26 Oct 2020

Birthday Cake for Breakfast reviews Autotelia

They say:

Autotelia’s debut record ‘I‘, out now on Rocket Recordings, is richly textured instrumental ambient music. Birthday Cake For Breakfast debuted a video from ‘I’ over the summer, with lovely abstract colours and shapes in the video to match the lovely abstraction of the music. You might put it on right now to listen to while you read this review.

The instrumental duo’s music is warm and lush, made with a mix of bass and guitar, effects pedals, synths, drum machines and so on. Much of ‘I’ consists of very simple beats combined with slow, shimmering drones which are very pretty, with other elements moving in and out around them. Often new sounds are very subtle – a ringing that sounds like feedback, say, or a bit that sounds like quiet static – and are introduced by building up slowly so that you (or at least I) notice them then realise I’d been hearing them for some time without noticing them. Some elements drop out similarly slowly so that I realise they’re gone and wonder when that happened. The effect for me is one basking in the music then suddenly catching up, then returning to basking...

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