31 Aug 2021

Rocket Probes – August 2021 playlist

Smote – Hauberk

(Join the ritual)

GOAT – Fill my Mouth
("I got a hunger screaming inside")

Leg Puppy – Your Profile is Dope (Gnoomes remix)
(More Gnoomes remix excellence)

Various – Strain Crack & Break: List Volume Two (Germany)
(Another essential compilation – a real journey of tracks picked out from the legendary Nurse With Wound list)

The Oscillation – Untold Futures
(New track from Demian and co)
The Oscillation

Salò – Malizia / Rogo
(Feat Mai Mai Mai)

Hidden Orchestra – Sonic Woodland
(Site specific, 40min + piece played through10 outdoor speakers in a woodland clearing)
Hidden Orchestra

Formația Savoy - Povestea Lui Păcală
(Romanian fuzzwah pop)
Formația Savoy

Oronzo De Filippi – Meccanizzazione
(Shit and Shine recommendation – weird repetitive jazz from late 60s)
Oronzo De Filippi

The Red Crayola – Born In Flames
(You could say LCD Soundsystem liked this rack?)
The Red Crayola

Nancy Priddy - You've Come This Way Before
(Poppy psyched folk from '68)
Nancy Priddy

Killing Joke – Change
(Classic banger)
Killing Joke

Afterwardness – Afterwardness
(Still) great repetitions)

Nico – It was a pleasure then
(One of her best)

Grant Beyschau – Munds Spring
(Nice sounds from Myrrors drummer
Grant Beyschau

Alice Cooper – Hallowed be my name
(The Cooper band get the groove on)
Alice Cooper

Paolo Modugno ‎– Brise D'Automne
(Tribal electronic ambience from '88)
Paolo Modugno

David Peel and Death – King of Punk
(Scuzz rock from Lower East Side in '78)
David Peel and Death

CZLT – Junkyard
(Doomed sitar)

Ishmael Ensemble – Soma Centre
(Analogue rhythms from Bristol)
Ishmael Ensemble

Grup Bunalım – Yeter Artık Kadın
(Primal Turkish garage from 1970)
Grup Bunalım

Popol Vuh – Agape Agape
(Centrum were singing this later albums praises to us)
Popol Vuh

Big Youth And Niney - Blood & Fire (Extended Mix)
(Let it burn)
Big Youth And Niney

Blue Ruth – John Wick
(Spacey electronics)
Blue Ruth

Shelagh McDonald – Mirage
(Nice folk groove in a Tim Buckley way)

Celtic Frost – Into the Pandemonium
(Definitely a marmite album for many...but we're lovers here!)
Celtic Frost

Missterspoon – Contraband
(Blew our minds live)

Soft Machine – Soft Space
(Soft Machine go disco...thanks Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea, it was a 'moment'!)
Soft Machine

Roxane Métayer – Éclipse des ocelles
(Walk into a record shop and an album they are playing pricks up your ears, 30 mins later you leave with that said album under the arm....thanks World of Echo)
Roxane Métayer 

Psychedelic Digestion Therapy – Kartoffel Garten
(Thanks to SoFa for the switch-on)
Psychedelic Digestion Therapy

Rolling Sones – Midnight Rambler
(RIP Charlie)
Rolling Sones

Lee Perry – Disco Devil
(RIP Lee Perry)
Lee Perry 

Listen to our updated monthly Rocket Probes Spotify Playlist here:


New London date added to Sex Swing's December tour

If you saw them at the recent Raw Power Festival you know what a powerful live band Sex Swing are...if you didn't , well you are in luck – as the band have a short UK tour in December including a recently announced show at London's Moth Club, tickets on sale here:

Moth Club

Dec 01 / Leicester / The Soundhouse
Dec 02 / Manchester / Yes
Dec 03 / Bristol / Crofters Rights
Dec 04 / Cardiff / Clwb Ifor Bach (w/ Part Chimp)
Dec 5 / London / Moth Club
April 29 (2022) / London / Desert Festival


Listen BBC 6 Music's 'Ravers hour with GOAT'

Goat have created an incredible exclusive mix for Tom Ravenscroft – listen to it in all its glory here:

BBC 6 Music


27 Aug 2021

Djung Eltru Mman interviews Goat

It reads:

Goat is back with the album Headsoup which consists of previously unreleased material, B-sides and two brand new songs. The Jungle Drum called Stonegoat to talk about the album and the mystery surrounding the band.

