31 Jan 2013

The Quietus Interview Anthroprophh

The Quietus have just published a interview with Anthroprophh about his debut solo album out now on Rocket.

Altered Head Space: An Interview With Anthroprophh  

Anthroprophh, the new project of Paul Allen of Bristol voyagers The Heads, blasts off into inner space via kosmische drone and acid-frazzled guitar workouts. He speaks to Joseph Burnett about how writing his debut album provided a creative shot in the arm.

"The intention was to create music in [a psych-rock] vein, as it's a genre that dominates my record collection, but I wanted it to be a bit more sparse and minimal as the record went on, and not just sketches." Paul Allen, erstwhile guitarist with Bristolian heavy psych band The Heads, is discussing his new solo project Anthroprophh, whose debut self-titled album has just been released through the ever-reliable Rocket Recordings, home of Gnod, Goat and Teeth Of The Sea. Anthroprophh essentially encapsulates the sound of modern psych-rock, as espoused by all those bands: it's heavy but subtle, driving but fleet-footed, taking in a range of moods and atmospheres, the kind of music you can head-bang to gleefully in a mosh pit, or be serenaded by as you while away a sleepless, hash-hazed night. It's a style anchored in the rock traditions of the post-'67 era, but equally one that's keen to look forwards as well as back.

Read the whole Interview: thequietus-anthroprophh-interview


Rocket Probes January Playlist

Goat - Stone Goat
(New track full of heavy wah guitars, crazy grooves, banshee vocals and a really, really filthy fuzz solo)

Hills - National Drone
(New track from our other fave Swedish band, psyched out drones, echohed vocals and some heavy fuzz wah...a taster for what their next album may sound like)

Cannibal Movie - Avorio
(Almost sounding like Oneida scoring an Italian gore soundtrack)

Salems Pot - New track
(Our third favourite band from Sweeden... VERY heavy and VERY spacey 45 min track...dont let their name put you off, they aint no average stoner bore fest)

Fractal Skulls -
(Lovely ambient soundscapes on this new cassette from the great Bunkerland label)

Scott Walker - Bisch Bosch
(Demands an undisturbed listen)

Dr John - Locked down
(Containing some really great moments of Can like funk and Clear Spotted Beefeart grooves)

Various - Man Chest Hair
(Great name for a comp of 70's rock n' prog from Manchester)

Broadcast - Berberien Sound Studio
(Amazing soundtrack to our fave film of last year)

Snares - Black Sabbath
(Amazing dubbed out Black Sabbath edit by Ventian Snares. Cherrystones dropped it at the latest 'Nothing is...' and got us running to the record shop)

Miles Davis - Ife / Right Off / The Theme
(2nd CD from the album Live at Philharmonic Hall)

Metallica - Kill 'Em All
(Going back to our roots)


30 Jan 2013

Goat's New York show moves to a bigger venue

Goat's New York show at Glasslands has sold out, so the promoters have moved it to Williamsburg Music Hall instead, which is twice the capacity.

You can buy your tickets from here: Williamsburg Music Hall


29 Jan 2013

$hit & $hine Tuesday jazz chat 10


Adventures in Soundscape give their praise to the Anthroprophh LP

Adventures in Soundscapes reviews the Anthroprophh LP, this is what they say:

"The arrival of the self-titled, debut album from Anthroprophh on Rocket Recordings offered some extra excitement as it brought with it the unknown, names and psychedelic lineage that I recognised but the music, oh the music, I did not know and I got to step into the unknown… a world created by Anthroprophh that offers a vision of the night, where electronic machine grooves meet fuzz drenched guitars and psychedelic rhythms.

Where the Kandodo album hinted towards the rising of the desert sun, the Anthroprophh album talks of those hours before sunrise.

Hermit Opens with a shrieking burst of psychedelic fuzz and a thunderous, pounding rhythm… hard, fast and heading straight for the heavens…"

Read the rest of the review here: Adventures in Soundscape


28 Jan 2013

Beach Creep posts exclusive Rocket mixtape

Beach Creep asked us to put together an (unmixed) mixtape to give people a taste of the music that will be played at the Anthroprophh album launch show at Shacklewell Arms on Friday.

