30 Aug 2013

Rocket Probes August Playlist

Blood Sport – A life in Units / ø
(Debut album and an older (free) ep of slightly afro tinged psych pop and zoned out drones from this great Sheffield band)
Blood Sport

Theo Verney – TVEP

(Amazing cassette of fuzz filled psych pop with an early Sub Pop feel from this Brighton band...keep your eye son Mission Control for some exciting news regarding Theo Verney)
Theo Verney

Frisk Frugt – Palmevinsdrikkerens Vækkelses Blues / Hvordan To Halvmåner Bliver Til 4/4

(Two great tracks of experimental afro psyche from their latest album...think Master Musicians meets Tinariwen meets early Akron Family)
Frisk Frugt

Rodion G.A. – The Lost Tapes

(Essential analogue Electronica and heavy fuzz from 78 - 83 from this unknown Romanian producer )

Evil Blizzard – Sacrifice

(The repetition of Fall and some mighty fuzz wah make this a killer track...downwload for free)
Evil Blizzard

Royal Baths 
(Spacemen 3 / Family Lips hypnopop)
Royal Baths

Skogen Brinner 
 Odjurets Hämnd 
(70's sounding Swedish proto metal)
Skogen Brinner

Eih, A.L.K. & Brother Clark, Damin 
(1973 private press psych)

Telefon Paisa 
 Arabic in the Morning
(The Fall sounding 1971 Swedish psych)
Telefon Pasia

GR & Full-Blown Expansion 
– s/t
(Bo Diddley meets Faust)
GR & Full Blown Expansion

 Illusion Fields
(Syd Barrett meets Raw Power)

Connan Mockasin  Forever Dolphin Love
(Just love this, especially the video)

Icarus Line 
 Slave Vows
(Stooges sounding monster)
Icarus Line

JW Farquhar  The Formal Female
(1972 rock opera)
JW Farquhar

Brenda Ray  D'Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years 1979-83
(Post punk dub)
Brenda Ray

CoH  II-II Vittorioso Calando 
(Dirty futuristic electroinica)


Teeth of the Sea to play Quietus 5 year party

Teeth of the Sea join Factory Floor, Grumbling Fur, East India Youth and Perc for the online magazines 5th birthday celebrations at Corsica Studios on September 6th.

More info here: The Quietus

Then the night after the band will be doing an exclusive playback of their next album 'MASTER' . Info about this can be found here: Master Playback


29 Aug 2013

Hills and Goat in latest Rock a Rolla

The latest issue of Rock a Rolla (Russian Circles on the cover) has an exclusive interview with Hills as well as a review of their album Master Sleeps that is being released on Rocket on September 7th.

Also in the issue is a live review of Goats mind blowing show at Camden Electric Ballroom at the end of June.

You can get a copy of the issue here: Rock a Rolla


28 Aug 2013

The Heads play Roadburn

The mighty Roadburn festival have announced that they not only have Loop playing but also The Heads will be playing two shows.

As the great Paul Allen is focusing on Anthroprophh the band have invited some guests to join them and try and fill the void. The first of these guests will be the legend that is Monster Magnet's John McBain on guitar and the second is a collaboration with US jam band Carlton Melton.

More info can be found here: Roadburn


27 Aug 2013

Italian website XL LA Republica publishes a massive feature on Rocket

XL LA Republica have posted up a massive feature on Rocket and our bands:

È l’etichetta di riferimento per gli appassionati di psichedelia scoppiata e vibrazioni heavy-kosmische. Dai Goat ai Teeth Of the Sea passando per i Gnod, benvenuti in casa Rocket Recordings.

