31 Jan 2013

The Quietus Interview Anthroprophh

The Quietus have just published a interview with Anthroprophh about his debut solo album out now on Rocket.

Altered Head Space: An Interview With Anthroprophh  

Anthroprophh, the new project of Paul Allen of Bristol voyagers The Heads, blasts off into inner space via kosmische drone and acid-frazzled guitar workouts. He speaks to Joseph Burnett about how writing his debut album provided a creative shot in the arm.

"The intention was to create music in [a psych-rock] vein, as it's a genre that dominates my record collection, but I wanted it to be a bit more sparse and minimal as the record went on, and not just sketches." Paul Allen, erstwhile guitarist with Bristolian heavy psych band The Heads, is discussing his new solo project Anthroprophh, whose debut self-titled album has just been released through the ever-reliable Rocket Recordings, home of Gnod, Goat and Teeth Of The Sea. Anthroprophh essentially encapsulates the sound of modern psych-rock, as espoused by all those bands: it's heavy but subtle, driving but fleet-footed, taking in a range of moods and atmospheres, the kind of music you can head-bang to gleefully in a mosh pit, or be serenaded by as you while away a sleepless, hash-hazed night. It's a style anchored in the rock traditions of the post-'67 era, but equally one that's keen to look forwards as well as back.

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