30 Jun 2023

Rocket Probes – June 2023 playlist

Moundabout – Sacred & Profane
(Great new track by Moundabout from forthcoming album)

The Holy Family – Go Zero Suite: Pt.II
(10 min + monster!)

Thee Alcoholics – Live At The Piper
(Put that in ya pipe)

Tom Zé - Mã 
(Great repetitions)

Wolf Eyes – My Whole Life
(Basement psychedelia)

Sabu Martinez – My Christina
(Great groove...cheers to Cherrystones for as always dropping the best tunes)

Oro – Stop The War

Brìghde Chaimbeul – The Savings Bank Live

MC5 - Skunk (Sonically Speaking)
("You really ain’t seen nothing yet!")

Benny the Butcher feat. Westside Gunn - Echo Long
(Another essential Gunn jam)

Maya – Synthezoid Heartbreak
(A head-nodder)

The Monks – Black Monk Time
(Still rages)

Peter Peter – Motorbikes
(From the great Copenhagen Cowboy series)

Mandy, Indiana – 2 Stripe
(Rhythms, synth n' noise)

Afet Serenay - Maden Dagi
(Turkish psych classic)

J.C Heavy – Is this Really me
(Groove rock)

Flower-Corsano Duo – The Four Aims
(Sounds for the summer)

Paddy Kingsland – Changes Soundtrack
(Haunting series...cheers for the loan Mike Bourne)

Devo – Auto Modown

Czar - Tread Softly On My Dreams
(70's classic)

Fugazi – Arpeggiator Demo
(Give the drummer some)

Butthole Surfers – Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac
(Rest In Power Teresa)

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Launch300 – our 25 Anniversary compilation is released today

To celebrate our 25th anniversary this year we decided to put together a very special compilation album – which coincidentally, was also our 300th release!

Simply titled 'LAUNCH300' this ltd edition, Bandcamp only compilation is released today and features exclusive and unreleased tracks by Centrum, Gnod, Goat, J. Zunz, Och, Shit & Shine, Smote and The Utopia Strong. The album comes packaged in beautiful original artwork by the infamous French 70's artist Philippe Caza, that has been exclusively licensed for this release.

You can buy this amazing album on ltd edition 'Silver Galaxy' vinyl via the link below – there will only ever be one pressing of this:



Operating from a 1998 launchpad in Bristol, Rocket's questing vision has made them pathfinders for a particular kind of psychic terrain. The label may have been founded on disparate and dissolute passions, yet its stubbornly uncompromising ethos has always been to push beyond boundaries into areas which even the true heads have thus far never ventured. To celebrate a quarter century on the outer realms of exploration, naturally these voyagers have some special ventures planned, LAUNCH300 is just one of these - a vital celebratory compilation collecting together eight of the current Rocket roster, all offering full-throttle salvos of metaphysical salvation.

LAUNCH300 measures out the widescreen horizons of Rocket Recordings as it embarks on the next quarter century - a label with its feet on the ground and its head mapping out a defiant course for the unknown. Get on board. 


27 Jun 2023

The Holy Family reveal epic new track from forthcoming second album 'Go Zero'

The Holy Family reveal the second track from their all-immersive forthcoming album 'Go Zero'.

For those who are unaware The Holy Family is the brainchild of David Jason Smith (The Stargazers Assistant/Guapo) and he is joined on this album by Kavus Torabi (guitars), Sam Warren (bass) and Emmett Elvin (piano and Rhodes) and Joe Lazarus (Drums). The album was mixed by Finnish studio wizard Antti Uusimaki (Circle/Pharaoh Overlord etc).

The new track to be revealed 'Go Zero Suite Pt.II' is a 10 minute+ epic piece of music, listen in full via the link below. This is what David Jason Smith said about it: 

"This reveals the group in full stream of consciousness mode & doused in percussive colour. A gargantuan Motorik Psych pilgrimage to the end of the night. Out in the mindless void. What lies beyond the bright clusters of angled space? The infinite gulf of darkness?? Or is the Garden of Eden within reach?  GO ZERO... GO ZERO..."


'Go Zero' is available to preorder on ltd edition yellow vinyl via the link below, or on ltd edition green vinyl via your local record shop. Both version come packaged in a delicious die-cut sleeve. The album is also available on ltd CD:



See The Holy Family live at:
4 Aug / London / The Grace (tickets go on sale here)
5 Aug / Herefordshire / Unorthodox Paradox Festival


21 Jun 2023

Celebrate the summer solstice with new music from Moundabout

Moundabout, the duo featuring Gnod's Paddy Shine from Phil Masterson follow the success of last years album 'Flowers Rot, Bring Stone' with an incredible new long player called 'An Cnoc Mór'.