SULLO STESSO ARGOMENTOPerché i Wolf Eyes sono tra i gruppi fondamentali degli anni 2000Library Music italiana: un universo paralleloI Master Musicians Of Bukkake nel Far West Di gruppi chiamati Goat, scopro da discogs.com, ne esistono almeno una ventina. Quelli di cui voglio parlarvi però vengono dalla Svezia e sono autori di uno degli album più chiacchierati del 2012, il fortunatissimo World Music. Ora, il nuovo singolo del gruppo svedese è uscito a inizio estate e li ha confermati tra le migliori realtà neopsichedeliche in circolazione. Ma soprattutto, ha imposto una volta per tutte il marchio Rocket Recordings come nome di riferimento per gli appassionati di suoni sfatti, dilatati e perennemente in bilico tra aspirazioni cosmiche e viscerali tirate tribal-primitiviste.

La Rocket Recordings è un’etichetta di Bristol in attività da circa un quindicennio che ci ha già regalato lavori di grossi calibri del suono neolisergico, dagli Oneida ai White Hills passando per i nostri beneamati Ufomammut. Però è solo col succitato esordio dei Goat che la label gestita dalla coppia Chris Reeder/John O’Carroll ha – diciamo così – fatto il botto. Grazie al “caso” World Music, le sue ultime uscite hanno abbondantemente sconfinato i canali underground per imporsi all’attenzione di un pubblico trasversale e non necessariamente composto da nostalgici hippie capelluti a caccia di francobolli intinti nell’LSD. È quindi ora di passare in rassegna i nomi che nell’ultimo anno hanno reso l’etichetta inglese uno dei marchi più ammirati nei soliti circuiti off off: dopotutto è estate e quindi tempo di viaggi, no?

Read the full article here: XL Repulica

Image is of a piece by Laura Ajayi


Mrs Sidebottom have their brains melted by Goat

Taken from the website:

GOAT Live at Southgate House Revival + Run To Your Mama Remixes (Vol. 1)

My brain was melted last Friday as I FINALLY made my way across the river into Newport, KY to the Southgate House Revival to take in Swedish psych rock band Goat. I really dug their debut album World Music when it dropped late last year, but to be honest, I hadn't really revisited the cd too much since my initial excitement. Just got lost in the mix around here. When the Cincy Psych Fest organizers announced that they were bringing Goat to town, I was sure to make it a point to catch the band live as I imagined their live incarnation would be memorable. What a treat! We got a there just as Goat was beginning their opening song (missed opening band Holy Wave) and I was immediately struck by the bands attire. They were all decked out in masks and gypsy/hippie get-ups that totally set the expectation for what was to come. The band was fronted by two mysterious female singers that wailed in unison and danced in tandem channeling spirits and projecting a powerful expression. The bongo player was super on point and added a dense percussive layer that provided an upbeat backdrop up for the heavy fuzz of the guitars.

I left the show very impressed and hope Goat catches on as they continue to spread their gospel. If they come close to your town, do yourself a favor and make an effort to get out and go!...

Read the full article which features loads of photo's here: Mrs Sidebottom


23 Aug 2013

Teeth of the Sea's 5 acts to watch at Incubate

From the Incubate site:

We asked London based electronic postrock band Teeth Of The Sea which 5 Incubate acts they definitely can’t miss out on.  They’ve chosen the following:

We were all fans of Pete Swanson’s work in Yellow Swans, but when he put out ‘Man With Potential’ recently the combination of excoriating modular synthesis and four-on-the-floor bears just  just ripped our heads off. It ended up being a big influence on our own new album MASTER. There’s one track in particular, ‘Remote View’, which I still just play over and over; it’s like standing on Mars next to a power station the size of Australia with a head full of acid. We can’t wait to get down to Pete’s unearthly jams.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to arrive in Tilburg in time to see much of the Friday, but if I were there I’d be sure to see this bunch of terror titans. I’ve always loved the epic bravura that Immortal brought to black metal; it’s no kind of insult to say they’re the necro KISS. The whole Friday line-up’s very strong, and Mayhem are a very hard band to beat for fathomless perversity and sheer spite, but we’re all safe in the knowledge that Immortal will be the chilliest, most windswept party in town.

