31 Mar 2017

Rocket probes – March playlist

Various – Fundraising Album for Amanda
(Fundraising compilation that features unreleased music by Gnoomes, Julie's Haircut, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Mike Bourne (Teeth of the Sea), Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Shit and Shine, Mamuthones, Gum Takes Tooth, Tomaga and many many more...essential you all buy this:
Fundraising Album for Amanda

Hey Colossus – The Guillotine
(They return with their third and probably best album for Rocket...its a killer!)
Hey Colossus

Temple Ov BBV – Temple Ov BBV
(Killer collaboration between Gnod and Radar Men from the Moon...post punk psych noise goodness)
Temple Ov BBV

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – The sound of all things (Gnoomes remix)
(Gnoomes have created a highly impressive remix for the living room dance floor)
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Colin Potter – The Ghost Office
(Essential reissue of lo-fi kraut from 1980...Harmonia/Cluster motorik electronica, to proto-Spacemen 3 and Craig Leon, don't miss this!)
Colin Potter

Robedoor - Mage Image
(Our fave Californian’s are back with a new album on Hands in Dark)

Lucidvox – Дым / Dym
(Great psyched-out krautpunk/noisepop from our second favourite band from Russia)

Pilgrims of Peace – The Slipper
(Highly stoned dubbed techno grooves...one for the heads)
Pilgrims of Peace

Harold Budd – Dark Star
(Great droning synth goodness from 1984)
Harold Budd

Marijata - This Is Marijata
(Nice horn driven afro grooves with the odd stab of fuzz)

Time Is A Mountain – Tempi Campi
(More great jazzy psych from Sweden...what they put in the water there!!)
Time Is A Mountain

Various – Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu
(Compilation of tracks from the 70/80s Turkish tape label)
Akbaba Ikilisi

Horse Lords – Interventions
(Instrumental repetitions...like Clearspot Beefheart meets Backdoor or Minutemen meets the Necks or Cave meets This Heat)
Horse Lords

Weidorje - Vilna
(Steve Davis dropped this into his DJ set when we saw him recently and the room erupted...70s French jazzprog feat members of Heldon and Magma)

Snapped Ankles – I want my minutes back
(Great slice of repetitive postpunk pop that does call to mind the kraut punk grooves of Mamuthones)
Snapped Ankles

Oneida – Saturday (Live At Secret Project Robot)
(Track from new Live album recorded in 2015)

Wapassou ‎– Femmes-Fleurs
(Great grooved out 70s fuzz psych instrumental from France)

Girls in Synthesis – The Mound
(Nice bit of noisy krautpunk from London)
Girls in Synthesis

Scorpion Violente ‎– The Knife
(Another great slab of psyched-out dark electro from the Italians)
Scorpion Violente

Th' Faith Healers - Delores
(Great track of repetitive noise rock...has a proper krautpunk stomp in the last half)
Th' Faith Healers

Pact Infernal – Circle VIII (Fraud)
(Tribal grooves and drones)
Pact Infernal 

Niagara – Amarelo
(Repetitive grooves and wah guitars...think Tony's era Gnod but a bit more techno)

Esplendor Geométrico - AL-GIABR
(Spanish repetitive machine grooves from 1992)
Esplendor Geométrico

Faust – So Far
(Faust's second album takes on a VU vibe...still sounds fresh today)

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Sicario OST
(Another flawless soundtrack...has a similar vibe to Gnod's Infinity Machines in places)
Jóhann Jóhannsson 

Screaming Trees – Buzz Factory
(Perfect album of fuzzwah filled proto-grunge psych pop for the start of spring)
Screaming Trees

Listen to our (updated monthly) Rocket Probes Spotify playlist:


Introducing Temple Ov BBV – the new collaboration between Gnod and Radar Men from the Moon

We are happy to reveal a new Rocket release by Temple Ov BBV – a special collaboration between Gnod and Radar Men from the Moon.

The album is released in a special diecut sleeve and on Ltd clear/black colour-in-colour vinyl and can be preordered here: Rocket Shop

Or buy the download version from here: iTunes

Listen to the first track to be revealed from the album here: Rocket YouTube

The press release reads:

In 1965 the Dutch scientist and psychedelic pioneer Bart Huges embarked on a personal journey by taking an electric dentist’s drill and using it to open a hole in his skull, theorising  that this measure - known as trepanation and chronicled in this book ‘The Mechanics Of Brain Blood Volume (BBV) -  would result in enhanced mental power, and in effect a permanent high for the owner of the skull in question. Fifty-one years on, in 2016, this act formed an inspiration for a meeting of mind and matter on an entirely different level, as Salford’s imperious collective Gnod locked horns for a collaboration with Dutch psychedelic and experimental force Radar Men From The Moon, also originally set to take place in the Netherlands, at Eindhoven Psych Lab.

