29 Oct 2009

New Teeth Of The Sea track: Space Capsule

First mix of Teeth of the Sea's 'Space Capsule' from the forthcoming Rocket 12" 'Hypnoticon Viva' EP has debuted on the 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog. This isn't the final cut but will give taster of what's to come, ........Hawkmen, to your posts!


28 Oct 2009

Rocket Probes October 2009 Playlist

Hills – Death 1
(Swedish psych/kraut rock, don’t know anything about this band and what they do is nothing new, but they do it VERY WELL indeed, especially the last track, some great Fuzz laden motorik!!!)

Part Chimp – Thriller
(Good to have them back with another album of great frenzied noise rock)

Spectrum – War Sucks
(Same ‘ol stuff from Sonic, but that is fine with us...a great return!!!!)

Broadcast and the Focus Group – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age
(Thanks to Martina from Warp for this...an imaginary soundtrack from a film I would love to see..... )

Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights
(Great new album, and nice to see they have dusted off the wah....perfect for a Sunday morning hangover!!!!)

Choukoku no Niwa– More Echoes, Touching Air landscape
(From their split with Boris, amazing 24minute Can’esque track of tight rhythms and free rock)

Harmonia - Live 74
(Motorik synthesizers and percussive pulse and throb grooves from the crusts of Kraftwerk, Neu! and Cluster)

Ray Russell - Rites & Rituals
(1971- forerunner of today’s avant-guitar/improv/noise scene - electric free jazz embraced rock)

Jonas Reinhardt
(70s krautrock-inspired spaced out propelling cosmic adventures in sound)

King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic
(Exotic percussive tension building, improvisational hypnotic and harsh throughout)

21 Oct 2009

13 Oct 2009

Unholy Trinity - Sonic Sanctuary Poster

Sonic Sanctuary have also created a poster for the Bristol leg of the up & coming Unholy Trinity Tour (see below for details).



12 Oct 2009

Unholy Trinity GNOD Poster

The wonderful Gnod guys have also created a poster for the Manchester leg of the up & coming Unholy Trinity Tour (see below for details).





A few months ago I received an email from the US booking agent for the band WOVENHAND. He asked me if White Hills was interested in being the support act for the band’s upcoming fall US tour. At the time I had heard very little of Wovenhand’s music…just the songs they had up on their myspace page. The only other things I knew was that two members came from the band 16 Horsepower and that my friends in the band Silver Summit had done a number of west coast dates with them 6 months earlier….of which they had nothing but good things to say about them. So after a quick discussion with Ego Sensation we decided to jump at the opportunity…and I am so glad we did!

After watching WOVENHAND night after night, I was so taken by them that for this month’s On The Decks…I choose to focus on a band verses an album in particular.

WOVENHAND’s sound is dark and intense…it’s a mixture of folk, swamp sludge, goth, and all out heavy rock. It is music that is inspiring and chilling…heady and lofty…dark and bright. They create cinematic sound scapes and tell tales of death and damnation… salvation and sin. The first Wovenhand album sounds like an extension of 16 Horsepower…with each new album the band moves further away from the acoustic sound that drove 16 Horsepower into a darker and heavier electric sound.

David Eugene Edwards (guitarist & vocalist) is an enigmatic character on stage. Performing on a drum stool, he is mesmerizing, commanding the audiences attention from beginning to end. Playing in open tunings his sound is enveloping…as if the sound that emanates from his guitar is a blanket encompassing you. Pascal Humbert (bass) lays down a heavy sound that grounds everything to the earth. His licks are tasteful and spot on…allowing the guitar and vocals to float in the heavens above. Ordy Garrison (drums) keeps it all together. I have never heard so much sound come out of a drummer using brushes of bundled sticks before. The man is a powerhouse.

Since returning home from the tour, I have had Mosaic and Ten Stones in constant rotation. Both albums are hypnotic, entrancing and moody. These two also spotlight the heavier side of the band’s sound. I cannot recommend these two releases enough.

WOVENHAND can be found on the web at


Blush Music - 2003
Woven Hand - 2003
Consider The Birds - 2004
Mosaic - 2006
Ten Stones - 2008


Dave W (White Hills)