30 Sept 2022

Rocket Probes – September 2022 playlist

Shit & Shine – Annoyed
(First track to be revealed from forthcoming new S&S album...and what a banger it is!
Shit & Shine

Various – Elsewhere VXIII
(We are incredibly proud of this unique sounding compilation – and proud that The Quietus called it 'revolutionary'..take a trip to Elsewhere)

Petbrick – Liminal
(Very eclectic and unique sounds, feel very privileged to have this is coming out on Rocket)

The Bug  – Absent Riddim
(New Bug sounds)
The Bug

The Shits – Drink your Blood
(One of the standout sets at Supernormal Festival)

Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos – Castlefields
(Looping loveliness)
Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos

Prangers – Prangers
(Another killer watch at Supernormal)

XAM Duo – Cold Stones (James Holden Remix)
(Holden on fire)

Steve Wright – Black Eyed Bruiser
(A proper classic banger...)

Die Wilde Jagd – Uhrwald Orange / Haut
(Cheers to Walter from Roadburn for pricking our ears up to Die Wilde Jagd work)
Norman Conners – Dance of Magic
(Stellar line-up!)
Conjunto Primitivo – Tiniebla
(Mechanical Rhythms)

Mishagas – 1996-97
(Kid Millions from pre Oneida days)

Asha Bhosle – Dum Maro Dum Pt.2
(Indian grooves)
Asha Bhosle

Tarkus – El Pirata
(Peruvian glam stomp from '72)

EROS – A Southern Code
(My Disco offshoot project, also featuring Regis, cheers Mike)

Tantra – Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Remix)
(The genius that is Cowley remixing one of our favourite tracks!)

Horse Lords – Mess Mend
(Reassuringly more of the same)
Horse Lords

The Pyramids – Aomawa
(Huge immersions)
The Pyramids

Concentration – Aren't You Gonna Introduce Me To Your Friend?
(Quite a unique album this)

Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon
(Hour long piece)
Brian Eno

Tamburi Neri – Sognare
(Repetitious sounds...a S&S NTS discovery)

Persher – Man With The Magic Soap
(Nice slice of industrial motorik noise...cheers to Mike Bourne for the nod to this too)

Machine – Machine
(Raw funk)

Celtic Frost – Morbid tales
(Been a bit of a Celtic Frost month)

Westside Gunn – Danhausen
(More hip hop goodness from Cherrystone NTS show)
Westside Gun

Tapper Zukie ‎– Man Ah Warrior
(Classic sounds)
Tapper Zukie

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Elsewhere VXIII 2xLP compilation is released today

"The most devastating suites of sound you’ll hear in 2022. Get yourself overthrown by it as soon as you can." The Quietus

"This is an awesome and eclectic blend of shamanic acid vibes...sounds so fresh." GOAT (Band)

"Soundscapes that form a bridge between the traditional and the otherworldly." Psychedelic Baby Magazine   


We are extremely thrilled to finally share this incredible 2x LP compilation in full with you.

'Elsewhere VXIII' is the latest instalment of 'multi-label compilation albums expertly compiled by Brussels-based deep digger DJ soFa.

This gathering of outernational rhythms, drones and folk tales takes in a dizzying array of cultures and folkloric traditions, mapping out their common ground with style and finesse. Unified by deep roots and yet branching out fearlessly into the unknown, all these stylings and more cohere and coalesce into an intoxicating patchwork. Yet as much as it may be driven by a DJ’s internal logic, this is primarily a work of border-free serendipity. 

You can buy on ltd Yellow Vinyl version here:


And there is also a ltd Green Vinyl and ltd Black Vinyl version available via your local record shop.

Navigating currents and vibrations that unite the globe, Elsewhere VXIII is a psychic transmission from a singular place where the stars align. 