Mythical Goat has no interest in revealing his identities. The band has made itself known for live shows where the dressed in masks and colorful costumes unleash a primordial force that almost makes the concert hall look like a rhythmic and musical revival meeting. However, Stonegoat, as the band member is called, says that their anonymity does not matter so much when it comes down to it.

- I do not think so many are so curious honestly. They would not know who we were anyway, so it's pretty uninteresting to people really.

The charm of social media has not bitten Goat. Regardless of whether they intentionally intended to create a mysterious around their band or not, it seems to work. The lack of online activity creates an air of enigma. When you read about the band in various forums and interviews, they are often described as mysterious. Stonegoat believes that it has more to do with the fact that they prefer to spend time on other things.

- All our social media is managed by our record company, we do nothing at all. This is how we are and others do in other ways.

- You do not have to sit glued to it and avoid reading what people think and feel about it. Plus it takes time too, we get more time to do other things. It seems to take a huge amount of time. I understand that people use it too, people want to reach out with what they do...

Read the rest here: Djung Eltru Mman


Brooklyn Vegan reviews Goat's Headsoup

They say:

Nice compilation of non-LP singles, b-sides and other rarities from Sweden's grooviest masked psych band

Makers of the finest psychedelic freakout, Italo-horror movie voodoo blood sacrifice dance party music in all of Sweden, Goat, have been mostly quiet since 2016's Requiem, having only released two 7" singles since. This inactivity has not changed much, but we do have Headsoup (a tip of the hat to the Stones but also a very Goat title) that's out today and collects odds-n-sods tracks from the last 10 years, including a number of non-LP singles, b-sides, alternate takes and more. There are also two new songs, recorded last year and both are killer: "Fill My Mouth" is sleazy flute-and-fuzz-fueled funk, while "Queen of the Underground" rides a heavy, trippy groove for nearly seven awesome minutes.

There is a lot of other great stuff here too: single-only tracks like 2013's blissed out "Dreambuilding," 2015's snakey, rhythm box-driven "It's Time for Fun," and 2018's cinematic "Let it Burn." Listening to this compilation does make you wonder if the single format isn't Goat's natural habitat. As good as their three albums are, they work within a very specific set of sounds and styles. A little goes a long way, especially when their definition of "little" is a doom-funk behemoth like "Queen of the Underground." Just keep 'em coming at a regular pace.

See the review here: Brooklyn Vegan


Music OMH reviews Goat's Headsoup

They say:

It’s a somewhat cruel twist of fate, that the fourth record by the mysteriously bedecked and anonymously manned Goat, would be released in the week that the world unfortunately had to say goodbye to the permanently dapper and jazz tinged Mr Charlie Watts, latterly drummer with The Rolling Stones. Its title Headsoup is, after all, a clever little homage to the criminally under appreciated early ’70s album that a large percentage of fans and critics have unjustly labelled as the start of Mick and Keef’s inevitable creative downturn. Thankfully with yet another forceful collection of tunes, that’s not something anyone will be saying about these mischievous Swedish psych rockers for a while.

Culled from various single B sides, radio edits and with two unreleased tracks bolted onto the rear, the band’s musical cauldron appears to be simmering over with malevolent goodness. Much like Brian Jones famously went off to Morocco in search of cheap heroin and the Master Musicians of Jajouka, so Goat similarly find solace in the rhythms and practices of the North African landscape. Opener The Sun & Moon, which dates back from their very first seven inch way back in 2012, carries with it, elements of High Life and Tuareg polyrhythms. Looking back at that record in hindsight, its sleeve adorned with images of satanic monsters, occult geometry and tribesman performing unknown rituals, it’s pretty obvious that the band have always had some rather devilish sympathies...

Read the rest here: Music OMH 

Echoes and Dust sings Goat's Headsoup's praises!

