30 Oct 2020

The Quietus puts Shit and Shine's Malibu Liquor Store in their Best Albums of October

They say:

The desert-meets-the-dancefloor soundscape of Malibu Liquor Store calls to mind another, equally arid album: 2017's Concrete Desert, the excellent collaboration between The Bug and Earth. While stylistically the similarities are few, the parallel is apparent in the psychogeographic impulses of their creators. In an interview with tQ, The Bug's Kevin Martin spoke of a desire to "sonically map a visual terrain." In the case of Concrete Desert this terrain was the real world city of Los Angeles. On Malibu Liquor Store, we're presented with a more fluid map of hallucinatory territory. It's an ever-shifting space in which familiar sonic markers are glimpsed only fleetingly as the listener is pushed onwards by the perpetual motion of the Can-style rhythms....

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