23 Mar 2017

The Quietus give GNOD's new album their 'Lead Review'

It reads:

In December last year, a video went viral of trainee producer Nobuo Kawakami presenting an AI project to film director/animator Hayao Miyazaki. He showed to Miyazaki how the CGI animation “...learned to move by using its head. It doesn't feel any pain, and has no concept of protecting its head.” Miyazaki, though, was repulsed by Kawakami's work: “Whoever creates this stuff has no idea what pain is... I strongly feel that this is an insult to life itself.”

In their defense, the producer was using his imagination in order to create something distanced from humanity as we recognise it – a technique horror artists frequently employ. But what Miyazaki, perhaps, was repulsed by was the removal of the figure's personality and the elimination of its potential pain – the reduction of a familiar human-like body parts to a limping mannequin. But whatever constitutes 'personhood' for Kawakami seems eerily out of mind during the presentation, only expressing interest in the mechanical processes involved in the figure's movement...

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