On the other hand, although he’s equally chilly, it’s probably fair to say that Tim Hecker doesn’t offer the same kind of hell-for-leather showbiz thrills.  Yet when you have tunes at your disposal like those on Ravedeath 1972, that becomes a moot point. The ghostly ambience and abrasive textures of that record are completely transporting, and it’s testimony to the power of Incubate that the punters can look forward to both the most in-your-face aggro and this kind of celestial bliss.

Just saw this Argentinian three-piece at Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire, and they blew us away; they veer between being the best minimal party soundtrack in an ESG style and the most invigorating garage-punk band on the block, and sometimes both at the same time. Their album ‘Kellies’ was produced by reggae godhead  Dennis Bovell, and is stupid fresh and well worth a listen.

At least one member of our band is dangerously obsessed with Dominic Fernow, and we’ll all be very glad to get another chance to get to see him flailing around onstage like some nightmarish hybrid of an overexcited goth teenager in his bedroom and Jaime Gumb from Silence Of The Lambs. Oh yeah, and making some of the most visionary electronic racket currently in circulation, of course.

See the piece in full here: Incubate


21 Aug 2013

Goat announce London show at Koko

ATP have just announced they are returning to London after their sold out show at Camden's Electric Ballroom with for a show at Koko on December 2nd. 

The have had an incredible summer playing great performances at Europe's finest festivals like Primavera, Glastonbury, Roskilde, OYA, Way out West, Lowlands, Flow etc.

The band are now going to be locking themselves away in their studio in Korpilombolo for the Autumn writing the follow up to World Music, so we can maybe expect a first airing of some of the fruits at the the Koko show.

Tickets go on sale Thursday morning at 9am from here: Tickets
And the event page is here: ATP


20 Aug 2013

Goat play a top 5 performance at Lowlands Festival

The people behind the Lowlands Festival has voted Goat's performance in the top 5 of the weekend. Even higher than much hyped bands like Factory Floor, Tame Impala and Nine Inch Nails. Even higher than Slayer!!!


See what they say here: Lowlands

Photo by Tim Van Veen


16 Aug 2013

Teeth Of The Sea announce LP playback

Teeth of the Sea – Master Playback
King Charles Pub – Kings X
September 7th

The following info about the night was taken from The Quietus:

Teeth Of The Sea are releasing their third album, Master (that's the artwork above), on October 7 via Rocket Recordings. However, before that date, Quietus editor John Doran, along with the band, is giving you the chance to hear the album in full a WHOLE MONTH before its release at the inaugural event of his new night, Cosmic & E-Beat. It'll be taking place on the first Saturday of every month at the King Charles I pub in King's Cross, London, and you can expect both John and TotS members to be unleashing their formidable disc jockeying skills at each and every event. This first occasion also handily comes the day after the Quietus' fifth birthday party at Corsica Studios (roll up, roll up, get your tickets here folks), so what better way to soothe your bruised minds than with the sonic balm of TotS' synth prowess?

Head to the Facebook event for full details - though you need remember but two things - the date, September 7; the time, 8 p.m. - and the Cosmic & E-Beat group to join. In the meantime, here's John introducing you to proceedings:

"'It’s been a long time I shouldn't’ve left you, without a strong beat to step to.'

"In 2001 Brian Eno said: 'There were three great beats in the 70s: Fela Kuti's Afrobeat; James Brown's funk; and Klaus Dinger's Neu!-beat.' (Mr Eno is a genius and his mind is always on higher things, so we can overlook the fact he probably meant the beats laid down by Tony Allen, Clyde Stubblefield and Klaus Dinger.)

"One can only agree that Funk, Afrobeat and Krautrock form an unbeatably badass trinity. But once you throw in some cosmic synth music and some space rock, you’ve got the basis of a pretty far out night of sounds.

