31 Jan 2011

Rocket Probes Januray 2011 Playlist

Hallogallo – Blinkgurtel/Droneschlager 7”
(Great 7” by the Rother and friends, this (I presume is) the first studio recorded output, worth tracking down)

High Wolf / Savage Young Taterbug – Split 7”
(High Wolf continue to create great music, this a split 7” on Not Not Fun part of their Bored Fortress series which previously featured an amazing Gnod track...pick up both of these if you can!!!)

This Heat – Out of Cold Storage (Box Set)
(Always a good way to start the New Year - 6 CDs back catalogue - hugely underrated)

Faust - Something Dirty
(With added new blood, brand new Faust album is right back to form)

The Heads & Big Naturals - Rituals (Volume Three)
(The best in the series so far, a more rounded journey)

Far East Family Band – Nipponjin
(Fantastic psychedelic album, essential listening and up there with their other classic Parallel Universe, some say this is even better!!)

Crass – Feeding of the 5000
(Great reissue with extra unreleased tracks, been good hearing these tracks for the first time in a long time...great Dinger sounding drumming)

Dylan Ettinger – New Age Outlaws
(Great kosmiche soundscapes, which in places have a nod to 80’s soundtrack music....well worth nodding out to!!! Another great record on Not Not Fun)

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow
(Feedback drenched Hendrix inspired acid freakout by the black Hawkwind)

Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
(Featuring the Krautrock inspired track 'Bogus Man' & the sinister 'In Every Dream Home a Heartache')


25 Jan 2011

New monster ‘psi-fi ‘White Hills album on its way

Mission Control has heard the news that White Hills has just finished recording a new album for Thrill Jockey records.

Called ‘H–p1’, it will be a double LP of over 72 minutes of music it is planned to be released in May this year.

The band have informed us this about the album:
“...it's sort of a psi-fi exploration into the break down of society, politics, and culture...”

On other news we will soon be releasing a ltd edition re-press of 'Gnod Dropout with White Hills' which has different artwork and pressed on coloured vinyl plus there will be a CD version with an extra track. More details of this release and other represses we have planned will be announced here soon.


21 Jan 2011

Gnod dropout with White Hills makes another end of year 'best of' list

The website Not for Resale puts the album at number 26 in its top 50 albums of 2010.

They say:

26. Gnod & White Hills - Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II (Rocket Recordings) Manchester's multi-headed psychedelic rhythm band Gnod team up with US psych-rockers White Hills to create the greatest space rock album of the year. Reworking tracks from both their catalogues in a truly intuitive collaboration, this album weaves it's own eternal tapestry of eight smoked-out meditative forays through fractal kraut and tribal rhythm, building sky-high space jams that spiral into the stars.

To see the full rundown visit the Not for Resale website


18 Jan 2011

Teeth Of The Sea to play Roundhouse festival

Eat your own ears present:





Roundhouse Rising is a week-long festival that presents the best in new music across a wide range of genres. It is a series of unique performances, international artist collaborations, music industry seminars and creative workshops. In 2011 Eat Your Own Ears program one night on the 24th February.

Roundhouse Rising is a week-long festival that presents the best in new music across a wide range of genres. It is a series of unique performances, international artist collaborations, music industry seminars and creative workshops. In 2011 Eat Your Own Ears program one night on the 23rd February.

TEETH OF THE SEA: "Since their initial formation in 2006, the London-based Teeth Of The Sea have metamorphosized into the most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic rock outfit in the UK. Taking on board influences like Ennio Morricone, Eno, Delia Derbyshire, Goblin, Butthole Surfers and Harmonia, they’ve arrived at an incendiary sound that effortlessly marries the aural enlightenment of a far-reaching avant-garde sensibility with the reckless abandon of trashy rock & roll immediacy.

Circa 2011, and with tour dates with British Sea Power and festival appearances already booked, Teeth Of The Sea exist on a strange and beguiling astral plane, whereby the boundaries between the synth odysseys of the 70s, the guitar-noise-fuelled infernos of the 80s, horrorscore schlock, Reich-ian repetition, and a whole plethora of other cathode-ray and speaker-stack birthed epiphanies are blurred into one futuristic and fearsomely coherent whole. Teeth Of The Sea are spinning into a whole new orbit."

For tickets click here


17 Jan 2011

Gnod play London on Saturday 29th January

We are very excited to announce that the mighty Gnod are going to be playing in London on Saturday January 29th.

For those of you who saw their mindblowingly amazing sets at Supersonic and Supernormal festival are well aware of what to expect, for those of you who have never witnessed the Gnod experience live you are in for a real treat...

