29 Mar 2017

Josefin Öhrn joins the Whyte Horses Experience at the Barbican

The details from Whyte Horses are:

On May 11th our very own Whyte Horses descend on the Barbican Centre bringing their unique brand of Mancunian psychedelic pop and head-spinning visual collages in a rare live appearance.

Now added to the bill are La Roux Stealing Sheep and the children of St. Barts Choir. The evening will see a full performance of their 2016 debut album Pop or Not, with previously announced special guest artists the go! team BadlyDrawnBoy Official and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation also taking up vocal duties on unheard songs and cover versions of obscure world oddities.

For tickets and further info follow the link: Barbican

Whyte Horses have also compiled a playlist including tracks by Josefin to accompany the show here: Barbican Blog