together two of our favourite groups at Cafe Oto on Saturday, March 23rd, when Wire and Teeth Of The Sea play a live collaboration as part of our Drill:London festival. After supporting Toy at the Lexington, Wire will hotfoot it to Cafe Oto... there, ToTS will have been playing a set of their Giorgio Morodor-TG-Wolf Eyes genregasm. Wire will then join ToTS for an semi-improvised encore of 'Drill' featuring both bands. Dugga dugga dugga!

Also on the bill will be Verity Susman of Electrelane, whose solo sets feature an intriguing mixture of electronics, sax, performance and film. We saw her play a wonderful gig last year at the Shacklewell Arms - this is not to be missed. Tickets for this event are available here.

See the full new piece here: The Quietus


7 Mar 2013

The Nighthammer remixes Gnod's Genocider

Fresh from his remix of Goat's Run to your mama for the Piccadilly records free CD, The Night Hammer has done a mind numbing remix of Gnod's Genocider...one of the standout tracks off the Chaudelande album.

The Nighthammer is in fact Tony Mountford from the 'sadly not around no more' Rocket band The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers. Apart from doing amazing remixes, Tony runs the label Noisestar and is also in the band Cove, who's recently recorded album is stunning and hopefully will be released soon!!



Glass magazine interviews Teeth of the Sea

After their amazing set supporting Savages at the Lexington on Monday, Teeth of the Sea have been interviewed by Glass magazine:

"Creeping from the from the disparate embers of a Roxy Music tribute act, barren rehearsal spaces, experiments with Rachel Stevens drum samples and a joint desire to play the Flash Gordon soundtrack in its entirety, London instrumental quartet, Teeth of the Sea – a translation from the French title of Jaws: Les Dents de la Mer – construct innately animal, avant-noise dissonance, drawing upon influences as far flung as Wolf Eyes, for their “hedonist, noisy, full on and unpretentious atmosphere” and the broader noise remit of Liars, Black Dice and Lightning Bolt. 

Later this year we’ll see a third self-produced album through the cottage-industry Rocket Records imprint and they’ll also take their ferocious cheerleading troupe on a tour of Europe. Their methodology is summed up by multi-instrumentalist Mat Colegate, who astutely puts it as “an approach of a complete and utter lack of pretention whilst still making difficult music.” Unsurprisingly, for a band with such an articulate (albeit skewed) vision, all four wax incredibly erudite about their process as Glass meet them at an east London flophouse.  

Q: Your way of making music seems pretty unfettered. Do you assign yourself  instruments or roles?

Sam Barton (mainly – but not only – trumpet): Well the plan was always to have a fairly open ended approach to that… to have delineated roles. Over time this has solidified a little bit. I originally said I’d just take my trumpet down and run it through a wah-wah pedal … Like a 70s Miles Davis...."

Read the revealing interview in full here: Glass Magazine


Dot's and Dashes dig's Redg Weeks mix of Goat's Run you your mama

This is what they say:

"World Music, last year’s début full-length from envelope-pushing Swede psychs Goat, was an irrefutably great album – one which is celebrated avidly even to this day, and one suspects we’ll continue to froth at the chops over it for quite some time to come. Though one of its perhaps less great moments is its shortest and indeed least substantial track, Run To Your Mama. Or rather it was, until Invada head honcho Redg Weeks got his hooves on it to deftly transmogrify into an upbeat dub throb of a thing. Its newly fabricated bass line sinewy as freshly plundered ruminant stew; its reverberant rim shots paranoiac as Anika’s besmirched reworks, Christian Johansson’s original composition gets something of a butchering and mercifully by the sounds of it, the blood spatters Weeks’ hands. For he renders it that bit more primordial still, its simian mating calls adeptly phased in and out of focus as the rejuvenated rhythm section clatters on unperturbed like a dilapidated Oriental Express beneath. Clamber aboard below…"

See the feature in full here: Dots and Dashes


Some words about Gnod Chaudelande

Some great reviews of Gnod's Chaudeland were published yesterday:

The Quietus

Louder than War

Loud and Quiet

Thanks to all these reviewers for helping to spread the sacred word of Gnod!!

Also the great people of Aquarius have made the album their highlight of the week and give the album an amazing write up: Aquarius

The Chaudelande CD has now sold out but we are working on a repress as we type this.