Written and recorded in only four days, the result is four uncompromising transmissions, informed equally by stark intensity and hypnotic repetition. ‘Temple Of BBV’ sees both acts spurring the other on to higher peaks of intensity. “Both bands had agreed from the off that we were not just gonna go in there and just jam and play over each other for hours in the hope that something good would happen” elaborates Gnod’s Paddy Shine. “We went in with the mindset of creating sound structures which turned out to be a very gratifying process”

Powerful testimony to the expansive and exploratory nature of both bands, ‘Temple Of BBV’ is a radical foray into the unknown that exists firmly outside of genre or classification. Aptly, the set will be performed once again as part of Gnod’s residency at this years Roadburn Festival. The collaboration maps out intimidating psychic landscapes that revel in challenge and confrontation, and appear set to enter the skulls of the uninitiated by any means necessary.

You can see Temple Ov BBV play a very rare show at this years Roadburn Festival. Tickets can be bought here: Roadburn


Echoes and Dust and Freq reviews Gnod's new album

E&D reads:

How the fuck is it that we seem to get another excellent Gnod album every year? Whether it’s 2015’s extraordinary triple-album, Infinity Machines, 2016’s brutalist classic The Mirror or this year’s bold, defiant and sloganeering JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE, the statement holds true; every year the band releases a new masterpiece and in addition to that incredible feat of musicianship, they’ve also contributed to 2017 likely being Rocket Recording’s best year to date as well as releasing an incredible ambient collaboration in between their releases on their Tesla Tapes label with Anthony Childs...

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust

Freq reads:

There will be many howls, and here’s one of the first out of the blocks. Gnod can meander, at times (and I like their meanderings), but here the rage is palpable; this is a headbutt into the side of a fast-moving machine. Hawkwind on double-speed, ditching the mushrooms for Brown Acid and amphetamania.

I mean, it’s not all like this – but the album is dominated by riffs; monstrous and head-shaking and world-annihilating as they are. This is still psych music, but veiled in exasperation and threat; psych music that is distinctly unhinged and hanging on a thread. 

Read the rest here: Freq


GNOD's new album released today

Today sees the release of 'Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine' the stunning new album by GNOD.

You can buy the album in all good record shops or from us here: Rocket Bandcamp

The album is picking up praise everywhere and the band are heading out on an extensive tour to celebrate it's release:

13 / The Golden Lion / Todmorden / UK
14 / Elektrowerkz / London / UK
15 / Instant Chavires / Paris / France
16 / Mag 4 / Bruselles / Belgium
20-23 / Roadburn / Tilburg / Netherlands
25 / Cave 12 / Geneve / Switzerland
26 / Sonic / Lyon / France
27 / Blah Blah / Torino / Italy
28 / Bronson / Ravenna / Italy
29 / Gromka / Lubiana / Slovenia
30 / Donau Festival / Krems / Austria

02 / Klub Famu / Prague / Czech Republic
03 / Urban Spreee / Berlin / Germany
04 / Gouvernment / Gent / Belgium
06 / Green Door Store / Brighton / UK
18 / Portland Arms / Cambridge / UK
19 / The Island / Bristol / UK
20 / The Crypt / Bristol / UK
21 / Church Of St. John / Bristol / UK
24 / The Cluny / Newcastle / UK
30 / Tape Denmark / Aarhus / Denmark
31 / 1000Fryd / Aalborg / Denmark

01 / Loppen / Copehagen / Denmark
02 / Truckstop Alaska / Gothenborg / Sweden
03 / Plan B / Malmo / Sweden
04 / Tubnitz / Stubnitz / Germany
08 / Cardiff / Moon Cub / UK


30 Mar 2017

GOAT to play WOMAD 2017

We are delighted to annouce that GOAT are to play this years WOMAD Festival.  Rocket have never been to WOMAD to should be something different. 

WOMAD 2017 takes place 27th – 30th July at Charlton Park near Malmesbury.

