7 Mar 2017

Tuttorock reviews Julie's Haircut live in Bologna

Roughly translated, it reads:

For years now, that of Julie's Haircut is a reality well established and their seventh studio work can now boast a nice slice of the public abroad. Their latest work Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin marks the passage of record label from Woodworm / Santeria / Crash Symbols to the British Rocket Recordings and once again the result is excellent. Inaugurating the tour is the Bolognese date of March 3 held at Locomotiv Club.

Opening the rumorosissimi Chow already beginning to create that psychedelic that will pervade the rest of the evening. But came up on stage Julie's number as usual and with a wonderful education. It starts immediately with Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin, a flood of sounds are mixed in strong distortion and synth aliens, all stuffed by the magical sound of the sax. The sound of Julie's Haircut is now mature, filtered by a strong influence krautrock (in fact collaborated with Damo Suzuki) and imbued with a strong psychedelic vein, all lets you create so the local atmosphere somewhere between dreamy and the mystical.

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