26 Jun 2009

WIN a Collisions 01 – Heads/White Hills promo CD

WIN a Collisions 01 – Heads/White Hills promo CD

Yes that is right, here is your chance to win the last promo we have in Mission Control of Collisions 01. These have been trading hands on ebay from £35 - £50, only 100 were made to send to magazines and webzines.

All you have to do is tell us what your favourite ever Heads track is & an explanation why you have chosen it.

If it is the same as our favourite & we dig the explanation the most, you win the promo CD!!!

To enter, give us the chosen track name & justification for your choice + your e-mail address, all in the comment box below...closing date is: Monday 22nd July.


Rocket Probes JUNE 2009 Playlist

Kasai Allstars – In the 7th moon, the chief turned into a swimming fish and ate the head of his enemy by magic / CD
(anything with a thumb piano through a fuzz box has got to be a winner)

Vibes – Psychic / 7”
(great 4 track 7” from the rarely disappointing Not Not Fun Records, completely blown out bass, some nice wah and a screaming banshee on vocals)

Oneida – Live at Primavera / download
(40 minute version of Sheets of Easter...what more can we say!)

Sun Araw – Heavy Deeds / LP
(I read recently someone describe him as sounding like king tubby if he was in Hawkwind...after seeing them live I can see where they got it from, but maybe more Spacemen 3 than the Wind!)

Sunn O))) – Monoliths and Dimensions / Promo LP
(it’s rather good, but worth all the hype?...jury is still out)

Teeth Mountain – Teeth Mountain / LP
(since seeing them live recently this album is being played a lot again)

Hawkwind - BBC Radio 1 Live Concert CD
(heard this set from 72 on BBC6 Music played by Bruce Dickinson, so dug out my own copy, worth it for 'Paranoia' alone.... total freakout!)

Circle - Forest CD
(played this alot while driving on the motorway recently, as it's semi-acoustic, repetitive, hypnotic post-prog groove, is just perfect to focus on those Chevrons!)

Cave - Psychic Summer LP
(spaced out kraut-drone hypno rock doing the rounds on the turntable)

Arbete Och Fritid - S/T
(Sweden's answer to krautrock, the Svenska psych-prog-folk bands of the seventies, Third Ear Band meets Terry Riley)

Geoff Barrow Curates Invada Event

A Day of Music / Film & Art on Saturday 26th September
at The Colston Hall.

Rocket Friends Invada Records, label boss, and Portishead member Geoff Barrow is to Curate a days worth of entertainment at Bristol's legendary venue the Colston Hall.

The Colston Hall is one of the most legendary entertainment venue's in Europe and has been around for 140 years. Since the 60's alone the venue has played host to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix etc etc.

Recently the venue has extended and a new 30 million pound building has been built onto the existing structure. To celebrate the opening of this , Invada chief GB is too curate a day of music / film / art on Saturday 26th September.

So far Invada artists Crippled Black Phoenix / Team Brick / Joe Volk / Malakai and Thought Forms will play alongside some VERY special international guests who will be announced once contracts are signed.

Johnnyo Rocket will be part a team who will be providing visuals for the night, so we would like to support the event.

For more info on tickets and full line-ups over the forthcoming weeks visit the Invada Blog


19 Jun 2009

'Heads' DVD progress report

In other 'Heads' news, we are finally getting somewhere with the Heads DVD, 2 sets have been edited together (by the lovely people at Minton Films) from The Cube Cinema gig (06/11/04), a rock set & a psyche set, this will be the DVD main feature & recently having watched the psyche set several times, it certainly does tick right boxes.

We are now working on
trying to edit all the extra features, so it's still a while off finishing yet.

I can assure fans that the final thing will be very good indeed, the
idea being along the lines of watching a live gig & lightshow as a lightshow.


Heads Live in Tilburg - LTD LP release

Coming soon will be a limited 12" LP run of 'The Heads Live in Tilburg', a vinyl pressing of the bands recently released CD on their own label. The LP will also be coming out on the bands own label so keep your eye out for it over the next couple of months or so.


Teeth Of The Sea to play 'Offset Festival' 2009

Festival is a unique event that joins the dots between exciting new bands and the artists who influenced them.

Taking place in a beautiful forest location just 30 minutes from London, the event features 7 stages with over 150 artists, hand-picked to represent the most exciting and creative lineup you'll see at any festival this year.

Put together by a team with over ten years of experience in putting together festivals, the event also offers camping, organic food stalls, art, a funfair, kids areas and a rare-breeds farm.

Date: 5-6th September 2009

Location: Hainault Forest Country Park, Redbridge, London


18 Jun 2009

The Heads confirmed as Mudhoney support at Koko in London

: Mudhoney
: The Heads
: 11th October 2009
: £15.00
DOORS OPEN : 7.00pm
www.seetickets.com, www.ticketweb.co.uk, www.wegottickets.com, www.gigantic.com & www.stargreen.com

Another Blog additionhttp://www.atpfestival.com/NewsView/0906181449.php

Teeth Of The Sea: Quietus Oneida tour interview

Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea chats to Quietus about the up and coming Oneida tour:



12 Jun 2009

Oneida announce rare UK dates...with Johnny Rocket lightshow and Teeth of the Sea in support

Oneida will embark on a rare European tour this August, including the following UK headline shows:

August 17 Brighton, Prince Albert w/My Device + Teeth Of The Sea
August 18 London, Garage w/Very special guests tba + Teeth Of The Sea
August 19 Bristol, The Croft w/Cardinal Fuzz + Teeth Of The Sea

Teeth of the Sea will be the opening band on all three dates, plus Cardinal Fuzz, featuring members of The Heads will make their live debut in Bristol.
All three nights will feature light shows by our very own Johnny Rocket.

