31 Mar 2011

Rocket Probes March 2011 Playlist

(We are so excited by this new Gnod album... monster studio versions of two live favourites! released on June 6th, see here for more details soon)

Shit and Shine – Live in SXSW
(The UK misses this fuckin’ great band!!)

Nackt Insection – Reality Bridge
(Solo album by guy from Moon Unit, really ace kosmiche drones with a nice Spacemen 3 vibe, till the last track of up beat motorik kicks in...on the great Blackest Rainbow)

Light Sounds Dark/Psychemagik – After the void
(Third compilation (I think) from the Light and Dark guys..like past two not all great but when it hits they hit...great comps worth tracking down)

Fairhorns – Fairhorns
(New project by Team Brick that is worth tracking down, wouldn’t sound out of place on Not Not fun)

Carlton Melton – Handling snakes / The One That Got Away
(Nice screen printed 7” from this great band, looking forward to seeing their up and coming shows with Mugstar)

Mugstar – TBC
(Talking of Mugstar we just received their track for the forthcoming Collisions LP on Rocket with Oneida. A great 15minute psych monster recalling the riffs of Hawkwind, the repetition of The Heads and Cave and the melody of Sonic Youth)

Drum Cunt / Gnod – Vatican Remix
(How can anyone add anything to Gnod's Vatican - an intense trip as it is. DC manages to alienate the listeners psyche
with its acid squelches)

John Coltrane – Ole
(The title track - hypnotic cymbal pulse - equal parts Iberian dance, desert sirocco and evening raga)

Human Beast - Vol 1
(Heavy dark psyche wah wah rock)

James Brown - Hot Pants
(Escape-Ism (19 minute version)

King Crimson – Earthbound
(Low-fi live album in all its rawness - dirty and intense)


28 Mar 2011


New video from Paul Allen's (The Heads) solo project ANTHROPROPHH.

WALKING DOWN SK ALLEY features some of his music added to some spooky bleak Bedminster footage.


26 Mar 2011

Gnod list their 10 most influential albums on Dusted

Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: British jam sessioneers Gnod

Gnod are a Manchester based collective of sonic freaknicks that peddle in the realm of sprawling, drugged-out space-rock. They’ve been likened to a heavier version of Sun Ra’s Arkestra via Acid Mother’s Temple, and their musical voyages both on and off wax have become storied affairs. Since 2007, they’ve had a slew of micro label releases on cassette, vinyl and CD-R on labels such as Not Not Fun, Blackest Rainbow, White Hills Music and Sloow Tapes, as well as a few self-releases. Last year saw them reunite with White Hills for a 2nd collaboration aptly titled Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II. Their most recent release is a split LP with A Middle Sex on the Blackest Rainbow label.

1. Shit & Shine - Cunts With Roses
Rhys (Notorious Hi-Fi Killers/ Drumcunt) gave us all a copy of this on CD-R when Gnod supported the Hi-Fi Killers in 2007 (it was actually the 1st ever Gnod gig) and we weren’t prepared for the sheer brutality of what we heard — it certainly left its mark on the Gnod psyche. This record is a good representation of $&$, relentless brutality without a care for the listener’s eardrums. When we put this on, it either sends people running for cover or moving closer to the speakers for more. Separates the wheat from the chaff. Then the dark brews come out…and we can’t remember the rest.

2. Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Jaybird
This album was doing the rounds just before the formation of Gnod. It opened our minds to what was possible in an improvised situation, a live jam. It’s pretty random improv music but builds towards a groove, stays there a bit, chills a bit, maybe hits another groove or maybe someone takes it somewhere else. Sunburned as a band had an influence on the creation of Gnod, being a collective rather than a band with fixed members. Creating jams on a theme rather than having songs with a fixed set of bars, notes, whatever. Jaybird gave us a lot of good ideas at the right time.

