5 Aug 2021

Ruton Music to release Pharaoh Overlord's '6 Instrumentals' on ltd cassette

One of our favourite releases of last year, if not any year, was Pharaoh Overlord's incredible album '6'!

And we are excited to reveal that Ruton Music are releasing the instrumental versions of the album onto a ltd edition cassette of 75 copies as part of tomorrow's Bandcamp Friday via the Ektro Records site.

This is what they say:
This is Pharaoh Overlord’s monolithic album “6” deprived of its vocal  performances. Soothing pulses, symmetric guitar licks and masses of synthetic chords hover about, creating free space for an estranged imagination. The listener is left with a dizzying confusion and a thirst for an album of Aaron Turner’s isolated vocal tracks.

Buy the cassette here from 6th August: Ektro

And buy the original version here: Rocket