30 Jun 2016

Rocket probes – June playlist

Dead Kennedy's – Plastic Surgery Disasters
(Very apt listening in fucked up times...the world needs a new DK's right now!)
Dead Kennedy's 

Container – Vegetation
(New Ep from the great Container...his first for Diagonal. Motorik fused industrial techno)

The Myrrors – Entranced Earth
(Great new album from one of our fave US bands around at the moment)
The Myrrors

France – Do Den Haag
(Great repetitive psych, sounds like Outside the Dream Syndicate on 45...essential for Rocket fans)

Not Waving – Animals
(Bit slow to pick up on this album...but it is great krauty, electro, new wavey techno – 2nd release on Diagonal in this months playlist)
Not Waving

Melanie De Biasio - Blackened Cities
(Haunting, soulful, repetitive jazz...like the Necks meets Bark Psychosis and Portishead)
Melanie De Biasio

El Michels Affair – Glaciers of Ice
(Goat turned us on to this jazz cover of our fave Wu Tang Family track)
El Michels Affair

My Disco – Severe
(Latest album from the great My Disco...like a stripped down Hair and Skin Trading Company meets Teeth of the Sea and early Shellac)
My Disco

Paris – Devil Made Me Do It
(This classic album has been getting a lot of spins this month...killer!!)

Lubricated Goat - Play the Devil's Music
(Raw Aussie noise rock from 87)

Tumor Circus - Fireball
(Great grungy track sung by Jello Biafra)


Listen to a Tomaga remix of Necro Deathmort via The Quietus

Necro Deathmort's stunning new album The Capsule was released a few weeks ago and we asked one of our fave London bands Tomaga to remix a track. 

They picked the track 'Mono/Serum' and you can hear the results, exclusively over at The Quietus, listen here: the Quietus

Tomaga said this about the remix: "We re-purposed Necro Deathmort's 'Mono Serum', punctuating the dark ambient of the original with percussive textures and atonal noise that further heighten the atmosphere of brooding menace." 


29 Jun 2016

Necro Deathmort to play the Scala supporting Yob

Tickets can be bought from here: See Tickets


The Quietus reviews Goat at Field Day

It reads:

Shacklewell Arms  Stage

That you get more bang for your buck where Goat are concerned is always pretty much a given but their explosive set at the Shacklewell Arms tent not only raises their own lofty bar but also clears it with a verve, energy and exuberance that borders on the shamanic.

The Afrobeat rhythms that have transplanted themselves to northern Europe is the bedrock on which they base their campaign: these are sounds and pulses that bypass the head, do not stop to collect £200 and aim straight for the hips. This is a band that knows who to satisfy those primal urges, that understand the need of inducing trance-like states through repetitious and vigourous dancing.

Yet be that as it may, it’s when Goat begin to go off-road that things really take off. Witness ‘Run To Your Mama’ which takes flight thanks to a genuinely thrilling, wigged out and adventurous guitar workout that sends the assembled throng into a paroxysms of joy and wild abandon. By the end of their allotted time, wide smiles are the order of the day as spent and satiated fans tumble from the tent as they attempt to make sense of the orgasmic joy they’ve just experienced. — Julian Marszalek

Read the other reviews here: The Quietus


28 Jun 2016

MusicOMH reviews Necro Deathmort

It reads:

The hugely prolific Necro Deathmort make a return with an album that sees the ball on their genre-straddling roulette wheel land on “Early 80s Horror Sci-Fi Flick”. Whilst the duo of Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson tend to occupy the somewhat barren electronic hinterland of metal, The Capsule finds them floating, capsule bound in space, with nothing but synths and electronic atmospherics for company…or so they might think. There are no guitars here – it would seem that in space, no one can hear you strum.

The eerie silences that punctuate Kubrick’s 2001 or segments of Alien might well ratchet up the tension, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of a sinister bass line or relentless drum pattern. The first half of The Capsule has both in spades. The motorik pulse of In Waves is irresistible as it drives the duo out into the infinite. Voices drift in and out of the mix, some are definitely human...

Read the full review here: MusicOMH


27 Jun 2016

Gnoomes to play free Flashback Records Instore show

Gnoomes are going to be finishing their first ever tour of the UK with a free show at London's Flashback Records at the end of Brick Lane:

Live at Flashback Records
131 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG
Friday 30 September
7pm start
Free entry

More information can be found here: FB events page

And more info about Flashback here: Flashback Records

The list of Gnoomes UK shows are:

21 London – Birthdays (w/ Flowers must die) – FREE
22 Bristol – Exchange (w/ Anthroprophh / Flowers must die)
23/24 Liverpool – Liverpool Psych Festival
27 Norwich – Arts Centre (w/ Collider)
30 London – Flashback Records – FREE

More to be announced soon...


