30 Sept 2009

Unholy Trinity tour

Introducing the Unholy Trinity tour:

Three bands
Three nights
Three cities


Friday 20 November
(Thames House, 566 Cable Street, Limehouse, E1W 3HB)

Saturday 21 November
The Louisiana
(Bathurst Parade, Wapping Road, BS1 4RH)

Sunday 22 November
Islington Mill
(James Street, Salford, M3 5HW)

28 Sept 2009

Rocket Probes September 2009 Playlist

White HillsDead
(Great to hear new material, their first for our friends at Thrill Jockey, includes great remix of Oceans of Sound)

Expo 70 – White Ohms
(Really nice spacey drone)

Eternal Tapestry – The Invisible Landscapes
(New album, this time on fave label Not Not Fun. Another great slice of jammed out psych, first track especially has some amazing fuzz wah over kraut’ish rhythms)

Oneida – Live at the Croft 19.08.09
(Our friend Gaz recorded the show for us, sounds great, by all accounts their best show of the UK tour)

Loop – World in your Eyes /Gilded Eternity
(Even though Loop have never really left the Rocket record player, it’s nice to hear all these tracks and new versions together, especially the 3 discs of WIYE, which includes their fantastic cover of Cinnamon Girl)

AR and Machines – Echo
(Finally managed to track this album from 1972 down, we love their first album, but this follow up is even better, a spectacular mix of spaced out kraut rock)

Pink Fairies – Finland Freakout
(Awesome live recording of the Fairies as a power trio in ‘71)

K4 Bremen Radio 1971
(The briefly active NEU!/Kraftwerk hybrid jamming out some Kraut improvisations. Occasional flourishes of flute and electronics are scattered amidst five long chunks of Kosmiche rock)

Dark Yoga
Breath of Life
(Sunburned Hand of the Man inspired sprawling psychedelic krautrock, free fuzz jams)

Brain Eno
Here Come the Warm Jets
(Members of Roxy Music, King Crimson, Hawkwind, Matching Mole, and The Pink Fairies entering a journey through the edges of pop and rock)

Sunburned Hand of the Man Fire Escape
(Mechanical rhythms darting over and under washes of feedback and distortion)

16 Sept 2009

Teeth of the Sea - OFFSET Festival live Reviews

Photos are courtesy of Tom Medwell


Enjoying the last of the afternoon sun, we head to the ECC Stage to catch the excellently-named Teeth Of The Sea. All melodic-but-very-loud instrumentals, TOTS propel their eardrum-shaving noise with a hypnotic floor tom, entrancing the whole tent with tunes from their debut record Orphaned by The Ocean. (Musoguide)
Saturday, and Teeth of the Sea kick things off with size 14's. Volatile guitars and trumpets conjure murky ambience which circles and stalks until striking - all rabid eyes, stabbing drums; the elegance of Mogwai infuriated by BNP-strength amphetamines. We watch entranced, fretting for the guitarist's diet. (Spoonfed)
Shifting over a stage, Teeth Of The Sea celebrate finishing a recent mini-tour of the UK with Oneida by delivering a face-melting set of deep psych. Gut-rumbling bass, dual-drumming, mariachi trumpets, moustache wax and a guitarist who looks like he's been beamed in from an Iron Maiden fan convention (MOJO later spots him sporting a pair of Maiden branded trainers) - if you like a bit of third eye action with your early evening falafel you could do a lot worse. (MOJO)


Johnny O Rocket on the Decks

With the target zone vectors locked in Johnny blows the moon dust of his vinyl for an explosive auditory journey through space and time.

Players FM Mix.m3u (Streaming mp3)
Players FM Mix.mp3 (128kbps mp3 download 40MB)

Enjoy (it's by no means professional)

15 Sept 2009

Send us pics of Rocket shirts

Send us pics of yourself or anyone you are stalking wearing a Rocket shirt and we will post them up on a blog..and you never know, if any are creative there may be a prize in it!!

Here are some we got already:

The MKII guys (www.claptonisgood.com) and some twat in the middle

Billy Fuller from Fuzz against Junk and Beak> kicking back at this years Green Man

Fat bobby going vintage Rocket

E-mail your pics to rocketrecordings@yahoo.co.uk

We still have a ltd amount of big Muff shirts left..so get one now before they are all gone....

Johnny O's Lightshow - Oneida live at The London Garage Photo's

Some really cool photo's of the 'O'(s) by Valerio Berdini www.liveon35mm.com


14 Sept 2009

The Heads support Mudhoney and release Ltd live album in shops today

The Heads will be sharing Big Muff peddles with the mighty Mudhoney at the following shows:

October 9th / Croft / Bristol (with Big Naturals)
October 10th / Woodhouse Liberal Club / Leeds (Mudhoney)
October 11th / Koko / London (Mudhoney)

Also, out today in your local record shop is the ltd live LP version of their amazing set at Roadburn festival in 2008.

Plus, on another Heads news, we at Rocket are at the initial stages on putting together the 3rd instalment in our Sessions series, we hope this should be ready for release hopefully by this time next year...so watch this space

10 Sept 2009


Limited edition NOTORIOUS HI-FI KILLERS "Pyramid" t-shirts

Designed and hand printed in Budapest by FREEDOOM (www.myspace.com/freedoom777).
Available in mens sizes: Small (skinny) / Medium / Large / X-Large
£10.00 + £3.00 P&P worldwide


2 Sept 2009

Jamie Oliver gives his ‘thumbs-up’ to Teeth of the Sea

Well, I doubt he knows much about it really, but his production company have selected two tracks off the TOTS album ‘Orphaned by the Ocean’ to soundtrack some scenes in his new ‘Jamie’s American Road trip’ series. The episode the tracks are featured on is the one based in Wyoming, which will get its first airing on September 8th...

Lets hope it is soundtracking the making of a Rocket Salad...(sorry!!)

1 Sept 2009

Beak> Video Footage

Beak> Iron Acton - Recording Session from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

Friend's of Rocket, Invada Records have uploaded a new promo video for one of their signings: Beak> ( view above)


Click on the link to view some extra footage of each band members other bands which include Fuzz Against Junk live at Resonance FM filmed by the O.

check it out!

Rocket Probes August 2009 Playlist

Gnod/White Hills - Drop Out (track title only)
(Unreleased track omitted from the CDR of the same name - plumming driving kraut jaunt, soon to be released on Rocket)

Gnod - The Somnambulist's Tale
(50min hypnotic percussive groove)

FI– Paradise Out Here
(Some really good wigged out Heads/Hawkwind’esque tracks on here, especially Om21, 20 mins of heavy fuzz repetitive bliss)

Chris Zebby – My Ancestors
(Amazing fuzz induced primitive Afro punk)

Lard Free – I’m Around about Midnight
(Really good Kraut/Heldon sounding psych rock)

Warhammer 48K – An Ethereal Oracle
(Took a few listens to appreciate how good this is, repetitive psych meets doom and 80’s US hardcore from members/friends of Cave)

Coil – Black Antlers
(Head spinning psychedelic electronica)

Moon Duo – Love on the Sea
(More great Velvet Underground repetitive psych from these Shjips)

Indian Jewelry - Invasive Exotics
(Fractured electronica, krautrock repetition, Butthole Surfers unruly psych-punk workouts)

Warm Digits - Myspace tracks
(They say:
like Can wrestling Zombie Nation in a lift with the Chemical Brothers 'Setting Sun' necking pills in the background and Lightning Bolt refereeing the melee - make your own mind up)

Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit / He Miss Road
(Tony Allen!!!)