30 Apr 2019

Neolyd reviews 'Sacred Dreams' by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

They say:

Nobody escapes the course of the sun. Fortunately, there is the Swede Josefin Öhrn , who opens pitch-black wormholes with her band The Liberation in broad daylight. Anyone venturing into it travels to a somnambulistic intermediate world in which dense reverberations like molton curtains absorb all light. Flat synthpads and accented guitar riffs flicker through the darkness, and above all the enthroned voice of Josefin Öhrn enthrals the listener in ever new dream loops.

From their nocturnal legacy, the band on "Sacred Dreams", the third longplayer of choice Londoners, no secret. On the contrary, it raises the night to the artistic principle. With groovy songs flowing around 70's Psychedelic, 80's Electronica and Krautrock, Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation create a sound cosmos where you can float like in a warm saltwater tank. Wistfully they rub their eyes at the end of the record and wish back to a parallel world, in which a creaky -coated disco hit like "Desire" is number one in the charts instead of Capital Bra with a cover version of "Cherri Cherri Lady". One will probably still be allowed to dream.

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