01. Aida Al Hani – Kafeja Gati
02. Colinde Netemperate – Din patru cornuri de lume
03. Tempo Venus & Ox3 – Y
04. Pedro Castanheira & Caroline Oulman – A Saia Da Carolina
05. NÂR feat. June As – Baba Mimoun
06. Ugne&Maria – Apie Lubas (feat poetry by Birutė Kapustinskaitė)
07. ladr.ache – A Mi Fiasco (Live In Casteau)
08. Vica Pacheco – El Fuego
09. Odessey And Oracle – J’ai Vu Un Croco
10. PRAAH – André
11. Anna Vs June – Dahtila
12. Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters – Lolokele
13. Cyril Cyril Mariid
14. Kӣr - Zimovka


23 Sept 2022

Join us for Goat's 'Oh Death' Pre-release Listening Party

To celebrate the release of 'Oh Death', the new album by GOAT, we are having a very special 'intimate' listening party on Thursday, 20 October – the evening before the album is released.

The venue is Dauns – a Swedish vegan cafe located in East London run by a member of Rocket label mates 'Flowers Must Die'. 

The cafe is small so only 25 places will be available, and due to the licensing laws, to serve drinks everyone needs to buy a ticket, so Dauns' is charging £10 entry – but that price includes a free drink & Smörrebröd, plus a raffle ticket to win an ultra rare Test Pressing of 'Oh Death'.

A ltd amount of 'Oh Death' LP /CD's will also be available to buy on the night.


'Oh Death' Pre-release Listening Party

Location: Dauns, 77 Wentworth St, London  E1 7TD  Website
Date: Thursday 20 October
Time: 7-10pm (album playback starts at 8pm)
Ticket: £10 (includes free drink & Smörrebröd + Test Pressing raffle)

Ticket Link


'Oh' Death can be preorderd on LP and CD here: Bandcamp


Petbrick album Liminal is released today

"This fuckin' rips."
Revolver Magazine

"Nosebleed-inducing frenzy." Metal Hammer

"An electronic assault on your eardrums." Cvlt Nation

"A sensory overload." Metal Sucks

"Huge and heavy." Metal Injection


Petbrick's gargantuan new album Liminal is released today.

Sadly thanks to the every annoying delays in manufacturing the LPs were not back in time to make it into the shops for today's release, they will be in the shops next Friday though without fail!

If you bought your album via Bandcamp though, you will be in luck and they will be arriving any day now!

You can still order the last few copies we have of the ltd LP from here:



As with previous releases by the duo, Petbrick have returned to lays waste to all or any constrictions in their path. Blending a vast sonic landscape with a relentless compunction to break the pain barrier, the bands new album 'Liminal' is a dizzying exercise in overdrive which can take in industrial abrasions, pulverising rhythmic drive, acid-damaged freakery, cinematic tension and balladic gravitas in disarmingly coherent fashion. 

Other great collaborators have also came on board to add richness and intrigue to the Petbrick onslaught - from old school friends like Neurosis’ Steve Von Till and Converge’s Jacob Bannon to new school artists like Paula Rebbeledo from Rakta and New York doom rappers Lord Goat and Truck Jewelz.

An alchemical vision fit to both elevate the spirit and destroy everything in its path, ‘Liminal’ is the sound of Petbrick blasting their way through the boundaries of a fresh hell.

See Petbrick on a massive three band tour in November with Converge and Full of Hell:

Nov 06 / UK / London / Electric Brixton
Nov 07 / FR / Paris / La Cigale
Nov 08 / BE / Ghent / Vooruit
Nov 09 / NL / Nijmegen / Doornroosje
Nov 10 / DE / Berlin / Columbia Theater 
Nov 11 / DE / Leipzig / Felsenkeller
Nov 12 / LU / Esch-sur-Alzette / Kulturfabrik
Nov 13 / DE / Köln / Essigfabrik


21 Sept 2022

Ahead of Friday's release, listen to Petbrick's album Liminal in full

Thanks to the website Metal Injection, you can exclusively listen to Petbrick's gargantuan new album 'Liminal' in full – two days ahead of Friday's official release!!