Tickets on sale now:
Brighton.... www.ticketweb.co.uk
London and Bristol..... www.seetickets.com

Blog A

3 Jun 2009

Launch034 Big Muff II Shirts...winner announced...order now!!!

The votes have been counted and the winner is....’blue’!!!!

However due to the great response we had for ‘grey’ shirts, we are going to do a small run of them as well.

If you are interested in one of these please e-mail rocketrecordings@yahoo.co.uk
with your colour and size of choice and we will get back to you with ways of payment.

We are making a total of 50 shirts only, in medium and large and after this run we will not be making any more.

Though we are willing to take pre-orders, so if you require a different size (see below), then drop us an e-mail, but payment will need to be made up front.

Shirts will be £10 plus postage

Sizes available are:
S / 37-39
M / 40-42
L / 42-44
XL / 45-47


1 Jun 2009

ON THE DECKS #4 Aqua Nebula Oscillator "Under The Moon Of..."

Well...well...well...children of the now sounds. I missed last months installment of ON THE DECKS due to the recent White Hills tour of Europe. Now I'm back and so is this fair blog about what is gracing my turntable.

This month's album is the fantastic new LP Under the Moon Of... by Aqua Nebula Oscillator hailing from Paris, France. During White Hills' recent European tour Aqua Nebula Oscillator's singer Shazzula ventured from Paris to Lueven, Belgium to see us play at Sojo. Fortunately for me she came with a copy of their new LP. Since my return this LP has been in constant rotation at home base.

The album opens with the track LSD Therapy...I was instantly taken back to the glory days of the early 90's music scene in NYC. The tune is a dirty garagey romp reminiscent of Boss Hog's finest moments. I felt the dirt wash over me...and I liked it. Distorted vocals...grunt and growl...over a thumping rhythm and a tremolo drenched guitar riff that harkens back to Bo Diddley. Utterly sweet! At this point I was hooked.

With the second track Flying Mountain the LP shifts into a frenzied Stooges-esque riff played by speed freaks on a week long binge. Fuzzed out and reverb drenched guitars flying around...head pounding bass and chaotic drums propel the song into oblivion while vocals summon forgotten Gods of years past.

From this point on the LP dives further into oblivion. Somebody in Your Nose is garage punk at it's best...simple...appealing to everyones inner moron. Utterly fantastic. "Lost In Space" dives right in with wailing gutiars over a repetitive riff that builds and builds...synths fly like banshees...while Shazzula moans..."We're lost in space...oh...come on!" The female Iggy Pop? I think so!

Side two kicks off with the short spaced out Incantation. Effect laden vocals and synths swirl right into the second track Silvermoon. Another reved-up killer that harkens back to the sounds of Spacemen 3 but dirtier. Synths and organ float over a dark riff while the hypnotic vocals swirl around and around. At this point in the LP I think to myself...is there a bad track on this album? The answer...Hell No! This album kicks some serious ass!

Other highlights of the LP include Beware...a primal stomp at it's best, Girl ...another pummeling speed fuel stomp, and 3013...a heavy psych drone of organ and nasty guitar leads that will melt your mind.

What more could one ask for? This LP has it all...glitz and grit all wrapped in one. A Stooges-esque romp through the rat infested streets of Paris. Memories of New York Cities dirtiest of dirtiest days...crazed and diseased. Whirling feedback banshees...a firestorm of sound. Fuzzed out beyond belief! Raunch... Rawk... Space... Punk...that is what you get with Aqua Nebula Oscillator. For more information and sound clips visit the band on myspace...


Dave W

Stewart Lee shows his appreciation

After reviewing pervious albums by The Heads, Notorious Hi-Fi Killers and White Hills, Rockets fave comedian shows he is a fan of Rocket by writing another favourable review in the Sunday Times, this time for The Heads / White Hills Collisions 01:

“The Collisions series pairs like-minded acts on split albums. New York’s White Hills and Bristol’s the Heads submit two elongated psychedelic jams of intimidating density, clocking in at 18 and 21 minutes, respectively.

White Hills’ I Will Find Peace of Mind throbs and bristles, subsiding in a muggy recording of some people chattering in a street. On Camden Brain Slurry, the Heads rev up like Lemmy-era Hawkwind, and spend six tantalising minutes going nowhere brilliantly, the bass arcing and bubbling over tumble-dryer percussion and sheets of guitar skree, before collapsing into a locked, assembly-line groove of gradually growing intensity.”

(The Sunday Times 31/05/09)

Rocket Probes MAY 2009 Playlist

‘Here is a list of some of the strongest transmissions we have received from orbiting satellites that have been engulfing Rockets mission control this past month’

Loop - Fade Out (2nd CD, reissue)
(looped guitars, blown out distorted buzz, krautrocky rhythms, cyclical, repetitive, hypnotic,dripping with effects)

Soft Machine - Middle Earth Masters
(1967 organ solo's shimmering, rumbling and roaring punk psychedelia)

The Inner Space - Agilok & Blubbo (OST)
(tripped out, acid soaked, free-pop-jazz-rock odyssey)

Titan - Pilzmarmelade
(relentlessly energetic, howling throbbing groove)

Valerio Cosi - Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock
(synthesized grooves & raga kraut-y beats, free jazz, avant-garde, kraut minimalism)

This Heat - Made Available (John Peel Sessions)
(Krautrock-ish hyper rhythmic tape-looped prog)

Brother JT – Vibrolux
(full of amazing fuzz wah pop drones ala Spacemen 3, screen printed and hand numbered to 500 copies)

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
(it took a few listens, but after initial disappointment this could become album of the year)

Oneida – Rated O
(woah!!!!!!!, treble LP of ‘O’,we're still shaking!!!!)

Thunderbolt Pagoda – S/T
(still listening to this record, a good mix a psych, kraut and free rock)