30 Dec 2010

Rocket Probes December 2010 Playlist

Captain Beefheart – Selected Back Catalogue
(A true genius - fast & bulbous)

Gnod / Amiddle Sex – Split LP
(A new Gnod vinyl!!!!!! nice split album on the great label Blackest Rainbow....ltd to 400 copies)

Juergen Paape – Ofterschwang
(Ultra repetitive ‘Oompah’ music)

Emeralds – What Happened
(Nice to have this on vinyl...sounds amazing!!)

Moon Unit – New Sky Dragon
(Really amazing guitar/keyboard fuzzed out psych with awesome free drumming..great album from the great label Krayon!!)

Gnod - Tony's / Vatican
(Future Rocket release - our first taste of new Gnod material, in their own unique way - Vatican - part exorcism, part dub, played like Faust dabbling Butthole Surfers)

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - King Kong
(Live at the BBC 1968 - 27 minute + version of this great Zappa jazz instrumental - view in its full version - 4 parts via you tube)

Fuzz Aginst Junk - Demo's
(Mark iii of the band that twists & turns through history - this time on a early Soft Machine ride, Prof from The Heads providing the 'Ratledge' fuzz keys, while Hugo anchors down the Hugh Hopper lines, also check out 'Netti Netti')

Moonwalk One -
(1970's Apollo Moon film)

Butthole Surfers - Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac
(Early Surfers have been making a strong comeback in the Rocket playlist recently - back to the days when chaotic psychedelia & noise punk collided)

Masayo Asahara - Saint Agnes Fountain
(One single hour long piece - Terry Riley minimalist drones meets Soft Machine)

Anika - S/T
(Beak backed & produced post punk dub with Nico blanked vocals)


23 Dec 2010

Teeth Of The Sea's Your Mercury is awarded Echos and Dusts album of the year

Teeth Of The Sea's Your Mercury has been awarded album of the year by the lovely people at Echo and Dust...

To see what they say about it, and what else featured in their top 40 (White Hills for example) visit their website


21 Dec 2010

'Nothing is...' returns on January 7th plus new Spotify playlist

'What is Nothing Is...?' I hear you whisper. It's hard to say; it's nothing like what it was, and bears no resemblance to what it will be, but it's safe to say 'Nothing Is...' quite what it seems.

It's time to kick off our bi-monthly residency down at the brilliant little sweatbox that is The Alibi, so give January a big poke-sign right in the face and get yourselves down there. Let's face it, it's either that or wallow in self-pity at the realisation that your pathetic lives haven't moved on since last year - it's a no-brainer folks!

Cage and Aviary (Walls have ears / DFA)
Little Dirty (Lithe Records)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)


The Alibi (91 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London E8 2PB)
8pm to 3am
Entry is FREE

Friday 7th January


20 Dec 2010

Listen to CHAMAN a Mecanica Celeste album out take by Serpentina Satelite

Here is the track CHAMAN which is an out take from the Serpentina Satelite album Mecanica Celeste that came out on ltd vinyl in September.

This is one of two tracks that couldn't fit on the vinyl, the other will be aired at a later today


18 Dec 2010


Sorry to say that due to Gnod stuck in snow in Manchester (for a second year running) and members of Hey Colossus stuck in Somerset and Thought Forms battling to get here we have decided to pull the party!!!!

Real shame but what can you do...we will postpone it to in the New Year where we will def do it again!!


14 Dec 2010

Quietus competition – free tickets to our Unsilent Night party and free Rocket/Noisestar goodies

That is right, you and a friend can win free tickets to saturdays party plus some free records, for more info, visit the Quietus website.


13 Dec 2010

Unsilent night party this Saturday – tracklist for free CD

This Saturday sees the Rocket and Noisestar xmas party, details for the night are as follows:

Rocket Recordings and Noisestar records present

Unlilent Night

Hey Colossus
Thought Forms
One Unique Signal
Sunday Mourning
Hills have Riffs

Teeth Of The Sea
The Quietus

The Victora
110 Grove Road. Mile End. London E3 5TH

Saturday 18th December

5pm / 1am

£5 advance
£7 door

Tickets can be bought from (venue is small so will sell out, so to guarantee entry we recommend you buy a ticket):

As with previous events we are doing a Ltd CD that will include exclusive tracks by all the bands playing, these CD’s will be given to the first 50 punters through the door...the tracklist for the compilation is as follows:

– Groop Dogshit
02 THOUGHT FORMS – Golden Sunset Swans Tongue
03 HAG – Low (hot toddy mix)
05 GNOD – Genocide
06 ONE UNIQUE SIGNAL – Dismemberment (live)
07 HILLS HAVE RIFFS – I've Seen The Signs In Nature


GNOD makes John Doran's Top 10 Noise Bands in NME

John Doran, writing for the NME has chosen his top 10 'Noise' bands & Gnod feature at number 5.


When you see GNOD on stage, it might look like some kind of Jeff Goldblum in
The Fly matter transference pod accident has occurred involving The Levellers, The Polyphonic Spree and Pop Will Eat Itself - but don’t let that put you off. Under the dreadlocks are some wise Salford heads who apply Krautrock and Afrobeat rhythms to the heavy psychedelic pulse of noise rock transporting the listener straight through that jacuzzi on the wall in Stargate.......

Read the article here:


Teeth of the Sea - Your Mercury - Vinyl - OUT NOW!

Finally got our hands on the Teeth of the Sea 'Your Mercury' vinyl & we think they look pretty good with a nice silver foil back print.

They are limited & will be in shops now or very soon so grabs your soon.


10 Dec 2010

Spreading the word of GNOD - Blog launch

As myspace seems to be getting more of a hassle to use, GNOD have decided to launch their new blog. Expect news, new tracks, videos & radio broadcasts in the coming future!


stick it up your apps

Gnod Bless


Listen to Gnod -




6 Dec 2010

Quietus Albums Of The Year 2010 - Teeth of the Sea & White Hills

The lovely people at Quietus have included 2 Rocket releases in their 2010 list of records of the year..........so we thank them for that.

To view the full list, visit here:


3 Dec 2010

Bad Acid Magazine’s Triple Burnout Issue featuring Rocket feature and compilation

Bad Acid Magazine’s Triple Burnout Issue OUT NOW!

The last ever Bad Acid features a Rocket label profile & a rare interview with us and the following exclusive Rocket compilation of rare, deleted, new and unreleased tracks:

01 Teeth of the Sea – In the Space Capsule (Launch036)
02 Mammatus – Dragons of the Deep Part 1 (Launch025)
03 Big Naturals – A Good Stalker Never Quits (unreleased track)
04 Ufomammut – Mars (Launch024)
05 White Hills – Oceans of Sound (Launch029)
06 The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers – Don't Wanna Know (Launch030)
07 Sawdust Caesars – You Pigs... (Launch002)
08 Fuzz against Junk – Trenchfoot/Dugout (Launch021)
09 Oneida – Each One Teach One (recorded live at the Croft in Bristol 2009, unreleased)
10 Gnod/White Hills – Spaced Man (Launch037)
11 Serpentina Satelite – AI Apaec (Launch038)
12 Annapurna Illusion – Psychic Ignacio (exclusive forthcoming album track, unmastered)
13 The Heads – You Can Lean Back Sometimes (Launch001)

Bad Acid's press release reads:

The last ever issue of Bad Acid Magazine has hit the streets, and it is a mighty TRIPLE issue, with extra bonus material added. It is HUGE!

The Burnout Issue contains:
Quite possibly the most extensive compilation of deranged underground music ever released. A staggering 40 plus hours of audio covering over 300 bands….. featuring kraut, sludge, doom, crust, noise, spacerock, experimental, psych and drone…..

A huge colour pdf magazine filled with over 250 reviews, 26 interviews and freaked out artwork. You’ll be reading for weeks.

A 4 hour dvd with promo videos, live footage, short film and animation, plus 108 minutes of bonus mp4 material.

Label profiles with interviews, release run downs and label samplers.

For more details visit the Bad Acid Magazine