3. Tony Conrad & Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate
This is a Gnod tour van favorite and always makes an appearance on long drives through Germany. The repetitiveness of that kick/ snare/ kick/ snare on the first track left a lasting impression on us. It taught us that if you have the right fundamentals in place, you only need a little to go a long journey.

4. The 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators
Perhaps the first psych-rock record? (This was) pre-synths too, so Tommy Hall used a jug to make oscillations. Amazing simple but effective bass parts. Some of the best guitar lines ever. One heck of a hard-hitting drummer. Roky’s screaming vocals. A masterpiece! Nuff said.

5. Grimetapes - Slew Dem Vol.1
A bit of grime is good for the mind… Hit Grimetapes.com and get downloading! There’s loads of really heavy sessions on there. It’s British, it’s heavy, it’s dark and it makes you feel like you’re made of steel.

6. Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician and/or Psychic Powerless Another Mans Sac
Butthole Surfers are in inspiration to weirdos everywhere. Can’t decide which of these two is best. Locust Abortion Tech has the mighty “Sweat Loaf” on there but Psychic Powerless… has “Dum Dum” on it which goes dum der didly dum der didly dum, etc. Why God…. why??

7. The Fall - Our own compilation
There are far too many great Fall tracks to mention, but it’s hard when it comes to choosing the best Fall album. Who Made The Nazis, Wings, Fiery Jack, Hip Priest, Rowche Rumble, Tempo House, Rebellious Jukebox, Smile, etc., etc. There is no one Fall album that is the best. Even the best versions of the best tracks are not usually the same album version. The Peel Sessions and live tracks usually have the most energy.

8. This Heat - Deceit
So many good individual tracks on this album and they all work together as a whole, making the album sound kind of like a concept album. It feels like it has come back in time to us after the nuclear holocaust. One of this country’s best ever bands. A model of a band that plays interesting, organic, original music. Vital.

9. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
An important record in the eyes of many. Can you imagine a world without Black Sabbath? If you ever see a car with Black Sabbath on the side, get in that mofo and drive it. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

10. Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band - Safe As MilkOh yeah! EEEEEEELLLLLECTTTTIIIIIIIICCIIIIIIITTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So many good moments on this album. You can play it to death, come back to it a few weeks later and it still sounds fresh. It’s also by far the most danceable of all Beefheart’s records and probably the only Beefheart album you can get away with putting on at a party, but I suppose that all depends on the type of party.

Read the original article here


24 Mar 2011

GNOD DROP OUT WITH WHITE HILLS II CD version (two weeks before release!!!!)

Invada Records have managed to get 10 copies of the


the CD is'nt out for two weeks.. so 1st come first serve..

Rocket Recordings are pleased to announce the CD release of the now highly sought after double LP ‘Gnod Droput with White Hills’. This reissue comes packaged in different artwork from the original LP release, it also features an extra unreleased track.

Order yours here:


Mugstar play Bad Dimension night at the Horatia

After great shows by Gnod and Teeth Of The Sea, Bad Dimension have invited Mugstar down to play their night at the Horatia in London this Saturday...gonna be a great night.

Fine out more at the Bad Dimension website


22 Mar 2011

Notorious Hi-Fi Killers play free London show


Freak N Roll in Barcelona courtesy of Serpentina Satelite

One of the members of Serpentina Satelite, a.k.a Dj No Fun, is organizing psychedelic rock nights in different clubs all over Barcelona. From absolute kraut jams to 60’s garage to 80’s drone to 70’s psych cumbia und pop, Freak N Roll is an extended mix of the best of all time drug and dance music. For more info, join their fan page here


18 Mar 2011

Rocket Recordings now distributed by Forced Exposure in USA

That is right, we are now have distribution in the States through Forced Exposure, so if you are living in America and you want to buy any of our launches you can buy direct from their site.

If there is anything of ours they don't have, just drop them an email and they can get copies off our UK distribution company Cargo.