The tracklist of the mixtape is:
01 Tj Hooks Rap - Tj Hooks
02 Emp - Uran
03 Track 1 - Lumerians
04 Visions Of Load - Gnod
05 The Duke Arrives (Extended Version) - John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
06 Flames - Fire
07 History Of Man - Amanaz
08 Cop-Dust - The Fall
09 Coda - Czerwone Gitary
10 Precession - Anthroprophh
11 "Berlin" - Crawling Chaos
12 Run To Your Mama (Teeth Of The Sea Remix) - Goat

You can also listen to this mix here: Beach Creep Rocket Mixtape

We are also going to be premiering a brand new (unmastered) Goat track on the night. This will be the first time it has been heard outside of Mission Control and the bands recording studio!!

Details of the London (and Bristol) shows are:

Friday 1st February
Shackelwell Arms, London
Gnod + Anthroprophh (b/w The Big Naturals) + Rocket DJ's
Tickets can be bought from here: wegottickets

Sunday 3rd February
The Exchange, Bristol
Anthroprophh (b/w The Big Naturals) + Gnod + Gian Swan


Buy exclusive ltd 'World Music' and 'Goatman' posters

We have got together with Cargo to produce two A2 Goat posters.

One is adapted from the World Music sleeve and the other is taken from the Goatman 7" sleeve artwork. Both are shown above and can be bought together for £7.99 from Cargo's website.

The posters are printed on a very thin stock but the paper really picks up the colours really well and look stunning framed.

We are not making any more of these so once these are gone, they are gone... there will be no more reprinted.

You can buy the posters from here: Cargo


Teeth of the Sea' appear on this months MOJO cover mount CD

Teeth of the Sea have their track A.C.R.O.N.Y.M included on this months MOJO cover mount CD. It is a CD compiling the best of modern psychedelia(??) featuring Toy, Animal Collective, Moon Duo, Tame Impala, Shjips etc.

Teeth of the Sea are half way through writing and recording their new album which we hope will be out late summer. And contrary to what it says in MOJO, the album will not be called 'Sweaty Foliage' or 'Spawn of Dudley'! Looks like MOJO'S researchers use joke tweets as their source for information.



27 Jan 2013

Anthroprophh LP released today – new video for the track 'We'

Here is a video for another track off the Anthroprophh album hat hits the shops today, this time the video is for the album closer 'We'.

Like the video for 'Precession', 'We' was created by Anthroprophh's Paul Allen from film footage he has found in charity shops and boot fairs.

Anthroprophh album launch shows:

Friday 1st February
Shackelwell Arms, London
Gnod + Anthroprophh (b/w The Big Naturals) + Rocket DJ's
Tickets can be bought from here: wegottickets

Sunday 3rd February
The Exchange, Bristol
Anthroprophh (b/w The Big Naturals) + Gnod + Gian Swan


25 Jan 2013

The Guardian make GNOD their band of the day

'Krautdrone rockers take you on a trip to Saturn via Salford'

The Guardian have made GNOD their band of the day and written about their forthcoming album Chaudelande.

Read and listen to a 3 track album taster via The Guardian's website: guardian-gnod

Catch GNOD playing with Anthroprophh in London & Bristol and for further information including the press release: introducing-gnod-chaudelande


Goat announce rare London show

We are extremely excited to announce that Goat have confrmed a London show on June 27 at the Scala in Kings Cross.

Goat show's are rare occurances and unfortunately this is going to be Goats only UK show bar a festival appearence this year (much to mission control's dismay). 

So make sure you get a ticket early for this as it is destined to be an amazing evening and a rare chance to see their unique voodoo psych live.

Ticket Price – £12.50
Doors 7.30 to 11 
18+ show 

Tickets will be available at 10am on Tuesday from here: Goat tickets


The Quietus premier new Anthroprophh video

The Quietus have just posted the above video for a track off the debut Anthroprophh album that is to be released by Rocket on Monday.