More info is available here: Womad

You can buy your tickets here: Tickets


Ltd run Gnod and Goat tshirts available now for preorder

We are making some ltd tshirts that you can preorder today.

First up is a Gnod – Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine shirt printed black on red.

Second is the extremely popular Goatman tshirt, white/red prints onto Black and Dark Heather (a dark grey marl) shirts.

You can order the shirts from here: 


Goat black

Goat dark heather


29 Mar 2017

Josefin Öhrn joins the Whyte Horses Experience at the Barbican

The details from Whyte Horses are:

On May 11th our very own Whyte Horses descend on the Barbican Centre bringing their unique brand of Mancunian psychedelic pop and head-spinning visual collages in a rare live appearance.

Now added to the bill are La Roux Stealing Sheep and the children of St. Barts Choir. The evening will see a full performance of their 2016 debut album Pop or Not, with previously announced special guest artists the go! team BadlyDrawnBoy Official and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation also taking up vocal duties on unheard songs and cover versions of obscure world oddities.

For tickets and further info follow the link: Barbican

Whyte Horses have also compiled a playlist including tracks by Josefin to accompany the show here: Barbican Blog


Gnoomes reveal Tschak! tour dates

Gnoomes are heading over to the UK to promote the release of their latest album 'Tshcak!' in June:

Tschak! UK tour dates

01 / Purple Turtle / Reading
02 / Open / Norwich
04 / Soup Kitchen / Manchester  (Info/tickets)
06 / Cluny / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Info/tickets)
07 / Broadcast / Glasgow
10 / Bootleg Social / Blackpool
12 / Brewhouse / London
More TBC

Plus the band also have this show in May:

May 26 / Cardinal / Schaffhausen / Switzerland

You can buy new album Tschak! and debut album Ngan! from here: Rocket shop


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Flowers Must die to play Supersonic Festival

We are extremely proud to announce that Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Flowers Must die are to join KURO and GNOD (Anonymous Bash) at this years Supersonic Festival.

Information and tickets are available here: Supersonic

The Rocket team will be travelling up to Birmingham for the three day event, so see you down the front...


28 Mar 2017

Hole in the head


Hey Colossus play Liverpool's Threshold Festival this weekend

Tickets and info can be found here: Threshold


Tidal asks Josefin Öhrn what does Velvet Underground mean to her

Tidal asked several artists what the Velvet Underground meant to them – Josefin Öhrn said:

What has the Velvet Underground & Nico meant for you and how has it inspired your own work?
It has meant everything, most music that we’ve related to can be traced to Velvet, not only musically then lyrically and as a perspective on the world. It was Velvet that we bonded when we first met, before we started writing together.

Why did the album/band intrigue you in the first place?
I think the contrast between beauty and brute noise, of lullaby and rock’n’roll, I was just a child when I heard “Sunday Morning,” “Waiting For the Man” and “Run Run Run” and loved them without having a clue to what they were about. Then I was really into Celine and Genet and that just tied in with Velvet’s music without really understanding why. These beautiful, menacing beings that seem to occupy a terrifying world that is just where I wanted to live. I was absolutely absorbed when I first heard it. And who doesn’t want to look like Nico, John Cale or Lou Reed in 1967 or all three?

How do you consider their debut album 50 years down the road?
Goes without saying that it’s a masterpiece – and it’s scary how it seems to just change into something relevant and new for each period that passes.

Your definite VU moment?
Seeing the sun rise in Andalucía after a really really long drive with White Light/White Heat on repeat.

Read the full piece here: Tidal


Rumore publish photos of Julie's Haircut show in Torinio

Check out these great photos of Julie's Haircut recent show in Torino

See the full range here: Rumore


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation headline Lisbon Psych Fest

The night before Mad Vibes on 7 April Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are headlining a great line-up at Lisbon Psych Festival.

Tickets and information here: Lisbon Psych Fest


27 Mar 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation play Mad Vibes Festival

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are playing Mad Vibes festival in Madrid on Saturday 8 April

C/ San Vicente Ferrer, 23 (Malasaña), 28004 Madrid, Spain

More info here: Mad Vibes


24 Mar 2017

Loud and Quiet interview Gnoomes

t reads:

Gnoomes – the Russian trio who fought conscription and prison to make their drug-free psych album

'Tschak!' was made without any mind-altering substances whatsoever, under quite extraordinary circumstances

Words by Daniel Dylan Wray
“Being in prison was quite a psychedelic experience,” says Gnoomes’ vocalist and bass player Alex Pyankov, speaking from his home in Perm, Russia. Despite rather obstructive hurdles like imprisonment, his band have just released their second album ‘TSCHAK!’ via Rocket Recordings, a label that is home to various incarnations and miscreants of psychedelia and esoterica, such as Goat, Teeth of the Sea, Hey Colossus, Gnod and Hills.