16 Mar 2011



Any help to fill the dates with no confirmed shows will be greatly appreciated.
Please send an email to: ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk or magicklabel@gmail.com

Gnod Bless


9-13 Recording session & Gig, Cherbourg, France
15 Nyborg, Muzirkus , Denmark
16 Odense, Munkemøllestræde 20 , Denmark
17 Thy Camp , Denmark
18 Krabbesholm , Denmark
19 Copenhagen (Kronborggade 3 , Denmark
20 Copenhagen (Drone w. “Paydirt Collective”), Denmark
21 Copenhagen (at Salon Pissoir), Denmark
22 Århus, with Z’s , Denmark
24 Hamburg, Gange Viertl (confirmed)
27 Poland (waiting for info)
28 Poland (waiting for info)
29 Poland (waiting for info)
30 / 4 Ternopil - Art-Cafe "Koza"


1 Khmelnitsky - Club "Matador", Ukraine
2 Chernovtsi - Public-Pub, Ukraine
3 Ivano-Frankivsk - Club "Garmyder" , Ukraine
4 L'Viv - Club "Left Bank, Ukraine
6 Kosice, Tabacka , Ukraine
17 Berlin


15 Mar 2011

Gnod Dropout with White Hills II - Reissue

Rocket Recordings are pleased to announce the re-issue of the now highly sought after double LP ‘Gnod Droput with White Hills’. This reissue comes packaged in different artwork from the original release plus on a limited colour vinyl. Also it is going to be released on CD for the first time which will also feature an extra unreleased track & the digital download album will have an exclusive booklet with extra artwork.

LAUNCH037 - Re-issue

4th APRIL 2011







Please note, CD / Download will be available from 4th April, but LP will be delayed so please don't contact to asking about it until we post that it is available.



Teeth Of The Sea - You're Mercury Live footage

Teeth Of The Sea perform 'You're Mercury' live at The Lexington, London, 22/11/10.
Amazing live visuals by Johnny O.

Album YOUR MERCURY available on Rocket Recordings LP/ CD/ DL.


10 Mar 2011

Short film of Supernormal Festival 2010

For those of you thinking of buying tickets to Supernormal Festival 2011, which Rocket are co-curating (see line-up so far) here is a short film put together from lasts years event to give you an idea of what to expect. It includes some footage of Big Naturals, Rex Remo, Faust and Matt from Teeth Of The Sea getting a bit into his own DJ set a bit too much...

Watch the mayhem here


Early bird tickets can be purchased from:

Visit the Supernormal website and blog:

For press enquiries email:
Siena Barnes at sienabarnes@googlemail.com


4 Mar 2011

Gnod split on Blackest Rainbow gets Julian Copes 'vinyl release of the month'

Taken from this months Address Druidion:

Finally, Vinyl of the Month goes this March to Blackest Rainbow Records’ wonderfuel limited 400-edition split between the Mancunian trio A Middle Sex and their Manny brethren – that huge multi-instrumental collective known as Gnod, who commence this trip with their side-long ‘Why Don’t You Smile Like The Other Children?’ Gnod’s monotonous muse is a trudging, unchanging forced march across endless inner miles of scorched earth and OUTSIDE THE DREAM SYNDICATE post-apocalypse. Octave guitars and concussion set up the dirge which plateaus almost immediately, gradually acquiring all kinds of dubious sonic camp followers clustering around its skirts – chanters, pipers, flautists, horn player, triangle players, tambourinists, you gname it. And all the time the bass, guitar and drummers beat out their faithful and timeless monoriff. Magickal, meditative and highly useful it is too. As is A Middle Sex’s enormous side-long rejoinder ‘Polytheism’, which – somewhat in the manner of People’s legendary experimental LP BUDDHA MEETS ROCK – bucks and broncos its way through seemingly endless minefields of live electronics and ragged’n’raging percussion freakouts to achieve a veritable plateau of sonic nirvana. C’mon now! Yes kiddies, this split LP is one superb release indeed. Buy this motherfucker from Boomkat, and do hurry before said edition runs out!
Julian Cope


2 Mar 2011

Rocket Recordings to co-curate Supernormal Festival – first bands announced

As previously reported, we are excited to have been asked to co-curate this years Supernormal Festival from August 19th – 21st.

