31 Jan 2013

Rocket Probes January Playlist

Goat - Stone Goat
(New track full of heavy wah guitars, crazy grooves, banshee vocals and a really, really filthy fuzz solo)

Hills - National Drone
(New track from our other fave Swedish band, psyched out drones, echohed vocals and some heavy fuzz wah...a taster for what their next album may sound like)

Cannibal Movie - Avorio
(Almost sounding like Oneida scoring an Italian gore soundtrack)

Salems Pot - New track
(Our third favourite band from Sweeden... VERY heavy and VERY spacey 45 min track...dont let their name put you off, they aint no average stoner bore fest)

Fractal Skulls -
(Lovely ambient soundscapes on this new cassette from the great Bunkerland label)

Scott Walker - Bisch Bosch
(Demands an undisturbed listen)

Dr John - Locked down
(Containing some really great moments of Can like funk and Clear Spotted Beefeart grooves)

Various - Man Chest Hair
(Great name for a comp of 70's rock n' prog from Manchester)

Broadcast - Berberien Sound Studio
(Amazing soundtrack to our fave film of last year)

Snares - Black Sabbath
(Amazing dubbed out Black Sabbath edit by Ventian Snares. Cherrystones dropped it at the latest 'Nothing is...' and got us running to the record shop)

Miles Davis - Ife / Right Off / The Theme
(2nd CD from the album Live at Philharmonic Hall)

Metallica - Kill 'Em All
(Going back to our roots)