27 Apr 2019

NBHAP say some words about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Sacred Dreams

They say:

Sounds like … an psychedelic potpourri covering pretty much everything good this genre has to offer.

‘This album comes out of a period of heartbreak, loss and dissolution, but also of deep love, warmth and beauty unveiled in the middle of it.’ With these words Josefin Öhrn describes the origin of the third record that she, accompanied by her backing band The Liberation, released and which again drags the listener into its very own sphere. But there have been a few changes surrounding the release of Sacred Bones. Besides moving from Stockholm to London, a whole new band has been assembled around Josefin and songwriting partner Fredrick. The results are twelve tracks, subtly displaying a wide range of different emotions and musical influences. Indian guitar melodies in Only Lovers, experimental blues vibes in Baby Come On and electronic elements in I Can Feel It are just some of it. All held together by a sound concepts playing on the edge of ambient, kraut and psychedelic rock. The retro flair is defiantly an often-seen guest on the record, without making it sound too old-fashioned. This is due to Josefin’s reverb drenched vocals, giving the tracks a surprisingly fitting pop-appeal.

‘A sacred dream, the way we see it, is not necessarily a golden fluffy cloud river, but instead also contains all the shadows that need to be seen and felt in order to drop what has to go in order to truly live.’ This range of emotions are reflected in the twelve songs, like the pulsating opener Feel The Sun, a fine krautrock track à la Neu! with repetitive grooves or the gloomy electronic song Desire. Songs like Hey Little Boy or Let It Come are beautifully floating over ambient soundscapes and the closer Floating Away keeps what the hints and releases the listener with a feeling of comfort and transcended grandeur. Probably the best way to wake up from any kind o dream. (Abhilash Arackal)

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