Gnoomes – a three piece consisting of Pyankov, Pavel Fedoseev and Dmitriy Konyushevich – released their first album on Rocket in 2015. ‘Ngan!’ is a four-track album (two of which take up 30 minutes alone) that burrows deep into the elongated groove template of the psych genre. Through its explorations in repetition it allows ripples of guitar to push and pull the momentum in porpoise waves of swelling... 

See the rest here: Loud and Quiet


23 Mar 2017

Soundblab gives Gnod 10/10 review for new album

It reads:

Who puts a run of classic albums together these days? The sort of thing that Stevie Wonder, David Bowie or Neil Young would do in the 70s. A little sprint of three or four, 9 or 10 rated albums in as many years. Gnod are doing it right now with Infinity Machines, Mirror and Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine. And, like Young or Bowie in the 70s, you don't know what they're going to do next.

Feedback, driving drums and then a totally moronic riff start Bodies For Money. They are joined by Paddy Shine shouting from low down in the mix. The energy and anger levels are high, the sound is beautiful. It's somewhere between Hawkwind and Black Flag, with an Anarcho-Punk/Post-Punk edge. The changes between all-out noise and riffing are brilliant and the guitar solo is 'and then my mind split open' insane. People starts with a strange loop and a strange drum pattern. An immense bass comes in. Paddy shouts. A scratchy Post-Punk guitar riff turns up low in the mix. It's quite like Killing Joke. There's not much to this track but it's still exhilarating as Paddy's voice is warped like Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


The Quietus give GNOD's new album their 'Lead Review'

It reads:

In December last year, a video went viral of trainee producer Nobuo Kawakami presenting an AI project to film director/animator Hayao Miyazaki. He showed to Miyazaki how the CGI animation “...learned to move by using its head. It doesn't feel any pain, and has no concept of protecting its head.” Miyazaki, though, was repulsed by Kawakami's work: “Whoever creates this stuff has no idea what pain is... I strongly feel that this is an insult to life itself.”

In their defense, the producer was using his imagination in order to create something distanced from humanity as we recognise it – a technique horror artists frequently employ. But what Miyazaki, perhaps, was repulsed by was the removal of the figure's personality and the elimination of its potential pain – the reduction of a familiar human-like body parts to a limping mannequin. But whatever constitutes 'personhood' for Kawakami seems eerily out of mind during the presentation, only expressing interest in the mechanical processes involved in the figure's movement...

Read the rest here: The Quietus


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation play Green Man Courtyard show

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have been confirmed to play Greenman's Courtyard mini festival in Kings Cross at the end of May. They are playing the same day as fellow Swedes Dungen...gonna be a bit special!!

Full details can be found here: Greenman


Heathmofo reviews Gnoomes Tschak!

It says:

Russian band Gnoomes return with their second album on Rocket Recordings, playing their on brand of what they call ‘Stargaze’. I wrote about their first album on these pages , and it reached the semi finals of my Best of 2015, only being knock out by eventual winners Dead Sea Apes . The obvious thing would be to compare this album to the high standards of their debut. After a few listens I think this would be a little unfair so, all I’m going to say is that this album seems far more expansive.

The warped opener ‘Super Libido Awake’ is a synth heavy builder that kind of sets the tone for the album in general. It sounds industrial but not in a harsh way, this is more of a light and pulsating soundscape.The following track ‘Maria’ shows the bands almost pop psych sensibilities as does ‘Cascias’. Both of these tracks kind of reminded me of  Julian Cope’s debut solo album. It is at this point the band enter a more experimental phase drawing on Tangerine Dream, Cluster and Neu!  Everything seem to meld and flow with a more liquid kind of feel... 

Read the rest here: Heathmofo


22 Mar 2017

Rocket one week spring sale – 25% off everything

To celebrate the days getting longer and the sun (hopefully) shining brighter we have decided to do a 'one week spring sale' where you can buy all Rocket releases at an amazing 25% off.

Go to the Rocket shop here: Rocket Bandcamp

And input the code: springsale

The sale starts from now and end at midnight on Wednesday the 29th March.

We have had some warehouse finds at our distributor, and have put them up on the shop, so releases that have not been available for a while are also available with 25% off . 

Things like:

Capra Informis – Womb of the Wild
Mamuthones – Symphony for the Devil 
Oneida – Positions
Lay Llamas – Ostro
Mugstar / Oneida – Collisions 02
Mamuthones / Evil Blizard – Collisions 03

+ more


21 Mar 2017

Goat reveal exclusive 'Goatfuzz' 7" on splatter vinyl for Record Store Day

We are excited to announce the release of a new special ltd edition 7” for Record Store Day by Goat.

The single is a previously unreleased version of Goatfuzz – one of the stand out tracks off their latest album Requiem. 

Goatfuzz’s heavy-groove and addictive fuzz riff became a firm live favourite on last years European tour and summer festival appearances and this 'shorter' version is perfect for the 7” format.

We are also pleased to reveal that the b-side of the 7” is a brand new, unreleased track called Goatfizz. The tracks spaced out, psych sounds are underpinned by a killer repetitive drum and bass groove. The end result reveals another unique take on ‘world music’ by Goat.

The two colour ‘splatter vinyl’ 7” is ltd to 2,000 copies worldwide (500 for the UK).

More info about Record Store Day here: Record Store Day


Julie's Haircut and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation feature on latest MOJO CD

If you pick-up the latest issue of Mojo with Pink Floyd on the cover you will be greeted by tracks from Julie's Haircut and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation on the cover mount CD.

More info about the issue here: Mojo Magazine


Son of Marketing reviews Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It reads:

Independent in an independent musical environment. This is the status of the italian band Julie’s Haircut, active since 1994, who never wanted to be captured in a specific scene. That’s why they usually hang out at international circuits and you cannot recognize their italian origins, except from a delicate attention to melodies. This is the premise for their seventh album, Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin, out now for the British label Rocket Recordings, in which you will find their personal interpretation of psychedelia, a soft and meditative one. This interpretation is nourished by post rock rides, without the typical explosions of the genre. So this album is to be listened as a good synthesis of post rock and psych sound.

Bass vapors introduce the quietness of “Zukunft”, from the solemn gait of a delicate electric piano to the incipit of a tense drum which opens the second part of the song, in which noise and a far sax duet. An episode like “The Fire Sermon” offers an intimate journey in which drums lead the dance. “Orpheus Rising” is delicate with its twist of trumpet, guitar, bass and drumming. “Deluge” in the beginning is a hard psych track, with a shouting sax in evidence, while suddenly the music stops leaving empty floydian spaces brushed by a warm trumpet. At the end the song explodes in a volcano of distorted guitars. Some other tracks offer a more psychedelic side of the band, but the real plus of this album is its attitude to offer a wide range of trips to the listener.

You will not fall in love with this music because it is not made for emotional involvement, it is a music for brain and reflections, to abandon oneself to the flow.

See the review here: Son of Marketing


20 Mar 2017

Vinyl Factory put Hills – Alive at Roadburn in their '10 vinyl releases of the week'

They say:

Hills – Alive At Roadburn
(Rocket Recordings)

These days the word psychedelic gets thrown against pretty much anything with a guitar but this is the real deal right here – the new set from Sweden’s Hills in the shape of their titanic Alive At Roadburn. Four sides, four songs, each one clocking in at over 13 minutes and built on hypnotic grooves, spiralling guitars and all sorts of magic only some can do…and Hills are the band to beat. There’s limited colour vinyl out there. God bless Rocket.

See the full piece here: Vinyl Factory


Photos of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation live at the Hare & Hounds

Here's a great gallery of photos by Birmingham Review of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation live at the Hare & Hounds.

See gallery here: Birmingham Review


Get into this reviews KURO live in Liverpool

It reads:

If we can trust our senses anymore, we’d say the longest and most intense set was of the headlining act KURO. Mostly using electric contrabass and violin and sometimes other electronics as well, the duo started off with a repeated dark motif. The next couple of minutes saw a series of layered lines over that motif, alternating with calmer phrases that sonically seemed to represent Asian deserts.

