16 Mar 2017

Backseat Mafia reviews Gnod's 'Just say no...'

It reads:

Rating: 8/10

Gnod are a punk infused psych krautrock collective hailing from Salford, Greater Manchester. Having formed in 2006 they have become an institution in their own right and are essentially a collective with a rotating list of musicians who frequent art-hub Islington Mill.

With an impressive back catalogue under their belt they have garnered an increasing amount of attention to their cause, in particular of note are albums Ingnodwetrust (2011), Infinity Machines (2015) and Mirror (2016) as well as collaborative efforts, most notably Drop Out with White Hills II (2010).

The band now signed to Rocket Recordings, have previously released music on their own label Tesla Tapes which also encourages ‘Gnodheads’ past, present and feature as well as friends from all over the world to use the label as an outlet for musical meanderings...

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