Gnod *live*
Plus dJ’s (apparently) spinning acid-fried psych rock, mutant funk and wide-eyed space disco

Saturday 29th January

The Horatia
(98-102 Holloway Rd London N7 8JE / Highbury and Islington Tube)

8 –2am / Free Entry

From the promoter:
On Saturday 29th January BAD DIMENSION hosts a live performance by GNOD, a Mancunian psychedelia collective drawing on influences as disparate as Afro-beat, krautrock, drone, noise and jazz. GNOD’s music rotates & expands around a constantly changing line-up, summoning the freak ‘n’ roll of Ash Ra Tempel, the motorik beat of Neu! and the groove of early Can. Their recent release with White Hills, “Drop Out…II”, has been declared... the best album to come out of Manchester in 2010 (Drowned in Sound).

The Horatia is a beautiful big boozer on Holloway Road with a hefty club soundsystem, recently reopened by the team behind Shoreditch's Horse and Groom. On the last Saturday of every month, DJs collide kosmische disco, mutant funk, punk and psych to create analogue raves of supermassive proportions, powered by propulsive rhythms, motorik beats and tripped-out fuzz from the 60s to present.


‘In Gnod we trust’


Mugstar / Thought Forms / Vertical Slum live at the Louisiana

Mighty Mugstar return to Bristols Louisiana for another show on Friday 4th February.

The amazing Thought Forms supporting airing new stuff from their forthcoming album, also Vertical Slum a new band featuring Ian Green (Sawdust Caesars/Fuzz against Junk).


10 Jan 2011

Free Gnod Downloads: The Early Days

Free Gnod Downloads: The Early Days

2007 - Gnod - Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth [self-released]
2007 - Gnod - Lord Fear’s Dream, Bulletproof Awareness & Pixiedust
2007 - Gnod - Never Nothing Ever (Volume III) [self-released]
2008 - Gnod - The Somnambulist’s Tale (s-sided C100) [sloow tapes]
2008 - White Hills & Gnod - Aquarian Downer (tour cdr) [white hills music]
2009 - Bong & Gnod - Split (cdr) [box records]
2009 - Gnod - Gnod (lp) [pariah child]
2009 - Gnod - Sex, Drones & Broken Bones (or secret pathways to hidden lands)

Get em while theyre hot. more incoming…..

Gnod Bless


Bleak Bliss Blogspot comments:

Gnod are “an ever evolving creature that sheds its skin and grows anew, it’s hard to pin down precisely who, or what, Gnod are. This bleeds into their music as well; steeped firmly in psychedelia but drawing from influences as disparate as Afro-beat, krautrock, drone, jazz and dance music, their recent release with White Hills, Drop Out, is a deeply immersive illusion of repetition whereby its motorik rhythms underpin a myriad of hypnotic textures.

As a band they’re always creating, hours and hours of jams of which they occasionally see fit to release to the wider world. I say occasionally; since their formation in 2007 they’ve had at least twelve full-length releases and claim to have had many more. These appear out of nowhere though, with no fanfare or attention; Gnod aren’t wilfully elusive, but there is a mysticism that surrounds them nonetheless, an ever changing cast and a lack of information about them … they keep themselves to themselves mainly, in a collective residency at Salford’s Islington Mill – a creative arts space where they live and rehearse.” - Quietus

Quite concise really. Gnod often get tarnished with the label of space rock and get compared to Hawkwind. I really don’t get that at all. This is Kosmiche inspired psychedelia all the way down! The freak ‘n’ roll of Ash Ra Tempel, the motorik beat of Neu! and the groove of early Can. Add the punk-funk of, say, the MC5, the repetition of Suicide or Spacemen 3 and garnish with the psychotic theatre of Sunburned Hand Of The Man and you’re closer to the truth. However, this isn’t meant to date them or bind them in cultural reference points…Gnod are quintessentially Gnod!

I’ve listened to Gnod for ages and love them. However, I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t seen them live. That is until this year’s Supersonic Festival. That’s when it all fell into place for me! They were a quite literal revelation. That’s when the collective spirit and joy really shone through. Completely inspirational. Gnod seem to be constantly touring the UK and have started to branch out into mainland Europe. Whenever you get the chance, go and see Gnod live! Which brings me to Islington Mill, the spiritual home of Gnod and a shining beacon in the mainstream sludge of Manchester. If you are anywhere nearby…keep an eye on this place! Gnod play here all the time but you will get to see everyone from Melt Banana to Sun Araw, Dieter Moebius to Acid Mothers Temple, Sunn O))) to Chris Corsano.

Gnod have just released a split lp (with A Middle Sex) on Blackest Rainbow. There are only 400 of these so I’d grab it now if I were you. Thanks go to Gnod for being very supportive of this post going ahead!!! Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011. 2011 belongs to Gnod!