With the projected spiralling background, KURO attempted to first hypnotise the audience and once that was done, torture their captives. What a delight!

The night came to an end to a unanimous satisfaction of seeing something exciting, unique and truly brave and immersive. Hopefully, this is one the many successful adventures that will take place under the banner of New Music for Old Machines.

See the full piece here: Get into this


Circuit Sweet say some words about Hey Colossus track 'Experts Toll'

It reads:

Flourishing where sparks fly between primal rock brawn and artrock grace, Hey Colossus have undergone a spectacular metamorphosis in the last three years. Previously famed for their unflinchingly abject and pulverising noiserock assaults, the 2015 Rocket Recordings double-drop of In Black And Gold and Radio Static High displayed not only a band with a work rate to put most all their contemporaries to shame, but one arriving at an atmospheric and rewarding sound with as much flair for the beguiling as the barbaric – within these grooves were everything from Amphetamine Reptile swagger to Bad Seeds drama, dub dynamics to krautrock repetition, yet all in a coherent assault that transcended the sum of its parts with depraved style and graceful finesse.

Changes may have been afoot in the Hey Colossus camp, yet their latest transmission The Guillotine shows that they’re in no danger of neglecting either their prolific drive or their charismatic flair. Darker and more brooding than their last two records, it’s also perhaps their most richly melodic to date –  the interplay of their three guitar lineup has never sounded more fluent than on these eight songs, nor their songcraft more well-defined...

Read the rest here: Circuit Sweet


17 Mar 2017

AHRKH premiere's his Golden Ratio Frequencies show on NTS tomorrow

AHRKH (Alex from Gnod) has a new monthly NTS show starting tomorrow...

This is what Alex says:



You can tune in from here: NTS



Hills Alive at Roadburn released today

Today sees the release of Hills – Alive at Roadburn on 2LP, CD and DL.


You can buy the album here: Rocket Shop

Like their predecessors unholy trinity of Pärson Sound, International Harvester and Träd Gräs och Stenar, Hills penchant to stretch out beyond, performing what feels like openly casual exhortations into intricate eastern tones and primal hypnotic rhythms.

The album has been picking up some great reviews:

Echoes and Dust
Psych Insight

The band are currently in the studio writing the follow up to their highly acclaimed last album Frid.


16 Mar 2017

Salthouse Bottles to stock Rocket IPA

The lovely people at Salthouse Bottle shop in Brockley in London are stocking the latest batch of Rocket's 'One Giant Leap' IPA – brewed by Brewage A Trois.

Salthouse Bottles came across it at the Stoke Newington Beer Festival and were impressed by it enough to want to stock it!

So, get yourselves down there and pick up a bottle or 5!

Address and opening times can be found here: Salthouse

Follow Brewage on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/brewageatrois


Backseat Mafia say some words on Flowers Must Die's 'After Gong'

It reads:

This new video for ‘After Gong’ is the second release from the forthcoming Flowers Must Die album ‘Kompost’, due to be released on 28th April via Rocket Recordings. I’m sure we can all agree it’s a fitting tribute for a band to honour the memory of a fallen friend by dedicating a song to them. This new track does exactly that as band member Rickard Daun explains. “The track originally had the working title ’Efter Maten’ (After Dinner), but we changed it to ‘After Gong’ to pay tribute to Gilli Smyth. The Gong member who died of pneumonia around the time when we would name the song”.

The video itself opens with the captivating hypnotic potency of a Rank Films fanfare. A psychedelic ritual of noir cinematics and infinitely looping scenes of the macabre. It could easily be the product of a Fritz Lang experiment, had a he occupied a secret base under the Moomin Mountain. Or, as the band put it “It is a spacey, manic song with horns, and the most verse-chorus-based from Flowers Must Die so far”. The new album follows on from the six-piece Swedish outfits sold out EP ‘Sista Valsen’, debut UK shows (including sets at Supernormal and Liverpool Psych Fest), ‘Hit’ and this, the LPs first two releases...

See in full here: Backseat Mafia

Preorder the album 'Kompost' here: Rocket

The band are heading out to play some shows in April:

13 April / Kraken / Stockholm / Sweden
14 April / Crypt / Linkoping / Sweden
25 April / The Prince Albert / Brighton / UK
26 April / The Shacklewell Arms / London / UK
27 April / The Full Moon / Cardiff / UK
28 April / The Cube / Bristol / UK