"Cosmic & E-Beat will be brought to you on the first Saturday of every month at the King Charles I, King's Cross by your host John Doran of The Quietus, VICE and NOISEY, ably assisted by interplanetary synth rock fiends, Teeth Of The Sea.

Find out more here: Teeth of the Sea playback


Clash review Goat at Flow festival

Clash went to Flow Festival in Helsinki and sad the following about Goat:

So it’s a good job Goat have enough energy for everyone with a witchdoctor’s bagful to spare. Witnessing this Gothenburg-based band’s Scandi-voodoo psych is a seriously heady experience. Dressed in face hoods, masks, robes and ribbons, they perform like people possessed. Ancient folk ritual and Wickerman-type darkness is liberally conjured through synchronised female chanting over throbbing, funky afro-krautrock. They are absolutely intoxicating and end our Flow on a feverish high.

Read the full review here: Clash


15 Aug 2013

Nothing is happening tomorrow

Nothing is...

Cage & Aviary (Internasjonal/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
16 August June
Free entry


5 things not to miss at this year's Incubate festival

Chris from Rocket was asked by the people at Incubate to give a 'Top 5' list of bands he was going to see.

This is what he said:

"To pick 5 bands though is a tough choice as the line-up is so strong, but if I had to pick 5 bands they would be.”

Teeth of the Sea
“Ok, a bit of an obvious choice seeing they are on Rocket, but they have become one of the best live bands in the UK at the moment and will be playing tracks from their mesmerising new album MASTER which is out in October.”

Residual Echoes
“We put out an album by Residual Echoes back in 2006 but I never got to meet them or see them live so a chance to finally say hello and get the full force of their fuzz attack in the face cannot be missed. “

Man Forever
“Kid Millions has been a good friend of Rocket for 10 years now since we put our first Oneida record out. Man Forever project is his stunning live project and I have been lucky enough to have caught live several times in New York and London, it is always an experience…not to be missed!!”

Front 242
“Was a big fan of bands like Front 242 and the whole Wax Trax scene back in the day so be great to see them live after so many years!”

“I have never seen the Stones, never seen Bob Dylan and I have never seen Mayhem…now I have a chance to tick one of them off my ‘must see in my lifetime’ list!!”

Read the full piece here: Incubate

Thanks to William Cloakture for all his support and help.


How Goat can save your life (according to Vice)

Vice's TV channel Noisey was at the Oya festival last weekend and got a bit excited by Goat:

Thank god for Goat.

Goat is a fucked up Swedish knock-off of a Nigerian 70s funk band. They wear feathers and masks and traffic cone hats and if you haven’t heard them, you’ve never heard anything like them. It was their frenetic pounding beats that woke me, and that’s why I credit Goat with saving my life (or at least saved me from getting robbed or whizzed on, which—in my opinion—is worse than either of the other two). I started awake, made sure I wasn’t mysteriously damp and still had my phone, and wandered into the tent where they were playing. Having grown up in Oregon, in vague proximity to the Oregon Country Fair, I have a healthy aversion to people wearing cloaks or feathered headdresses or identify as being in a collective, but Goat’s music won me over instantly in the same way that a cult is always willing to welcome more members. While a Goat concert is clearly an exhibitionist extravaganza, they aren’t using the spectacle as a slight of hand to cover crappy musical skills. The seven members are technically adept at producing their world beat via Laurel Canyon sound. The members are all anonymous and secretive, which leads some to speculate the members are accomplished, established Swedish musicians having a laugh. While Goat’s music isn’t entirely new or unique, their style is undeniable and their commitment to surreal psychedelia is hard to argue with making Goat one of the most memorable shows at the festival so far.

Read the full review here: Noisey

Plus also, go here for a review of Goats Way out West Festival performance that was also last weekend. Picture above by Linnea Amling was kindly nabbed from this review.


12 Aug 2013

HILLS – MASTER SLEEPS / ltd yellow vinyl up for pre-order

As reported here we are proud to be reissuing the amazing psych album MASTER SLEEPS by the Swedish band HILLS.