The track is called Precession and was made by Anthroproff's Paul Allen himself, compiled mainly from found film unearthed from charity shops and boot fairs.

This is the first of a series of videos Paul has made to accompany the album.

You can see what The Quietus has to say about the video and the up and coming launch album launch shows with Gnod in London and Bristol here: The Quietus


Music Victim streams exclusive Rocket 'playlist'

Music Victim asked us to put together a 10 track playlist as an 'introduction to Rocket Recordings' to celebrate our 15th Anniversary for their website.

The playlist contains mainly the newer end of our catalogue but there is one rare 'oldie' and one unreleased track thrown in for good measure!!

The tracklist is:

01 Annapurna Illusion - Entering Illusion
02 Gnod/White Hills - Dropout
03 Anthroprophh - Precision
04 Teeth of the Sea - Your Mercury
05 Goat - Goatman
06 Serpentina Satelite - Mecanica Celeste
07 The Heads - Long Gone Pt 2
08 Shit & Shine - Ladies Circles
09 Gnod - Tron
10 Goat - Run to your Mama (Teeth of the Sea mix)

You can listen to the playlist here: Music Victim

Hope you enjoy


24 Jan 2013

Echoes & Dust Review Anthroprophh

Echoes & Dust review the latest Rocket release: 

Anthroprophh - s/t

Anthroprophh is the new project for Paul Allen, while it seems that the band he is better known for The Heads are on hiatus. The Heads for anyone who doesn’t know them are a force of nature who took the essence of grunge bands like Mudhoney and mixed it with the joys of sublime UK bands like Loop, Spaceman 3 and other primeval space cadets like Hawkwind and Can. Paul’s guitar was like a cudgel, bludgeoning you repeatedly in to ecstasy with riff after fuzzed up riff.......

Read the whole article here: echoesanddust

Check in with Rocket Recordings for information 
and catch Anthroprophh playing with GNOD in London & Bristol


The Quietus announce GNOD Dates

The Quietus have announced our new GNOD album 'Chaudelande' due on February 25th with live dates in London and Bristol.

Read it here: thequietus

Check in with Rocket Recordings for information 
and catch GNOD playing with Anthroprophh in London & Bristol


23 Jan 2013

Goat announced to play Primavera Festival

Fresh from yesterday's announcement that Goat were playing Iceland's Airwaves festival, hey have now announced that they will be added to the Primavera line-up, which happens in Barcelona 22-26 May.

For a look at the amazing line-up and tickets, go here: Primavera


Normans gives Anthroprophh a 5 star write up

Normans, one of the best record shops in UK have given a little 5/5 write up of the Anthroprophh album, which hits the shops on January 28th:

I know from our sales figures that a lot of you are already pretty into cult UK psych titans The Heads, so you probably don’t need me to tell you that Anthroprophh is the alter-ego of their visionary songwriter and axe-mangler Paul Allen, who here dishes out six lengthy tracks of krautrock-infused psychedelia which ranges from hard-riffing psych fuzz to burbling ritualistic mysticism like a trippy modern take on the Hawkwind and Can traditions which seem to be all the rage at the moment.

In fact the out-there twiddlings on ‘Precession’ very much remind me of Michael Karoli, before things head in a bit of Popol Vuh direction and things get real trippy, continuing the synth ritual feel into the second side with ‘Ende’ and ‘Entropy’ also both heading deep into this hypno-synth-raga psych choogle wilderness to intoxicating effect, sometimes heading into krautrock steeped in the free-bong landscapes of Expo 70 and Sun Araw and striped with neon guitar shapes. Then things go a bit spacekraut again on the closer ‘We’ which is like Sylvester Anfang II gently covering ‘Black To Comm’ by the MC5 in an opium den. What are you waiting for? It’s time to smoke up and drift away. *****

See the piece here: Normans


22 Jan 2013

Goat to play Airwaves festival in Reykjavik

We are really pleased to announce that Goat have been announced to play Airwaves festival in the beautiful Icelandic city of Reykjavik October 30th to November 3rd.

