23 Apr 2019

Music & Riots review Teeth of the Sea - WRAITH

Music & Riots review Teeth of the Sea - WRAITH

They say:

London-based post-everything-and-whatever trio Teeth of the Sea are back with their fifth album Wraith. Exploring the dichotomy of their very own experimental and cinematic weirdness, Wraith is the trio’s most ambitious and irreverent effort. Built over this haunted and eerie Morricone meets Survive’s Stranger Things work, Wraith grows on you easily, becoming some sort of hypnotic and out-of-order trip into their drifting crescendo intensity.

There are obvious roots on experimentalism, both electronic and psychedelic, but there are also branches which extend into uncharted territories, both emergent and urgent. This new effort sees the band strip things back substantially, because there’s the same range of sounds and experimentalism; however on this occasion the atmosphere they create is even bleaker, where euphoria and surrealism bring along a new set of dynamics into their vivid and fearless sound.

Recorded in London at Soup Studios with Giles Barrett, Phantasy Sound with Erol Alkan and their own The Facility, Wraith is the kind of blowout you expect from the trio’s artistic approach, the perfect sound representation of Teeth of the Sea’s unique irreverence and distinctive creativity.

Music and Riots


Introducing Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes EP

We are delighted to reveal the first track off a new remix EP 'Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes' a release that will coincide bringing the mighty Rocket to the Russian where both bands will be performing on the same bill at this years ‘Gnoomes Fest’ in Perm, Russia on 18th May.

The first Gum Takes Tooth reveal is the heavy Techno remix by Gnoomes's drummer electronic project 'KIKOK', check it out here:

You can listen/stream/buy Gum Takes Tooth vs Gnoomes here: GTTvsGnoomes / Bandcamp


The Press Release:

In January London’s Gum Takes Tooth released their critically acclaimed album ‘Arrow’. This latest release further established the duo as masters of their drum-triggered manipulated
electronic sound. A unique sound that merges both speaker ripping psych-rock pyrotechnics and synapse-shredding acid house into a unclassifiable fury that many cannot rival.

Three of the key ‘synapse-shredding’ Gum Takes Tooth tracks from ‘Arrow ‘were handed over to their Rocket comrades Gnoomes to remix. Gnoomes are a Russian outfit who themselves blend a potent mix of psychedelic stargaze, kraut techno and kosmiche pop – so a perfect choice of sound manipulators to conjure up their own Gum Takes Tooth interpretations.

The resulting three reworked versions of tracks; ‘Borrowed Lies’, ‘Fights Physiology’ and ‘The Arrow’, take the originals into different electronic sonic arcs, that blend the kinetic
anthems of Gum Takes Tooth into more kosmiche-techno territory. From the more aggressive techno of ‘KIKOK’ (Gnoomes’s drummer), to the warm trans Europe express migration by ‘Warwara’ (Gnoomes guitarist) and the hypnotic acid house transcendence by Sasha Piankov (Gnoomes singer, bassist and synth player). All three remixes are from a band that don’t limit themselves in the extension of their musical palettes resulting in something very unique and immersive.


Gnoomes have also recently announced a brand new album titled ‘MU!’ their third for Rocket Recordings and it is released on all formats on 31 May with a UK tour booked around the time of it’s release.

Buy: Bandcamp / Stream: Gnoomes


Gum Takes Tooth are also taking their incredible live set onto European stages over the summer. ‘Arrow’ is out now on all formats.

Buy: Bandcamp / Stream: GumTakesTooth


22 Apr 2019

The Skinny reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in Edinburgh

They say:

Looming out of the darkness, Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs storm Edinburgh with a short but fiery set that showcases why they’re one of the most exciting heavy acts that Britain has produced in recent years.

Lit for most of the set in an orange glow reminiscent of a steel forge, their bass-heavy grind is truly something to hear, evoking a battleship fusillade as it rumbles and rolls, while gigantic guitars stab like shards of icebergs plunging into the sea. 

At times, the sheer volume of instrumentation threatens to overwhelm vocalist Matt Baty, but like forward-looking peers Deafheaven there are also touches of shoegaze that suggest perhaps Pigs x7 are rather more avid and diverse musos than perhaps their black clad demeanour hints at.

Early songs like GNT and Shockmaster are packed with riffs that scrape the roof of the room, channelling early Mastodon with their dextrous instrumentals. Drummer Christopher Morley pinwheels his way through Sweet Relief as Baty howls at the ceiling, while on Gloamer, a standout from 2018’s King of Cowards, the whole band marauds ferociously as rumbling bass and shards of feedback give way to an enormous acidic riff...

Read the rest here: The Skinny

Photo live at Preston Guild Hall, 13 Apr by Danny Sargent


Line of the Best Fit reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's 'Sacred Dreams'

They say:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation’s Sacred Dreams is a thoroughly modern take on psychedelia

In many ways, Sacred Dreams, the latest offering from Swedish psychedelic outfit Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, feels like a trilogy of EPs - even though it isn’t…

Following a three year absence, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have taken steps in multiple bold new directions with their third full-length album Sacred Dreams. Since moving from Stockholm to London, bandleader Josefin Öhrn and her writing partner Fredrik have assembled a brand new cast of collaborators, including Maki (Go Team), Patrick C Smith (Eskimo Chain), Matt Loft (Lola Colt) and Ben Ellis. This new lineup has helped Öhrn create the band’s sleekest and most accessible release so far. The twelve tracks that make up Sacred Dreams could divide almost perfectly into three distinct smaller projects that provide us with an immaculately produced and thoroughly modern take on various forms of psychedelia.

While electronics have always played a part in Öhrn + The Liberation’s music, for the first four tracks of their new LP they take centre stage, shifting the band away from their more guitar orientated earlier material. Propelled by an overdriven bassline, Krautrock-infused opening track and lead single "Feel The Sun" is an impressive and intense start to the record that sets a driving pace the band maintain across the next several songs like the cold arpeggiator based "Desire" and the '80s synth-pop influenced "I Can Feel It" - a cut that demonstrates what could be Öhrn’s catchiest and most pop-oriented songwriting to date...

Read the rest here: LotBF


Get into This reveals details of Gnoomes show

They say:

Russian spacerockers Gnoomes play Liverpool on Friday June 7, Getintothis’ Yuri Gagarin on the blockbuster confirmed billing.

Gnoomes‘ return trip to Liverpool on Friday June 7 has been bolstered by a stellar supporting bill.

The Russian band, signed to Rocket Recordings, will release their much anticipated third album MU! on May 31 before playing at Jacaranda Records Phase One in Liverpool.

The band unveiled lead single Sword In The Stone (listen below) and will return to Liverpool following their Buyers Club Deep Cuts date in March 2018.

Three suitably refined bands will provide strong support on the night in the shape of Charity Shop Pop, Samurai Kip and the already announced RongoRongo..

Read more here: GIT


Lay Llamas announce shows

Great news that Lay Llamas are going back on the road.
After a successful first show on Saturday, the band are hitting these stages soon:

18 May / Padova (Italy), Nadir (event and details TBA very soon)

31 May / Milano (Italy), ZUMA Fest - Zumafest

10 August / Geel (Belgium), Yellowstock Festival - Yellowstock

+ more gigs are still TBA

If you would like to put them on, get in touch via their Facebook page: FB


21 Apr 2019

Neolyd reviews Centrum

They say:

The truth is out there. True happiness comes from within. These are exactly the thoughts that Centrum wants to stimulate: "The listener should be given the opportunity to relax and be taken on a journey." In order to dispel all misunderstandings, the band delivers the audio guide for their music in the album title. Accordingly, "För Meditation" also consists of four long, schwurbeligen concentration exercises that are diametrically opposed to the hectic pulsating everyday life.

As if to say goodbye, before the first piece starts we get another selection of stressors delivered free to the door: street noise, car noise, driving people away. "Vid Floden" then settles slowly like a soothing balm on the scenario, swells barely noticeable. The Swedes are drifting in a river of drone, psychedelia and matra-like vocals and, despite their distinct oriental orientation, are always one-footed in the legacy of bands like Velvet Underground or Popol Vuh. It takes five minutes for "För Meditation" to unfold completely. Then, however, any civilizational disturbance is banished from consciousness.

See the piece here: Neolyd


19 Apr 2019

Centrum För Meditation released today

We are thrilled to announce the ltd vinyl release by the enigmatic duo Centrum is released today. För Meditation is released via both Rocket Recordings & Danish label Svensk Psych Aften.  

Buy the ltd edition red LP from your local record shop or direct from us here: Bandcamp
Or contact Svensk Psych Aften for copies of the black vinyl version


“At the end I didn’t not want it to stop… I never want it to stop”
“It’s a beautiful expression, and it’s one of the best first albums you’ll hear in 2019” 

“This music simply chants ritualistic mystery and beauty”
“One eye on the future, one of the finest albums that Rocket has ever released” 

"The record is fittingly nestled among the lysergic legions of Rocket Recordings, contending nicely with their lineup of higher burning trip makers of late"

"This record parts the Red Sea, those on the patient and weirdly virtuous side of those sacred waters will certainly love this record"

The Press Release:
“The mantra that you’re given in Transcendental Meditation you keep to yourself. The reason being, true happiness is not out there, true happiness lies within” - so states David Lynch, a vocal proponent of this art on a twice-daily basis since 1973. It’s a maxim that holds true to Sweden’s Centrum, whose Rocket Recordings debut forms no less than a mysterious yet meaningful voyage into inner space.

Indeed, on ‘För Meditation’ these sometime members of Hills and Weary Nous explore a soundworld that demonstrates all too adeptly that true heaviness of intent need not be the preserve of demonic riffs and highly cranked amps. Weaving a dense and beguiling
tapestry of drone-based hypnosis, mantric vocal chants and ritualistic folk along with field recordings from a trip the members made to India, this band also inadvertently plots our a map from the experimental music of the early-‘70s to the present, alighting on a myriad touchstones on the way.

Yet tempting through it may be to place ‘För Meditation’ amidst the uniquely Swedish lineage of primal and arcadian Psychedelia that began with artists like Arbete Och Fritid, Träd, Gras och Stenar and International Harvester, the band are keen to emphasise that
inspiration arrives at Centrum from all quarters. “From Pandit Pran Nath to Trees, from Velvet Underground to Popol Vuh, anything and everything.

“We had a curiosity to create a space where the listener would get a chance to just relax and be part of the journey. It was definitely a plan to make it a kind of meditation aid. Life today is so very fast in many aspects, so we wanted this to be a contrast to that.”
Recorded and mixed by Centrum on 16 track tape the band wanted to make an imprint, in this case through the use of traditional instruments like the Harmonium as well as singing in
their native Swedish tongue, their aim would be to imagine music as a homage to the beautiful oneness, a celebration of life and death that one can sometimes glimpse as humans.


So lay down relax, turn off your phone and let Centrum be your guide! 


18 Apr 2019

The Fragmented Flâneur review DJINN album

The Fragmented Flâneur review DJINN album

They say:

This release, along with the recent Paisiel album, sees Rocket Recordings arguably move into more jazz-oriented territory. What may be surprising to some is that the musicians here are members of Rocket stalwarts Goat and Hills. This is another in a series of albums that I’ve recently covered featuring members of these bands (see also Centrum and Laughing Eye), which really does underline the excellent musicianship located within this collective.

Of course, as you would expect, this is not just a jazz album, with many tones and shades taking is on exactly the sort of journey that I envisaged when I was thinking about how I wanted this website to develop. This is an album that, for me, is very much about the journey. This is an album that is very much in the image of its name ‘DJINN’, which mysterious spiritual beings found in pre-Islamic Arabic culture, neither angel nor demon; yet exhibiting qualities of both.

This suggests to me a balance… a path through the known and unknown which DJINN takes with this album. This for me is evidenced through the music which is sometimes dissonant, sometimes harmonious… frequently both. So while, at one level, this seems like a free jazz album… it is really much more than that. It is a really intense and powerful journey… through your own imagination if you let it. Above all though it is an amazing listen from musicians who you would think have been playing this way their whole lives.

Read the full review here: Fragmented Flaneur 


Lay Llamas Play Zuma Festival, Milan

Delighted to announce Lay Llamas will play at the psych-space-kraut-freakout-experimental-fourthworld music festival in Italy ZUMA Fest, in Milan. 

The band are on the bill of friday 31st May, sharing the stage with amazing musicians and bands like Maestro Lino Capra Vaccina (Franco Battiato's collaborator and owner of a masterpiece from 70s european minimalism like 'Antico Adagio') and The Sunwatchers among others. 

Info and details here: Zumafest


Raven Sings The Blues reviews Centrum För Meditation

Raven Sings The Blues reviews Centrum - För Meditation.

They say:

Hooked into the drone consciousness of decades of Swedish psychedelia, avant-rock rumblings from across the Atlantic, and progressive nodes from the cosmic German gardens of the ‘70s, Centrum delivers their debut in thrall of the thrum. With members of Hills and Weary Nous in their ranks the duo starts with a solid pedigree. The pair turns För Meditation into an album of deep tissue drop-out that slots alongside contemporaries Myrrors as much as it hooks into the free-psych pastoral history of International Harvester or Träd, Gras och Stenar. Winky umlaut aside, the title’s not just for show here, this is some serious altered state psychedelia, built on a bedrock of harmonic rumble that the band uses to explore molten fuzz guitar runs, mystic organ rituals, and strings that run through Eastern waters.....

Read the full review: Raven Sings The Blues


Rocket DJ at Test Pressing Festival

Chris will be representing Rocket at this yearsTest Pressing Festival in Hackney Wick on 27 April.

He will be playing some records on the main stage before A Place to Bury Strangers and Moon Duo's sets.

Info/Tickets here: Test Pressing


Colour Horizon review Teeth Of The Sea live at Soup Kitchen

 Colour Horizon review Teeth Of The Sea live at Soup Kitchen.

It Reads:

Soup Kitchen is the perfect home for Teeth Of The Sea. A concrete square down some concrete steps. Exposed brickwork. A neon sign that’s slightly too small for the space it occupies. Teeth Of The Sea make music spawned from the modern age. They soundtrack a dystopian life, a life you would never wish to witness. They make new things. They make shapes appear in front of you that you have never seen before, in colours you have never seen before. Then when the shapes have gone, you can’t remember what they looked like, just the feeling inside to have witness something so special and unique in a concrete box with a too-small sign.

Teeth Of The Sea were ripping the head off their latest album, WRAITH. The first track is death knell operating theatre intro ‘Our Love Will Destroy This Fucking World’ which segues us neatly into the dance track of WRAITH: ‘Gladiators Ready’ in which huge walls come forth to batter you into submission.

Read the full review here: Colour Horizon

Photo: William van der Voot


17 Apr 2019

Backseat Mafia Interview & Full Stream 'Centrum - För Meditation'

Backseat Mafia​ Interview & Full Album Stream 'Centrum - För Meditation':

We are hugely delighted to share the full album stream of Centrum's 'För Meditation' with the good people at Backseat Mafia. What's even better is the stream also pairs up a rare Interview with one of the band members.

Head over to Backseat Mafia for this exclusive:
Backseat Mafia
'Heavy, Primitive and Ancient'


Here is a small taster of the interview:

There is definitely something in the air in Scandinavia that makes for a constant stream of fresh psychedelic talent, this week ahead of the release of their debut LP För Meditation, we caught up with members of Centrum to find out more about them and what we can expect from the album. We are also fortunate to offer you an exclusive stream of the album in full before anyone else.

Q – Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourselves and/or the band? We believe you have links to lots of other bands, is that right?

A – Yes well we are members from Hills and Weary Nous plus other friends and yes you are right in assuming we have links to other bands as well. I am a bit afraid to mention what bands though haha

Read the full interview here: Backseat Mafia


16 Apr 2019

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs play VISIONS Festival, Hackney

We are delighted to reveal that Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are to play VISIONS Festival, London Fields, Hackney on the August 03 2019.

For more info: Seetickets / Visionsfestival 


DJINN to play Supernormal

We are super delighted to share that Goat & Hills offshoot DJINN are to play one of their first ever gigs at Supernormal 2019.

The Festival is now sold out but if your lucky enough to get a ticket then go watch the band.

More info & the full line up: Supernormalfestival


Teeth Of The Sea live footage of 'Field Punishment'

Some great footage of Teeth Of The Sea performing 'Field Punishment' live at The Soup Kitchen, Manchester on the weekend.


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation regrettably postpone up-and-coming 'Sacred Dreams' UK tour until November

We have sadly just received this from Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unfortunately having to reschedule our upcoming UK tour dates.

Tickets will be valid for the revised date, please contact your ticket provider if this is problematic. We apologise for this, as a band we have never had to do this before which hopefully goes some way to understanding we don't do this unless we absolutely have no choice.

We are extremely sad to hear this news, but more importantly we wish the band all our best as I know they have not come to this decision lightly. We look forward to seeing them take their forthcoming album 'Sacred Dreams' to the UK stages in November as shown in the poster above and here:

04 Nov / Leeds / The Brudenell Social Club
05 Nov / Manchester / The Deaf Institute
06 Nov / London / Islington Assembly Hall
07 Nov / Bristol / Thekla
08 Nov /  Brighton / Green Door
10 Nov / Birmingham / Hare & Hounds
11 Nov / Oxford / The Bullingdon
12 Nov / Liverpool / Jacaranda - Phase One
13 Nov / Newcastle / The Cluny
14 Nov / Glasgow / Stereo
15 Nov / Leicester / The Cookie

'Sacred Dreams' is released on 26 April but can be pre-ordered on ltd LP and CD from your local record shop now.


15 Apr 2019

Louder Than War reviews Teeth of the Sea live in Manchester

They say:

Teeth of the Sea utilise harsh electronics and brass melodies to bring a sci-fi western landscape to a cold Manchester basement. Rhys Delany was there...

Earlier this year Teeth of the Sea released their fifth LP, Wraith. Much like the title suggests, the album carries with it an ethereal essence, one of transcendence. Teeth of the Sea manage to create vast soundscapes, which is why they have recently announced a collaboration with Appolo’s Moon Shot, where they will be performing a live score of completely new music.

As the band take to stage, there is an ominous presence, as to what will happen next. They open with the soft synth lines of Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World, with this song, Teeth of the Sea, have set up an atmosphere that is both quaint and soft, with a willingness to do whatever they want.

In quite the contrast the trio later opts for the more danceable, and techno inspired tracks, such as Gladiator’s Ready. An excellent showcase of the power of the synth set up that sits centre stage. Mike Bourne stays focussed as he manipulates the sounds that echo around the crowd...

Read the rest here: Louder Than War


14 Apr 2019

Soundblab reviews Centrum

They say:

This one is obvious.

It’s slow-burn psych that drones with mantra breath.

It’s from Sweden and features members of Hills.

There are three long tracks (and one other just under six minutes).

And the title is För Meditation.

I can hear the Red Seas parting. But for those of us who dig this stuff, there is only one question: Is it great Swedish slow-burn psych that drones with mantra breath?

I mean, just because a band follows the template of a certain genre doesn’t guarantee greatness. Jazz Guy (aka Mr. Radue) says there is such a thing as bad free jazz. And one time, while in some London pub, I watched as The Bonzos’ Neil Innes played a catchy country rock tune with perfect 4/4 precision, which after ten minutes or so of the very same perfect Take It Easy 4/4 precision, became an obvious parody that even the most ardent Eagles’ fan could understand and, possibly (at least for that moment) have a deep desire to get the hell out of Hotel California.   

But Swedish psych fans need not worry about this album. To quote Oliver Twist, let’s just say, “Please, sir, I want some more.”

Yes, indeed, this is the real deal. Now, it’s a slow-burn psych that drones with mantra breath real deal, but that’s all right for those of us who love the ritualistic sonic retreat of the “true happiness” that “lies within.” (Thank you, David Lynch!)

The record begins with the sound of motor traffic rumble. (And yes, also thank you, Ray Davies!) The music then pulses down into the veins of tranquility...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


Echoes and Dust reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Sacred Dreams

They say:

Sacred Dreams is the first album by Josefin Ohrn + The Liberators since their move from Stockholm to London and was largely recorded at Press Play Studios run by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab, who also produced and performed on the album, along with a new bunch of Liberators, including Maki of Go Team and Ben Ellis, who has previously worked with Iggy Pop and Swervedriver. Not surprisingly, themes of change and travel are present throughout the album, which also contains a few fresh sonic adventures.

Like any self-respecting Echoes And Dust writer, I was aware of Öhrn and the bands’ previous work as they are on Rocket Recordings, whose roster is pretty much all required listening. I hadn’t, though, up till now really listened to full albums. I knew that would change once I heard lead out single ‘Desire’. Darker and bolder than anything they have recorded before ‘Desire’ is full on electro-filth, with staccato drums and throbbing bass, like Goldfrapp at their most confrontationally sexy. During the verses Öhrn sings in French, a tactic she’s employed previously on ‘Rainbow Lollipop’ for 2016’s Mirage, but where that was all faux naïf tease, and deliberately recalled Serge Gainsbourg, this is modern, urgent and more ambitious. It leads you to believe the band are ready to stage a full-on assault on the dancefloor, but actually the rest of album largely returns to more familiar territory...

Read the rest here: E&D


Heathman Mofo reviews Centrum

They say:

Rocket Recordings to my mind has one of the greatest back catalogues not just in modern psych, but also in modern music full stop. I am honestly struggling to think of a bad release, so many of their releases have formed cornerstones in my collection  Gnod, Josefin Öhrn, Mammatus, Teeth Of The Sea, The Heads, Goat, Julie’s Haircut, Fuzz Against Junk and Hills, ah yes ‘Hills’. Of all the albums released on Rocket Recordings the two albums released by ‘Hills’ have had probably had the biggest impact on me. Everything about them appealed to me, the drones, the groves, the jams and just that air of mystery, it sent me scurrying  off to my computer to dust old files of Pärson Sound, Baby Grandmothers, International Harvester, Träd, Gräs och Stenar and so on, these I had downloaded when Julian Cope mentioned them all those years ago. So why the focus on ‘Hills’? Well Centrum are made up of members of ‘Hills’ and ‘Weary Nous’ and if that hasn’t piqued your interest then what if I told you that this is one of the finest albums that Rocket has ever released!

The thing that has struck me most about this album is every time I have listened to it, it has the same calming effect. The music doesn’t seem to have any dark undertones massive changes of tact, it just kind of demands to listen and pay attention because if you don’t I guarantee you will miss something, in fact after dozens of listens I’m still discovering small details I had missed on previous listens. The albums opener ‘Vid Floden’ (By The River) may start with the hustle and bustle that comes with modern life but it soon takes you away on a gentle, peaceful trip. This eleven minute song is built around a slow steady bass line and slowly builds layer upon layer of sound. The five minute guitar solo at the end just adds to the music rather than overpower it and that’s just the first song...

Read the rest here: Heathman


11 Apr 2019

The Obelisk reviews Centrum

They say:

The album begins with a field recording of a busy street in India. Horns honk, cars whiz past. People speak. A bike bell chimes. Then the drone of “Vid Floden” begins and the essential message of Centrum‘s debut album, För Meditation, becomes clear in the feeling of leaving the world behind in search of a higher plane of consciousness. Or unconsciousness. Or of those parts of the mind that don’t have a name yet. Released through Rocket Recordings and Svensk Psych Aften, the four-track outing is a quick-enough session at 37 minutes; an unassuming single LP with two longer tracks bookending two shorter ones that unfolds graceful contemplative psychedelia worthy of its title. Across “Vid Floden” (11:02), “Sjön” (8:39), “Stjärnor” (05:14), and “Som En Spegel” (12:12), the lineup-less Swedish outfit whose members reportedly also take part in Weary Nous and rightfully acclaimed jam-lords Hills elicit a vibe that borders on the conceptual in its underlying purpose.

They have backward voices chanting at the outset of “Sjön” and a particularly effective use of strings and a classic wah solo laid overtop in “Stjärnor” and an apex of chanting following the flute-led procession of “Som En Spegel,” but wherever they go or whatever elements a given piece might introduce, the feeling of exploration and mind expansion is never far off. They never lose the serenity that “Vid Floden” seems to find once it floats away from the harsh reality of its outset, or maybe it’s finding the music in that cacophony and unearthing it for the listener....

Read the rest here: The Obelisk


10 Apr 2019

Silent Radio reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live in Manchester

They say:


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (or Pigsx7) are one of those bands that are a bit of a mystery.

They shot onto the scene with their debut LP Feed the Rats at the beginning of 2017, bringing a riff heavy mix of stoner/sludge/pysch/metal to an unsuspecting scene and they soon made a name on the circuit.

Now the Newcastle based group are touring their latest album – King of Cowards (released September 2018) – and I’m off to Rebellion in Manchester to see how they do. It’s probably fair dinkum that our gigs editor Max told me to take earplugs, I reckon, as I head underneath Deansgate’s train line to get into an already busy venue just before Pigsx7 come on.

Matt Baty is the driving force for Pigsx7’s live performance, but the other four members of the band have such focus from the second that they step on stage it’s hard not to be drawn in.

Straight away they’re into the first of their mammoth songs. When I first listened to them last year I was immediately struck by the length and sheer power of each track (their debut has just three, each one over 10 minutes long, but King of Cowards is a little more accessible with six songs under 10 minutes a piece).

Baty gets some banter going with the sell out crowd, a humbling and eloquent interaction, and they’re in with another one of their tasty riffs that seem to go on forever...

Read the rest here: Silent Radio

Amazing photo (from the Scala) by Jose Ramon Caamano


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Interviewed by NE Volume

 NE Volume interview Pig Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ahead of their Gatehead home coming show:

It reads:

North East outfit Pigsx7 head to Sage, Gateshead this month so Nathan Douthwaite caught up with them to speak about hometown gigs, their latest record, and to discuss how they decided on their name.

First of all, the Sage is a homecoming gig for you as a band. What makes this venue so great?

There are loads of great venues in the North East; some of our favourites are Star and Shadow and The Cluny and we’ve played both of those the past couple of years. We’re looking forward to seeing how our live show carries over into the Sage; it should sound and look very impactful in there given the equipment they have at their disposal and the capacity of the room means we can get some extra heads in there too. The past few Newcastle shows we’ve oversold a little and then had to start turning people away which was a shame.

Will the show be any different with it being in your hometown?

There’ll be a lot of friends and family there which always makes these shows feel a bit more special. It’s also the final date of the tour. In the past, we’ve usually started tours in the North East and ended them elsewhere so it’ll be nice to end the tour here when we’re well oiled.

Your second album, ‘King of Cowardsʼ, is out now. How has your sound and writing process changed since the first record?

We were a band for four years before we released our debut album. Taking that long to release it had its benefits but we certainly didn’t want to wait so long to release our second so we put ourselves under a bit of pressure to get another album to our label. Sonically, ‘King Of Cowards’ benefited from us being able to record at the new Blank Studios premises. Our guitarist, Sam, designed and built the studio so he knows every inch of it – it has a huge live room which definitely enhanced our recordings. We also experimented more with extra layers and textures. This record features moments of insane sax playing, some extra help on vocals from our friends, small parts of percussive piano and some wild synth playing courtesy of Richard Dawson.....

Read the whole interview: Nevolume


TEETH OF THE SEA are to Live Score 'Apollo Moon Shot' Film at the Science Museum

Teeth of the Sea are to Live Score 'Apollo Moon Shot' Film at the Science Museum:

We are delighted to reveal that Teeth of the Sea are to Live Score the 'Apollo Moon Shot' Film at the Science Museum's IMAX Theatre in London on the 21st June.

Here is the information regarding the event:

'Join us for a unique preview of Smithsonian Channel's new series 'Apollo’s Moon Shot' with a live score from Teeth of the Sea.

'Apollo’s Moon Shot' looks back on one of the most important leaps forward in human history, exploring the journey from America’s first manned orbit to the last man on the Moon. The six-part series premieres on 17 June on the recently launched Smithsonian Channel UK and airs weekly throughout June and July.

We will be screening an abridged feature-length cut of the documentary series, with a live score performed by London psychedelic rockers Teeth of the Sea and introduced by famed American aviator Mary Wallace “Wally” Funk.

Tickets & Info: Science Museum

Photo: William van der Voort


9 Apr 2019

KURO play Do.omyoga

Do.omyoga have invited KURO to soundtrack their next session on 19 April at ACE Hotel in Shoreditch in London.

They say:

Do.omyoga is honoured to bring you nada yoga with a very special LIVE collaboration with KURO 

Kuro take their name from the Japanese word for ‘black’, and their debut release for Rocket Recordings marks an experimental union between two diversely storied yet inherently like-minded musicians. Agathe Max, who hails originally from Lyon, is a classically-trained violinist with a varied back catalogue of studio and live work - running the gamut from spectral ambience to stately soundscapes and adept at summoning dreamstates and drama alike, her emotive and engaging work has found admirers at a number of UK festivals such as Supersonic and Raw Power. 

The Bristol-based Gareth Turner, meanwhile, maintains a busy schedule performing and recording with Rocket Recordings trio Anthroprophh (alongside The Heads guitarist Paul Allen) bass/drums duo Big Naturals, and his solo double-bass project Fuck Authority, as well as working as a touring tech for Melvins on their trips to Europe. Yet despite both of these artists’ multi-faceted artistic lives, their partnership was both a natural progression and reflective of an intuitive chemistry.

Soundtracted  to their sacred sound , a deeply connecting candlelit passive yoga practice hosted in Acehotels venue Miranda is not to be missed.

Do.omyoga is a slow vinyasa dynamic - restorative Yoga practice. This is a holistic practice taking you through Mantra , Asana, Pranayama breathing ending in Mediation. There is a strong emphasis through out the practice on 'Passive' postures. Practiced alongside Doom, drone, Psychedelic, Avant garde,Atmospheric, Ambient music . The slower , heavier vibrations act as a driving force invigorating strength serving as the 'active' principle balancing the energy of the practice.


 More info/tickets: Do.omyoga


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to play Latitude Festival

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  have been announced to play this years Latitude Festival...do they know what they have coming???

Info/tix here: Latitude


8 Apr 2019

Underscore Part 3 say some words about Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs at BBC 6Music Festival

They say:

"Pigs x7 played to one of the largest audiences of the weekend and probably played the best set."

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (who will be known as Pigs x7 for the rest of this piece) played to one of the largest audiences of the weekend and probably played the best set which is unusual to say when being simplistic Pigs x7 are a metal band. Having chatted with lead singer Mat prior to their set and watching them it’s obvious why they’re causing such a stir in a more mainstream arena than their contemporaries, Pigs x7 are a bunch of good spirited lads having fun whilst playing big riffs. If you see Pigs x7 on a poster you’re immediately intrigued and if you see them you’ll learn that they’re a metal band but a band presenting themselves like anyone else, welcoming easy-going people not a dark threatening tone that can often be the case with metal bands. Mat spoke to the audience thanking them for their time saying that they felt lucky to get radio play which made them feel like ‘popstars’. To put it simply Pigs x7 are big bastard metal played by lads with just as bigger smiles on their faces.

"To put it simply Pigs x7 are big bastard metal played by lads with just as bigger smiles on their faces."

See the piece here:  Underscore Part 3

Amazing photo (from the Scala) by Jose Ramon Caamano


Birthday Cake For Breakfast reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs at BBC 6Music Festival

It says:

A big Tom Robinson introduction preceded the arrival of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Robinson seemingly the most excited person in the room (his enthusiasm side-stage for Snapped Ankles didn’t go unnoticed either!) Opener ‘GNT’ is volatile – we expected it to be loud, but bloody hell! Frontman Matt Baty stands barefoot, shirt open, eyes open, howling to the back of the room. Guitarist Adam Ian Sykes stands tall, observing the crowd, with hair across face and wide-eyed, horror movie stare. He raises his pint in appreciation on occasion, but rarely shifts his 70’s horror demeanour.

How was the rest of it then? In a word: brutal. From their new LP ‘King Of Cowards’, the mammoth ‘Shockmaster’ is pulverising, the bass bursting through the speakers, so much so that a lad in front had his fingers firmly in his ears. So loud that confetti stuck in the rafters slowly came floating down bit by bit throughout. As I ‘woo’, I physically feel the sound and rumbling energy fly in and out of my mouth, unexpected and uninvited, the crushing noise defeating. I spy the light of someone’s phone and realise it’s only been about 10 minutes, but in the deafening yet glorious wall of noise, it feels like we’re an hour deep.

Baty tells us that 6 Music gives them the feeling of being “legitimate pop stars” and they’re thankful for being in the leagues of such contemporaries as “Bomfunk MC’s.” At their set’s end, they announce one more song – “…it’s a long one.” We’re told that through the release of ‘A66’, the road itself has become much safer, which we should be thankful for. No thanks required for the filling-loosening gnarliness that follows, with their raucous performance ending when the guitarist hands his guitar out to someone in the front row who, fair play, riffs like a bastard. Sykes sips his pint and looks on with *almost* a smile.

See the post here: Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Amazing photo (from the Scala) by Jose Ramon Caamano


Songs to Nowhere interviews MIEN - one year on from their album release

An interview with Mien a year after
Mien is a four-piece band, with a name that came in a dream of one of them. But they're just not any other four-piece band. They are the gathering of four minds, voices and skills somewhat known across the globe; Alex Maas ( Black Angels), Rishi Dhir ( Elephant Stone), Tom Furse ( The Horrors ) and John-Mark Lapham ( The Earlies ). To have these four creating something together is more than an argument to go and check it out, with  100% certainty that whatever they did is worth being listened.

Today marks a year since the release of the album Mien, from which Bad Habit was the first single released a couple of months before. 

It's an album that enclosures a bit of everything we could expect from Mien, Bad Habits is a very good example of that statement, but at the same time is surprisingly fresh and renewed in songs like Hocus Pocus or even I'm Tired ( Western Shouting ), an original song from Pete International Airport.  in this journey they brought themselves much closer to another sonoritys, mixing all the accentuated 60's references and bringing them all to the 21st century. But I was really curious about how all this happened, and they were kind enough to enlight me a bit more with this interview which I now share, and for what I'm grateful. 

Songs to Nowhere -  Could you introduce to our readers the concept of MIEN?

Alex Maas -  This is collective of music lovers/composers who where brought together by Rishi Dhir the Ravi Shankar of Montreal.  We trade ideas and concepts virtually through email exchanges from where ever we are at the moment. 

STN- What inspired you to make music together?

ALEX -  There is a general concept of what all turns us on sonically that was discovered after we started sharing ideas. This kind of unspoken vision is something we all believe in...

Read the following here: Songs to Nowhere