17 Apr 2019

Backseat Mafia Interview & Full Stream 'Centrum - För Meditation'

Backseat Mafia​ Interview & Full Album Stream 'Centrum - För Meditation':

We are hugely delighted to share the full album stream of Centrum's 'För Meditation' with the good people at Backseat Mafia. What's even better is the stream also pairs up a rare Interview with one of the band members.

Head over to Backseat Mafia for this exclusive:
Backseat Mafia
'Heavy, Primitive and Ancient'


Here is a small taster of the interview:

There is definitely something in the air in Scandinavia that makes for a constant stream of fresh psychedelic talent, this week ahead of the release of their debut LP För Meditation, we caught up with members of Centrum to find out more about them and what we can expect from the album. We are also fortunate to offer you an exclusive stream of the album in full before anyone else.

Q – Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourselves and/or the band? We believe you have links to lots of other bands, is that right?

A – Yes well we are members from Hills and Weary Nous plus other friends and yes you are right in assuming we have links to other bands as well. I am a bit afraid to mention what bands though haha

Read the full interview here: Backseat Mafia