The Quietus reviews H.U.M - Trinity Way

It reads:

Let's begin in suitably cosmopolitan style with a pan-European project which goes by the name of H.U.M. Its members are Gnod associate Mark Wagner, the Italian-born Olmo Uiutna and France's Héloïse Zamzam. 

Trinity Way's opening track is all ominous drones, spacey swirling sounds, random percussive chimes and spoken-word lyrics evoking Michael Moorcock's Hawkwind guest spots. The word "love" is chanted several times which is a pleasant enough sentiment but the creepy music suggests that this hippy fiesta is on the verge of inverting to its Manson-esque flipside of abuse, indoctrination and violence. You can imagine the vocal track was recorded while wearing blood-red robes embroidered with patterns of goats. 

The following number is sung in French which makes the vibe extra suave/ sophisticated/ sexy/ Satrean/ sinister/ shiraz-sozzled (delete according to your own prejudices). It's actually a reworking of Françoise Hardy's 'Comment Te Dire Adieu' that's been rendered completely unrecognisable from the Austin Powers-friendly pop ditty original and twisted into something significantly more unearthly. 'Welcome To The Sea', meanwhile, is part-Stooges, part-Coil and part bad-trip poetry slamdown and elsewhere there's a whole lotta chanted avant-garde occult-ritual drone work, including a climactic composition which sounds like a transistor radio trying to hypnotise some bagpipes into suffocating Current 93's David Tibet as he sleeps soundly on his bed of nails.

See the review in full here: The Quietus


23 Jun 2016

The Monitors reviews Necro Deathmort's The Capsule

It reads:

You really can’t have enough death-related words in your band name in my morbid opinion. Dead Kennedy’s, Napalm Death, Heaven 17. So obviously if you call your band Necro Deathmort you will pique my craggy interest. With thier new album, The Capsule, Necro Deathmort can consider my interest well and truly piqued.

Yes their playful name may conjure up dour images of stoic Scandinavian black metallers, un-humorously plodding away at horror-obsessed crust metal, or rubber-wearing novelty-goons, but Necro Deathmort are, thankfully, a lot more interesting than the stereotype their name suggests.

Necro Deathmort, comprising of Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson, create music that meets at the desolate, lonely crossroad of electronic music and doom metal. As Rozeik has said, Necro Deathmort originally set out “to make electronic music that was as heavy as doom metal”...

Read the rest of the glowing review here: The Monitors


"Evoking the majesty and terror of exploring outer space." Narc reviews The Capsule

Narc Magazine reviews Necro Deathmort's The Capsule:

After several EPs that have dabbled with dystopian techno, Necro Deathmort plunge further into heady electronics on their latest full-length The Capsule.

With their lumbering guitars and screams of previous releases consigned for now, The Capsule flits between intense arpeggiator workouts and moments of lingering, chilling calm. In Waves and First Rays make for a striking opening duo, evoking the majesty and terror of exploring outer space, but it’s the more thoughtful and slow-moving pieces that both diverge the furthest from Necro Deathmort’s previous work and also impress the most.

Crux taps into the same John Carpenter vibes as the last Boards of Canada album, while the slowly enveloping waves of closer Screens makes for a suitably foreboding end credit roll.

See in full here: Narc


22 Jun 2016

Terrascope reviews H.U.M album and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation / Gnoomes split EP

They read

H.U.M – Trinity Way
Featuring members of Zam Zam and Moon Ra, H.U.M’s label debut Trinity Way (well there are three of them after all) is an exercise in experimental electronica overlaid with mostly spoken-word vocals evoking the likes of Coil/PTV, label-mates Gnod and even Faust in the darker recesses...

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation / Gnoomes – Repetitions
Rocket Recordings’ other release from their ever-eclectic international roster this month comes courtesy of a split featuring Sweden’s Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation and Russia’s Gnoomes.

Ohrn was responsible for one of late 2015’s best albums, once which slipped under the radar of many compilers’ “best of” lists due to its 11th hour appearance. The three tracks here comprise a psy-trance radio edit of live staple “Green Blue”, the motorik pop... 

Read the full reviews here: Terrascope


Listen to Teeth of the Sea's remix of Beyond the Wizards sleeve

As reported before Teeth of the Sea remixed Beyond the Wizards sleeve for their recent 12" release. And you can listen to it exclusively now over at The Quietus

Listen here: The Quietus

The quietus say this about the track:
The remix sees the band turning in an atmospheric take on the original, building ever so gradually in a combination of cosmic synths, distant guitars and shuffling beats.


The Quietus reviews The Capsule by Necro Deathmort

It reads:

The duo of AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik have been steadily firing out recordings since 2009, consistently wobbling between different shades of synth-driven darkness reflected in the unholy trinity of words for death that is their name. To date they’ve had a pretty open door policy to music making, marbling rugged beats, doom drone guitars, and the odd guttural scream into a propulsive blend of horror movie synth scores and industrial squall. Always prolific, 2014-2015 saw the duo producing at especially high speed, putting out untitled albums Volumes 1, 2, & 2.5, plus EP1, EP2, & EP3, as well as their most beat-heavy trip to date Martian Cartography, sounding somewhere between a NIN remix album and some late-90s Warp records acid house. The tough-to-predict band is an increasingly common 21st century phenomenon, but even by those standards these two are erratic...

Read the rest of the glowing review here: The Quietus


Housewives join Rocket Alldayer

We are extremely excited to announce that one of our favourite live bands around at the moment HOUSEWIVES are joining our Rocket summer alldayer at Corsica studios in London on 20 August

The line-up now is:

Teeth of The Sea
Gum Takes Tooth
Necro Deathmort

+ merch room, DJs and BBQ.

And more more big surprise still to be announced!!

Tickets can be bought from here: Baba Yaga Hut


Signed Goat Tea Towel up for auction for Shelter

Shelter were at this years Field Day and they asked Goat backstage to sign one of their ltd Tea Towels.

You can bid for it here: Shelter

The auction closes on July 8 and proceeds from this auction will benefit Shelter who help millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support and legal services. 

Good luck!!


Gnoomes announce Norwich show

Gnoomes visit the UK for the first time in September for Liverpool Psych Fest and the band have confirmed a few shows either side of the Festival.

This latest show to be announced is:

Pony Up & Print To The People presents:

+ Collider + support tbc + DJs

Tuesday 27th September 2016 
8:00 PM  / £5.00 adv : £7.00 door
Norwich Arts Centre

More information here: Norwich Arts Centre

The list of confirmed Gnoomes UK shows so far are:

21 London – Birthdays (w/ Flowers must die)
22 Bristol – Exchange (w/ Anthroprophh / Flowers must die)
23/24 Liverpool – Liverpool Psych Festival
27 Norwich – Arts Centre (w/ Collider)

More to be announced soon...


21 Jun 2016

Flowers Must Die announce FREE Supernormal warm-up show at the Shacklewell Arms

As announced previously, new Rocket signing FLOWERS MUST DIE are playing the great Supernormal Festival and the night before they are playing a FREE warm-up show at London's Shacklewell Arms. This will be Flowers Must Die's FIRST ever UK show!!

Bad Vibrations Presents: 
Flowers Must Die + Special Guests

4 August
The Shacklewell Arms

More information here: Bad Vibrations


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Horse Dance repressed on mint green vinyl

Horse Dance the Debut album by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation was a big record for us last year and we have just released a second pressing, this time on mint green vinyl! These are limited to only 500 copies, so be quick!

You can buy them from all good record shops...


20 Jun 2016

Poster for Bristol Rocket Show featuring Anthroprophh, Gnoomes and Flowers Must Die

Here is the poster for the great show we have lined-up in Bristol featuring Anthropropph, Gnoomes and Flowers Must Die. This is going to be the first Times Gnoomes have ever played in the UK and there is already a bit of a buzz about these show, so don't sleep on this, we are expecting a sell-out!:

Rocket Recordings and Fat Paul Presents:

Flowers Must Die

Visuals: Johnny O Rocket
DJs: Chris Rocket / Gnoomes

Thursday 22 September
Doors: - 7:30pm
Advance tickets - £8

Tickets can be purchased from here: The Exchange

Event page can be found here: Facebook


17 Jun 2016

H.U.M – Trinity Way released today

Excited to announce the release of Trinity Way, the debut album by H.U.M.

"European occult electronics band H.U.M. synthesizes devotional kosmische swirls every atonal element together, concocting an almost poisonous brew in the process, bashing out mystic rhythms in a devilish invocation." The Quietus

You can buy the album from all good record/online shops today or direct from us here: Rocket Bandcamp

The band are launching the album at a special show in a French Castle with several supports including members from Gnod, more information here: H.U.M

More shows will be announced over the next coming months

Watch the video of track Cat-man-do, made by Rockets very own Johnny O here:


16 Jun 2016

Teeth of the Sea – late addition to Stone Free line-up this weekend

Rock/Prog event 'Stone Free Festival' at London's O2 Arena happens this weekend, and we have just been told this news:

Teeth of the Sea to play Stone Free
Really proud to announce Teeth Of The Sea joining us on the Sunday in the 2pm Messenger slot as Messenger have had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you never heard of them, they have been updating prog around Europe's darkened rooms for the last couple of years. Snap up their beautiful vinyl if you get a chance, or just go stream it like we do these days.

Have a listen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBjs-9u158k

You can find out more about the festival and tickets links from here: Stone Free


Footage of Necro Deathmort live at Desert Fest


15 Jun 2016

Footage of Goat, Gnod, Hills and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation live at Eindhoven Psych Lab


JIN&DAUN + METAL play Cafe Oto

JIN&DAUN is Jin from techno outfit Coldnose and Daun is Rickard from Flowers Must Die, and METAL is Mike from Teeth of the Sea and Jamie from Cage and Aviary.

Full line up is:

Cafe Oto
Tuesday 21 June

Tickets: Cafe Oto


ONEMETAL review Teeth of the Sea at Raw Power

ONEMETAL review the Teeth of the Sea show at Raw Power with a 5 out of 5:

Photography by Jose Ramón Caamaño

Providing the first of many standout performances at Raw Power was Teeth of the Sea – the band that create highway soundtracks for films that don’t exist. After being introduced to them through a here support of Saturday’s headliners in 2013 – I can honestly say that Teeth of the Sea have somehow managed become even more essential. Weaving pounding sonic tapestries that bleed neon lit cool; it’s hard not to be completely intoxicated by their mixture of…well…everything. I was greatly anticipating hearing another rendition of ‘Responder’ as the closing track; but it was their newest material that really resonated and demanded attention. It’s hard not to be taken aback as you hear the distorted cries of ‘Animal Manservant’ and boggle at how they are being reproduced. Their mystic and grandeur fails to cover the sheer primeval nature of it all – with crushing percussion cutting through film reel atmospherics and tequila lime flavoured trumpets. There is no doubt in my mind that one day Teeth of the Sea will headline a festival like Raw Power – and with performances like this you start to wonder if that time is far off at all. Utterly gripping.

Read the rest of the Raw Power review: here


14 Jun 2016

Goat end tour with massive show in Manchester

This is going to be amazing:

Jane Weaver
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
+ Andy Votel DJ

Albert Hall, Manchester
Saturday 22 Oct 2016
6:00 PM

Tickets on sale at 9am on Friday:


Echoes & Dust Review Teeth of the Sea at Raw Power 2016

Teeth of the Sea:
Photo: Sylwia Jarzynka

Teeth of the Sea have been going around 10 years and are a seriously well-oiled machine. They tore into ‘All My Venom’ before ripping through the first half of Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, their latest album, which is fucking dark. Just as I started to remember I was at a festival and wouldn’t mind an ounce of joy they whipped out ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.’ followed by their big disco hits, which made dance like an absolute twat. Future headliners.

Read the full review Echoes and Dust


13 Jun 2016

Goat announce UK Autumn tour

Fresh from playing successful shows at Primavera and Field Day Festivals, we are very excited to announce that  Goat will be hitting the UK for a rare Autumn tour. The tour will end with a massive show at Manchester's Albert Hall, with support from Hookworms, Jane Weaver, Mugstar and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation.

Tickets will go on sale at 9am Friday 17th June.

The bands full European schedule now reads:

Summer Festivals:
17 Jun / Traumzeit Festival / Duisburg / Germany 
19 Jun / Ile du Pointu Festival / Six-Fours-les-Pages / France
09 Jul / Les Ardentes Festival / Liege / Belgium 
10 Jul / Cactus Festival / Bruges / Belgium
22 – 24 Jul / Milhões de Festa / Barcelos / Portugal 
28 Aug / Todays / Torino / Italy
03 Sep / End of the Road Festival / UK
28 Sep / Torino today festival / Turin / Italy

Autumn tour (supported by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation):
07 Oct / Babel / Malmö / Sweden
08 Oct / Den grå hal / Köpenhamn / Denmark
10 Oct / Stadtgarten / Köln / Germany
11 Oct / Ampere / München / Germany
12 Oct / Berghain / Berlin / Germany
13 Oct / Karlstorbahnhof EnjoyJazz / Heidelberg / Germany
14 Oct / Cabaret Sauvage / Paris / France 
17 Oct / All Saints Church / Brighton / UK
18 Oct / Coronet / London / UK
19 Oct / SWX / Bristol / UK
21 Oct / ABC 600 / Glasgow / UK 
22 Oct / Albert Hall / Manchester / UK (w/ Hookworms, Jane Weaver, Mugstar)


8 Jun 2016

Rocket Recordings New Instagram Profile.

We have set up a Rocket Recordings Instagram account, we already have personal ones (which feature alot of Rocket stuff aswell).

John johnny_o_rocket
Chris chris_reeder

So come follow us & for all the latest Rocket news & behind the scenes nonsense.



#expandthepattern Rocket 12's

So far we've released 4 Rocket 12's, have you got them all?

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation / Gnoomes split - REPETITIONS
Oneida – Positions
Mamuthones – Symphony for the Devil
Capra Informis – Womb of the Wild

More will be coming your way, our aim is to see how far we can expand the pattern #expandthepattern, maybe until it makes us blind from unconscious inference's.



Soundlab review Shit & Shine & Hirvikolari at the The Golden Cabinet

Soundlab review Shit & Shine & Hirvikolari at the The Golden Cabinet:

'Passers-by look a little bemused to see a mass gig goers gathered outside the old Victorian schoolhouse-come-community centre; clearly The Golden Cabinet is one of West Yorkshire’s best kept secrets. There’s something genuinely commendable about what they’ve achieved, a collective of like-minded promotors who have been responsible for a number of experimental and frequently impressive gigs in Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre.

It doesn’t initially seem like the kind of place where you would find the likes of Worriedaboutsatan and Shit ‘n’ Shine. The former in particular seems wonderfully at odds with the charity shop down the road that informs us, in large muti-coloured letters, that ‘Jesus Lives’. It might be Jesus, the Devil, the large range of local ales available at the bar or even the range of eclectic acts performing but something keeps the punters coming back to The Golden Cabinet.'

Read the whole review Soundblab


Teeth of the Sea - Live at Raw Power 2016

Teeth of the Sea - Raw Power 2016 from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.

Chris Purdie has posted up on Vimeo some footage of 2 of Teeth of the Sea's noise tracks from Raw Power 2016.


7 Jun 2016

H.U.M Album Launch in a Church/Castle in France

H.U.M album launch to celebrate the release of Rocket's TRINITY WAY:
For this occasion Zamzamrec have organised a very special evening of concerts in front of the castle/steps>  where they will celebrate the Solstice, re/birth of the Sun, release of the Spirits with their new album Trinity Way available on DL/CD/Vinyl from the 17th of June.

Watch the bands video made by Rocket's Johnny O Watch

Listen to a track from the album Listen


⡇✫Δ F Ê T E   D E   L A   M U S I Q U E Δ✫⡇
{ { place de l'Eglise } }



Support comes from:

(Lo-fi leftfield electronic exotica)

Johnny Haway

(Paddy Shine from GNOD)

(Cello + Objects)
Cheval Scintillantes

(Lecture + bruitage + melodies)

For more Info contact:

Buy the album H.U.M Trinity Way


Gnod / Radar Men from the Moon collaboration

As reported on our previous post  Gnod (as well as Goat, Hills & Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation) is playing this years Eindhoven Psych Lab.

And as part of the festival Gnod are collaborating with Dutch band Radar Men from the Moon.

The press release reads:

RMFTM meets GNOD: Temple Ov BBV
Remember one of last year’s highlights when Radar Men From The Moon entered the stage with The Cosmic Dead? Well, here’s the follow up, which they describe as; ‘Temple Ov BBV is a collaborative work and a performative gesture between RMFTM and GNOD. The culmination of these two groups can be interpreted as a stream of materialized thoughts, in which their work can be listened, viewed and contemplated in ever changing ways.’ They will record an album in the week prior to the festival, and perform a sonic ritual at Eindhoven Psych Lab.

Another reason why Eindhoven Psych Lab is gonna be one of the highlights of the year.
More info and tickets here: Eindhoven Psych Lab

Gnod's new album Mirror can be ordered from here: Rocket Bandcamp

Photos on Facebook with the collaboration: here