4 Apr 2012

GNOD Chaudelande Volume 2 - Album of the Month on Head Heritage

GNOD's Chaudelande Volume 2 has got album of the month on Julian Cope’s Head Heritage.

“Vinyl of the Month must serpently go to Manchester duo Gnod, whose powerdrive
Drone-a-thon epic CHAUDELANDE VOLUME 2 is a splendid sacred sibling to their VOLUME 1 release of just a coupla months ago.

Whoa there, kiddies, it’s like Gnod’s bombed out on a few Gregory Raimo pills, kicked into some churning NEU 2 mode, then made off on some fucked up Tractor with the plough still down. These two leave a furrow the size of a jet plane with a tailwheel, joyriders in boxing gloves with riffs the size of Eastern European technology.

Fucking eh, it’s truly glorious to see my ladies bopping in cardiac concert five times in a row. 5 times in a fucking row, brothers’n’sisters, Gnod are so on one it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Released on the inappropriately named Tamed Records, CHAUDELANDE VOLUME 2 is another item which should be considered an essential part of your sonic arsenal. That good, kiddies, that fucking good”

Watch this space for Rocket's future release of the combined volumes, but make sure you snap these up while stocks last. Read Julian's full monthly address: