20 Jun 2012

Rocket Probes (early) June playlist

Gnod - Gettin In
(Gnod in dark, messed up, minimal techno mode... in places it reminds of Aphex Twin's Seefeel remixes, listen here)

Hookworms / Kogumaza - Split 7
(Excellent 7" from these two british psych rock bands...was great to finally see them both and Vision Fortune play together recently, more proof the UK's psych scene is leading the way)

Shit and Shine - Jream baby Jream
(Imagine being stood between 3 stages at a festival on a hot and humid day....$&$ split with Gnod out in the Autumn)

Dead Sea Apes - Lupus
(Great droning psyhcedelia from this awesome UK band...in places sounds like gnod, sometimes  it reminds of early Main, and other times reminds of recent Earth)

Queer'd Science - Girls Gone Wild
(Bonkers new band from Gnods former drummer Del...four tracks of fuzzy, rave, noise which sounds like Lightening Bolt meets Trencher playing Oneida songs with a pissed off Karen O)

Plasma Expander - ?
(Thanks to Kid Millions for turning us on to these four track of instrumental repetitive psych rock, one for fans of Oneida, Cave and Uran)

African Head Charge - My Life in a Hole in the Ground
(Psychedelic kraut reggae, on Bristol's On-U-Sound label)

Striborg - Emittered Darkness / Isle De Morts

Purple Image - S/T
(Fuzz filled freak funk)

The Pyramids - Birth / Speed / Merging
(Psyched out free Jazz)

Tricky - Maxinquaye
(Some great looped rhythms and stoned grooves, check out the beats on Ponderosa Ultramagnetic's remix)

Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron
(These were the trailblazers along with United States of America and Silver Apples of synth driven psych)

Swervedriver - Son of a Mustang Ford / Rave Down
(Going back to some fuzzed up shoegaze)


Goat releases new track and video plus announce more dates for their October tour

Rocket are pleased to present the track 'Let it Bleed' by Goat, another little taster for the up-and-coming debut album 'World Music' which is launched on 20th August.

'Let it Bleed' reveals a different side of Goat to the sold out 7" 'Goatman' and sold out cassette 'Goathead' as the band lay off the fuzz peddles and instead they let a simple but infectious post-punk groove take centre stage. The track has a real 70’s/early 80’s New York vibe and if it was released then it most probably would have appeared on both the decks of CBGB’s, Studio 54 as well as the Mudd Club.

We are releasing 'Let it Bleed' as a digital only single on 16th July if you want an mp3 of it before the album is launched, it should be able to be purchased from most the usual digital music shops.

As with their previous tracks the band have put together a little you tube video for 'Let it Bleed'


On other Goat news the band have announce the full list of dates they have coming up in October:

October 19 - UK / London / The Lexington (with Teeth of the Sea and Gnod)
October 20 - UK / Newcastle / Head of Steam
October 21 - UK / Birmingham / Supersonic Festival
October 26 - Sweden / Malmo / Debaser
October 27 - Sweden / Gothenburg / Truckstop Alaska (supporting Acid Mothers Temple)


Gnod to play Yellowstock and Milhoes de fiesta

The mighty Gnod have been invited to play two great festivals:



Milhoes de fiesta


Teeth of the Sea to play Bestival

Teeth of the Sea have been invited to play Bestival  in Spetember.

The band are going to create new pieces of music and visuals inspired by the Kubrick classic 2001.

More details about this ambitious project will be announced soon.

More info on the festival can be found here


18 Jun 2012

Rocket party featuring live sets by Teeth Of The Sea, Goat and Gnod

We at Mission Control are very excited to announce a special Rocket night that will see the mighty Gnod share the stage with Teeth Of The Sea and the debut UK performance by Goat. Teeth Of The Sea will be premiering new tracks from their forthcoming album which will be coming out in 2013.

This show is also a sort of fund raiser to help towards the spiralling costs the 7 members of Goat are paying to come over here to play the Supersonic Festival.

The full details of the show are:

Teeth of the Sea / 10:15pm
Goat  / 9:15pm
Gnod / 8:15pm

Plus DJ's and lightshow

The Lexington / 96 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JB
October 19th / Door 7:30pm
Tickets £7 wegottickets / £8 on the door (if any left)

So come and join us for what is going to be a very special night and an early celebration for Rocket's 15th Anniversary which we will be celebrating in 2013.


New Gnod 7" on Trensmat

More Gnod news....

The band are releasing a new 7" on the great Trensmat records.

Trensmat are a great label so expect another great package overspilling with great sounds.

You can pre-order the record from Trensmat's website.


17 Jun 2012

Gnod Gettin in!!!

Gnod have dropped this great track on their SoundCloud, it is called Gettin In and it deserves a serious good listen...get those headphones on!!!

Here the track here


Gnod reveal two new tracks at Night and Day cafe

Gnod reveal two new tracks at a recent show at the Night and Day Cafe on June 12th.

The track two tracks they played are titled:

1. 1981
2. 1982

You can hear the full show here

Gnod are currently putting the finishing touches to the track they are pgiving us for the up-and-coming Collisions LP with Shit and Shine that will be out on Rocket in the Autumn. Watch this space for more details.


15 Jun 2012

New ultra ltd self released Hills tape

The amazing Hills who come from from Sweden have just sent us information about a new tape they have just self released.

These are very limited indeed and come in two different covers.

For more information or to buy one of these, email: intergalactictactics@live.se

This is what Optical Sounds said about the tape:

"Totally essential Live Hills tape. Dont expect any of their past hits, here you get 2 tracks that bring to life Bo Anders as Hills build up a primitive Parson Sound like drone-raga-dirge that will rattle your inner core "

Hills third album proper will be reeled on Rocket in 2013 which we are very excited about.


Teeth of the Sea DJ'ing at Cafe Oto at 24hour event

If you are not going to Alibi, or you want  another night to go to as well in Dalston tonight, go to Cafe Oto where Teeth of the Sea are DJing at this exciting event here


12 Jun 2012

Nothing is... June poster and amazing news for July's event

'Nothing is...' returns this Friday at the Alibi in Dalston.
(thanks to Gnod and Not Not Fun for the use of the image...sorry we didn't ask!!)

Just heard that Chicago psych legend Plastic Crimewave will be DJ'ing at at 'Nothing is...' on July 20th. Plastic Crimewave aka Steve Krakow is famed for his Galactic Zoo Dossier publisehd by Drag City and his amazing record collection, so this is a rare opportunity to hear some great underground gems.


7 Jun 2012

More great bands join Goat at this years Supersonic Festival

Supersonic have announced more bands that join Goat at this years festival, highlights include:

Hey Collossus
Drunk in Hell
Warm Digits
...and more

For the line-up so far, more info and tickets go here

This is what Capsule say about this years event:

"2012 marks the ten year anniversary of the dynamic, experimental, multi-disciplinary arts festival, Supersonic Festival, which identifies the otherwise indescribable connections between contemporary music, art, performance and film. To commemorate this very special milestone Capsule will work with Supersonic alumni and emerging artists to celebrate the achievements of the festival thus far whilst also focusing firmly on the contemporary. Because as well as giving a warm welcome to many influential, era-defining artists over the years, Supersonic always has an uncanny knack for highlighting new acts before everyone else is talking about them. "


The Heads - Relaxing With LP re-issue

The Heads - Relaxing With LP re-issue has finally hit the shops.  

The 1st Heads album has been remastered on both red and black vinyl while the artwork has been re-created with an additional inner sleeve and download coupon by johnnyo.

The record is released on the bands own Rooster label and distributed via Forte.

It is available now in all good record shops, so snap them up while stocks last.


6 Jun 2012

Goat makes 'Revolt of the Apes' band of the week

Highly endorsed website Revolt of the Apes has made Goat their band of the week.

"We’ve been entranced by the eyes of this Goat since the end of this past year (though also, perhaps, since the beginning of time), when their peculiar, possibly mythologized presence became revealed to us not in a dream, but under the cover of a seven-inch record from the incomparable Rocket Recordings, a bombastic-blast of Baphomet-beat wrapped in a wonderful Bathory-blaspheming sleeve.

Swedish cats making stomping, stinging African-influenced wah-wah juju voodoo, fomenting a fuzz-box fatwā fed by the French-Spanish incantations of the creole culture bred in American-Louisiana and spread further afield, toward the rocket-fueled birthplace of the steady and suggestive rock and roll beat, a rhythm built for kings and queens, winding up sounding something like a modern incarnation and diabolic distillation of the kosmische calls made by Ash Ra Tempel’s energetic, mind-expanding Egyptology?

No wonder their upcoming debut is entitled “World Music.” We’re not certain the world is prepared for this music. We’re very certain that we were not. And now that we’re firmly under the spell of the Goat, we know the difference between being prepared and unprepared is separated in our minds by the thinnest of margins – margins that are, for all intents and purposes, rendered inconsequential by our psyche and our shared experiences. Let go and let Goat."

See the piece in full here here


1 Jun 2012

Goat on Swedish National radio

Long time Rocket fan Hakan Persson who DJ's on Swedish National Radio is gonna be giving Goat its first airing on the Swedish airwave on Saturday 2nd June, 10pm Swedish time.

What will the country think of Swedish Voodoo!!!!


Matt Colgate from Teeth of the Sea interviews Drokk

Mission Control are huge fans of Judge Dredd, and Matt Colgate from Teeth of the Sea is an even bigger fan!!

We set up an interview between him and Drokk, the Dredd inspired project by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury for the Quietus.

Read it here