8 Mar 2017

Soundblab gives Gnoomes Tschak! 9/10

The review reads:

Following on from their debut, Ngan!, and a short tour of the UK (I saw them in Reading and they are an excellent live band and nice folks) comes Tschak!, another leap forward for this threesome from Perm in Russia.

The sound on Tschak! is more synth-heavy (although, having seen Gnoomes live, it’s sometimes hard to know who is playing what). Most songs feature a synth arpeggio of some sort. Sometimes it’s really 80s Coldwave (Maria), sometimes it’s messed-up Moroder (Cascais), sometimes it’s like Harmonia (Severokamsk), but sometimes it’s more modern and sounds like something Warp Records might release (Taschak!). It’s the same with Pavel Fedoseev’s drums and drum machines, it can go from a primitive 70s sound to a kind of skittering, Warp Records rhythm. Dmitriy Konyushevich’s guitar continues the Stargazing from the first album. He is particularly scorching on City Monk and One Step and swirling on Cascais.

This is an exuberant, experimental and confident collision of 80s Synth sounds, 70s Kosmische, 90s Techno and Gnoomes own Stargaze sound from their debut. I think the blend of sounds is even more successful on Tschak! The album is a complete piece, influences can be detected but it’s never jarring or distracting. Another excellent piece of work from Gnoomes.

See it here: Soundblab