9 Jan 2009

Teeth of the Sea

Teeth of the Sea’s debut album Orphaned by the Ocean is released on January 19th.

Here is what Julian Cope had to say about it:
Plus the nice folks at Quietus have had a chat with them:
Also the people at Terrascope seemed to like it:
Plus Rock Sound have given it 8/10

To celebrate the launch of the album we at Rocket are having a little party...be great if you could join us:

Teeth of the Sea
Alexander Tucker
Big Naturals

+ DJ’s and Lightshow

Old Blue Last
38 Great Eastern Street London. EC2A 3ES)

Wednesday January 21st
Free Entry

Rocket recordings

On the launch pad
Teeth of the Sea – Orphaned by the Ocean / Ltd CD (launch date: January 19th 2009)
The Heads / White Hills

In orbit
The Notorious Hi-fi Killers – Which side are you on? / Ltd CD
White Hills Heads on Fire / Ltd CD
Grey Daturas – Path of Niners / Ltd CD
Ocean – Here Where Nothing Grows / Ltd 2LP
Residual Echoes - MFIGBSP / Ltd LP & CD
Mammatus - Mammatus / Ltd LP & CD