30 Apr 2012

Rocket Probes April 2012 Playlist

Goat  - Goathead
(Off their mega limited two track cassette that was just released. Goat take their voodoo afro groove in to 'The Heads' psych noise territory, and come away  showing that they are the new masters of the fuzz wah freakout!)

Hookworms - Live in Leeds
(Great little recording of their recent set at a festival in Leeds in March...thanks to Dave from Optical Sound for sending it to us)

Kenneth Higney  - Attic Demonstration
(Thanks to Kalle from Hills for telling us about this great album of 'outsider' lofi fuzz rock, wah folk, VU grooves, even some disco!!! And they are all presented in his unique 'new york dolls' swagger ' kind'a way...the vibe sorta reminds a bit of the Rob Star Band LP)

Crass - Christ the album
(Definitely their most fuzziest and 'maybe' best album!!)

Golem - Orion Awakes
(Great spacey 70's kraut rock with some killer grooves...a regular on the 'Nothing is...' decks)

Scorpion Violente - Uberschleiss
(Really good fuzzy italian electro droned beats)

Unzen Pilot - 
(Nice little dose of space rock... lots of mellotron drones colliding with post rock riffs and clattering drums)

Blue Phantom - Distillation
(Great track thats thick with fuzz and has a real Morricone scored 'itallian cop thriller' soundtrack sort of vibe)

Blo - Chapters And Phases: The Complete Albums 1973-1975
(Wah wah, fuzz guitars, sunny melodies, spaced out vocals, and rhythmic grooviness)

The Lijadu Sisters - Danger
(Female psychedelic fuzz guitar Afrobeat)

Rudimentary Peni - (1980's Catalogue)
(Deathrock punk & for the artwork alone, the original LPs get a thumbs up)

UFO2 - Flying / One Hour Space Rock
(Psychedelic-space rock at it’s finest)


24 Apr 2012

Goat new video for Goathead

Goat have made another video, this time it is for the track 'Goathead' which appeared on the recent cassette release that sold out in a matter of hours.

This video follows the same theme as previous videos, except this one has a more poignant message!!



23 Apr 2012

Free download compilation of psych including the mighty HILLS

Nottingham's Cult of Dom Keller have compiled this free download compilation of music by the crop of the current psych band out there today.

Great to see the band Hills amongst the pretty well known bands on the list like Eternal Tapestry, Magic Lantern, Black Mountain etc 

Hills are currently writing a new album that will be released on Rocket in 2013.

You can download this compilation for free from here


Bian Eno ambient documentary

We at Rocket are huge fans of Brian Eno, from his work with Roxy Music through his amazing and groundbreaking solo albums to his ambient series that he is probably most famous for.

Here is a documentary on his ambient work that is well worth a watch


Ultra ltd. Goat cassette released today

An ultra ltd Goat cassette is being releasd by the Swedish label Ljudkassett.

The tape that is ltd to 100 copies contains two tracks The Sun The Moon and Goathead.

The Sun the Moon was previously available as the bside on the now sold out Goatman 7", and new track Goathead shows the band take their afro voodoo psych into a heavier, more 'The Heads' like noise groove.

The tape can be purchased at the end of the day today (23 April) from here.

The band have also made another youtube video for the track Goathead which will be uploaded soon, watch this space for more info.

Also the date has been set for the launch of 'World Music', the debut album by Goat. 

The band are also going to be in the UK for a handful of shows in October, more info on these dates will apear shortly.

"A summer of swedish voodoo is upon us"

20 Apr 2012

The Heads Sessions 02 makes Record Collector Top 10 records of the Noughties

This piece of news coincides nicely with it being Record Store Day this weekend

But Record Collector has decided to put the Rocket release The Heads – Sessions 02 into the prestigious Rare Record Price Guide as No.2 of the top 10 collectible record of the 00's.

Surprisingly, this is also the first inclusion of The Heads, who judging by the prices on Popsike they should have their own feature in the magazine!!!


18 Apr 2012

Big Naturals & Anthroproff Live Stream

The good people of YOUNG ECHO have been kind enough to post up the Big Naturals & Anthroproff live performance streamed from last sunday.

To listen to the improvised set please scroll to 110:53.


17 Apr 2012

Gnod's INGNODWETRUST second coming.

Gnod's INGNODWETRUST gets the 'Bishop' coloured vinyl treatment, see all good record shops for details of its release.

The Ltd 100 copies with free remix CD as mentioned here can be purchased direct from the bands blog once they are back from their tour (if they have any left).


Gnod at Roadburn 2012

Here are a couple of clips from what we have heard was an amazing Gnod show at this years Roadburn festival.


12 Apr 2012

Supernormal 2012

Mission Control's favourite festival has announced the first bands that are playing this years event:

Among the highlights playing so far there are:

Hey Colossus
The Telescopes
Black Tempest
The Cosmic Dead
You're smiling now but we'll all turn into demons

Last years event which was co-curated by Rocket was an amazing weekend and we must insist you all go this year as we will definitely be going again for a third year running, to join in with the psychedelic chaos that is Supernormal Festival.

More info, a short film and tickets can be bought from here


10 Apr 2012

Onboard NASA video of Solid Rocket Boosters

Thanks to Charlie from Thought Forms for this link of onboard NASA video of Solid Rocket Boosters - From the upcoming Special Edition Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle DVD/BluRay by NASA/Glenn a movie from the point of view of the Solid Rocket Booster with sound mixing and enhancement done by the folks at Skywalker Sound. The sound is all from the camera microphones and not fake or replaced with foley artist sound. The Skywalker sound folks just helped bring it out and make it more audible.


4 Apr 2012

GNOD Chaudelande Volume 2 - Album of the Month on Head Heritage

GNOD's Chaudelande Volume 2 has got album of the month on Julian Cope’s Head Heritage.

“Vinyl of the Month must serpently go to Manchester duo Gnod, whose powerdrive
Drone-a-thon epic CHAUDELANDE VOLUME 2 is a splendid sacred sibling to their VOLUME 1 release of just a coupla months ago.

Whoa there, kiddies, it’s like Gnod’s bombed out on a few Gregory Raimo pills, kicked into some churning NEU 2 mode, then made off on some fucked up Tractor with the plough still down. These two leave a furrow the size of a jet plane with a tailwheel, joyriders in boxing gloves with riffs the size of Eastern European technology.

Fucking eh, it’s truly glorious to see my ladies bopping in cardiac concert five times in a row. 5 times in a fucking row, brothers’n’sisters, Gnod are so on one it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Released on the inappropriately named Tamed Records, CHAUDELANDE VOLUME 2 is another item which should be considered an essential part of your sonic arsenal. That good, kiddies, that fucking good”

Watch this space for Rocket's future release of the combined volumes, but make sure you snap these up while stocks last. Read Julian's full monthly address:


2 Apr 2012

INGNODWETRUST purple vinyl repress plus ultra ltd remix CD

We are repressing 500 copies of the mighty INGNODWETRUST LP by Gnod.

This issue will come in purple vinyl and should be hitting shops by the end of April.

Also, 100 copies will contain an exclusive CD (artwork shown above) that has some fantastic unreleased 'till now remixes of the track Vatican by Drumcunt, Raikes Parade, Mark Wagner + Estasy and Pupilar.

More information about how to purchase these 100 copies will follow shortly.