Listen in full here via the Youtube player at the bottom of the piece:

Metal Injection

Wayne  said this ahead of the album's release to the world, "The word liminal means: Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. This sums up making the record over the last two years during isolation and attempting to return to normal life. We were experiencing so many different feelings simultaneously, having so many conflicting thoughts and I was definitely fighting internally to make sense out of the happenings and what comes next. It also gives an insight into the sonic world held within; it exists at a point where different worlds collide.”

And Iggor added, “Liminal is a record made in a time full of uncertainty, freedom, and agony. The sounds in this record are a true reflection of these times… A full trip into ideas, with lots of help of amazing collaborators… I’m very proud to finally share this with everyone.”

Preorder Liminal from your local Record shop or via bandcamp here:


US customers can pick the album up from the ever great Neurot Recordings


15 Sept 2022

Listen to new track by Petbrick featuring guest Paula Rebellato from Rakta

On Friday 23rd September Petbrick release their second album 'Liminal' and to reveal another side of the extremely eclectic album the band have decided to share the 6 minute+ track 'Distorted Peace' that features vocalist Paula Rebellato from the amazing Brazilian band Rakta.

'Distorted Peace' is a mammoth, sonic excursion of a track – a huge slab of synth-doom driven by some incredible Iggor Cavalera tribal rhythms. Chuck on the headphones is our advice!

Preorder Petbrick's album on ltd vinyl here or from your local record shop:


US customers head over to Neurot Recordings to pick-up their exclusive version.


See Petbrick on a massive three band tour in November with Converge and Full of Hell:

Nov 06 / UK / London / Electric Brixton
Nov 07 / FR / Paris / La Cigale
Nov 08 / BE / Ghent / Vooruit
Nov 09 / NL / Nijmegen / Doornroosje
Nov 10 / DE / Berlin / Columbia Theater
Nov 11 / DE / Leipzig / Felsenkeller
Nov 12 / LU / Esch-sur-Alzette / Kulturfabrik
Nov 13 / DE / Köln / Essigfabrik


13 Sept 2022

$hit & $hine reveal new album 'New Confusion' with banging new single

A new $hit & $hine album is always a cause for celebration, and with this latest record which is called 'New Confusion' it is time for one helluva party!

'New Confusion' is released on 28 October and Craig from $hit & $hine has even proclaimed "This may well be the album I am most proud of".

The first track to be revealed from 'New Confusion' is a banger of a track called 'Annoyed', watch the bonkers video created by John O'Carroll exclusively via The Quietus

The Quietus

'New Confusion' is available to preorder on ltd edition 'Blue Vinyl and luxurious 'Gold Mirrorboard sleeve from the Bandcamp link below or from your local record shop:

Preorder LP

We have also put up some made-to-order 'New Confusion' T-shirts – blue print on black or white tees:


Every single psychonaut worth their salt can remember a moment, midway through some chemically-assisted voyage into the unknown, when someone in the room had the sheer gall to utter the immortal words that strike terror into the heart of everyone present: “Hey, imagine what it’d be like if we stayed this way forever?”

Wonder no longer. Existing permanently stranded at the dizzying peak of a nightmarish hallucinatory travelogue, Shit & Shine are here to make that moment a reality. Yet thankfully, as always in this absurdist and electrifying realm, they’re notable for offering a different vision from the third eye whenever they make themselves manifest. What’s more, with New Confusion they’ve usurped their own outré paradigms yet again, resulting in a demented heat-haze panorama of delirious beat-driven abandon and elucidated neural pathways.

As ever the brainchild of Texan king of outlaw brinkmanship Craig Clouse, these nine abject and glorious meditations exist in an alternate dimension whereby a loop-driven exploratory framework is joyridden with alacrity offroad by a moonshine-swigging convict, a zone whereby aural scrap metal is alchemically transformed into gleaming, abstract and intimidating structures and sculptures anew.