For more info and tickets visit here Airwaves


21 Jan 2013

"You will scream at the horror of it" – Drowned in Sound say a few words about the Anthroprophh LP

DIS (aptly named) usually ignore our releases but they have just published a review of our forthcoming Anthroprophh album. Though we don't think this reviewer is much of a fan judging by this 2/10 review:

"One Friday night a few winters ago I went to watch a game of rugby in Northampton under a blanket of frozen fog more impenetrable than I could ever recall seeing in my hometown. The mist swamped the pitch, rendering the game entirely unwatchable; quite why it ever went ahead is beyond me. The players, unsighted too, communicated solely by voice and eschewed any passing lest the ball sail wildly toward a fortunately-placed opponent, instead choosing to pick the ball up and run forward into a meaty form (the defensive strategy was apparently 'hit what’s in front of you'). At one point someone scored but it wasn’t given because the referee couldn’t see it happen.

Sitting in the cold, extremities numb, hip flask at home and balls presumably now frozen to a plastic seat with not enough legroom and straining to catch a glimpse of two uninspiring sides slug it out in the gloom was up there with the most unpleasant Friday nights I’ve had in Northampton (which is going some). It is however the one I recall most vividly when listening to the self-titled début album from Anthroprophh, aka The Heads’ guitarist Paul Allen.

The album is coming from a good place at least. The Heads are an acclaimed underground rock group, who, in the Nineties, offered a tonic for grunge and Britpop, gaining great acclaim for their psychedelic sound blended with Krautrock influences, heavily concentrated here. The problem is that whilst all of the Krautrock staples are there – Motorik beats, clanging industrialised guitars, heavy drones – they are never used to amount to anything, instead just thrown together with seemingly little care or apparent intent to make a song out of them: if Family Guy ever did a joke about Krautrock, this is how it would sound.

‘Ende’ is the most obvious example of what’s wrong with Anthroprophh (apart from my clumsy attempts at typing it, ho ho ho), a quiet fuzzy kind of drone that last for six minutes, complemented by... oh wait, nothing. ‘Ende’ is six minutes of a cold and hostile fog lifting temporarily to allow the audience a view of what lies beneath: pure and relentless inertia. Elsewhere the guitars drone slowly and listlessly, clouds of noise that thud slowly into one another. The drums crash and break to create a violence that’s unpleasant and distancing rather than threatening and visceral. Tracks such as ‘Hermit’ and 16-miute dirge ‘Entropy’ embody this perfectly; their sound is a grey verging on black that obfuscates whatever intent toward creating something that Allen may have had. Rather than intrigue though, the murkiness leaves the listener bored at best, and looking for a way out at its nadir.

A press release rarely captures the true spirit of an album, but Anthroprophh’s inadvertently does so. 'Heavy on the the planetary rhythms, laced percussive half man, half machine grooves... the oscillating neuronal discharges of instruments induce the long distance pattern of synchronization, corresponding to the moment of perception itself' it, ahem, explains. It’s the musical equivalent of corporate management speak, impenetrable nonsense that on this occasion embodies the heavy metal nothingness hissing through the speakers, the dismaying sensation of watching Prometheus on an aeroplane TV with 3-D glasses on.

Anthroprophh is an album with pure, cool Microsoft Excel running through its veins. I did however finally manage to get one kick out of it. Listen to Anthroprophh on repeat and contemplate the vastness and endlessness of the universe and our meaningless existence: you will scream at the horror of it."  2/10 Dan Lucas

We have bolded out the last part as even though it is obvious this sort of music isn't Dan Lucas's cup of tea, we feel that he sums up the sentiment of the album really well with that last sentence!!

See the review in full here: Drowned in Sound


Cherrystones launches blog

Rocket's friend, fan, remixer and fellow 'Nothing is..' DJ, Cherrystones has launched a blog of sounds and images. The man is a true collector so expect some amazing things unearthed and shared.

You can visit his site here: Cherrystones

Also, pick up a copy of his Red Nails LP, it's well worth a listen.