The album is ltd to 1000 copies worldwide and  200 of these copies have been pressed on yellow vinyl. This yellow version will not be available in the shops and can ONLY be bought from the band direct or from our Rocket shop.

So, if you don't want to miss out we recommend you order a copy today as these will not be around for long!

Preorder from here: Rocket Bandcamp 

Hills are at present putting the finishing touches to a brand new album which will be released on Rocket in early 2014. Watch this space for more info.


Goat go Way out West

Goat played three festivals last weekend.

Way out West in Sweden interviewed the band a couple of days before they played:

"It's safe to say that the experimental fusion genre isn't one that has been particularly well-documented over the last few years, in Sweden nor in general around the world, but Gothenburg-based and Norrbotten-birthed Goat have recently definitely done their fair share to make the description a well-used one. Their debut album World Music (the name reflects the content, to say the least) made Goat an affaire worth entailing far from the modern day rumble of Gothenburg and the secluded stillness of Korpilombolo, and was lauded by the world-renowned The Guardian as one of the very best albums of 2012. So it makes perfect sense for Goat to be playing a festival like Way Out West, a booking that presents itself as another opportunity for festival visitors to fall for the ever-mysterious and secretive aura that surrounds the band. We sat down with Goatfacekillah for a chat about the festival, Gothenburg, and music.

What are you looking forward the most to seeing at Way Out West? We're playing at Øya on Friday and at Flow on Sunday so I don't think we'll be able to see that much. But, we're obviously looking forward to seeing and looking out over the audience from stage the most.

What acts should festival visitors under no circumstances miss at Way Out West this year? Maybe Ravi Coltrane and Omar Souleyman? Public Enemy. Allah-Las, obviously. I'm sure there are tons of other amazing acts playing there, too. She's great too, Iris Dement? Is that her name? The country singer? 

What act would you book if you took over Way Out West? Silvester Anfang II.

What are your best memories from Way Out West and Gothenburg? I've actual never been to the festival before…I moved from northern Sweden just a couple of years ago. And memories from Gothenburg include a lot of nice nightly visits to Botaniska. Or the raves at Sjöbergern when I first moved here, I liked those too. Or just skipping stones in the water in the harbour with my son, that's fun.

Do you have any great Gothenburg tips for the visitors that you yourself enjoy spending time doing when you're in town? Just take it easy, no stress. Take a trip out to Ringön in the middle of the night and go for a walk. Alone.

Do you dabble exclusively in voodoo or have you had excursions to other branches of the occult? What the common man perceives as occult is just something that hasn't been explored thoroughly enough yet. We can all teach our consciousness new things. Music is one of the best ways of exploring the spiritual parts of ourselves. We believe that people living now, today, need to relaxed a bit more and lose themselves a lot more. Right?

Do you have a favourite masked act or band that you feel deserves extra salutations or just more exposure? There are several, of course, but one group that we love is The Residens. They deserve tons of praise and respect."

See the interview in full here: Way out West


9 Aug 2013

Introducing - Teeth of the Sea - MASTER

Teeth of the Sea - MASTER (Launch 059)

From the radiant consciousness of Britain’s most intrepid sonic assassins comes a shattered mirrorball of a record fit to transform and transfix all that surrounds it in 2013 and beyond. MASTER, the long-awaited and devastating third album of Teeth of the Sea, is an unprecedented junket into mind-melting abstraction and neon-drenched revelation.

Nearly three years have passed since the band released ‘Your Mercury’, their transcendent second album, and the four-piece have kept very busy during this period-they’ve gigged constantly, sharing stages with the likes of Goat, Circle, British Sea Power, Trans Am and Parts And Labor, collaborating live with Wire and Esben & The Witch, and taking their incendiary barrage to festivals like Roadburn, Green Man, Supersonic, Supernormal and Standon Calling.