It may not have occurred to the average head that the sound of Tropicália melting gleefully in the sun (as here essayed on ‘Miami’) might be to their satisfaction, nor that the image of J Dilla trapped in a K-hole with Butthole Surfers would do anything but make them mildly anxious. Similarly, the prospect of Ming The Merciless screaming with rage at his internet service provider (see ‘Robbed’) may not be something that immediately appeals to music listeners around the globe, and nor could most folk imagine an in-the-red floor-filler being quite as pulverising and irresistible as the motorik mangler ‘Annoyed’, which kicks off this album in incendiary style - no less than the sound of ‘Hallogallo’-in-hell.

Yet if the parallel universe of Shit & Shine exists for anything, it’s to map out new frontiers of wrong and righteous beyond your wildest expectations. Meet the new end-of-level boss.


6 Sept 2022

Petbrick reveal new single featuring Jacob Bannon from Converge

Petbrick – the duo of Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy/Soulwax) have just released the second single from their forthcoming gargantuan album 'Liminal', which is released on Rocket (and Neurot in America) on 23 September.

'Grind You Dull' features explosive guest vocalist Jacob Bannon from legendary band Converge and its seizure-inducing video was created by Tom Brewins.

Watch the video exclusively via Revolver here:


Wayne says, “‘Grind You Dull’ is a PETBRICK take on a hardcore punk track – but instead of guitars we used a distorted electronic 909 kick to create a riff and it slams! It is probably the most thrash moment on the album, proper facemelting territory. It was amazing to Jake on board with this track, and to be invited on tour with Converge! Hopefully we can introduce some people to the PETBRICK world of noise fury! The video, which is made by good friend and collaborator Tom Brewins is very much in keeping with the lo-fi glitched out aesthetic we are incorporating with Liminal whilst trying to capture the live energy of Iggor's playing!”

Iggor reveals, “I met Jake many years ago, and I have always a huge fan of his music and art. He and Nate (Newton, Converge) have been massive supportive of PETBRICK since our first demo. It was an honor to have him on the track ‘Grind You Dull’ off our new album, and of course we’re looking forward to tour with the almighty Converge – hopefully we will get to do it live with him on vocals!” 

'Liminal' is available on ltd edition 'splatter vinyl' via the link below or via your local record shop:


American fans can pick the album up on a different coloured 'swirl vinyl' via the great Neurot Recordings.


See Petbrick on a massive three band tour in November with Converge and Full of Hell:

Nov 06 / UK / London / Electric Brixton
Nov 07 / FR / Paris / La Cigale
Nov 08 / BE / Ghent / Vooruit
Nov 09 / NL / Nijmegen / Doornroosje
Nov 10 / DE / Berlin / Columbia Theater 
Nov 11 / DE / Leipzig / Felsenkeller
Nov 12 / LU / Esch-sur-Alzette / Kulturfabrik
Nov 13 / DE / Köln / Essigfabrik

(Band photo by Al Overdrive)


2 Sept 2022

Bandcamp Friday September 2022

Looks like Bandcamp are having another one of their 'waive their fee' Fridays.
So it's the perfect time to support your favourite bands and labels and indulge in some new records, CDs and T-shirts.

We can highly recommend these presales:

Goat – Oh Death LP/CD/T-shirts
Various – Elsewhere VXIII 2LP
Petbrick – Liminal LP

And all these 2022 releases:

Goat – World Music (10th Anniversary remaster) LP
Moundabout – Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones LP
Alison Cotton – The Portrait You Painted Of Me LP
The Utopia Strong – International Treasure LP/CD
Petbrick – Ayan T-shirt
J. Zunz – Del Aire LP
Holy Scum – Strange Desires LP
Rubber Oh – Strange Craft  LP/CD
OCH – Pö om pö LP
GNOD – Hexen Valley LP/CD

We have also added lots of warehouse finds, so have a scour and see what gems you can find: