22 Oct 2020

Steve and Kavus announce book

Steve and Kavus from The Utopia Strong have announced they have written a book called Medical Grade Music which is being released by publisher White Rabbit on 1 April 2021 – more info can be found here via The Social:

The Social


21 Oct 2020

Bonnacons of Doom tease new music with special 'Carnival Brewing' beer collaboration

Liverpool troupe Bonnacons of Doom have teamed up with fellow Liverpudlian craft beer experts 'Carnival Brewing Company' to create a very special, one-off beer that is inevitably loud; deliciously punchy, indelible and truly awesome...and the resulting beer is the delicious 4.6% lime gose, called 'Pracatan'.

Artwork for 'Pracatan' and the immersive launch video above was created by the ever uber talented Sam Wiehl. And not only that, the launch video features a little taster of a brand new Bonnacons of Doom track called ’Dulse’ the band’s first new music this year, written in the darkest days of lockdown.

'Pracatan'is available to buy online now www.carnivalbrewing.me/shop and in select independent beer shops. 


Dom from Carnival Brewing and the Bonnacons spent one long night riffing on their favourite beer styles. Would it be a strong complex heavy or a dark and bold imperial stout? But as is the way with the Bonnacons, there was a twist up their sleeves.

It was Kate’s idea to create something akin to her favourite cocktail, the Margarita. Fresh and zingy, she wanted something with notes that cut through the mix, mirroring the uplifting and euphoric elements of the band’s sound.

Dom hotfooted it back to Ade’s garage to formulate and master the next Carnival beer. Dom and Ade planned the beer and the recipe gestated; ingredients were ordered and while the fledgling Liverpool brewery was being fitted and installed the recipe finally came together. 

All it needed now was to be christened. Raise a can and shout it loud “PRACATAN”.


Beer Geek time from Carnival Brewing…
We made a light sour beer and added dulse, originally the Irish seaweed which was sourced by Ade’s Mum from his home city of Belfast. We added loads of rock salt, lime zest and lime puree to create a delicious, straw-coloured beer that spins the taste buds into a maelstrom of zingy freshness. 

Once the small-batch beer was trialed on customers at Carnival Brewing’s tasting room bar in Liverpool City Centre, the brewers upscaled the recipe ready for canning.  

The resulting beer is a 4.6% lime gose, perfect for enjoying with your dinner, maybe as an aperitif or while listening to a Bonnacons album.  

Dom from Carnival commented: “We love the Bonnacons, their sonic overload, stage presence and love for performance. We loved the idea of creating something new and unique for the band and its fans, so Pracatan became a thing. Our ethos for collaboration, creative partnerships and joining different creative outlets inspired our journey to form the brewery, which opened in Liverpool city centre in December 2019.”


20 Oct 2020

Grizzly Butts say some words about Deafbrick

They say:

After writing an abstract review for quite an abstract album by Deafkids circa 2019, I’d had a fellow write into the site complaining of the complexity of my statements… and I’m still not sure what any fan of such a free-spirited and wildly deconstructive artist would expect otherwise. This has been a common result and very mild long-term struggle with writing about abstract music, and the main reason why I’ve eased up on it this last year, as it seems that many readers who explore the fringes of music want it presented to them plainly and in compartmentalized forms. “Give me a hundred buzz-labels to sieve through ultra-niche electro underground’s cutting edge stuff but please, don’t wax poetic about it.” and it doesn’t take much of this attitude to leave me bristling in response. So, what’d discourage me from racing towards this collaboration of Petbrick and Deafkids?

I’m not sure there is a conversation to have about it where I can illuminate. Maybe you’re a Sepultura fan who has been eager enough to see what Iggor Cavalera has done outside of the metal spectrum, and in that case Petbrick is quite accessible, and well-paired with the industrial crust punk rebellion of Deafkids. Perhaps the conversation is the side-note that Wayne Adams of the infamous Bear Bites Horse studios is always a bit of quiet second mention in reference to Petbrick or, maybe that the live collaboration with Rakta & Deafkids is probably way more exciting and all-too nearby. Alright well, no, none of that is going to suffice or hold up. In terms of ‘Deafbrick‘ the album, its collaboration is entirely inspired and perhaps in ways that ‘Metaprogramação’ (2019) was lacking, bringing some of that late 80’s Ministry and Fudge Tunnel force to their blurry elektro-punk attack. The result could easily have edged towards something like Atari Teenage Riot sans gabber-blasted beats but they’ve kept it all quite buttoned up for this collaboration, as evidenced by the nigh thoughtless cover of Discharge‘s “Free Speech For the Dumb”. If that sounds a bit like a hug with a gentle stab at the end, kinda...

Read the rest here: Grizzly Butts


The Psych Rock reviews Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wishes LP

They say:

Paisel Unconscious Death Wishes is a wild ride that is to be experienced. The music is indescribable creating a trance that touches the boarders of many nations and many musical styles including krautrock, free jazz, world music, and avant-electronic. The album is magical, ritualistic, tribal and mysterious. Julius Gabriel met João Pais Filipe bleed into the boarders of the known musical universe and push through the veil.

Paisel Unconscious Death Wishes features João Pais Filipe a Portuguese percussionist who has become essential to the experimental music scene. His drumming is unique, powerful and entrancing with all the energy of ritual magic. The German, boundary defying saxophonist, Julius Gabriel makes up the second half of the duo known as Paisel.

Julius Gabriel met João Pais Filipe in 2014 at a record store and set up an jam session which evolved into Paisel. Both of these musicians collaborate with other groups and projects sharing their visionary approach to music. Most notably for this forum is GNOD and João Pais Filipe Faca De Fogo released in 2020.

Paisel Unconscious Death Wishes follows a arch of sound which starts soft and builds to a afro-tribal trance ritual frenzy. The sound then stretches and a noise drone that evokes a deep hidden mystery ensures to the end. The album is art from start to finish there are no tracks that are a highlight the album is a complete song in itself and every movement is perfect and at home with-in the total composition.

See the review here: The Psych Rock


19 Oct 2020

Fuzzy Zun reviews GNOD & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Fogo

They say:

I have been a big worshipper of Gnod for a long time now, and It is not only the bonecrushing noiserock that our Gnod sometimes produces but I love Gnod for their experimentalism, their search for the divine sound in noise, ambient, tribal rythms, industrial and what not. Not every release is as easy as the other but now I can feel the hand of Gnod touching me with this new release. This sounds trancelike. They have collaborated with Jesus, eu, I mean João Pais Filipe to make this gorgeous new record called ‘Faca De Fogo’ wich is already sold out :(

Read the rest here: Fuzzy Sun


15 Oct 2020

Gnoomes and Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne remixes Burden Limbs

This is what Echoes and Dust say about it:

SURGERY the first remix album from Burden Limbs will be released on October 23 by Glasshouse Records. The eight-track re-working of the band’s debut EP There Is No Escape features a range of different mutations of the Burden Limbs sound. Where the original content is frenzied, bleak, and deranged, Surgery offers different perspectives on the songs with some residing in as contrasting genre-landscapes as ambient-dub, psych, and electronica. Featured artists include Gnoomes, Ilia Gorovitz (formerly of HYNOM), Metalogue, and Teeth of The Sea’s Mike Bourne whose mix – an unravelling of ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘Hypochondriac’ renamed ‘Shallow Hypochondriac’ we premiere here...

Read the rest and more importantly, listen to Mikes remix here: E&D


13 Oct 2020

Echoes and Dust reviews Shit & Shine's Malibu Liquor Store

They say:

By my count Malibu Liquor Store is the third Shit & Shine album of 2020, the latest addition to a huge discography of broken dancefloor rhythms, wandering trains of thought and clumps of greasy noise. While you always sort of know what you’re getting yourself into with Shit & Shine, you can never be sure. This time around Craig Clouse is sat out back mixing up rum based cocktails of his own invention. Working by eye from a table of unlikely ingredients on a ‘Hillbilly Hurricane’, a home cook version of a New Orleans classic. It might be home made rum, come to think. The sticky artificial flavours, glowing acid red, seem to fight rather than mask the high alcohol content of raw edged spirits. After a couple it don’t matter anyway, I wish we had some of them paper umbrellas here, y’know? Fancy the place up a little.

The title track glitches into view folding 70’s cop show vibes into the erratic misfiring snares. There’s some chase scene piano jangle that keeps it moving forward past the head on collisions of drums. Broken up as it is, it grooves along, head nodding, and is definitely the type to end a sentence with ‘baby’. The eight numbers here all have different moods but they hang together, carried by a buried sense of motion. ‘Rat Snake’ is a bundle of rolling percussion loops that keep your interest among the random electro buzzing and spaced out guitar noodles. In the past Clouse has set about some violent rhythmic destructions, pulling dance music to pieces on the oily garage floor. These days he often builds intricate and eccentric little rhythm engines that drive his tracks. This is his deceptively simple recipe, beats that bring texture and colour but hold things together with a steady pulse, allowing him to pour abstract scatterings of mood and weirdness over the top...

Read the rest here: E&D


Listen to Dwellings mix for Fat-out

 Chris from GNOD has created this great 'VOIVOD' mix for Fat Out


John Robb interviews Dan from Sex Swing about his 'obsession'

Listen to this interview with John Robb and Dan from Sex Swing about his obsession with Thai Food!

Listen here: Obsession


11 Oct 2020

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in What Hi-Fi's 'National Album Day: 10 of the best British albums of 2020 so far'

They say:

Despite the band's moniker, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs's approach is far more elephantine as mammoth riffs tear through the speaker cone and plant their feet square in your gut. Playfully eccentric as much as it is colossal, Viscerals shares a Sabbath-like nous for using rhythm and pace as much as pure noise to achieve a truly British style of heaviness.

Read the rest here: What Hi-Fi


9 Oct 2020

Shit & Shine's Malibu Liquor Store released today

"Shit and Shine spiked the punch bowl."
The Quietus

"Tune in for some trippy electronic vibes and bone crushing noise." Fuzzy Sun

“Soundtracks for the apocalypse.” Loud and Quiet

"Hits the dance floor, which has been scrubbed with acid beforehand." Reverb is for Lovers

"A dream combo of Can and Butthole Surfers." Normans

Today see's the latest release in Shit & Shine's twisted journey to be unleashed on the general public. The mighty 'Malibu Liquor Store' is available on blue/red swirl vinyl from here:


You can also pick it up from your local record shop – though there are only 500 copies available world wide so these will all go fast like S&S's previous albums.


Press release reads:

So, what have you been doing in 2020? Tensions have mounted, turmoil has reigned and work emails have forever rung out with boilerplate platitudes as the world has ushered in a new decade in more uncomfortable and disquieting fashion than anyone could have imagined in January.  Nonetheless, amidst such mental tumult Craig Clouse - the Austin-based sage of the aurally unclean also known as Shit & Shine – has been busily channelling the interface between the surroundings and his own wayward muse into ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ – a lockdown-birthed psychic landscape mapped out in the first half of this turbulent year.

The only expectation any relatively well-adjusted person should have of Shit & Shine remains the unexpected at this stage, with Clouse having released well over thirty records on multiple labels in a storied, questing and uniformly invigorating catalogue – just as comfortable with both bloody-minded electronic assaults and noiserock-driven dirge, as adept at kraut-hammered rhythmic mantras as dancefloor-friendly abstraction. ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ is none of these things exactly yet simultaneously flirts cheerily and irreverently with all of them.

Always shot through with gleeful humour, this is a sonic world that recognises neither boundaries nor common sense. Craig Clouse cares not for your definitions of psych or dance music, and he’s never more comfortable than when transcending and annihilating both generic headspaces with casual ease and cheerful panache. Instead, these heat-damaged jams mark a spectral collision course between infectious glitch-heavy groove and an appropriately Texan acid-flashback aesthetic - a world in the last fifty years of culture are reflected and refracted back ad absurdum.

Co-ordinates and reliable audial landmarks are rendered meaningless as the title cut comes on like a ‘60s Morricone chase sequence reassembled in new electronic shapes like lysergically-assisted Meccano. ‘Rat Snake’ sees the humid grooves of Can’s ‘Soon Over Babaluma’ bludgeoned into delirious submission. ‘Devil’s Backbone’ witnesses Buttholes-esque transgressions of the ‘80s beamed forward Terminator-style to a cyborg-ridden dystopia, and the glorious skeletal groove of album centrepiece ‘Hillbilly Moonshine’ meanwhile is nothing less than workout music for the damned – a relentless and pulsating soundtrack for a generation of ghouls mounting a legion of rowing machines along a metaphysical river Styx.

The creation of ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ may just have helped Craig Clouse keep his sanity in 2020, even if it appears custom designed to help us lose our own.


8 Oct 2020

Listen to Steve Davis solo track on 'Tone Science Module No​.​4 Form and Function' compilation

The Utopia Strong's Steve Davis has a solo track on this incredible  'Tone Science Module No​.​4 Form and Function' compilation on DiN Records

Listen here: DiN


The Quietus reviews Shit and Shine's 'Malibu Liquor Store'

They say:

The latest from Shit and Shine evokes a "Steely Dan covers band made up of malfunctioning automatons", finds Oliver Cookson

For Texas-based Shit and Shine, curveballs are very much the name of the game. Veering from mucky noise rock dirge to gurning slabs of techno, Craig Clouse is uninterested in the self imposed restrictions of genre. Across Shit and Shine's output he's proven himself as equally adept at twisting melons as dislocating limbs. Thankfully, on Malibu Liquor Store mind-mashing intensity and rhythmic bombardment are both present in spades.

The album opens with the cinematic title track, a krautrock scene-setter revealing a torrid, burnt-out landscape. The groove is urgent and twitchy with effected guitar, reverberating percussion and plonking piano jabs fleshing out the space. You can feel the heat but it's more akin to debilitating sun-stroke than lounging poolside with a cocktail in hand. 'Rat Snake' pushes deeper into the scorched terrain, building tension with trebly guitar splashes and gritty synths revving up for action...

Read the rest here: The Quietus


6 Oct 2020

Rumba talk about Pharaoh Overlord's new album and single

They say:

Pharaoh Overlord, who has shrunk to a duo formed by Jussi Lehtisalo and Tomi Leppänen on the previous album, continues to sound the depths of electronic music. The band's motorik-pulsing and synthesizer-driven album 5, which started as a Circle side project, will be followed up in November by album 6 .

The record is exceptionally published by Rocket Recordings instead of Lehtisalo Ektron. The British company, one of the most interesting psychedelic stables of recent years, has served as home to bands such as Goat , Gnod , Hills , Teeth of the Sea and White Hills .

The first single from Pharaoh Overlord’s 6 album is Without Song All Will Perish . The song is like a disco created on some dystopian dance floor, stripped of humanity. As a singer, Aaron Turner ( Isis , Sumac , Old Man Gloom ) is heard , whose growl contrasts with the music, but ties the atmosphere right there to the dystopian landscapes.

“I thought, for example , of Beherit from the Drawing Down the Moon era , when the band’s music was almost entirely electronic and the only remnant of metal aesthetics was the singing style,” Turner says.

Initially, Lehtisalo and Leppänen asked Turner for songs for a couple of songs, but the collaboration stretched to the size of the whole album.

Read the piece here: Rumba


5 Oct 2020

Decibel Magazine interviews Iggor Cavalera about new Petbrick EP 'Pet Sounds Vol.1'

It reads:

Iggor Cavalera On Petbrick Collaboration with LG Petrov; Proceeds to Benefit Iconic Frontman’s Cancer Treatment Fund

Think kismet always arrives with a stock soundtrack of orchestral strings or angelic choirs swelling in the background?

Think again.

Case in point: One night, not so long ago, Iggor Cavalera laid down an old school black metal blast beat in his practice space. He brought it home on a sampler, and then, along with his power electronics partner in crime/Petbrick bandmate Wayne Adams, slowly began to add layers of synth noise and glitchy, chopped melodies. The resulting semi-controlled sonic chaos was killer as it stood, sure, but also clearly missing that transcendent element — that X-factor — to fully actualize the song.

Then came the epiphany: Call in fellow metal legend and longtime friend LG Petrov, the iconic voice of Entombed/Entombed A.D.

“LG was stoked on the idea for the same reason I was — no one would see it coming,” Cavalera tells Decibel. “Like me, he’s into experimental stuff and, more generally, just enjoys anything weird and not so commercial that pushes boundaries — I mean, Entombed has been proving that forever, from the death metal days to Wolverine Blues and beyond — but, while LG is someone I’ve always admired as both a great person and a forward-thinking artist, he’s not known for doing stuff in the breakcore or electronic scene. So, to me, that made it even more exciting and interesting to bring him in on something like this.”...

Read the rest here: Decibel Magazine


Rolling Stone put Julie's Haircut's "Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin" in their "10 best records of Italian prog bands released in the last 20 years" list

They say:

Julie's Haircut becomes more spatial with each disc, up to this Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin , a title between Zappa ( Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin ) and Ken Anger ( Invocation of My Demon Brother ). The band's space is drugged and lopsided, between Hawkwind, Can and Ed Wood. The songs are a suite of rides in which acoustics and electronics blend into one and the consistency is lost between echoes and reverberations. In the good old days the Loops couldn't have done better, but with JH it goes even further, beyond infinity astride a sound that is beautiful and transcendental, beautifully outside of reality.

Read the full list here: Rolling Stone


The Quietus review's Deafbrick

They say:

If you’re missing that glitchier, industrial aesthetic from Shame, however, then Deafbrick ought to sort you right out. A collaboration between Deafkids, a Brazillian hardcore act who’ve morphed into a sprawling, noisy, genre-defying beast over the last couple of years, and Petbrick, itself a collaboration between Big Lad mastermind and in-demand producer Wayne Adams and original Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera, Deafbrick is one of those collaborative records (much like The Body and Full Of Hell’s recent team-ups) that feels less like a simple melding of two existing bands and more a whole new entity in its own right. It’s more than happy to be intensely, confrontationally abrasive – tracks like ‘Força Bruta’ and ‘Mega-Ritual’ are an absolute kick in the teeth, seething blasts of mechanically enhanced hardcore that feel like Atari Teenage Riot and Anti-Cimex joining forces to fight off a swarm of android killing machines – but also isn’t afraid to hold back when necessary for maximum impact. The creepy ‘The Menace Of The Dark Polar Night’, for example, builds slowly and steadily from sparse, barely-even-there electronic fluctuations into an oddly grandiose sludgy elegy, before segueing seamlessly into the pounding Godflesh-on-steroids gabber of ‘Máquina Obssessivo-Compulsiva’...

Read the full piece here: The Quietus


Fuzzy Sun say some words about Pharaoh Overlords 'Without Song All Will Perish'

They say:

That Rocket Recordings is an awesome label has been clear for a long time, but what I love mostly is the divers and unique stuff that is on the label. 2020 is again a year with great releases like industrial madness by Petbrick/deafkids, electro/noise by Shit and Shine, and so much more this year.

Now we get new music by Pharaoh Overlords wich is a a Finish duo that produce out of this world synth driven kraut stuff. Their first track ‘Without Song All Will Perish’ from their upcoming album ‘6’ wich will be released on Rocket Recordings November 13.

Read the rest here: Fuzzy Sun


2 Oct 2020

Celebrating Bandcamp's 'No Revenue Day' for October

Today is another Bandcamp 'No Revenue' day

So as always, today is a great time to buy some Rocket albums and shirts - some releases we wanna bring to your attention are:  

Pharaoh Overlord – 6
Immensely epic album 6 on very limited 'Diamondback' splatter vinyl edition

Petbrick – Pet Sounds Vol 1
4 Track EP of new material including a track featuring Entombed singer LG Petrov

Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wish LP
Stunning second album, td Red/Black 'colour-in-colour' vinyl

Anthroprophh – Toilet Circuit EP
Repress on yellow vinyl due to speed of first pressing sold out – expected to go the same way

GOAT – Commune LP
Special ltd 'Silver edition' reissue on silver/blue swirl vinyl and new artwork

J. Zunz – Hibiscus LP
Ltd Blue/White swirl vinyl

Autotelia – I LP
Ltd 'Weird Green' striped vinyl

Sex Swing – Type II LP

On Ltd edition swirl vinyl

Kooba Tercu – Proto Tekno LP
On Ltd edition clear vinyl

Goat – Goatman T-shirt
Black reprint of the Classic Goat T-shirts

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Viscerals and T-shirts
Latest album on ltd colour vinyl + ltd edition 'Lets Rock' and 'King of Cowards' T-shirts

+ there are loads of other great albums, shirts and posters to pick up from the Rocket or individual bands Bandcamp stores:

Preorder Pharaoh Overlord​ '6' album:

Preorder Pharaoh Overlord​ '6' album:

Today is another Bandcamp 'No Revenue' day so for the first time we have the Preorder for Pharaoh Overlord '6' album both on CD & the Limited 'Diamondback' vinyl splatter version.  

Order here: Bandcamp

So as always, today is a great time to buy some Rocket albums and shirts & we thank you very very much for the support.

John & Chris


Introducing Petbrick​ Pet Sounds Vol 1:


Introducing Petbrick​ Pet Sounds Vol 1:

Petbrick have a new EP called Pet Sounds Vol 1 available from today, you can also pick up a Tape and a new T-shirt from the band for Bandcamp day, so go support them.

The Press Text Reads:

Pet Sounds Vol.1 is the first of a series releases that will see Petbrick  explore many unvisited sonic landscapes and take part in unique collaborations – an outlet to help drive positivity during these doomed times for musicians who thrive on a live stage.

Vol.1 features four brand new tracks and the song Lonely Soul features a very special collaboration with LG Petrov – the enigmatic frontman from Swedish Death Metal legends Entombed. Iggor said this about how the collaboration came about, “I have known Lars Göran Petrov since the  early 90’s, we shared the stage many times together, and also shared our love for football.”

Iggor goes on to say “When we finished a demo for one of our new  Petbrick tracks, we felt it would be cool to invite someone to add some  old school black/death metal vocals, so i contacted LG and he was stoked on collaborating with us, he also told me he is a big fan of Aphex Twin,  so it was cool to sing on something in that spectrum. That was before  i was aware of his cancer, so we felt logical to raise all the profits from this release to help our brother. So please support him and also support underground music during these turbulent times:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-petrov.”

Order your album here: Bandcamp


Goat Commune 'Silver Edition' OUT TODAY


Goat Commune 'Silver Edition':

The repress of the Goat's 'Commune' is out on 'Silver Edition' in all good record shops from today.

You can buy the Limited Blue & Silver version from the Rocket store: 


or the Silver & Red version from all good record shops.