Yet the evolution of their third album was most dramatically affected by two specially-commissioned soundtrack projects they embarked on-at Branchage Film Festival in Jersey, the band performed REAPER, a new live score to a re-interpretation of Neil Marshall’s film Doomsday, and a year later, at Bestival on the Isle Of Wight, they unveiled BEYOND THE TRANSFINITE, a tribute to Kubrick’s 2001.

In this period, the band’s experimental instincts have continued to extend in a myriad directions, and whilst MASTER nods to the established Teeth of the Sea touchstones of Throbbing Gristle, Goblin, Heldon, Angelo Badalamenti and Slayer, recent work by the like of Byetone, Pete Swanson, Raime, Powell and Prurient, alongside a long-standing fixation on the disco stylings of Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder, have helped to mark out a gritty, confrontational path whereby abrasive and sparkling electronic textures do battle with waves of incandescent noise and a merciless beat-driven imperative to form a powerful alchemical charge.

From the concrete and chaos of North London, Teeth of the Sea have taken the psychic spectres of their surroundings and allied them to the apparitions of their trash-culture fixated imagination to create a laser-guided metaphysical foray, cinematic in scope.

Kneel for the MASTER

MASTER will be released on the 7th of October on Ltd LP, CD and Download.

See what the folks at The Quietus have to say about it here

For more information contact Nita Keeler / Gold Star PRnita.keeler@gmail.com


Goat hit the festivals this week

Quick update on what festivals you can catch Goat at over the next week:

09/08 – ØYA (Norway)
10/8 WAY OUT WEST (Sweden)
11/8 FLOW (Finland)
17/8 PSTEREO (Norway)
18/8 LOWLANDS (Holland)

If you haven't seen them before, then enjoy...
Mission Control are still buzzing from their trip to Hell at Glastonbury!


8 Aug 2013

Line of the Best Fit interviews Goat

The Line of the Best Fit have just published this great interview with Goat:

"Where do you start with a band like Goat? Not only are they one of the most enigmatic and intriguing acts to emerge in the last few years, but they’re also one of the most exciting and critically-acclaimed, featuring in countless ‘End of Year’ lists in 2012 for their album World Music – and with a blistering live show to boot.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that they never reveal their names. Anonymity is key to Goat who, like fellow Swedes The Knife, play live only occasionally, masking their faces whenever they do. However, we manage to pin one of them down for a rare chat while they are waiting to board a flight to Poland, having a beer, a glass of white wine, a Jägermeister – and a shrimp sandwich.

“I don’t like flying,” the nameless band member adds, as if to justify the need for all three alcoholic drinks.

It’s a surprisingly grounded statement (literally) from a member of such a far out and worldly collective, but it quickly becomes apparent that despite all appearances, Goat (or at least this particular member) perhaps aren’t quite as outlandish as you might think. When asked how being involved with such a unique group affects their day-to-day lives, the response is disappointingly ordinary.
“It doesn’t affect our daily lives as much as people think. We don’t speak about Goat to anyone we meet.”

And, when questioned further as to what it is they do in their spare time, the response is even more curt than before.

“I don’t know, the same as you I guess.”

Read the fill piece here: The Line of the Best Fit


7 Aug 2013

S&M cover Gnod's track Tony's First Communion

S&M (formally called Sunday Mourning) have done a fantastic rendition of Gnod's live anthem 'Tony's First Communion', calling is Tony's Last Communion. The original featured on the Rocket album INGNODWETRUST and quickly become one of the stand out tracks on many Gnod 'happenings'. 

On other S&M news, Mark Wagner from band is resurrecting his **K project to the delight of us here in Mission Control under the new name 'INFINITY K'. **K dark analogue techno psych was a forbearer to the current Industrial techno scene that is happening at the moment, so be good to see **K or should we say INFINITY K back on the darkened stages where it belongs.