For those who went last year you are well aware of what an amazing festival this is, probably the best festival we have ever been to so to be asked to choose the bands for this years event is a real honor.

We are very pleased to announce that the following are the first confirmed bands for this years line up:

Teeth Of The Sea
Thought Forms
Primordial Undermind

We are extremely proud to have the mighty Skullflower playing, we have been a huge fan since the mighty ‘Form Destroyer’ hit the racks of Replay records in Bristol back in 1989. Since then Mathew Bower and co. have been creating mighty noisey psychedelia, with 2003’s ‘Exquisite Fucking Boredom’ being another particular favourite of ours. Skullflower are rarely seen on a live stage but when they do it is as a special event, for those who saw their show at St Giles in the fields back in 2009 know what we are talking about.

Teeth Of The Sea
Don’t really need to say much about Teeth Of The Sea, their second album for Rocket ‘Your Mercury’ made great waves in the press gaining 9/10’s and 4/5’s across the board and fared well in several end of year polls. Live they are going from strength to strength; their recent British Sea Power tour support showed that and with a Parts and Labor UK tour following in May they should be on fire in time for Supernormal.

Thought Forms
Based in Bristol, this mighty ‘noisegaze’ three piece create a whirlwind of psychedelic guitar mayhem. Signed to Geoff Barrow ‘s Invada records they are a stunning live band and we were especially chuffed we managed to see their Supersonic and ATP sets and get lost in their ethereal sounds. Also really looking forward to their up and coming split with Master Musicians of Bukkake, which by all accounts is a bit of a monster record!!!

Our favourite live band in the UK, when Gnod play they conquer, and people who saw their Supersonic and Supernormal sets last year will all agree. Drowned in Sound stated that their Rocket album ‘Gnod dropout with White Hills’ was the best album to come out of Manchester in 2010. With a new Gnod album on Rocket called ‘INGNODWETRUST’ on its way and more releases on Not Not Fun and other labels planned, 2011 is going to be Gnod’s year

Primordial Undermind
Formerly based in USA and now in Austria, Primordial Undermind are an amazing psych rock band that merge swirling guitars and free drumming and aren’t afraid of a proper freakout. The band are centered around the talents of Eric Arn who was in the great 80’s psych band Crystalized Movements (with Wayne Rogers of Magic Hour and Major Stars) and we first heard of them from their track on the fantastic ‘Hall of Mirrors’ compilation on Emperor Jones that came out in 1995. It is going to be a real treat to see them play.

About the festival
SUPERNORMAL is a surprising new addition to the festival circuit, a spontaneous artist-led experiment at the wildly left-field, Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research. SUPERNORMAL explores cult live music and commissions new contemporary artworks at the gothic mansion and sprawling ramshackle grounds.

Braziers Park has been the home to Braziers International Artists' Workshop a process based, residency founded in 1996 by artists Andy Cohen, Simon Faithfull, Bernadette Moloney and Gill Ord. SUPERNORMAL is a radical re-working of the BIAW original blueprint, intended to give the experimental arts an increasingly wide audience.

For more information about Supernormal:

Visit their website and blog:

For press enquiries email:
Siena Barnes at sienabarnes@googlemail.com

Early bird tickets can be purchased from:


Teeth of the Sea to support Esben & The Witch on their UK tour

After a very successful supporting tour with British Sea Power and a forthcoming tour with Parts and Labor (see dates here), Teeth Of The Sea have now been invited to support Esben and the Witch on their up and coming UK tour, the dates are as follows:

Friday April 1st Southampton Joiners
Saturday 2nd Oxford Jericho Tavern
Sunday 3rd Liverpool Lazimier
Monday 4th Glasgow Stereo