Download Shit and Shine WFMU session

Shit and Shine's recent WFMU session has been made available to download from here: FMA

And don't forget to watch and listen to this weeks amazing Tuesday Jazz Chat


6 Mar 2013

Gnod April 2013 European tour - Dates available

GNOD are off on tour around Europe again in April and they are looking to fill the following dates with shows:

11th April - Southern England/North East France/Luxemborg 
15th April - Holland/Northern Germany
16th April - Holland/Northern Germany/Denmark
24th April - Hungary/Slovenia
25th April - Slovenia/Austria
27th April - Austria/East Switzerland
30th April - Belgium/Northern France

Get in touch via email - ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk if you would like them to bring the Gnod sound to your town.

Gnod bless


5 Mar 2013

Teeth Of The Sea live @ The Lexington 04.03.13

Here is some great footage of Teeth of the Sea's recent performance at their spiritual home of The Lexington, where they supported Savages, part of the wake for the recently departed Stool Pigeon magazine.

This will give you a good taster of two of the tracks off the forthcoming 3rd album.


Anthroprophh get's in the 'Freak' Zone

Stuart Maconie played Anthroprophh's track 'Ende' as part of his Freak Zone show on Sunday.

The show was dedicated to the recent loss of Kevin Ayers and has a chat with all round legend Robert Wyatt, so well worth a listen. It is only up for another five days.

You can listen to it here: Freak Zone


March of the Fuzz

Friends of Rocket, Cardinal Fuzz have some stonking great releases on the way.

They follow up their sold out Heads LP release with a double LP version of from Scotland's Cosmic Dead's debut album. This is a great record and we emplore you all to pre-order a copy today from here before they all vanish too:

Cosmic Dead

Also in the pipeline Cardinal Fuzz are releasing a live album by 'Hills'. 'Hills' area stunning band from Sweden and have two amazing albums out already. Hills are also at present  writing/recording their third album which will be released on Rocket later in the year. But in the mean time this live album on Cardinal Fuzz should give you a good taster.

And that is not all, Cardinal Fuzz have a Dead Sea Apes/Black Tempest record lined up and a special Mugstar 12" Record Store Day release.

So show your support and buy all these great records from one of the UK's best new labels....


Anthroprophh's '1​.​d 2​.​o 3​.​e 4​.​c -​-​-​-​> x' now available to buy as a download

The Anthroprophh debut album that we released in January is now sold out. 

The first 100 copies of these LP's came out with a CDR entitled 1​.​d 2​.​o 3​.​e 4​.​c -​-​-​-​> x and you can now buy this 60 minute album as a download from our Rocket Bandcamp.

The track list is:

Band: Anthroprophh
Title: 1​.​d 2​.​o 3​.​e 4​.​c -​-​-​-​> x

1. 1.d (19:56)
2. 2.o (16:36)
3. 3.e (14:14)
4. 4.c (15:02)

And can be purchased from here: Rocket Bandcamp

The first 100 copies of these LP's came out with a CDR entitled 1​.​d 2​.​o 3​.​e 4​.​c -​-​-​-​> x and you can now buy this 60 minute album as a download from our Rocket Bandcamp.


Also available to listen to on Zamzamrec is:




Shit & Shine Tuesday Jazz chat – No.11


Introducing the Redg Weeks Remix of Goat's Run to your mama

GOAT - Run To Your Mama (Redg Weeks Remix) from Makinov on Vimeo.

Here is another taster off the forthcoming Goat - Run to your mama remix 12"s that are being released worldwide on Record Store Day.

This remix is by Redg Weeks from Invada Records (home of Thought Forms, Beak etc). His stunning 're-work' as already picked up some radio airplay courtesy of Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6music.

The visuals to accompany the track was put together by Johnny Clooney also from Bristol.

For more info and the full tracklist of these two ltd 12"s, go here: Goat RTYM


1 Mar 2013

Teeth of the Sea to Support Goat at the Electric Ballroom

Teeth of the Sea have just been announced as support to Goat's London show on June 27th which has moved from the Scala to Camden's Electric Ballroom.

And as stated before the tickets are apparently selling fast so we can easily see the show selling out well before the night itself. So if you haven't bought a ticket yet, we advise you to do it soon. As said before, bar a festival appearance this is Goat's ONLY UK show this year.

Tickets can be purchased from here: Goat

Teeth of the Sea are currently in the middle of writing their new album and the word from the studio is that it is sounding 'Massive'. The band are also preparing for their first ever European tour which finishes with a performance at the amazing Roadburn Festival.