Watch the John O'Carroll made video for 'Sacred & Profane', the first track to be revealed from the album via the always reliable The Quietus, who also interview the duo here:

The Quietus

'An Cnoc Mór' is available on ltd edition Mushroom coloured vinyl via the link below or from all good record shops:

Preorder Ltd LP


Moundabout’s glorious second long player is named after Cnoc Mór na nGaibhlte (or The Big Hill Of The Galtees) an imposing sandstone and shale peak in Munster, from which vantage point the horizon retreats to impossible-seeming distances. Paddy Shine, of psychedelic powerhouse GNOD, and Phil Masterson, of cult groups Los Langeros, Damp Howl and Bisect, chose this as base camp for their latest expedition into a new form of psychedelic Irish folk music. Inside a “yurt-like structure” they began recording, with Shine also making field recordings in places where “the energy felt good”. It is one of Ireland’s tallest mountains (the 12th at 918m above sea level to be precise) and prized by hill walkers as being one of Ireland’s 13 ‘Munros’. Masterson adds that one of Moundabout’s more memorable hikes was to the top of The Big Hill on a day it was so windy they could barely stand up straight, and then on the way back down the pair became “pleasantly lost”.

It is this getting lost in liminal zones, at thresholds, where boundaries merge, that is key to the Moundabout sound. The Galtees is an Irish mountain range where the counties Tipperary, Cork and Limerick, while their debut album, which drew inspiration from Irish neolithic culture of passage tombs and burial mounds Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones, was recorded in Roscommon at the junction between counties Westmeath, Offaly and Galway. Shine adds: “We seem to have found ourselves recording and finishing albums in places where the boundaries have become blurry.”

The set up of Shine on acoustic guitar, Masterson on electric guitar, both on vocals and sparse electronic accompaniment from antique Hammond drum machine Shine found in his auntie’s attic and old analogue synth, plus field recordings, remains the same but this time the pair push further out on tracks such as ‘Step In Out Of That’ which calls to mind Egypt-based free psych trio The Dwarfs Of East Agouza and reaches its apogee on the glorious, sunburst of New Weird Éirana ‘Instinct, Eye And Mind’ which treads in the footsteps of Michael Chapman at his most ragged and echoes the borderless fourth world guitar peregrinations of Mike Cooper.

If the voyage that Flowers Rot took us on was one out of modernity into a vibrant megalithic antiquity, it feels like 'An Cnoc Mór' is taking us even further back. Masterson says: “These hills were hills long before homo sapiens set foot on them, gave them names and stories and insulted them with egotistic concepts such as ‘conquering them’.” The pair agree that getting out into the environment is an essential ingredient in the Moundabout process, although one thing has changed. Masterson puts it simply: “This album was made by two sober boys after a big hike up a big hill.” Shine elucidates: “Drink and drugs had been slowing me down and

really not inspiring me at all. I don’t think we need that stuff to play together because we naturally find a way into the music anyway. Moundabout has always been about getting out in the surroundings, hiking, swimming, chatting and experimenting with certain substances. 'An Cnoc Mór' was recorded with all those influences…just minus the substances.”

He concludes: “The vibe of 'An Cnoc Mór' for me is all about being completely present and in awe of the harsh beauty of nature. I had such poor phone and internet signal out there for a month that it allowed me to get quiet and get in the now and explore the landscape and think about it without constantly Googling shit. It was January when we were there and we got all the weather: sun, snow, hail and wind. There was no choice but just to be out in it. I love that.”


20 Jun 2023

Rocket in Ramsgate

We are thrilled to announce that the wonderful venue Ramsgate Music Hall are hosting a special Rocket 25 night on Saturday 18th November.

Rocket in Ramsgate
Teeth Of The Sea
Alison Cotton

Ramsgate Music Hall
18th November

£18.50 tickets here: 
Rocket in Ramsgate


This is what Ramsgate Music Hall say about the night:

To celebrate 25 years of Rocket Recordings, we are thrilled to announce a special show featuring three of our favourite artists on the label. Join us on Saturday 18th November as welcome Teeth of the Sea, Smote and Alison Cotton!

Rocket is an indie label very dear to our hearts, and we feel honoured to host such an occasion in our tiny chamber of noise. Darkest Kent salutes you, Team Rocket! Here's to many more years ahead...

"Responsible for some of the most forward-thinking British (and international) records of recent years, committing to wax the wonderment of astral rejecters Gnod, the ephemeral adjacent post-rock of Teeth of the Sea and the ecstatic trance of Goat" - Loud and Quiet


16 Jun 2023

Watch footage of Goat performing at Le Guess Who Festival

Last November Goat played the wonderful Le Guess Who Festival – you can now watch some of the mesmerising set here.

Under No Nation
Gathering of Ancient Tribes
Do The Dance
Disco Fever 

The line-up for this years Le Guess Who is extremely good, so if you haven't got a ticket, do yourselves a favour and pick one up!

Goat have some shows in 2023 confirmed, do not miss:

28 July / Geneva / Scene Ella Fitzgerald Festival
17-20 August / Brecon / Green Man Festival
13 October / Porto / Hard Club
14 October / Lisbon / Lisboa Ao Vivo