Every River Has A Source by GNOD

Doing It Right by GNOD


Gnod - Play with Charles Hayward (This Heat)

Charles Hayward

Plus support from Barberos and our very own GNOD.

Thursday 13th January: Doors 8pm

Charles Hayward is known as the pioneering drummer with British Experimental music group, This Heat.

Thundering away over homemade backing tracks while howling abrasive vocals, he theatrically halts the music and stares out into the crowd as if enraged.He plays beautifully fluid drums, controlling bass synth with one foot and his drum hits triggering changes in his ambient backing track. It's a dazzling musicianship and imagination, topped with oddly cracked vocals. You can take a listen here

Support comes in the capable hands of Barberos & GNOD. Barberos are four beards, four drumsticks & 23 cables. They met in liverpool and originate from various places across the world they have fused together fuelled by a passion for loud noises, hitting things and of course, spandex to create a dystopian noise scramble of brain digging which ventures between malevolent sound scores of the satisfyingly viscous and toe curling sublime, all framed by back screen visuals of discordance and facial squirm play. A barrage of manipulated doom siren synth, the narrative of the set is hell bent on staggering, insufferable rhythm.

GNOD are world famous around these parts of Salford, best known as Manchesters rhythm and drone psychenoise collective. "You're never quite sure what you're going to get with GNOD, apart from the fact it probably won't be the same thing as last time you saw them. Within minutes they absorb you, if you let them, into some strange transcendental state best described as a reasonable simulation of the effects of mild hallucinogens."


7 Jan 2011

The Heads - Discography

The Heads - Discography

For all those interested in the most comprehensive Heads discography on the net, visit

Also coming soon, an expansive Hugo Morgan 'Heads' interview, questions by johnnyo.


5 Jan 2011

Optical Sound – a great new magazine

We highly recommend you pick up a copy of the great new fanzine Optical Sound.

It features articles on The Heads, Serpentina Satelite, Spacemen 3, Cosmic Psychos, Cave and many many more great psych and heavy fuzz bands, also reviews of Gnod drop out with White Hills, Mecanica Celeste and other great head frying albums...

Plus the design is back to the good 'ol days of counter culture free press... a well needed magazine for our times...highly recommended!!!

You can buy a copy from here


4 Jan 2011

Drowned in Sound sing the praises of Gnod dropout with White Hills

Drowned in Sound have included Gnod Dropout with White Hills in their write up on the current Manchester scene, they say:

Despite a slew of cassettes and MP3s since 2007 – including a previous CD-R with their collaborators here – little was known of mysterious psychedelics Gnod, the group hiding behind a curtain of different sound textures and hard-to-pinpoint world influences, and spending most of their time in Europe. Created by a seemingly ever changing line-up of disparate musicians picked up from both their native Salford and from travels abroad, these releases often crept out unannounced, the group’s appearances in Greater Manchester largely restricted to their own head quarters of Salford’s newly refurbished Islington Mill.

The assistance of Los Angeles’ White Hills however aided them in the production of their most defined statement yet. On Drop Out…II, Gnod step away from the hazy atmospherics and directionless squalls of their other work to let slip an album of real intent. It takes just over a minute to ensnare its listener, the false start of ‘Bits’ giving way to a writhing snake of a bass line that slithers through ‘Run-A-Round’s’ murky undergrowth, burying itself deeper and deeper amidst chemically enhanced Middle Eastern drones, which in turn intermingle with more stoical European krautrock influences. The pace of the album rises and falls without ever loses its hypnotic grip, descents into the loose noises of ‘Streams’ and ‘The Society Of Ants’ are often short lived, the band re-appearing from the haze with harsher bass lines and larger walls of sound. The album’s piece-de-resistance is the towering ‘Spaced Man’ which feeds the angry feedback of Spaceman 3 a valium and gives it space to calmly unravel over thirteen out-of-body minutes. Not just the best album to come out of Manchester in 2010, one of the best to come out this year period.


3 Jan 2011

Introducing REDENCION another Mecanica Celeste album out take by Serpentina Satelite

Here is the track the track REDENCION which is the second out take from the Serpentina Satelite album Mecanica Celeste that came out on ltd vinyl in September.


Also you can listen to CHAMAN the other out take from this great album


Teeth of the Sea support British Sea Power on UK tour

Teeth of the Sea join British Sea Power on a few of their UK dates:

Feb 12th - Metro University - Leeds
Feb 13th - Arches - Glasgow
Feb 14th - Tyne Theatre - Newcastle
Feb 15th - Ritz - Manchester

Further details to follow.


Teeth of the Sea 'In the Space Capsule' included on a film music download compilation

Italian film website I400 Calci has put together a download compilation called Fight Night 2010 of bands covering songs from their favourite films.

To download the free compilation go to the I 400 Calci website