It says:

It was back in 2012 when the anonymous masked Swedish psychedelic collective Goat first emerged – and as the press release reminded me – claiming they were from the remote and cursed village of Korpilombo in northern Sweden, a place where inhabitants had for centuries been devoted to a form of voodoo introduced by a travelling witch doctor. This was matched with equally dizzying results with their debut album World Music – from album sleeve through to the grooves of its electric musical journey. Met with critical acclaim, the band and their funky dance-ability head filling nourishment could not be ignored, if you were looking in the right direction.

For those who have witnessed Goat live, this strange and beguiling mix of head-spinning psych, Desert Blues, Afro-beat rhythms, costumes, and Swedish folklore comes to a thrilling climax where it all makes a kind of (great escapist) sense. All at once visually eye-catching, absorbing, and damn groovy. It matters little whether there are traces of it feeling contrived or gimmicky, because they are so bloody infectiously good.

They followed their debut with 2014’2 Commune, and Requiem arrived in 2016, so as they approach nearly a decade of ritualistic trippy grooviness they release Headsoup. A compilation of non-album material from across their career, standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits and two breath- taking new songs that indicate they may even be amazingly taking the levels up a notch...

Read the full review here:  Echoes and Dust


GOAT's album Headsoup is released today

"Summons the ancient spirits of Festival summers gone by." 5/5

"Celebrates the vibrant trajectory of a band like no other." 9/10 Backseat Mafia

"Thundering psychedelic intensity." 4/5 Hi-Fi Choice

"If you’re not part of the cult, prepare yourself for the initiation." 4.5/5 NARC

"A cosmic brew of anything that raises the temperature." Prog

"Ecstatic, hypnotic psych rock." The Observer

"Demolishes the walls of perception." Clash

"Fire-and-brimstone psych rock." The Guardian


Today sees the release of Headsoup, the new album by GOAT that collects together rare and non album tracks, plus two incredible new songs written especially for this release.

The album is available on 6 x different vinyl versions and CD – all versions are ltd and all are apparently in very short supply! We have completely sold out of our copies at source, so what is in the shops is all there is, and with the current vinyl manufacturing issues we are all facing, there won't be any more available for a long time! So we encourage you to buy on sight if you want one of these very special albums.


Sometimes dark and heavy, at others joyous and beautiful, like Goat themselves ‘Headsoup’ is mysterious and constantly shapeshifting, difficult to properly pin down but constantly enthralling. Jazz-flute solos, pounding Afrobeat rhythms, ferocious desert blues, drifting Ethio-jazz and churning drones are just a fraction of their dazzling mix of influences. This is, as the name of Goat’s first album made clear, ‘World Music’ in its most complete form, a sound unrestrained by genre boundaries.

Almost a decade since Goat first emerged from the depths of Korpilombo, there is still no other band on earth that sounds quite like them.

GOAT have also announced a handful of rare shows, and if you have witnessed this band in full flight on a stage before, you know these opportunities are not to be missed:

Sep 11-12 / GR / Athens / Plissken Festival
Oct 23 / SE / Malmo / Plan B


26 Aug 2021

The spirit of collaboration – Carnival Brewing say some words about 'Time we left this world today'

They say:

It all started back in the distant past, when the brewery was a mere 50L garage set up and our plan was still in its incubation period.

We were out in some sort of dive with the Bonnacons talking about music, moogs and beer (obvs!). Dom was sat between Kate (singer) and Sam (drummer and visual artist) talking about a beer we’d love to make for the band. It was decided by Kate it would be a margarita sour and Pracatan was born.

Something we didn’t consider was the future and what has ended up being a beautiful collaboration with the Bonnacons’ record label, Rocket Recordings. After Pracatan’s second outing (more to follow in Autumn), we got talking to Rocket chief honcho, Chris Reader during lockdown about the future of live music. Will it return? In what form? Can bands ever tour again? We decided it would be a splendid idea to create a special beer launched to celebrate the welcome return of live music once the infernal lockdowns and social restrictions were lifted.

Time We Left This World Today became reality.

We made a 5% hazy pale, with Mosaic and as much Citra as we could get into the fermenter without breaking it. Chris kindly created amazing metallic (it should have been holographic – that was our bad) labels for six seminal Rocket Recordings albums. We couldn’t believe our eyes as the labels rolled into the brewery ready to be applied to 800 cans. Legendary bands, Goat, Pigs x7, Pharaoh Overlord, Gnod, Teeth of the Sea and Utopia Strong who we love at Carnival HQ … on cans of our beer! We produced the pale ale, we packaged it and put it up for sale once the bands were sent their supplies. The limited edition 6-pack flew out of the webstore before we could say “just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine.”

Our mission to bring music and good beer together took a huge leap forward with Time We Left This World Today and we thank all our customers who bought it, for Chris who showed the true spirit of collaboration and passion for his music and the idea (as well as sick design skills), and for the bands who supported this first release.

Yes, that’s right, we are making this again because we didn’t make enough first-time round.

Keep your peepers peeled and the website bookmarked for a re-press of the cans and kegs, due out around late September. 

Read the piece here: Carnival Brewing


24 Aug 2021

Lay Llamas release new album on limited edition cassette via Miracle Pond Records

Lay Llamas have released a brand new album called 'Sunburned Dreamlike Safari'
 on limited edition cassette via the UK label Miracle Pond Records.

The band describe it as:
Blissful, sundrenched, hallucinatory psychedelia, perfect for that holiday of a lifetime in the outer reaches of your mind."

You can pick-up a copy of the cassette or stream the album in full via here:



Narc reviews GOAT's Headsoup

They say:

Cursed Swedish psych gurus and heralds of the Goat legend have collected together b-sides, obscurities and non-album singles from across their feral output in this their latest alchemical gathering along with a couple of brand spanking new tunes.

As a testament to the tribe, it perfectly catalogues the calculated disorder of their psychoactive paganish sound, mysterious and most definitely psyched out. Included in this voodoo amalgam is an exclusive radio edit of 2018’s glorious Let It Burn and the compilation is perfectly topped off with the second uncut gem Queen Of The Underground resplendent in its ermine lined blistering fuzzed-out wah-wah solo crescendo. If you’re not part of the cult, prepare yourself for the initiation. 4.5/5

See the review here: Narc


23 Aug 2021

Backseat Mafia gives GOAT's Headsoup a 9/10 review

They say:

All manner of questions abounded throughout the long absence of psych collective Goat, since the 2017 release of their third album Requiem. Would the great Gods of psych-dom return, especially considering the fullness and finality of this last record – and the ambiguous, ominous meanings given off by the title? Would a goat – perhaps similarly to the documentary in which their soaring ‘Let It Burn’ single featured – need to be sacrificed for the band’s return? Or would the essence of Goat instead live on through the similar divinity of DJINN?

Such fears are undoubtedly assuaged by Headsoup, a collection of standalone singles, deliciously chosen B-sides and other delights, that maintains Goat’s quintessential unpredictability. Though it is confirmation of their return, Headsoup does nothing to taint the sacred mystery of Goat; the album leaves as much yearning for answers to the Goat lore as you’d have when first learning of their creative, embryonic settlement in the voodoo imbued Komprilombo; and is also colossally rewarding for both those new to the Swedish collective, and those familiar with their every elusive move, or at least thought they were...

Read the rest here: Backseat Mafia 


20 Aug 2021

Listen to unreleased Petbrick track via The Wire Magazine

In the latest edition of The Wire Magazine you will find a one page feature on Wayne Adams from Petbrick, Bear Bites Horse Studios, Big Lad etc etc. And to accompany this piece Wayne has compiled a playlist of music he had made for the Wire's website, mainly all unreleased tracks including an outtake from the up-and-coming new Petbrick album, so the only place to hear it will be here.

Listen here: The Wire Magazine


Gnoomes to play Awaz Festival, part of Moscow Music Week

On September 3, Gnoomes are playing at Awaz Festival showcase as part of Moscow Music Week 2021.

More info here: Awaz Festival


17 Aug 2021

VED to support GOAT at Malmo show

Excited to reveal that VED are one of the support bands announced for the GOAT's only club show this year at Plan B in Malmo.

+ Melody Fields

Plan B - Malmo - Sweden
October 23, 2021



Tom Ravenscroft 'Hour with Goat' on BBC 6 Music's has been announced

Tom Ravenscroft has announced he will be airing an exclusive one hour 'guest mix' by GOAT on the day of the release of their new album Headsoup – so tune into BBC 6 Music at 11pm on 27 August for something very special indeed.

More info and show link here: Tom Ravenscroft

Photo by: Bernie Wildish


16 Aug 2021

Tivoli Radio makes Hey Colossus's classic Black and Gold their 'Track of the Week'

They say:

Passion, far from limitations, kicks in the musical ability, a warmth that we rarely meet in "heavy" music make Hey Colossus stand out.

The Hey Colossus have played in a waiting room in Salford, at an industrial plant in Liege, in a vast field by a river in Portugal.

One of the biggest bands in Europe, independent and incredibly authentic, break amplifiers in their live performances, catch a triple guitar and without unnecessary effects their audience follows them faithfully in places that surpass any imagination.

Created in London in 2003 by childhood friends Joe Thompson and Robert Davis and Ian Scanlon, Tim Hall and James Parker. Their trademark is the "heavy" sound and their stylistic experimentation in each of their albums. Throughout their evolution they have combined elements from Rock, Post-Punk, Hardcore Punk, Sludge Metal, electronic music, psychedelic rock and Krautrock.

After all, their motto is "You have to keep moving", something that is still valid today. What remains constant all these years is their quality, the double vocals, the intense guitars, the politicized lyrics...

Read the rest here: Tivoli Radio


13 Aug 2021

RTS reviews GOAT at Palp Festival

They say:

Under the banner of its prized "Rocklette" in the Val de Bagnes, the Palp Festival hosted on Wednesday at 2000 meters above sea level concerts by the Spanish Tundra and Swedish Goat in the idyllic and panoramic setting of the Brunet hut.

Three years since they had not stepped on a stage. For the Swedes of Goat, the enchanting setting of the Val de Bagnes undoubtedly fulfilled all expectations on Wednesday, as well as those of the Spanish instrumental rock quartet Toundra which opened the festivities at the beginning of the afternoon on the small hill overlooking the cabin. Brunet, nestled at an altitude of 2000 meters and popular with hikers.

The Dents du Midi cut out in the background, the green mountain pastures in focus and a few hundred spectators exempt from sanitary passes replacing for a time the alpine cows, the two groups seem to have savored this idyllic setting bathed at last in a frank summer sun.

Hypnotic rhythmic loops
Under the banner of the now cult "Rocklettes" of the Palp Festival, events combining rock and raclette, which began sold out last weekend in the Goly cover and end on Sunday at the Lein pass, the expected Goat have appeared. dressed up as voodoo wizards or flanked by animal masks that don't really stand out all that much in the district that houses the famous stuffed animals and stuffed animals from the Evolène carnival. Even their tracks mixing psychedelic rock and world music seem to act as rituals intended to drive out evil spirits...

Read the rest here: RTS



11 Aug 2021

Watch video for Smote track 'Hauberk'

Watch the video made by Rocket's very own John O'Carroll for 'Hauberk', the first track to be revealed from Smote's debut Rocket release 'Drommon':

Originally released as a cassette earlier this year, this expanded vinyl version of 'Drommon' features a longer version of the title track, plus adds two new pieces of music. 

'Drommon' is released on Green/Black splatter vinyl on 1st October.

Preorder here: Rocket


6 Aug 2021

August Bandcamp Friday is today!

As you may or may not know, Bandcamp have decided to start-up their 'no fee days' days again, known as Bandcamp Fridays – they are gonna run on the first Friday of each month from August until December.

So as previously, it is a great time to buy some ltd Rocket albums and shirts - here's some of our latest releases we wanna shout about:

Smote - Drommon
Brand new presale going live today - ltd green/black vinyl

Teeth of the Sea – WRAITH (Repress)
The bands latest album finally gets a reissue on Moss Green and Black vinyl editions

The Utopia Strong – The Utopia Strong (Repress)
The bands debut album gets a long overdue reissue on Radiant Yellow and Black vinyl editions

Urdog – Long Shadows: 2003-2006 LP
Ltd edition Ice Black splatter vinyl version of this incredible retrospective compilation

Hills – Frid (Repress)
Only a few of these left on Forrest Splatter vinyl

GOAT – Requiem (Single LP edition)
Ltd Edition repress on 'Blue Flame' vinyl of this Rocket classic album, only a few copies left!

Deafkids/Petbrick – Deafkids
Warehouse find of a handful of copies of this long sold out killer album on Red/Black splatter

Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wish LP
Stunning second album, ltd Red/Black 'colour-in-colour' vinyl

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Offcuts
The band at their most ferocious on purple/black splatter

VED – Ett visst fängelse 7"
Banging two track ltd edition 7" from these Swedish master of repetitive psych rhythms

GNOD/Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – T-shirts
Reprints of classic GNOD and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs  t-shirts available.

+ there are loads of other great albums, shirts and posters to pick up from the Rocket or individual bands Bandcamp stores:

Rocket Bandcamp



5 Aug 2021

Ruton Music to release Pharaoh Overlord's '6 Instrumentals' on ltd cassette

One of our favourite releases of last year, if not any year, was Pharaoh Overlord's incredible album '6'!

And we are excited to reveal that Ruton Music are releasing the instrumental versions of the album onto a ltd edition cassette of 75 copies as part of tomorrow's Bandcamp Friday via the Ektro Records site.

This is what they say:
This is Pharaoh Overlord’s monolithic album “6” deprived of its vocal  performances. Soothing pulses, symmetric guitar licks and masses of synthetic chords hover about, creating free space for an estranged imagination. The listener is left with a dizzying confusion and a thirst for an album of Aaron Turner’s isolated vocal tracks.

Buy the cassette here from 6th August: Ektro

And buy the original version here: Rocket


Watch video for 'Hauberk – taken from Newcastle band Smote's debut release for Rocket

Head over to Psychedelic Baby Magazine to watch the video for 'Hauberk' by Newcastle band Smote – the first track taken from forthcoming album 'Drommon'.

Watch the John O'Carroll made video here: Psychedelic Baby Magazine

'Drommon' is released on Green/Black splatter vinyl on 1st October.

Presale will go live this Friday at 8am as part of a new run of six Bandcamp Friday's – the first Friday of the month where Bandcamp doesn't take a fee from labels/bands sales, so a great time to buy!

Preorder here from 6th August: Bandcamp


Summoned from the murkier reaches of the subconscious and summoning a powerful aura of twilight communion, Smote’s ‘Drommon’ is here to intimidate and enchant. The first Rocket release for this enigmatic Newcastle-based entity is no less than a mystically-aligned voyage into abandon and epiphany.

The base ingredients of Smote’s spell-casting may not be unfamiliar - the eternal three ‘r’s of repetition, repetition, repetition being paramount along an eldritch and less-travelled musical pathway which wanders from Swedish godheads like International Harvester via the skewed Americana of Sunburned Hand Of The Man and French cult psych-folk heroes Natural Snow Buildings, Nonetheless, a particular potency and singularity of vision triumphs throughout ‘Drommon’, reflective of cinematic chills and night terrors. Possessed of a peculiarly pastoral sensibility and earthen intensity, these ceremonial serenades thus take on feverish and compelling life of their own. 

‘Drommon’ arrives as an expanded version of a ltd tape / digital release on Bandcamp, where Smote’s limited editions of their previous release ‘Bodkin’ have prompted excitement and consternation amidst intrepid psychic travellers. Yet this release, whereby brand new material is bookended by the mighty two-part invocation of the title track, create a richly engrossing voyage into the nether which establishes Smote as a force to be reckoned with in all manner of dimensions. 

Replete with doom-laden atmospherics and crepuscular intensity, this is an intimidating denouement to return to time and again. Join the ritual, and submit to ‘Drommon’. 


4 Aug 2021

Musikindustrin interviews GOAT

It reads:

Mysterious and magical. Swedish Goat - with roots in Korpilombolo or Gothenburg, depending on who you ask - releases a collection, Headsoup, which helps in the export interest around the free-form ensemble.

Goat is an odd bird in Swedish music exports. For each album, the group has received increasing reaction. The album World Music has, for example, sold 40,000 outside Sweden and the group has performed at both the English Glastonbury Festival (twice) and the American Coachella. The group's single top live was otherwise when the Brixton Academy in London was sold out.

Now comes a collection, Headsoup, with songs from the past but also some new ones. The single Fill My Mouth comes today Tuesday 2/8.

I emailed the character The High Priest of Fuzz Guitars and got a slightly different response than this vignette is used to.

Five years ago Requiem - what have you been up to?
- Yes, we took a break, did something else. Mr. Goatman did a solo record, someone played free jazz in Djinn, Gås released some rock n roll. Then we had sessions and drank coffee as well.

How secret are you really?
-Super secret. Not even my partner knows who I really am. We only go out after midnight and then only masked.

What's happening around Headsoup?
-We will go out and play a little, not as much as usual for obvious reasons .. A gig in Malmö at least and a few other things in Europe. We are not usually super involved in campaigns and such, the label handles that best. But there is usually a bit of pressure and such, and lately we have had a bit of a spin on radio in the UK as well. Queen of the underground has received an A-list on 6Music, for example, that's a bit fun.

What kind of company is Rocket?
-Rocket Recordings is an indie label run by two fine sluts in London. They only release things they like themselves.

Read the piece here: Musikindustrin


Teeth of the Sea and The Utopia Strong reissues announced

Thanks to the MANY requests we have decided to press some ltd edition reissues of Teeth of the Sea's last album WRAITH and The Utopia Strong's debut S/T album.

The Utopia Strong is being pressed on  300 x Radiant Yellow and 200 x Black and is released on 3rd September.

WRAITH is being pressed on 300 x Moss Green and 200 x Black and is released on 10th September.

Presale will go live this Friday at 8am as part of the first of a new run of six Bandcamp Friday's – the first Friday of the month where Bandcamp don't take a fee from labels/bands sales, so a great time to buy!

Preorder from here:

And don' t forget the bands are playing shows together in November:

Nov 13 / Manchester / The Carlton Club 
Nov 14 / York / The Crescent
Nov 15 / Barrow In Furness / Barrow Underground Music Society
Nov 16 / Newcastle / The Cluny 
Nov 17 / Glasgow / Broadcast 
Nov 18 / Bristol / Strange Brew 
Nov 19 / Cambridge Mash 
Nov 20 / London / Lexington (MATINEE AND EVENING SHOW)  


3 Aug 2021

GOAT reveal 'Fill my Mouth' – the second of their brand new tracks

Following the fuzz attack of 'Queen of the Underground,' we are now proud to bring you 'Fill My Mouth' the second brand new song to be taken from GOAT's forthcoming release 'Headsoup'.

'Headsoup', which is released on 27 August is a globetrotting acid trip of an album, collecting rarities spanning the bands career: standalone singles, B-sides plus two enormous brand new tracks!

'Fill My Mouth' is a scuzzy psychedelic funk knockout, the sleaziest thing the band have ever recorded. Watch the eye-popping video made by Rocket's very own John O'Carroll above.

We asked a member of GOAT for a quote about the track and this is what they said:
I believe in miracles. Where're you from, you sexy thing, you sexy thang you. I believe in miracles since you came along, you sexy thing."

'Headsoup' is available on LP+7" and CD – sadly we have sold out of the vinyl at the Rocket Bandcamp:


But you can still preorder an exclusive version via Rough Trade:

Rough Trade

Or you can also preorder a special ltd edition green vinyl version from your local record shop. And for all you 'audio purists', there is also a ltd 'Black' vinyl version available as well.


Sometimes dark and heavy, at others joyous and beautiful, like Goat themselves ‘Headsoup’ is mysterious and constantly shapeshifting, difficult to properly pin down but constantly enthralling. Jazz-flute solos, pounding Afrobeat rhythms, ferocious desert blues, drifting Ethio-jazz and churning drones are just a fraction of their dazzling mix of influences. This is, as the name of Goat’s first album made clear, ‘World Music’ in its most complete form, a sound unrestrained by genre boundaries.

Almost a decade since Goat first emerged from the depths of Korpilombo, there is still no other band on earth that sounds quite like them.

GOAT have also announced a handful of rare shows, and if you have witnessed this band in full flight on a stage before, you know these opportunities are not to be missed:

Aug 11 / CZ / Val de Bagnes / Palp Festival
Sep 11-12 / GR / Athens / Plissken Festival
Oct 23 / SE / Malmo / Plan B