'Boing Boing' makes Goat's World Music their album of the year

Website Boing Boing make Goat's World Music their album of the year, this is what they say:

Goat – World Music
I don’t think music has made me this happy in a long time, and by that I mean happy like a drunken satyr being torn apart by a group of hallucinating maenads. This mysterious group of loa-possesed musicians have formed a secret society of heavy guitars, feedback, and screaming vocals. It’s like everything you’ve heard before transformed into something you can’t believe you are listening to. The first time you play it don’t be surprised if you just start laughing from the sheer giddy pleasure of this ecstatic religious feast.

See their full rundown of their fave albums here: Boing Boing


18 Jan 2013

Gnod release Visions of Load video

Music site Noisey has just premiered a new video for Gnod's mighty Visions of Load, one of the outstanding tracks from the forthcoming Chaudelande album that is coming out on Rocket in February.

For more info about this album, read here: Chaudelande

Gnod are going to be playing live in London at the Shackelwell Arms on Friday 1st February and at the Exchange in Bristol on Sunday 2nd February, both shows are with Anthroprophh, the new album by Paul from The Heads.


14 Jan 2013

Gnew Gnod collaboration

This film clip has appeared on You Tube, titled Houndstooth – The Manchester Sessions, it is a collaboration with Gnod and an artist in residence at the Islington Mill.

Unfortunately we don't know much more than that, but it is well worth a watch.


First 'Nothing is...' of 2013

'Nothing is...' returns this Friday at The Alibi in Dalston.

Rocket's Rik Motor joins Cage & Aviary, Cherrystones and Little Dirty for another night of psyched-out chaos.

Things kick off at 9pm and go on until 3am, and as always, it is free entry!!


Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present Anthropropph and Big Naturals

Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present:

Anthropropph and Big Naturals

Friday 22nd March 2013
Wharf Chambers, 


Legendary guitarist from The Heads, Paul Allen, has stuck out in his new guise of Anthroprophh. Although The Heads were pretty damn far out, Anthroprophh ploughs further into deep space, channelling his love for all things Kraut, psych, prog and oddity. A new record is due in January on the legendary Rocket Recordings described by Julian Cope as 
'Frenzied monster truck haulages and organ-based Mithraic burn-ups of the Agitation Free variety' 

Fellow Bristol-ians Big Naturals will provide the 'Proff's primal rhythm section for the night. Big Naturals have recently released their debut on their own Greasy Truckers label to rave reviews. Arch Drude Cope-y enthused that Big Naturals '... come across like an ambient Crass performing the Who’s entire TOMMY soundtrack in the style of MOUNTAIN GRILL-period Hawkwind. That harsh, me babbies! That sweet, me kiddies!' 

Also on the bill are Liverpool's very own Mugstar. Kings of instrumental space rock, who have just released Axis - a perfect synthesis of Hawkwind style interstellar rock and post punk grind. 
'Rarely less than utterly transcendant…. Glistening, interstellar sonic glory' Rock Sound

Support comes from Manchester band Dead Sea Apes. This trio have become masterful at creating huge vistas of sounds. A perfect concoction of sun-scorched psychedelia, raga infused improvisation and classic kraut-rock circularity, Dead Sea Apes recall Grails and Barn Owl at their best.'Stunning, visceral and downright thrilling... you’re going to have to trust me on this one – Dead Sea Apes are really something very, very special indeed.' Terrascope



Wharf Chambers is a members' club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit wharfchambers Membershipcosts £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.



11 Jan 2013

Introducing GNOD - Chaudelande - for the first time both volumes complied onto one CD

Gnod’s Chaudelande Vol 1 & 2 vinyl only albums on Tamed Records (tamedrecords.com) have become a thing of infamy as two of the greatest slabs of beat driven, shamanistic space noise to of been released over the past few years and we at Rocket Recordings are proud to announce that we have brought these two mammoth LPs together for the first time on CD and download. The limited edition CD digi-pack (Launch054) will be available on the 25th of February.