6 Aug 2013

Fan made video for Gnod & Raikes Parade remix of Goat's Run to your mama

This bonkers but great fan made video has been made for Gnod & Raikes Parade remix of Goat's Run to your mama that featured on the Record Store Day 12"s.

The video was made by OneFiveEight


5 Aug 2013

ATP interview Goat

Ahead of Goats performance of the last ever ATP weekender in November, the people of ATP asked Goat some questions:

Do your best to describe your sound in one sentence: 
World Music

What are the most recent activities of your band? 
We played Primavera Sound which was a blast.

How excited are you to play this event? 
Very very excited!

How do you feel about being asked to play the last ever ATP holiday camp event? 
Like a million bucks man!  Totally stoked, thanks a lot for the opportunity.

Do you have a connection with the curators / an idea why you were chosen to play? 
No not that I know of at least, but my guess is they like the sound of Goat?

Which of your releases do you feel ATP attendees should check out first?

Read the full interview here: ATP


Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin interviews Terminal Cheesecake

Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin has interviewed Terminal Cheesecake for The Quietus about their forthcoming shows at the Corsica in London and at Supernormal Festival:

Return To Orbit: The Long, Strange Trip Of Terminal Cheesecake

London's clown princes of synapse-shredding noise rock and psychedelia Terminal Cheesecake have just reunited with help from Gnod, and are preparing to lay waste to Supernormal Festival. Jimmy Martin caught up with the band's members to talk onstage drug experiences and their strange and addled history

"It was very ritualistic for us to really get out of our heads when we played," asserts Terminal Cheesecake's Gordon Watson, sat in a Hackney pub on a warm July evening. "It was very deliberate, and not messing about - like, properly out of our heads. We weren't trying to be professional or anything, it was about having a big psychedelic experience. And one gig we played there, I was playing away, and I was in this massive cloud of artificial smoke, the whole place was just obscured from my view. I played for about twenty minutes like that, the smoke machine kept puffing up big clouds of smoke and I was really getting into it, lost contact with the rest of the band really, couldn't see the audience, all I could see were these flashing lights and the smoke machine. I started wandering around the stage and I wandered far enough and I realised it was only me that was onstage. I was there by myself, and the rest of the band left me there."

"That happened quite often, actually…" he reflects.

Let's cut straight to the chase here. There must, surely, have been times when Terminal Cheesecake, London's recently reformed clown princes of synapse-shredding noise rock and queasy psychedelic abandon, thought about whether they maybe ought to have given themselves a less stupid name?...

Read the rest of the interview here: The Quietus

You can buy tickets for their London show here (Rocket's Rik Motor and Tesla tapes Nighthammer will be DJ'ing on the night): Corsica show


Anthroprophh live in Bristol footage

Some great new sounds by Anthroprophh here at their recent show at The Exchange in Bristol.


4 Aug 2013

Review of Goat/Teeth of the Sea at the Electric Ballroom

This review has just been published on the site called DSO:

Goat/Teeth of The Sea
Electric Ballroom, London - 27 June 2013

"A balaclava-wearing, bare-bellied, tom-tom player sat front of stage for the entire set"

Goat were originally booked for the Scala, but due to the almost universal critical acclaim for their debut album World Music the venue was upscaled to the Electric Ballroom, which then sold out too. 

If you are unfamiliar, they sound like they dropped through a hole in the sky from the height of Sixties psychedelia warped through Seventies Prog. Even the production sounds from another era. 

Expecting a crowd, the venue was remarkably empty at the beginning of Teeth Of The Sea's set. A shame for those who missed it, as the scattering of people in attendance were treated to a highly accomplished set of full on progressive space rock. Long, building, rhythmic tracks given time for their tendrils to explore the room with budding synth and effects, before flowering into bursts of intricate guitar. 

They were a wonderfully unexpected treat to be repeated at the earliest opportunity. 

Anticipation grew and the room filled out for Goat's entrance...

Read the rest of the review here: DSO review


1 Aug 2013