The collective that is Gnod has risen out of the DIY ethic of Manchester’s Islington Mill. Central to the ethic is alternative approach to musical creativity and freedom of expression with no regard to established opinions. Gnod is a state of mind. Those who seek Gnod, will find Gnod, the universe is centred on neither the earth nor the sun. It is centred on Gnod.

Recorded in Studio Chaudelande, France, ‘Chaudelande’ takes Gnod’s convulsive vision, straps on electrodes, charges the amps, then overstimulates the vital organs as a torrent of contorted sounds akin to the likes of Pil, Hawkwind, and the Butthole Surfers lignite like an arc-flash repetitive blaze.

The epic pilgrimage that is Chaudelande will take the listener on a ride through the narrow chinks of the cavernous mind in the frenzied spirit of This Heat, Sunburned Hand of Man and the repetitive beats of Krautrock via Wax Trax.

So come join the cult that is Gnod’s ‘Chaudelande’ as once again the band deliver another jolt to the unsound mind.

07 5TH SUN CHAUDELANDE (Download only)

CD and Download on Rocket Recordings 

Ltd LPs on Tamed Records (tamedrecords)

For all press information email:

Matthew Maxey (In House ) matt@inhousepress.com
or rocket_mission_control@yahoo.co.uk

Distributed by Cargo UK (Europe) and 

Forced Exposure (USA) 

Check in with rocketrecordings.com for information 

and Catch GNOD playing with Anthroprophh in London & Bristol


10 Jan 2013

Head Medicine award Goat high accolades for World Music and an interview

Head Medicine have awarded Goat the following accolades:

"World Music" - 2012 Album of the Year

"Goatman" - Song of the Year

Best New Artist

And after the interview the website did with us at Rocket, Head medicine have asked Goat some questions and drew a great illustration of the band to accompany it.

This is how it goes:

"Last year at this time, virtually noone knew about the music of Goat.  they were a band hidden away in an isolated communal village in deepest Sweden called Korpilombolo, a village with a mysterious voodoo history.  music has always been a large part of their commune's way of life and Goat claims to be continuing their ancestral musical collective consciousness, still heavily influenced by the voodoo rhythms of the past and assimilating music from every corner of the globe to create a revolutionary mix of sounds, void of trends or styles or genres.  Goat's debut full length album, "World Music," has been universally acclaimed by people with taste around the world, landing on many reputable year end best-of lists. until only recently, they had never performed live outside of their commune, but they are now bringing their music to the rest of the world, putting on a handful of amazing live shows in europe and preparing to carry it over here to america for a series of dates as well in the spring. 

the first sounds transmitted to the outside world by Goat was on the "Goatman" 7" single released by the psychedelic UK record label Rocket Recordings in February of 2012 (check out HEAD MEDICINE' interview with Rocket HERE, which details their discovery of the band).  the song is utterly amazing and was the easy choice for the Song of the Year..."

Read the full write up and interview here Head Medicine


Anthroprophh play Bristol Album launch at the Exchange

Two days after the album launch in London Anthroprophh ar employing a second launch party, this time at the exchange in Bristol, and again with Gnod.

The line up is:

(with Big Naturals)
Golden Swan

3 February
The Exchange / Bristol


Goat announce full US tour dates

We are excited to announce that Goat have added more shows to their up and coming visit to America in April/May:

The dates are:

April 23
Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn NY

April 24
Johnny Brenda's

April 25
Black Cat Backstage
Washington DC

April 26
The Southgate House Revival
Newport KY

April 28
Austin Psych Fest
Austin TX

April 29
Dan's Silverleaf
Denton TX

May 1
Old Rock House
St. Louis MO

May 2
Empty Bottle
Chicago IL

May 3
The High Watt
Nashville TN

We have commissioned one of our favourite artists/illustrators to design an exclusive tshirt for the tour. More details on this and a special Record Store Day release by Goat will be announced over the next few weeks.

For people of UK and Europe Goat will be playing several festivals throughout 2013 with some very exciting ones still to announce...watch this space!!!